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[Drama 2024] Doctor Slump, 닥터슬럼프


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A preview of the SLL booth at the Busan Contents Market (BCM) held at BEXCO for 3 days starting on the 22nd.


A booth filled with various drama/entertainment works.
I'll give you more detailed news from Busan. 😉






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[Park Shin-hye]
Nam Ha-neul, Alabyu so anesthesia ♥

Salt Entertainment's profile photo

Salt Entertainment


2024.03.18. 18:455,540 reads




The ice cream we shared both in the main poster and
in the drama ! I will end the epilogue photos here with the last photo of Haneul & Jungwoo eating ice cream :)



From now on, it's time to reveal
unreleased behind-the-scenes cuts of <Doctor Slump>

Let’s solve it one by one!


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Vogue Hong Kong ~ June 

Turning heads with his new role in the beloved drama “Doctor Slump", Park Hyung-sik stars on Vogue Man Hong Kong's digital cover. He showcases the black Mini Shopping Bag from Montblanc's Meisterstück 100th Anniversary Capsules Collection, which is adorned with a clay-coloured pocket embossed with the outline of the Mont Blanc mountain. Inspired by Montblanc's century-old fountain pen heritage, the brand's new anniversary collection pays homage to its legacy as a pioneer in writing instruments, featuring designs that reflect its rich history and timeless appeal.

Click on Vogue Hong Kong’s link in bio to read more articles

Photographer: @Photokyj80
Fashion Director: @Jackysouffletam
Stylist: @Stylist_teamchloe
Makeup Artist: @Juneyju
Hair Stylist : @Blow_hyuncheol
Producer: @Blcreativehouse
Photo Assistants: Kim Ji Young, Jo Ye Jin, Jang Han Bit, Eum Ji Wan
Production Assistant: Park Mi Jeong, Lee Jin Kyung
Wardrobe: @Montblanc



cr> instagram.com/p/C7OmJ8yoan0/?igsh=bG01ZnN6b3BqOGxs




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Vogueman Hong Kong pictorial greeting video!


Park Hyung-sik is a true multi-talented artist, celebrated for his singing, dancing, and acting prowess. The actor has captivated audiences with his performances in dramas such as “The Heirs,” “High Society,” “Strong Girl Bong-soon,” “Happiness,” and “Doctor Slump.” Now, he fronts Vogue Man Hong Kong’s digital cover for the first time and says hello to our readers.

Click on Vogue Hong Kong’s link in bio to read more articles





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The Japanese version of the original soundtrack for the Korean drama "Dr. Slump," starring Park Shin-hye and Park Hyung-sik, will be released on June 26th!

Contains Hangul (furigana) lyrics, Japanese translation, and MV for 6 songs as original Japanese version.

release information 2024.05.21
It has been decided that the Japanese version of the original soundtrack of the Korean drama ``Doctor Slump'', which is distributed on Netflix and ranked in the top 10 in Japan, will be released on June 26th.
As a special edition exclusive to the Japanese version, it comes with a full-color booklet (page 28) with Hangul lyrics, Katakana bi, and Japanese translation, as well as 6 music videos featuring famous scenes from the drama.
The story is about Nam Ha-neul (played by Park Shin-hye) and Yeo Jung-woo (played by Park Hyung-sik), a man and a woman who were academic rivals in high school, but who suddenly become doctors. A romantic comedy about people who meet again when they are in a slump and perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation to recover from the life they nearly lost.
The insert song was sung by Red Velvet's Seulgi, singer-songwriter HYNN, EXO's main vocalist Chen, talented vocalist Junggigo who often participates in OSTs, and Space Girls members Dayoung and EDEN, who performed a refreshing duet. , and Park Hyung-sik who played the lead role of Jung-woo, the lineup is both topical and musical.
In addition, a total of 50 songs are included, including 44 BGM songs that add depth to the story and color scenes that express excitement, peace, and sadness.
The music directors are Kim Jun-seok and Jung Se-rin, who have worked on hit dramas such as ``Forest of Secrets,'' ``Penthouse,'' and ``The Insider.'' If you support her, she will gain enthusiastic support from drama fans. The Japanese CD is now available for pre-order at CD shops and web shops nationwide. It was also announced that a 2L size bromide will be included as a manufacturer's bonus on a first-come, first-served basis, so please check out the details at King Records Korean Drama King Official X (@handra_king) and the product information link.
While looking back at famous scenes from the drama, there will also be items that will allow you to further immerse yourself in the world.
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Dubai: ‘Doctor Slump’ stars Park Hyung-sik and Park Shin-hye stun K-drama fans in the Emirates; Watch

