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[Drama 2024] Doctor Slump, 닥터슬럼프


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Happy mother's day guys to all the strong and beautiful mothers in this world 💖


Wishing Haneul’s mommy a happy Mother’s Day 





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Of the characters from #パク・ヒョンシク who have appeared in a variety of popular productions, from romantic comedies to survival thrillers and period dramas, which one is your favourite?


◆ Dr. Slump (Yeo Jung-woo)






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Monday, May 13, 2024 18:00

[Report] Park Hyung Sik's first performance in Japan in 7 years "PARK HYUNG SIK 2024 ASIA TOUR FAN MEETING SIKcret Time IN TOKYO" ~ "Secret Agent" Hyung Sik takes on many missions! "I'm happy to think that I can monopolize everyone's love" (1/2)



he has appeared in many hit dramas such as ``Hwarang,'' ``Strong Woman Do Bong-soon'' and ``Suits,'' and got off to a good start in 2024 with ``Doctor Slump.'' Park Hyung Sik, the “king of Korean actors,” held his first fan meeting in 7 years, “PARK HYUNG SIK 2024 ASIA TOUR FAN MEETING SIKcret Time IN TOKYO,” at NHK Hall in Shibuya, Tokyo on March 10th (Sunday). .

Hyunsik, who has been active in music activities in Japan since his debut, is so popular that it doesn't feel like he has been absent for seven years, and tickets for his two day and night performances are sold out. The venue was filled with the lucky fans who had obtained these precious tickets.


We will bring you the details of this afternoon performance!

[Report] Park Hyung Sik “PARK HYUNG SIK 2024 ASIA TOUR FAN MEETING SIKcret Time IN TOKYO” at NHK Hall (1/2)

As the title of this Asian fan meeting tour suggests, ``SIKcret Time,'' the concept is ``secret agent (spy),'' and the opening scene features Hyunsik dressed as a spy holding a Japanese passport for his mission. It starts with a video about coming to Japan. As the drama-like video drew loud applause from the audience, Hyungsik himself finally appeared along with the intro of ``If You Call It Love'' (original song: Uru), which drew even louder applause and cheers. After singing in a clear and beautiful voice, she looked around at the audience, bowed politely and put her hand on his chest like a ``nobleman,'' and then left the stage.


Yumi, today's MC, took over and explained that for today's performance, Hyungsik will be called a "super agent" and the fans in the audience will be called "new agents," and then Hyungsik returns to the stage while waving his hand. . ``Everyone, it's been a while. It's Park Hyungsik,'' Hyungsik greets, and is delighted not only by his fans but also by his reunion with Yumi, who has been his MC since his ZE:A days. At the opening stage, Hyunsik was moved and nervous at the sight of so many fans filling the seats, but it wasn't until Yumi told him that he realized there were seats on the third floor, and he said, ``What! ?'' I looked at the third floor seats, which were full, and was so excited that I could say ``I was surprised.'' The fans seated on the third floor were also very happy with the reaction.


From here on, I decided to sit on a chair and talk.

After 7 years, Hyunsik came back to Japan and became even cooler. Yumi was impressed with how handsome he was, and when she said, ``I got the impression that he didn't talk much (during group activities),'' she replied, ``Fortunately, there was a talkative member next to me, so I didn't make any effort to talk and it was easy.'' ” Hyungsik replies with humor. However, now that she has to do everything by herself, she said with a smile, ``I'm very nervous,'' but at the same time, ``I'm happy to think that I can monopolize everyone's love.''


Regarding the concept of this time's ``Secret Agent,'' he said that he thought, ``Did I make a mistake while I was working on it?''In fact, at first, he thought, ``It's not about being able to spend secret time with fans in a secret space.'' It started with the question, "What?" It seems that the conversation went in a direction that he himself did not expect, but in the end, he said, ``I tried it and it turned out really well.''


