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[Drama 2022/2023] Soundtrack #1 & #2, 사운드트랙#1 & #2/ Season 1 &2


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Soundtrack #1: Episode 2

by mistyisles



Our photographer’s longing for his best friend to really notice him continues, as does her quest to understand and put into words the feelings he’s experiencing all too intensely. Will she figure it out before he has a chance to open up, or will he find the courage to bare his heart first?




After waking up in each other’s arms, Sun-woo and Eun-soo spend a few moments in awkward silence, and then decide it’s best to move on with the day and pretend it didn’t happen. Still, while Eun-soo washes up, Sun-woo agonizes over whether she might have heard him whisper in frustration that their closeness was driving him crazy. She totally did, but doesn’t let on.

Avoidance in general seems to be Eun-soo’s way of coping with feelings or problems that confuse her. Thus, when she hits writer’s block, she decides it’s time to take a walk, which leads into a coffee break and then a drive – which she’s terrible at, having to be continually reminded to watch the road.


Sun-woo, of course, tags along. That means he’s with her when the composer calls her in for a quick meeting to discuss the direction of their song. The fact that the composer gives her tangerine juice without asking her preference annoys him (her mom sends her boxes of tangerines from Jeju all the time, so she’s sick of them), and he decides to handle it by being childish and disruptive, for some reason.

They quarrel over it, but she shows up at his studio with flowers and a gift to apologize. But it’s more for the sake of clearing the air than anything else, because neither of them likes to stay mad at each other for long.


The cinematography in this show continues to be visually stunning, though something about this episode didn’t quite match the tone of the first to me. I missed that pensive, melancholic atmosphere. It did return by the end of the episode, but first we took a detour through a few more rom-com tropes like going grocery shopping together, wherein Eun-soo piles the cart high with way more food than they need.

The cinematography in this show continues to be visually stunning, though something about this episode didn’t quite match the tone of the first to me. I missed that pensive, melancholic atmosphere. It did return by the end of the episode, but first we took a detour through a few more rom-com tropes like going grocery shopping together, wherein Eun-soo piles the cart high with way more food than they need.


Sun-woo’s cards tell her that he has a sincere, enduring love for someone… who’s very far away. But Mom’s gaze travels from his face to Eun-soo as she says it, and she’s suddenly in a very big hurry to leave. On her way out the door, she gives Sun-woo the card that indicated his love was far away, as a good-luck charm. Aw, she definitely knows.

Throughout all this, Eun-soo is still working on trying to grasp the concept of unrequited love. The composer describes it as the chill of being outside at 4:40 in the morning, so she drags Sun-woo outside for a 4:40 am walk to feel for herself what that’s like.









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Soundtrack #1: Episode 3

by mistyisles



Even as it becomes increasingly clear that there’s more than just friendship blooming between our photographer and lyricist, they remain reluctant as ever to confront it head-on. But either time is on their side, or it’s working against them, because they’re going to have to make some kind of decision a bit sooner than they think…




After seeing the photos Sun-woo’s taken of her over the years, Eun-soo starts to put two and two together. She tentatively asks about his unrequited love – when did he first fall for her and why? Sun-woo, not catching on that she suspects it’s her, answers cagily. After a few rounds of questions, he says testily that he’ll handle it on his own, thanks.

But, as we saw last week, these two are quick to apologize with flowers whenever they have a disagreement, and this time it’s his turn to present her with a bouquet and ask if they’re still good (they are). He answers her questions, further confirming her suspicions by saying he’s not sure exactly when he fell in love, but that nine years ago was when he first consciously realized it.


Sun-woo also tells her he plans to confess his feelings… but doesn’t. Eun-soo spends most of the episode getting the confirmation she needs from other people – like their married friends (played by Park Hoon and Park Min-jung) who’ve known for years that Sun-woo liked her – and then waiting for Sun-woo to actually confess.

Meanwhile, they’re each presented with something new to think about. The composer likes Eun-soo’s new lyrics, and invites her to dinner to meet their song’s singer (cameo by Seo In-guk). Then he invites her to a wine bar afterwards (something else she’s too polite to admit she doesn’t like), and things get a bit uncomfortable.


