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Gong Yoo Spotted Walking out of a Bakery in the Countryside of Gyeongsangbuk-Do

Gong Yoo’s just out there living his best life.

Gong Yoo was recently spotted walking out of a bakery in Gyeongsangbuk-do, and photos to prove it are going viral in online communities.

The photos show Gong Yoo walking out of a bakery called “Mammoth” in Cheongsong-gun.


And it appears that he was holding a large paper bag full of bread.


It’s been reported that Gong Yoo was in the area that day because of a photo shoot.

And when Gong Yoo was coincidentally spotted at a bakery by local citizens, photos immediately began circulating to share the news of his whereabouts.

Not only are netizens fascinated by the random sighting of the star, but they’re also drooling over how handsome and realistic he looks in the photos.

Some of the comments to the posts include “I became a fan as soon as I saw these“, “I’m a man, and I’m in love with Gong Yoo“, and “I can’t believe how handsome he looks“.

Just last year, Gong Yoo was spotted in a similar fashion when he went out to buy candles.



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6 Celebrities Who Have a "Dark Past" Because They Cannot Move on from Their Ex Easily

It's not easy for them to stop loving someone. 


Sometimes it's not easy for us to forget the sweet moments we had with our ex. Just like us, these celebs, too! They once revealed that they have the "dark past" because they cannot move on from the one they loved easily. They revealed that once they love someone, their love won't change easily. So, can you guess who they are? Check out the list below! 


Gong Yoo



In the first episode of Lee Dongwook's 'Because I Want to Talk,' Gong Yoo revealed that he once sent a text message to his ex when he was drunk. He sent her a text message in the middle of the night, asking whether she had slept. 



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Gong Yoo In Talks For Film Along With Park Bo Gum, Suzy, Choi Woo Shik, And Jung Yu Mi

Gong Yoo may be joining the star-studded cast of upcoming film “Wonderland”!

“Wonderland,” which will be helmed by director Kim Tae Yong, will tell the story of a simulated universe in which people are able to reunite with loved ones with whom they can no longer interact in reality.

Gong Yoo is reported to star in the film as a man in his forties who misses his deceased wife. For the sake of his child, he formally asks those who control Wonderland to create a simulation of his wife, a role Chinese actress Tang Wei is in talks for.

A source from Gong Yoo’s agency Management SOOP shared to Newsen, “Gong Yoo has received a casting offer for ‘Wonderland’ and is reviewing it.”

Suzy and Park Bo Gum were previously revealed to be in talks to appear in the film reportedly as a young couple who can no longer communicate in real life after Park Bo Gum’s character falls into a coma. Meanwhile, Jung Yu Mi and Choi Woo Shik are both currently in talks to play characters who control the events that take place within the simulated reality called Wonderland.

Gong Yoo has acted with Jung Yu Mi in the films “Kim Ji Young, Born 1982” and “Train to Busan” and with Suzy in KBS’s 2012 drama “Big.”


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BTOB’s Yook Sungjae Talks About His Real-Life Family + Says “Goblin” Co-Stars Were Like Parents To Him


BTOB’s Yook Sungjae appeared as a special guest on the March 8 episode of SBS’s “My Ugly Duckling!”

On the show, Seo Jang Hoon complimented Yook Sungjae’s looks and energy and asked which of his parents he had inherited these from. Yook Sungjae replied, “I think my father’s influence is strong. He’s better looking than me. He’s very cool.”

He continued, “When I was younger, he dressed up nicely and took me to the supermarket. I thought he was going grocery shopping, but instead he went to get free samples. At the time, I thought that was uncool. But he told me, ‘Embarrassment lasts only a moment, but the rewards are eternal.’ Whenever I feel embarrassed, I think about what he said.”

Yook Sungjae also talked about his older sister and said, “She looks pretty similar to me. She has a strong double eyelid. She resembles our mother. If I were to brag about her, she’s currently a graduate student at Columbia University [in New York]. She is 170 cm tall [about 5’7″].”

The mothers on the show then expressed interest in Yook Sungjae’s sister’s age and were disappointed to learn she was born in 1992, making her too young for their unmarried sons.


Yook Sungjae also compared his “Goblin” co-stars, Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook, to his parents. “Both of them took care of me really well, but their styles were different,” he said. “Gong Yoo is the kind to take care of you without a word, like a father. Lee Dong Wook talked to me like a mother.”z


He also mentioned his relationship with his co-stars on “Master in the House.” He said, “I think that it’s important [as a senior] to ask your juniors first if you’re going to have an after-work party. The hyungs [on ‘Master in the House’] always ask me about my schedule the next day. I really like that about them.”


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