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[Drama 2024] Doctor Slump, 닥터슬럼프


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Korean drama "Doctor Slump" co-stars Shin Hye and Hyun Sik - True Friends Confirmation Quiz - Shin Hye Edition











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Park Hyung Sik is thrilled to come to Japan for the first time in 7 years! Interested in Japanese works: ``Can I have high hopes? (lol)''

Kstyle |May 17, 2024 17:40


Park Hyung Sik held a fan meeting in Japan for the first time in seven years on March 10th as the new drama ``Doctor Slump'' distributed on Netflix became a huge hit. His two performances, one in the afternoon and one in the evening, attracted 7,000 people, proving his popularity. The day after the event, we conducted an interview at Kstyle. We talked a lot about events, behind-the-scenes stories of dramas, how he spends his time off, and even his aspirations for his activities in Japan.

[Present] Park Hyung Sik's autographed photo for 2 people! Follow & Repost to apply


Meeting with Japanese fans for the first time in 7 years “Shiawase Desita”


--Yesterday was the event where you met your Japanese fans for the first time in 7 years. How was it?

Park Hyungsik: It was really moving, and I'm still reeling from it. It passed so quickly that I feel a great sense of regret. Thankfully, an official fan club in Japan has been launched, so we will be able to hold another fan meeting in April. I was so happy when I heard this news during the performance last night that I hurriedly announced it from the stage.

--What impressed you at the event?

Park Hyungsik: It was the first daytime performance, the moment I first appeared on stage. The sight of the fans filling the room in front of me was very moving and unforgettable. Actually, at first I could only see up to the second floor seats. After that, I suddenly saw the seats on the third floor and was surprised beyond words, thinking, ``Huh? The venue was this big?'' I was very happy to be able to hold an event on such a big stage. (in Japanese) Shiawase deshita~.







--What points did you pay particular attention to in your preparation?

Park Hyungsik: Since it's an event held in Japan, I wanted to perform Japanese songs. So, I asked someone who knows a lot to recommend songs that are popular in Japan. Since I didn't know many songs, I thought it would be good to use songs that fans are familiar with this time.

――That's why you chose Sukima Switch's "Kanade" and Uru's "If You Call It Love."

Park Hyungsik: I listened to a few songs and chose the one I liked. I also learned Japanese and practiced hard. I don't know if I could sing well, but I tried to prepare in my own way.

A big hit on Netflix: “While I was acting, I wondered if there really was a person like this (lol)”



-- Hyunsik's latest work ``Doctor Slump'' is currently popular in Japan. At the production presentation, you said, ``I wanted to laugh because I had a series of serious genre works.'' Did your feelings change over the course of the work?

Park Hyung-sik: It's currently being broadcast in Korea, and the final episode is coming soon. Although I feel relieved, I also feel lonely. Does this kind of expression exist in Japanese as well? The shooting period was about 10 months, so including the preparation period it took about a year. I have fond memories of it, so I'm reluctant to leave it behind. The time has finally come to say goodbye to this work.

――So you were filming for that long? The cherry blossom scene in high school was impressive, but does that mean you also filmed it in the spring?

Park Hyungsik: That’s right! The director wanted to shoot under real cherry blossoms, so we traveled around the region to shoot.






--I thought it was a CG cherry blossom!

Park Hyung-sik: That scene was the director's particular focus. ``I want to capture actual cherry blossoms on camera, not CG.'' That would set the mood better, and I thought it would be better, so I said, ``Of course, I want to do that.'' So, I suddenly decided to concentrate on shooting only the scenes where the cherry blossoms appeared, and I went all over the region and shot them all at once. The director said, ``We were given just two weeks. If it rains during that time, it's over.'' But I'm glad we were able to shoot some good scenes.

--Do you have a favorite scene?

Park Hyung-sik: The most impressive scene was the scene where Jung-woo and Ha-neul race through the cherry blossom trees at their high school. I actually took this photo at my school. There were a lot of cherry blossoms, and they were very beautiful. It was such a wasteful sight that it only lasted two weeks.