Turns out, his line about giving her tangerine juice without asking because he “enjoys sharing the things he likes with the people he likes” wasn’t just a pleasantry. He’s perfectly polite as he explains that he found her so beautiful when she begged for two more weeks to revise her lyrics, and he assures her there’s no need for her to respond right away… but still, this feels a tad creepy. Maybe it’s just the casting (Kim Joo-heon is 14 years older than Han So-hee), or maybe it’s the power imbalance in their professional relationship. Either way, it seems weird.


Then Sun-woo shows up, and it gets even worse. To be fair, he’s already miffed because he’d planned to finally confess that night, only for her to actively avoid him all day and stay out until nearly midnight. But that doesn’t give him a complete pass, because his response to seeing them in the wine bar is to barge in, sit himself down at their table, and start sampling their food, all while putting on the same odd, childish attitude he did before.



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Soundtrack #1’ Park Hyung-sik left, Han So-hee’s tears of unrequited love ‘Affection’




‘Soundtrack #1’ Park Hyung-sik left, and Han So-hee shed tears. In the 3rd episode of the Disney+ original series 'Soundtrack #1', which was released on the 6th, Han Seon-woo (Park Hyung-sik) and Han Seon-woo, who left without telling their love for their 20-year girlfriend Lee Eun-soo (Han So-hee), were in tears. The story of Lee Eun-soo who sheds was drawn. The troubles between the love and friendship between the two people, which grew deeper and deeper, aroused affection.


In the previous two endings, Eun-soo Lee found photos of herself in the past in Seon-woo Han's laptop. She intuited that the person Han Seon-woo had a crush on was herself. With this as an opportunity, Lee Eun-soo's troubles began. This is because Han Seon-woo, a friend of 20 years, is a precious existence that cannot be lost to him. Lee Eun-soo, who thought that her feelings for Han Seon-woo were friendship, was afraid that Han Seon-woo would get hurt.


Eun-soo Lee asked Han Seon-woo about his unrequited love. Han Seon-woo, who could not say anything, reacted coldly, unlike usual. However, Han Seon-woo apologized to Lee Eun-soo soon after, and told Eun-soo Lee about her longtime unrequited love. Meanwhile, a new photographer, Sun-woo Han, had a great opportunity. A world-famous photographer suggested a collaborative work. As a result, Han Seon-woo's departure schedule was extended. Han Seon-woo stayed with Lee Eun-soo for two weeks and tried to help her write lyrics, but he couldn't finish it.


Han Seon-woo tried to tell Lee Eun-soo that something good happened to him and that his departure schedule was delayed. However, Eun-soo Lee struggled to avoid Han Seon-woo's confession to herself. At this time, another change occurred for Eunsoo Lee. Composer Kang Woo-il (Kim Joo-heon), whom he admired, confessed. Han Seon-woo decided to let go of his heart when he saw that Lee Eun-soo ate wine because of Kang Woo-il, which Eun-soo did not normally eat.


more https://m.wowtv.co.kr/NewsCenter/News/Read?articleId=A202204070205#_enliple



DOCO, Park Hyung-Sik X Han So-Hee's 'Soundtrack #1' sound source 'Love beyond words' released on the 6th




Singer and producer DOKO will be the twelfth singer of 'Soundtrack #1'. At 6 pm on the 6th, the twelfth soundtrack of the Disney+ romance music drama 'Soundtrack #1', which DOKO participated in, will be released through various online music sites.



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'Soundtrack #1' Park Hyung-sik ♥ Han So-hee wears school uniform and goes on a library date 'envy chemistry'




High school memories of Park Hyung-sik and Han So-hee in ‘Sound Track #1’ are revealed.


The Disney+ original series 'Soundtrack #1' (played by Ahn Sae-bom/directed by Kim Hee-won/produced by Red Nine Pictures, Xanadu Entertainment/planned by NHN Bugs) is a 20-year-old best friend and a man and a woman staying in the same house for two weeks. It's a musical romance to get to know. Global hot stars Park Hyung-sik (Han Seon-woo) and Han So-hee (Lee Eun-soo)'s best-in-class chemistry has been a hot topic since its release on March 23rd.