Park Hyung-sik and Park Shin-hye also starred together in the classic Korean drama ‘Heris’

  April 1, 2024 


Dubai: ‘Doctor Slump’ stars Park Hyung-sik and Park Shin-hye stun K-drama fans in the Emirates; Watch


 > Entertainment

South Korean actors Park Hyung-sik and Park Shin-hye have bought the K-drama fan frenzy in the United Arab Emirates city of Dubai.


 > Entertainment

South Korean actors Park Hyung-sik and Park Shin-hye have bought the K-drama fan frenzy in the United Arab Emirates city of Dubai.


According to several posts and videos on the microblogging platform X/ Twitter Park Hyung-sik and Park Shin-hye were invited to the Emirates by the Dubai Tourism Board for a “Dubai Friends” global campaign shoot. No further details have been provided yet.


The duo’s presence in the Emirates of Dubai has sent fans into a frenzy. Take a look at the now-viral images and videos:



Park Hyung-sik and Park Shin-hye are some of the most followed Korean drama stars across the world. The duo who worked together in the 2013 classic K-drama Heirs as Jo Myung-soo and Cha Eun-sang, respectively reunited in JTBC’s recently released Doctor Slump after 10 years.




Doctor Slump which premiered on JTBC and Netflix in January 2024 clinched top spots not only in South Korea’s domestic ratings but also globally. The K-drama follows two former high school rivals and now successful doctors, Yeo Jung Woo and Nam Ha Neul as they reunite under one roof after facing the biggest slump in their medical careers.



Unable to hide their surprise at meeting once again, the plastic surgeon and anesthesiologist unexpectedly find solace in each other's company.

The K-culture wave has emerged with young people worldwide. UAE residents are also increasingly drawn to Korean cuisine, K-drama, K-pop, Korean beauty, and much more.

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May 21, 2024 20:39 Tuesday

The original soundtrack Japanese CD of the Korean drama "Doctor Slump" starring Park Shin Hye and Park Hyung Sik will be released on June 26th!


Doctor Slump Original Soundtrack
Released on Wednesday, June 26, 2024
Product number: KIZC-761~3 (2CD + DVD)
Price: ¥4,950 (tax excluded price ¥4,500)
Original Japanese version specifications: Full color booklet P28 / Hangul (furigana) lyrics / Japanese translation (Shoko Toyoda)
Contains 6 music videos using famous scenes from the drama.


●King Records official product information
●Manufacturer high sales benefit information

1. With You in My Memory/SEULGI
2. Not Alone/HYNN
3. My Way of Loving/CHEN
4. Actually, You/Junggigo
5. The Words I Love You/DAYOUNG (WJSN), EDEN
6. Rely on Me/Park Hyung Sik
7. Title of Doctor Slump
8. How to Forget the Painful Things Quickly and Keep the Memories in Your Mind
9. I Can Bear It Because You're There
10. The Majestic, Nam Ha-Neul
11. I'm Not Number One
12. Study Bulldozer
13. Looking Into the Heart
14. Medical Accident
15. Long-Term Romance
16. Feeling Lonely
17. Stalker
18. Fabricated Evidence
19. The Moment I Struck
20. Star Doctor
21. Annoying Charm
22. Cowardly Scaredy
23. Running Into That Guy Again Today
24. Just a Friend?
25. The Haneul Family's Chaos