--I think there are many fans who would like to go to the filming location, so please tell us which university you went to.

Park Hyungsik: Well, where is that school? Ah, Juntenkyo University. Chungcheongnam-do. Speaking of cherry blossoms, Japan is also famous. I've been wanting to go see it for a while now. It is quite difficult to time the flowering season exactly, so I have not been able to do it yet.






――Jung Woo, the main character played in ``Doctor Slump,'' is a hard-working young man who has survived through the fierce struggles of society. Although his profession is different, I felt that he has something in common with Hyunsik, who lives in the entertainment industry.

Park Hyungsik: It's not exactly the same, but if there are similarities... First of all, Jung Woo has been studying hard and working hard to become a doctor since he was in high school. He became a doctor and was enjoying a smooth sailing, but one incident suddenly pushes him to the bottom. In the entertainment industry, the period from his trainee days to his debut is very intense. It requires tremendous effort. However, just because you were able to make your debut doesn't mean everyone will be successful. There is also tough competition. The feelings we feel in such fierce environments and battles are common, so I think I was able to reflect that in my role.

――The main character is a wonderful young man.

Park Hyung-sik: While playing Jung-woo, I thought, “Is there really a person like this?” That's what I thought (laughs). It's a bit like a novel, or rather dramatic. I think he is a perfect person who tries to help others even when he is in a difficult situation.

--Did you learn a lot?

Park Hyungsik: Yes. But it's difficult to actually try to be like him...



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I'm overwhelmed with emotion as we're co-starring together for the first time in 10 years since "The Heirs"


――It has been 10 years since you collaborated with Park Shin Hye since ``The Heirs'' and it became a hot topic of conversation. At that time, could you have imagined that 10 years from now you would be co-starring with Shin Hye in the lead role?

Park Hyungsik: I couldn't have imagined it. At that time, I had a busy schedule with ZE:A's activities, musicals, entertainment programs, and commercials, and I was also working on a drama. I did my best just to do what was in front of me, so I was overwhelmed with emotion to be able to co-star with them in this way 10 years later. It was also nice to be able to meet old acquaintances again in a more mature way. I was able to get along perfectly with Shinae from the beginning. You're already good at acting, but I wonder how much more experience you've gained over the past 10 years. There was a synergistic effect with my seniors, and I really enjoyed filming.

--If you could meet yourself 10 years ago, what would you say to yourself?

Park Hyungsik: I don't think I should know anything about ``now'', so I won't say anything. The moment we make contact, it seems like our future will change. So, um, well, I just want to say, ``This is okay, I'm rooting for you.'' You never know what the future will hold if you say, ``I can't do this.'' The road so far has been difficult, but it has been a very happy and worthwhile time. I think this is the result. That's why I just want to say, ``I'm rooting for you.''


--The scenes where you argue, play, and drink with Park Shin Hye's character Haneul were very natural and fun to watch. Please tell us about any memorable shooting episodes.

Park Hyung Sik: The area around Haneul's house often appears in the drama. Actually, it's very hot in the summer in that area. Because we were filming in the intense heat, we were sweating all over, and both of us went blank and forgot our lines. I remember that I was taking pictures with a cooling sheet attached to my body. You can't tell from the screen how hot it was, right?

--When you think of Haneul's house, the castle wall that runs along the road in front of it is beautiful, isn't it? There are many Japanese people who visit filming locations.

Park Hyungsik: That road is really beautiful. But... If you go there in the summer, I think you'll be in for a really tough experience (lol). We strongly recommend that you go during the cooler months!