In the 2nd ending of the previous 'Soundtrack #1', it was implied that Lee Eun-soo had found out about Han Seon-woo's unrequited love, which made viewers' hearts ache. Han Seon-woo has long cherished feelings of love, not her friendship, to her girlfriend Lee Eun-soo, but he is afraid of losing her and is unable to confess her feelings. However, Eun-soo Lee found photos of herself in Seon-woo Han's computer. Attention is focused on whether the two will become lovers from boyfriend and girlfriend.


In the midst of this, on April 5, the production team of 'Soundtrack #1' revealed their high school memories of Han Seon-woo and Lee Eun-soo, one day before the 3rd episode was released.


In the photo, Han Seon-woo and Lee Eun-soo in school uniforms are in the library. Seon-woo Han, who is concentrating on a book, and Eun-soo Lee, who looks at Seon-woo with a playful expression, are cute and lovely. In the other photo, you can see two people sitting next to each other as if tired of studying and eating cup noodles. You can guess how long Han Seon-woo and Lee Eun-soo have been with each other and how many memories they share.


In this regard, the production team of 'Soundtrack #1' said, "In the 3rd episode of 'Soundtrack #1', which will be released tomorrow (the 6th), the past of Han Seon-woo and Lee Eun-soo, the moment when Han Seon-woo's unrequited love for Lee Eun-soo started, Lee Eun-soo, who is confused in Han Seon-woo's heart The story is revealed. The two actors, Park Hyung-sik and Han So-hee, captured the subtle emotional lines of the two main characters with their delicate acting. We ask for your interest and anticipation.”


Park Hyung-sik and Han So-hee, who increase the excitement index with each episode. The 3rd episode of 'Soundtrack #1', where you can see the perfect digestibility of the two of them in school uniforms and the thrilling past, will be released at Disney+ on Wednesday, the 6th at 4pm.






Seo In Guk to Cameo in Latest Episode of Disney+ Drama Soundtrack#1 with Han So Hee and Park Hyung Sik


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Wow this short drama is a gem and surprisingly very good. The chemistry between the leads is way up there. I was surprised to discover the 4th episode hasn’t been shown in Disney+. I seriously hope they end up together in the last episode. I wanted to give the guy a smack on the head with his way of thinking on the last scene. I mean he obviously likes the girl, but he became jealous simply because the girl drank wine? The girl wasn’t totally without fault. She knew or at least strongly suspected after seeing her pictures in the guy’s laptop that the guy has special feelings for her. She also stressed the point that she considers the guy her ‘friend’ during the bicycle scene. 
Anyway I hope this has a happy ending. 

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Such a super sweet drama !

It is a pity that not many comments written here in this forum.


It's so heartbreaking to see the thoughtfulness and caring on one side and the frustrating longing to wait for the other to notice the love.


The female lead also has feelings for him, a kind of "unrequited love". In a sense, because she has the deepest desire to protect their friendship and is afraid of losing him, she can't fully express her heart to him. Besides, she also wants him to realize his lifelong dream. It takes courage to cross the friendship line because their happiness outweighs the possibility of hurting each other. I believe that the departure of the male lead will make their hearts grow fonder because of the distance.


For the coming Ep4, I think we may have a romantic ending based on the tarot card that held by him - that the couple is holding hands eventually. :) I hope the writer grants us the wish.


I want few more episodes, can't get enough of the story, the anticipation is killing us....:D

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The third episode was so sad :crybaby: 


Eun Soo now knows how Sun Woo feels about her and wanted to prevent him from confessing…ugh and now Sun woo has to go away for awhile now. but I think this separation from Sun Woo will allow Eun Soo to realize how she truly feels about him (because even when he went to the military, she was really sad about it too) and maybe finally crossing the line of not only just being best friends. I can understand why though Eun Soo didn’t want to become a couple with sun woo, 1) the fear of ruining your friendship with your best friend and 2) separation and not having the same relationship if you break up. I think that’s a common fear of confessing to the person you like so it is understandable.


