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[Drama 2024] Doctor Slump, 닥터슬럼프


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Shin Hye asked fans that who went to Hyungsik's fm? he's too cute? Feels like she was Haneul showing off how cute her boyfriend Jeongwoo



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≪Korean Drama REVIEW≫ "Doctor Slump" Episode 1 synopsis and behind-the-scenes stories...Park Hyung-sik's sarcastic attitude during filming in high school = Behind-the-scenes story and synopsis of filming

2024/04/16 08:24comment

≪Korean Drama REVIEW≫ "Doctor Slump" Episode 1 synopsis and behind-the-scenes stories...Park Hyung-sik's sarcastic attitude during filming in high school = Behind-the-scenes story and synopsis of filming


The scene where Ha-neul makes a mistake while solving a problem in math class, and Jung-woo writes the correct answer aside in a sarcastic manner. They happily rehearse before filming. "Why don't you write it in yellow on purpose?" said Park Shin Hye . Then, when filming began, the two solved the problem at the right time and wrote it on the blackboard. And Park Hyung Sik finished writing a little faster and had a sarcastic attitude. When the cut was made, the two seemed satisfied, perhaps because the timing was perfect. However, in the close-up shooting scene, when adding the answer in yellow at the end, the chalk retracted and it was rejected. "I wonder why he won't appear?" asked Park Hyung Sik. They filmed only the last scene, but Park Shin Hye laughed so they refused. "I wrote too much, right? Let's make it shorter," Park Hyung-sik said. In take 3, it was done perfectly and it was OK. Park Hyung Sik kept striking poses until his reflection in the mirror.

●Reactions from Korean netizens●
“They look good together”
“I’m looking forward to their chemistry”
“They look great in their high school uniforms”
“I wonder how it will turn out”
“I’m looking forward to the making of”

 Doctor Slump ” Episode 1 (Viewer rating 4.1%) depicts the first meeting between Ha-neul (Park Shin-hye) and Jung-woo (Park Hyung-sik).

 Haneul stumbles and sits down on the street in her white coat. ``It took three minutes for the normal life to collapse. In that short time, someone might smoke one cigarette, someone might solve one math problem, but someone would lose their life.'' With those words, a large truck hit Haneul.

 He continued, ``Then someone stopped the patient's heart. It took only three minutes for us, who had led solid lives as doctors, to crash. That day, that incident would ruin his life and mine. An accident occurred in the operating room where Jung-woo was operating, resulting in the death of a patient.

 After that, the 2009 scene of Haneul, who dominated Busan in studying and got a perfect score on the mock exam, was revealed. At the same time in Seoul, Jung-woo, who came in first place in his school, got a perfect score on the mock exam and was met with envy from his friends. The two seemed to have no contact at all, but Ha-neul moved to Seoul with his family and ended up meeting at school. The two began to feel competitive, saying, ``There are no two suns under the sky, and there are no two first place winners in the whole school. And so the curtain on the war has begun.''


Making of “Doctor Slump”
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At Shinhye’s fan meeting in Tokyo yesterday, Shinhye said that it was a great blessing to work with Hyungsik again and said that Hyungsik is the cutest character among the men she’ve ever been with. And she also said he always had a bright energy for those around him. 



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Apparently, Dr. Slump was her first comeback in a long time, and she was worried about whether she would be able to act with the same passion as before. But once she stood in front of the camera, she realized that she had no need to worry and that being an actor was the only job she could do...


 #memoryofangel #パクシネ #ParkShinHye


“I feel lonely and dejected” - always 
“I feel emotional and I want to cry” - always 
“I feel miserable” - always 
“I don’t think good things happen to me” 
- always, always, always… 






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Park Hyung Sik's event in Japan was a huge success! Reproductions of popular dramas and J-POP covers... captivate with special fan service

Newsen |May 1, 2024 16:33

Park Hyung Sik successfully completed his visit to Japan event ``Hide and SIK'' to commemorate the opening of his official Japanese fan club.

He met with fans at the fan meeting ``Hide and SIK'' to commemorate the opening of the Japanese fan club ``SIKcret JAPAN'' at the Osaka Orix Theater on April 27th and 28th, and at the Makuhari Event Hall of Makuhari Messe in Chiba on the 30th. He shared a meaningful time with fans on a different stage from 'PARK HYUNG SIK 2024 ASIA TOUR FAN MEETING SIKcret Time' and kept eye contact with fans throughout the performance.


First, at the event, which lasted approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes, he opened the performance by singing the number ``Die Schatten Werden länger'' from the musical ``Elisabeth'' in an overwhelming atmosphere. Ta. They then communicated with fans through various corners, such as reading the proclamation from the fan club founding ceremony and reenacting famous scenes from their works with fans, giving them special memories during their fulfilling time.

In particular, in the corner where they recreated famous scenes, they excited the fans at the venue by linking arms, holding hands, and hugging their fellow fans on stage. In particular, cheers erupted when they synchronized in a scene from the popular dramas ``Doctor Slump'' and ``Strong Woman Do Bong-soon.'' In the subsequent mission challenge, he showed his passion and drew laughter.



Not only that, but she entertained the audience by singing J-Pop songs such as ``Lemon'' and ``Kana'' with her sweet singing voice. His special fan service also impressed fans. In Osaka, he went around every corner of the audience and gave high-fives, and in Chiba, he rode a trolley and looked each fan in the eye and greeted them one by one. He descended to the audience seats, and the fans cheered as he showed his love for the fans.

The atmosphere was very lively, and Park Hyung Sik had a great time taking group photos with fans in various poses and expressions. He performed "Yuki no Hana" as his last song and promised his next encounter with Japanese fans.

More than 13,000 people participated in this event, proving once again how popular it is in Japan. At the end of the performance, he said, ``Every time I feel that I have received so much love from so many people, and that I am truly a blessed person,'' he said, ``As much as I have received so much love, I will try my best to come and see you again.I sincerely thank you.''

・What did Park Hyung-sik, “Doctor Slump”, learn from his work? “I want to protect and love myself”

- Red Velvet Seulgi, EXO Chen and Park Hyung Sik participate! Drama “Doctor Slump” OST album now available







Original article distribution date and time: May 1, 2024 12:16 Reporter: Ha Ji-won

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