With this concept, we headed to the first corner “SIKCRET NOTES”. Based on some keywords, we decided to dig deeper into Hyunsik's personality.

The first keyword is “ESFP? ISTP?” In South Korea, the national personality test "MBTI" is now said to affect employment. In this test, Hyunsik was classified as an artist-type ESFP, which includes the extrovert "E" and realist "S", and a master-type "ESFP", which includes the introverted "I" and idealistic "N". ISTP”, two results were obtained. He said that it was "really difficult" to determine which personality he had, and when he was consulting with fans, Yumi asked, "My blood type is AB, so I wonder if there are many different types in my body?" At this point, he made a surprised expression for the second time today, saying, "What!?" The scales fell from his eyes at this point, and he seemed relieved.

Also, when asked by Yumi, ``If you had to be with someone for a day, what kind of person would you be with that would make you feel natural?'', she answered, ``The type that can adapt to the other person's personality.'' It can suit people like ZE:A member Im Siwan, who has leadership, is energetic, and has a plan, and it can also suit people who like to drink coffee and relax in their free time. He also revealed that he and the other members of ZE:A drink together and say, ``Let's stay healthy forever.''


The second keyword was “A or B,” and Hyunsik had to answer two-choice questions.
For the first question, ``Which hairstyle do you think is cool?A: Shows her forehead/B: Doesn't show it,'' she chose A, reflecting the opinions of her fans. Usually, I decide my hairstyle depending on the role, so it doesn't seem that my intentions are reflected in my hairstyle, but I happened to be in between productions right now, and said, ``I feel like I'm growing my hair long for the first time.'' He revealed that he is increasing his .

For the second question, ``A: Eat meals with 1,000 people one on one for 1,000 days/B: Eat meals alone for 1,000 days'', choose A. ``If you eat dinner while talking about life (with people from various occupations and age groups), I think time will fly by.Eating alone for 1000 days is not easy. I don't think so," he said, explaining the reason.


The third keyword is the latest drama starring Hyunsik, “Doctor Slump.” This work is a romantic comedy with the theme of ``slump'' and ``burnout syndrome,'' which have become social phenomena in South Korea.Since it has been distributed on Netflix in Japan since January, it has already been praised by fans at the venue. It seemed to have a lot of support.

In this drama, Hyun-sik plays the role of cosmetic surgeon Jung-woo, who reunites with Ha-neul, an anesthesiologist played by Park Shin-hye, who was his rival in high school, after both of them were in a slump. , I was very attracted to it,” Hyungsik said. In the drama, there is a scene in which she plays her high school days, and she said, ``Honestly, I wondered if it was okay to wear this (uniform) right now.'' She seemed to have mixed feelings about it, but she and Park Shin Hye were very close to each other. When they met for the first time in their uniforms, they seemed a little awkward, but they encouraged each other by saying, ``You look great together'' and ``There's still a lot of good in each other'' (lol). Since she had previously worked with Park Shin Hye in the drama ``The Heirs,'' she said, ``I was able to start off with a comfortable feeling.'' Park Shin Hye is said to be ``the type of person who makes others feel at ease,'' which is why she revealed, ``It was a very fun and laughter-filled scene.''


And on this day, she decided to sing the OST song "Lean On Me" for "Doctor Slump", which was released at a fateful timing. The venue erupted in applause for her emotional singing voice, which brought to mind scenes from a drama. he then introduced, ``This song is the OST for ``Strong Woman Do Bong-soon,'' and also sang ``Because Of You,'' making the audience intoxicated with her sweet singing voice that melted the ears. was.