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The most beautiful ending


“I could be happy today and suddenly sad tomorrow. But it’s okay. If there’s sadness, there will always be happiness as well. We have the strength now to endure sadness and misfortunes. And that’s enough”





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≪Korean Drama REVIEW≫ "Doctor Slump" episode 2 synopsis and behind-the-scenes filming story...Park Hyung-sik and Park Shin-hye cry and hug each other = Behind-the-scenes story and synopsis of filming

2024/04/17 09:21comment
≪Korean Drama REVIEW≫ "Doctor Slump" episode 2 synopsis and behind-the-scenes filming story...Park Hyung-sik and Park Shin-hye cry and hug each other = Behind-the-scenes story and synopsis of filming
≪Korean Drama REVIEW≫ "Doctor Slump" episode 2 synopsis and behind-the-scenes filming story...Park Hyung-sik and Park Shin-hye cry and hug each other = Behind-the-scenes story and synopsis of filming

*Contains plot summary and spoilers.

Spoiler synopsis, cast, audience ratings, correlation chart, and impressions of the Korean drama "Doctor Slump"

*There is a making video on the Wowkorea page.

Video from 2:20 to 4:17.
This time, the two were photographed outdoors.
The director is explaining the situation. The two then begin matching their lines. Park Shin Hye acted with her facial expressions and the director was satisfied. ``Prepare a hopeful expression,'' the director urges. ``Shall he collapse when Jung Woo approaches?'' Park Shin Hye suggested. The two then move from crying together to hugging each other. The director asked, ``Who will take the lead?'' Park Hyung Sik suggested, ``At the same time?'' and the two hugged at the same time. We start shooting in a peaceful atmosphere.

“Would you please kindly tell me that you believe in me and that I will let you live?” Jung-woo asked. However, Ha-neul gives Jeong-woo a decopin. Jung-woo falls down and is in pain, while Ha-neul laughs and dances. Then, in the next scene, the director explains the change in Jung-woo's feelings.

●Reactions from Korean netizens●
"The two's acting is great"
"I'm looking forward to the Eunul couple"
"I think this drama will be a hit"
"Good casting"


" Doctor Slump " announced on the 28th, just before the second episode was aired, that Yeo Jung Woo (Park) A still cut containing the ``after'' of the reunion between Hyung Sik) and Nam Ha Neul (Park Shin Hye) after 14 years has been released.

In the published photo, Yeo Jung Woo and Nam Ha Neul were photographed on the street late at night. Nam Ha Neul is still wearing her hospital surgical uniform, but Yeo Jung Woo is grabbing her wrist and catching her eye. When they meet on the rooftop of Nam Ha-neul's house, they restart the ``hateful relationship'' mode, but under the street lights, they feel a strange excitement.

However, that was short-lived, as in another photo, Nam Ha-neul suddenly tries to put a deco pin on Yeo Jung-woo's forehead, causing laughter. Both of them looked like they weren't going to lose, and their eyes widened as if they were back in high school. The sight of Yeo Jung-woo and Nam Ha-neul hugging each other tightly, sharing the warmth of their hearts, and shedding tears that they had been holding back for a long time, also draws attention.

The production team of ``Doctor Slump'' said, ``The second episode to be aired today (28th) will depict the aftermath of a full-fledged reunion between Yeo Jung Woo and Nam Ha Neul. He said, ``I'm sure Yeo Jung-woo, who has been falsely accused of being the perpetrator of a medical accident, will be able to reveal the truth of the incident, but he also ignores and denies the diagnosis of depression.'' Please watch what Nam Ha-neul will choose for himself."

Making of “Doctor Slump”


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17.03.2024|  j412rini Music director Jeong Se-rin’s  Instagram Update


닥.슬 종방연때 다시 뵐 수 있나 기대했지만 후반팀은 아쉽게도 뵐 수 없었어서 ㅠ
예전 사진첩 뒤적뒤적 🫶

하늘이 자체였던 #박신혜배우님
(사진은 알함브라 궁전의 추억때 _여신님🤩)
바다 그 자체였던 #윤상현 배우님 (슈룹😅)
멜로, 로코, 스릴러 다 되던 정우!! (#박형식배우님 )
언젠가 다른작품으로 또 뵐 수 있기를

