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  1. On the 10th of July, actor Gong Yoo’s official fan club ‘YOO&I’ celebrated the actor's 42nd birthday and delivered a donation of 11 million won to the Korea Leukemia Children's Foundation. Korea Leukemia Children's Foundation issued a donation certificate in the name of ‘GongYoo' according to the donor's will, “congratulations on the 42nd birthday actor Gong Yoo, who has a more beautiful end than the beginning, pray all children in the world will be painless &happy From Djin Ing Tan
  2. Hello We are recruiting team leaders and team members from the accessory company'Dream Art Center'. The work to participate is the Netflix SF drama'The Sea of Silence'. If you are sincere and responsible, please submit your resume via email. We are currently working on the pre-production, and the shooting period is from the end of August (planned) to January 21 (planned). Thank you. https://www.filmmakers.co.kr/filmmakersWanted/8632618 ..... GY For KANU
  3. 5 Male Celebrities Who Look 10 Years Younger with Their Bangs Hairstyle definitely affects how one's style. Yes, with a right hairstyle, you can look far younger; just like these male celebrities who "cut" their age with their bangs. They are well-known for other hairstyles but recently tried casual hairstyles with bangs. Surprisingly, the styles indeed suit them and they look just like a hot guy in their 20s. Check out who they are below! Gong Yoo https://www.kstarlive.com/news/2019/08/02/5-male-celebrities-who-look-10-years-younger-with-their-bangs-253226