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Monday, May 13, 2024 18:01

[Report] Park Hyung Sik's first performance in Japan in 7 years "PARK HYUNG SIK 2024 ASIA TOUR FAN MEETING SIKcret Time IN TOKYO" ~ "Secret Agent" Hyung Sik takes on many missions! "I'm happy to think that I can monopolize everyone's love" (2/2)


[Report] Park Hyung Sik “PARK HYUNG SIK 2024 ASIA TOUR FAN MEETING SIKcret Time IN TOKYO” at NHK Hall (2/2)

After finishing the song, Hyunsik reveals that he is still nervous, saying, ``I don't know why I'm so nervous today.'' Hyungsik is then given a mission to test his spying abilities.

First of all, it was a "shooting ability test", so a board with 6 balloons attached to it as a target appeared. However, the items used for target shooting are not only toy pistols, but also forks, chopsticks, pencils, and darts.As a result of a lottery, it was decided that darts would be used. When asked about his goal, how many balloons to pop in 30 seconds, Hyunsik confidently answered, "All of them." He started the test in front of the new agents (fans) with great enthusiasm, hoping not to show his uncool side, but it took him a while to get the hang of it, and unfortunately he only got 5 points. Although he didn't reach his goal, the dart he threw after 30 seconds hit the mark with one shot, so he passed the test.


The second test is a “memory test.” First, a total of 12 images of Hyungsik from six dramas are displayed on the screen, two each, and the participants have one minute to memorize these images. Next, the 12 cards placed in hand (the images shown on the screen earlier were turned over in the same arrangement) were turned over like a nervous breakdown, and the test involved guessing the same drama in pairs. And the venue was noisy. Although Hyungsik struggled with the difficulty of the test, he managed to create six pairs and pass the test.

The third test is the “Let’s sing with a poker face” test. Among the five microphones lined up on the stage, the task was to find two normal microphones, and the other three microphones were set to emit strange voices, until a normal microphone was found. It was a novel test in which they had to keep singing with poker faces.

When the test started, ZE:A's ``바람의유령 (The Ghost Of Wind)'' was played, and Hyunsik, who had chosen a perfectly correct microphone, sang the entire chorus, which was a pleasant development. Since I chose a normal microphone from the first shot, I tried the second song to dispel any doubts that everything was normal. The song was the Korean version of ``Snow Flower,'' but he chose microphones with strange voices one after another, causing the audience to burst into laughter. However, in the end, she chose a normal microphone, and her beautiful, emotional voice rang out from there.


At this point, "Super Agent" Hyung-sik is called by the director, and after leaving the stage, a video of Hyun-sik attempting a mission to return home begins in a place that looks like an interrogation room. While wearing cat ears, Hyunsik successfully completed various missions in the video, and when he was instructed to ``return to his original place,'' he changed into a knit and white pants and returned to the stage.


And from here, the fourth test "Codebreaking ability test" starts. It was an interesting test in which one fan selected from the venue had to guess the meaning of the Japanese words displayed on the screen based on the explanation given by one fan.The first theme was "Ladybug." Hyunsik asked, ``Is it an animal?'' based on the hints from fans such as ``small,'' ``red,'' ``black dots, dots, dots,'' ``boom,'' and ``cute.'' Mudanborle: Ladybug)” and the mission was successful.

For the second theme, “I want to protect,” Hyunsik chose the four fans who came. The four members gave hints with skit-like gestures, and they immediately understood, "I'll protect you!" and the fans praised them, saying, "It's the best!" The mission was a huge success, with the words "I want to protect you all" in Japanese.


In the final mission, Hyunsik, a senior agent, answers questions from a new agent who has a lot of questions to ask.

The first question I chose from the box of questions was a proxy question from a mother whose daughter is a child actress: ``Are you good at remembering your lines? How do you always remember them?'' Hyungsik was very disappointed when he was told that his daughter would be home-sitting today, but he said, ``I tried to immerse myself in the situation in the drama as much as possible, and in a situation like this, of course I would say something like this.'' "I try to memorize things while understanding the situation, just like when I'm deaf."