1. By working hard today, I can help myself tomorrow (feat. Kwon Ha-neul)
2. Dr. Nam and Dr. Yeo
3. Unexpected chance
4. After falling down, I took a break while looking at the sky5
. Small resolution
6. Since when did you look so beautiful?
7. Clear sky
9. At the end of a tough season . Reason 10 why you can't say anything
. Family comes first11
. Childish battle
12. Drunk episode
13. Strange tactics
14. A simple day
15. Burnout syndrome
16. Truth 17 that must be revealed
. Self-healing
18. I feel embarrassed just remembering
it19. Cute rival
20. I can't hate it
. 21. Planned trap
22. Difficulties looming
23. There are no eternal secrets24
. Yeo Jung Woo's Pride
25. This is where the two of us started

《DVD (MV)》
1. With you in my memory/SEULGI
2. I'm not alone/HYNN
3. How to love yourself/CHEN
4. Actually you/Junggigo
5. The word I love you/DAYOUNG (Space Girls), EDEN
6. Lean on me/Park Hyung-sik



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<Report of Park Shin Hye's fan meeting in Japan for the first time in 5 years from "Doctor Slump" Fans are moved to tears by the long-awaited reunion!


©PARK SHIN HYE Japan Official Fanclub

summary  2024/05/21 11:45 

Park Shin-hye has been loved in Japan for a long time through films such as ``You're Beautiful'' and ``The Heirs.'' Her latest work "Doctor Slump" is also well received, and she will be holding her first fan meeting in Japan in about 5 years, "2024 Park Shin Hye Asia Tour <Memory of Angel> in TOKYO"! We will tell you about the heartwarming event filled with smiles and love.



Actress Park Shin Hye will hold a fan meeting in Japan for the first time in about 5 years "2024 Park Shin Hye Asia Tour <Memory of Angel> in TOKYO"

Park Shin Hye, who celebrated the 20th anniversary of her debut as an actress in December last year, will hold a fan meeting in Japan for the first time in about 5 years at Hitotsubashi Hall in Tokyo on May 6, 2024. 2024 Park Shin Hye Asia Tour<Memory of Angel >in TOKYO” will be held. From a talk on the theme of ``Memory'' in the title, to a performance of songs performed by a live band, to a participatory corner that you can enjoy with the fans at the venue, the stage was about 3 hours long, and you had a happy time with the fans. shared. The approximately 800-seat venue was filled to the last row! We look back at the event, which ended with great excitement, along with images from the day.

A dashing appearance in a spring colored dress! Greetings in cute Japanese


©PARK SHIN HYE Japan Official Fanclub


Park Shin-hye appeared dashingly in a blue and white spring-colored dress. He received loud cheers from the fans who had been waiting for his first fan meeting in five years, and the event started with his adorable number ``Arm Pillow''.

"Good evening! This is Park Shin Hye. It's been a long time since I last saw you. I wanted to meet you," she greeted in cute Japanese.

Park Shin Hye was so busy that she caught a cold. ``Before I came to Tokyo, I stayed up all night filming for about two days.Even if my voice is reversed or something strange comes out, I hope you will continue to watch over me warmly,'' he said apologetically, and was greeted with warm feelings from the audience. A round of applause of support.

Celebrating 20 years since debut. Looking back on the journey so far

When Park Shin Hye's performances are displayed on the screen in the form of a chronology, the ``Beautiful Memories'' corner begins, looking back on the 20 years from her debut to the present.

"I made my debut in 2004 and then appeared in 'Stairway to Heaven', which was popular in Japan as well. I think I am who I am today thanks to 'Princess Ji Woo' (the star Choi Ji Woo). It was an important production that changed my life," she said, looking back on her debut.

2009 drama ``He's Beautiful''. ``It's popular in Japan, and this was the first time I sang an OST for this work.I remember that the number of female fans in particular increased because of this work.Are there any people who became fans because of this work?'' he asked at the venue. When asked this question, many fans raised their hands and Park Shin Hye looked happy.