모든 배우분들,현장스탭분들,작가님, 감독님들, 정말 수고많으셨습니다. 감사했습니다♡

#jtbc #닥터슬럼프드라마 👋👋👋



I was hoping to see you again at the Dak.Sul finale party, but unfortunately I wasn't able to see the second half of the team ㅠ
Flipping through old photo albums 🫶

#Actress Park Shin-hye, who was the sky itself
(The photo is from memories of the Alhambra Palace_Goddess🤩)
#Actor Sang-Hyun Yoon, who was the sea itself (Shuroop😅)
Jungwoo is good at melodrama, romantic comedy, and thriller!! (#Actor Park Hyung-sik)
I hope to see you again in another work someday.

All the actors, field staff, writers, and directors, thank you so much for your hard work. Thank you♡

#jtbc #DoctorSlumpDrama 👋👋👋








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댕생 최고 세젤예 눈냐를 만나따😍😍😍
신혜눈나 너무 눈부시게 예뽀서 제대로 마주볼 수가 없어쪄요🥰
하지만 스노우 댕가슘은 콩닥콩닥!!!
그리구 눈나와 함께 촬영이라니! 영광입니다🤩
예뽀해 주셔서 감샤합니다아🐶🐾❤️❤️❤️
스노우 너 진짜 계탔어!!!
댕생 손에 꼽을 최고의 날 중 하루게따!😊👍
고마워여!🫶 @ssinz7

#댕댕이 #꼬똥드툴레아 #스노우 #일상 #귀여워
#happy #dog #cotondetulear #cute #snow #daily



Daengsaeng is the best, let’s meet Nunnya😍😍😍
Shinhye is so dazzlingly pretty that I can't look at her properly🥰
But Snow Dangasium is a blast!!!
And filming with Nunna! It's an honor🤩
Thank you for your kind kiss🐶🐾❤️❤️❤️
Snow, you really got it!!!
One of the best days ever!😊👍
Thank you!🫶 @ssinz7


Like ❤️ Please leave a nice comment .






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Top 13 highest-rated Korean dramas of 2024 so far (according to MDL ratings):

1. #LovelyRunner (9.1/10)
2. #QueenOfTears (8.8/10)
3. #AShopForKillers (8.8/10)
4. #FlexXCop (8.7/10)
5. #BeginsYouth (8.7/10)
6. #PyramidGame (8.6/10)
7. #MarryMyHusband (8.5/10)
8. #KnightFlower (8.5/10)
9. #Parasyte_TheGrey (8.4/10)
10. #WonderfulWorld (8.4/10)
 11. #ChiefDetective1958 (8.4/10)
12. #DoctorSlump (8.3/10)
 13. #BloodFree (8.1/10)

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The nagging noise you hear every holiday, what's worse? 😤


When are you going to get married? 👰🏻‍♀️ Marriage-related nagging 💍
What are you going to do for a living from now on? 🧑🏻‍💼 Job-related nagging 💼


< Doctor Slump > Now on TVING

#TVING  #닥터슬럼프



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Lean On Me

Verse 1
No medicine works
Our broken hearts
I think about it every day
I can't smile
You feel the same way Is it
I approach carefully
I am just like you
I want to say

Lean on me
So that I don’t fall
So that I don’t get hurt alone
Slowly I I'll come closer
Lean on me
Beautiful tonight
Now don't let it go
Let's dream together

Verse 2
While thinking alone, suddenly
Our future Imagine
No matter what difficulties
Let's hold hands
Even if the world hates you
I won't break down
It's all because I'm you
It's okay, it's okay

Lean on me
So that you don't fall
So that you don't get hurt alone
I'll slowly approach you
Lean on me
This beautiful night
So that you don't miss it anymore
Let's dream together

Ringing in our ears
Unforgettable moments
Always and everywhere



Lean on me
Just like your feelings for me
Don't hide it anymore
Come closer to me little by little
Lean on me
Your beautiful eyes
Now don't let me miss you
Look at me every day





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