However, when Hyun-sik played the role of Yeon-woo, a lawyer with a genius memory in ``SUITS,'' he had to memorize everything while understanding the situation in the courtroom. Apparently it was difficult. ``It's really difficult,'' some of them said, ``It's really difficult,'' but they also said ``In such cases, the only thing you can do is practice over and over again.'' ``If it's a conversation scene with two or three people, you have to concentrate on the situation.'' "I'm trying to do that," he said, offering passionate and accurate advice.


The second question was, ``Korean people often go to convenience stores and Don Quijote when they come to Japan.Do you go there too, Hyunsik?''Hyungsik immediately answered in Japanese, ``Of course.'' . "Don Quijote is not a place you go to buy something. You go there and think about it," he said enthusiastically, reenacting the experience of going to Don Quijote, but he doesn't know exactly what he bought. It seems like they don't remember and buy a lot of things without realizing it, which is ``dangerous.'' Regarding the convenience store, they said it was ``the best'' and ``everything was delicious,'' but they seemed to especially like the sandwiches, rice balls, and bread.


The third question was that his drunken acting in ``Doctor Slump'' was amazing, but ``Do you usually act like that when you're drunk?'' In fact, Hyunsik himself seems to have a poor tolerance for alcohol, which is why he said, ``I know what it's like to be drunk,'' but ``I get tipsy after drinking one 500ml can of beer.'' When Yumi heard this, she couldn't help but quipped, "You're drinking a 500ml can instead of a 350ml can (even though it's weak)." According to Hyungsik, ``In Korea, people drink in 500ml cans,'' and he was impressed by the difference from Japan.

He not only sees himself like that, but also the people around him who are good at drinking, and in ``Doctor Slump,'' he says, ``While maintaining a drunken state, Jung Woo... I created an expression that suited the character," he said.


Finally, the request was chosen, ``Please let me hear ``Darkness Spreads'' from the musical ``Elisabeth'' (in which Hyunsik previously appeared), and the audience cheered with joy. Despite the sudden request, she performed the song with a sense of realism and received a standing ovation, and when a fan asked her to do a musical again, she said, ``If I have the chance, I would love to do it again.'' "Yes," he replied happily.


After completing all the missions, Hyunsik presented his fans with a photo time. After giving plenty of fan service, he also took commemorative photos with the fans.

In his final speech, he said, ``It's been a long time since I've been to Japan, and it's been seven years since I last came to Japan, but I'm grateful to you for filling the big venue.I feel once again that I'm loved by everyone.'' I'm planning to come to Japan a lot in the future, so please look forward to it.''


The finale was Sukima Switch's "Kanade," and he bowed politely as he moved around the stage, calling out to the fans, "See you again, Annyeon," and "Sarangheyo," before leaving the stage. did.


As he said during the performance, Hyunsik returned to Japan in April and held the event "PARK HYUNG SIK 2024 SIKcret JAPAN" to commemorate the opening of Park Hyungsik's official fan club in Japan. It looks like we can expect a lot of success in Japan in 2024.


The performance will be broadcast on CS TV Asahi Channel 1 from 12:00 on Sunday, May 19th. For those who were unfortunately unable to attend the event, please check out Hyunsik's wonderful appearance here.


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K-drama Actresses in their 30s who masterfully portrayed high school students



K-drama actresses are renowned for their mesmerizing beauty and timeless appearance, often appearing far younger than their years. Numerous actresses in their 30s seem to have found the fountain of youth, effortlessly slipping into the roles of high school students with finesse. Their ability to embody the essence of youth while delivering compelling performances has captivated audiences worldwide.


Let's delve into five renowned K-drama actresses in their 30s who have masterfully portrayed high school students:


Park Shin Hye – Doctor Slump




With a career spanning over two decades, Park Shin-hye has established herself as one of the most versatile actresses. Thanks to her natural charm and youthful appearance, she slayed as a high schooler Nam Ha-neul in “Doctor Slump” despite being in her 30s.




cr: https://allkpop.com/article/2024/0



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