but oh man, I can’t believe this drama is almost over. It’s such a shame that it’s short but I can’t wait for the final episode :) 


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That confession from Eun Soo was beautiful :bawling: The way she acknowledged Sun Woo’s feelings and what he must’ve went through for the last 8 years having a 짝사랑.. I love how Sun Woo didn’t say anything the whole time and finally completed Eun Soo’s lyrics and went for the kiss. That kiss scene was beautiful, the lighting cinematography, angle, everything! I replayed it for sure…


I know this drama is only four episodes but I actually like how it’s fast-paced and there isn’t any dragging parts. The drama is quick and to the point, which is nice to see. However, it would’ve been nice if it was longer and we could see Eun Soo and Sun Woo as a couple haha.. Great drama and amazing performance from Park Hyung Sik and Han So Hee. I love PHS acting so much and he always nails it :D 

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  • ferily changed the title to [Drama 2022] Soundtrack#1, 사운드트랙#1

So Hee is so so preettyyy~ gosh I felt her regret when Sun Woo left her hangin' in ep. 04 .. luckily it was just a red herring ahah.

    I am glad Sun Woo/ Eun Soo got their happy ending like their restaurateur buddies LoL. The actress who played Seo Yeon was just as insufferable on "Nevertheless".

    I feel bad for PD Kang as the actor keep playin' these kinda pathetic guys who have one-sided crushes or end up with "consolation prizes". He's not bad looking either LoL. 


The other thing that I enjoyed 'bout this was - music. Very pleasant listening. Goin' to look 'em up on Spotify. 

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Soundtrack #1: Episode 4 (Final)

by mistyisles



As the adage says, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and our lyricist is becoming increasingly, painfully aware of what her feelings of fondness really mean. But will she be able to muster the courage to act on those feelings before it’s too late?






As the seasons pass, Eun-soo is keenly aware of Sun-woo’s absence, thinking about him constantly and sighing over the fact that his replies to her messages are few and far between.

But glum as she may be feeling about missing him, she has a lot of exciting career things happening, including an offer to write for a particular singer that she’s dreamed of working with for years. It’s a huge milestone, and one that she and Sun-woo once half-joked about the way people do when describing a shoot-for-the-stars kind of goal. Her friends celebrate with her, but Sun-woo doesn’t respond to her message telling him the news.


Meanwhile, the composer she’s been working with asks her out again, and Eun-soo finally tells him the truth: she’s not interested, and she’s been lying all this time about liking the wine he always orders for them.

Much as I found this subplot uncomfortable, I liked this conversation, especially Eun-soo’s confession that she thought if she kept drinking the wine, she’d eventually come to like it, but it never tasted any better. It applies to a lot more than food and drink preferences, and it shows that Eun-soo is learning to communicate honestly instead of trying to say what she thinks other people want to hear.

And thankfully, the composer is cool about it. He accepts her rejection, and has no intention of letting it taint their professional relationship, either. He even stops himself before ordering beer to replace the wine and first asks if that’s okay with her.


Of course, the biggest truth Eun-soo has to learn to communicate is her feelings for Sun-woo, which she’s now painfully aware of. After a tarot reading from her mom tells her to follow her heart and seize the opportunity that is coming to her, she finally works up just enough courage to text him that she has something important to say and wants him to call her.

Again, that message goes unanswered… because Sun-woo’s back and wanted to surprise her. They meet by chance outside a flower shop, and when he steps outside holding a giant bouquet, there’s a breathless moment where it almost seems like this is just another flashback. But no, it’s really him, home for a couple of weeks in between photoshoots.

Turns out, the bouquet isn’t for her, though. Instead, it’s a birthday gift for their friend at the restaurant, whose husband has enlisted Sun-woo’s help preparing a surprise serenade. It’s a cute moment, but it reminds me that this show was advertised as music-centric, and we could have had moments like this throughout these four episodes instead of just here at (almost) the end.

In some ways, this episode felt like a mirror of the first: instead of focusing on Sun-woo’s pining, we’re limited to Eun-soo’s perspective as she wavers in uncertainty. She wants to confess, but even though Sun-woo is back, he feels more distant than before.