©PARK SHIN HYE Japan Official Fanclub


``Actually, I contacted Mr. Hongki just now.'' He said, ``I contacted you because I wanted to meet you,'' and he replied, ``I'm also working hard.'' Are you doing well? "One hour later, CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa, who had a fan meeting in Japan, contacted me and told me to do my best. I was really surprised," he said, revealing their continued friendship. Performed the OST "No Words" from "Beautiful Man <Handsome> Dene".

There are also nostalgic numbers such as the OST of “The Heirs”

When talking about the 2010 drama "Cyrano Love Control Agency," she said, "Just seeing my face on the poster was heart-warming. I got to sing not only the acting but also the OST, so it's a special memory." She softly sang the OST "It Was You," from "Cyrano Love Control Agency," which she said was her first time singing in front of her fans. "You're the One," a

2011 drama that vividly depicts college students majoring in gayageum, is a drama. When she revealed that the members of the backing band for the day were graduates of a famous music university in Korea, where the drama was filmed, the audience gasped in surprise. "Speaking of winter

, there's the 2013 drama "The Beautiful Guy Next Door." When I think about it, I feel like I have a strong connection with handsome guys. Go Dong-mi was a character who stepped out into the outside world with the help of those around her. I'll sing a song that contains the feelings of Go Dong-mi, remembering those days," she said, as she passionately sang the OST "Into the Black" from "The Beautiful Guy Next Door." She invited the audience into the world of the work.


©PARK SHIN HYE Japan Official Fanclub


2013's blockbuster drama "The Heirs". ``I remember the scene where my sister stole my money and I sat down and cried, and when I went to Tan's house with a swimming pool and she let me stay,'' he says, looking back on famous scenes from ``The Heirs'' OST ``Story.'' ”, he performed with full of emotion while closing his eyes.

``The 2014 drama ``Pinocchio'' was the last work in which I sang the OST.After that, I received proposals from my agency, but at some point I started to feel pressure to have my voice included in the drama. ``Would you like my OST?'' and the audience applauded. "Huh, I understand. I'll think about it," she said with a smile, and sang the OST "Dreaming" from "Pinocchio."

Conflicts at the time and filming episodes

Now let's talk about the movie.

"I wore a Hanbok in 2014's 'Sang Yi Won.' Both the wig and clothes were heavy and looked nice, but it was physically difficult. I really shouldn't have said this. However, after this work, I decided that I wanted to avoid historical dramas... (lol),'' he said, confessing the hardships he faced at the time.

In 2017's ``Silence, Love,'' in which he co-starred with actor Choi Min-sik, he said, ``It was a work that made me worry and think a lot as an actor, co-starring with a great senior. ``I had to work even harder before that,'' he recalls.

Returning to the drama of ``Doctors'', where Park Shin-hye has been hailed as her ``character in life'', she says, ``As I entered my late 20s, there was a time when there was a big change, if not a drastic change, in my sense of the value of acting. I thought about my sense of responsibility and getting older.Looking back, I'm still young at 26 years old, but I felt motivated to develop my acting skills even further. I remember going into the role with a lot of heart, probably because Kim Rae Won's acting was so good," he said, revealing his struggles at the time.


©PARK SHIN HYE Japan Official Fanclub


The last movie is "Doctor Slump," the latest movie starring Park Shin Hye. “I collaborated with Park Hyung-sik again, whom I met on ``The Heirs,'' and it was a great blessing to be able to meet him again in a new work. Hyung-sik also had a fan meeting in Japan. Those who went Are you there?” When asked, many fans raised their hands and looked surprised.

``Hyungsik has a bright energy that makes a lot of people feel good. Even though it was a hot and difficult shoot, thanks to him we were able to spend the time laughing.'' There are also episodes where you can see how good their chemistry is.

“Actually, I was worried. I thought, ``What if I don't have the passion for acting?'' However, as soon as I stood in front of the camera, all those worries disappeared and I started to enjoy acting. This work made me think, ``I have no choice but to do this job,'' he said, at the end of his 20-year review, emphatically expressing his passion for the profession of acting.


Speaking about the new drama ``Judge from Hell,'' which is currently being filmed, she said, ``I think people will be surprised.''Is there a side like this to Park Shin Hye?'' How did you hide this personality? ``The character I play, Kang Bin Na, may look like a human, but on the inside she's a demon, and she has various abilities.Please watch the movie and find out about her abilities,'' he said, raising his expectations. , the talk corner where he looks back on his acting life with nostalgia has ended.

From behind-the-scenes episodes to nostalgic numbers, it was a fun time for drama fans.

Continue to part 2.



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Posted (edited)

The venue was thrilled with the surprising fan service!

When the interview video was played on the screen, MC Masayuki Furuya appeared. Park Shin Hye also changed into a slightly more casual outfit, wearing jeans and a white top, and the second part began.


©PARK SHIN HYE Japan Official Fanclub


From the "Ask Angel Anything" corner where we answer questions submitted in advance by fans.

The first is a woman who is worried about pursuing a career in acting. "There's still time. I started acting early, but many people start late. If you think acting is fun, never give up on your dream," she seriously advises. . There was also a surprising fan service: ``Can I give you a hug to show your support?''

When a fan said, ``I want to be Shinae-chan,'' she said, ``What should I do? There's no way she'd come out of my mother's womb, right?'' which drew laughter from the audience.

Finally, Park Shin Hye asked the fans, "Are there any fans who came from far away?" A two-shot photo was presented to a fan who had traveled 14 hours to visit Japan from Los Angeles, with voices such as "Hawaii! Oregon!"

In addition, she carefully answered each and every question from her fans, including hair care tips and tips for waking up better. Some fans were seen crying with so much joy.

Next up is the "Angel Do It" corner, where Park Shin Hye attempts missions and presents are sent to fans for each one she succeeds.


©PARK SHIN HYE Japan Official Fanclub


The first mission he was given was ``Blackbeard Crisis Ippatsu'', which he describes as ``the scariest game ever.'' Every time he stabbed the sword, the venue erupted and he said, ``I don't like it, but...'' but he received the cheers of the fans and was a great success! 

She performs a cute dance during the currently popular "I'm Sorry to Be Cute" mission. I managed to complete the "Donut on Donut" mission, which involved stacking seven donuts on top of a swinging mug within the time limit.


©PARK SHIN HYE Japan Official Fanclub


In the final "Wake Up Call" mission, she charmingly said, "It's morning. Get up early! If you don't wake up, I'll get mad!" and successfully cleared all the missions. Four lucky fans were chosen and received an original goods set.

The last corner of the second part is an "action quiz/gesture game" where fans can participate. The content is that fans selected from the venue guess Park Shin Hye's gestures according to the theme.



©PARK SHIN HYE Japan Official Fanclub


Park Shin Hye used her whole body to answer questions based on the themes of "animals," "things," and "emotions." As she answered correctly one after another, the three fans who participated were presented with a two-shot cheki and event goods. When the MC praised her for her high level of expressiveness, saying, "As expected of a great actress!", her big smile was a memorable sight.

A message of gratitude to the fans, with some tears in the middle

"Before going on stage, I was so excited at the thought of meeting you all. I really wanted to meet you all. I see the faces of people here and there who have been my fans since childhood. I'm so happy to be able to meet you all like this. I'm filled with the desire to come to Japan again soon," she said, as

tears welled up in her eyes and she was at a loss for words, to which fans warmly cheered, "Fighting!"

At the end of the show, they took a commemorative photo with the fans in the venue in the background. They all posed together with "hearts on their cheeks" for the snap.

Choi Yuri's "Forest" and DO's "Wonder" were performed. The venue was filled with a warm atmosphere due to her gentle singing voice. The venue got excited with the OST "I'm Saying" from the drama "The Heirs", which fascinated many Japanese fans! They expressed their feelings for their fans in the song and sang it powerfully.



©PARK SHIN HYE Japan Official Fanclub


After the performance, each of the 800 fans who came to the venue was seen off for the finale.

Park Shin Hye's first fan meeting in Japan in 5 years was a great success, filled with an overflowing amount of love for her fans, including performing fan service herself and crying over and over again from the fans' love. I did.

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