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‘Soundtrack #1’ finale recap: Park Hyung-sik and Han So-hee’s wistful wait comes to a satisfying conclusion


**Spoilers for ‘Soundtrack #1’ episode four below**




As we dive into the final episode of Soundtrack #1, distance begets loneliness. Eun-soo (Han So-hee) dives back into her life – writing lyrics, drinking mandarin tea, finally cooking for herself and sending Sun-woo pictures of the fruits of her labor. A year passes: Eun-soo becomes a coveted lyricist, and Sun-woo’s (Park Hyung-sik) messages dwindle from throughout the day to once every week.


Even as Sun-woo’s absence pervades her senses – in the moments where she wants to share the joy of getting to write for her dream artist, or simply when she wants to talk someone’s ear off – she holds on to the scarf Sun-woo had given her before leaving. The tables, truly, have turned – still, she gets on splendidly, if she does say so herself.

Or so she thought. She finally comes clean while on a supposed “date” with Producer Kang (Kim Joo-Heon). As he proposes to her once again, her heart, admittedly, is miles away – probably with Sun-woo who hasn’t called her in ages. “Even when I’m sitting here with you in this beautiful, fancy place – for some reason, I don’t feel any excitement at all.” she tells Producer Kang, “I thought I would hate wine less if I kept drinking it, but it never got better.”

The meaning is painfully, arduously, easily clear. Even Producer Kang – who had only met Sun-woo once – understands.



Back home, Eun-soo’s mother (Lee Jung-eun) pays her a surprise visit and the former coaxes her daughter into doing a Tarot reading. Ironically, Eun-soo’s last card is the same as Sun-woo’s in a previous reading, although her mother confesses that the meaning wasn’t quite what she had told him previously – the card referred to someone close, but still seemingly far away. Now, Eun-soo is stuck with a vague message: she might get a new opportunity to do something, and if it feels right, she should waste no time.

Said opportunity comes right away – while moving a plush toy that Sun-woo always kept on his table, she finds a necklace and a message with Sun-woo’s confession inside. Perhaps, the new opportunity was this – telling Sun-woo how she feels. She shoots him a text about wanting to talk, but he never replies.

Eun-soo, however, doesn’t need to wait long. Turns out, the reason for Sun-woo’s elusive behavior was that he was on a plane back to Korea. He isn’t back for good, though – this is only a short visit, but Eun-soo doesn’t care. As if a child, she monopolises his time, regaling him with tales of her grocery runs and career wins. The only thing she keeps under wraps is her confession – this, she says in so many words yet none at all, much like Sun-woo had. She stares at him longer, scoots closer to him when they sit together, gives him a scarf because he’d “freeze himself for the sake of fashion”.

As if to expedite this particular confession, life throws a wrench in her plans in the form of Kim Seo-yeon (Yoon Seo-ah) – Sun-woo’s junior from art school who’s helping out in his studio. Perhaps it’s because Eun-soo’s gotten used to Sun-woo’s undivided attention, but witnessing him interact with Seo-yeon sparks something confusing and ugly inside of her. It should be her who brings him sweets from the bakery down the road and sits next to him on the sofa. Who is Seoyeon to tell her not to fiddle with cameras in Sun-woo’s studio? For the first time in 19 years, Eun-soo understands why Sun-woo would turn to juvenile tantrums whenever he spotted her with a new man.

Her fears prove true when she overhears Seo-yeon confessing to Sun-woo. It wasn’t the first time either, from what she infers. Sun-woo, however, politely turns Seo-yeon down, citing professionalism. As if to see where his leanings are, Eun-soo prods him with one more question – what if she asked him out? Would he say no? Apparently he would, citing what Eun-soo had said about remaining friends all their lives if they didn’t want to break up and hurt each other.

The optimistic Sun-woo seems to have changed: even when Eun-soo brings up Mari (Park Min-jung) and Gyeol-han (Park Hoon) – the couple who owns their regular bar Married Couple, friends for years before they became partners – he seems resistant. They’re an exception, he says, seemingly resigned to his lot.


In a very Eun-soo way, she won’t accept it. In a very Eun-soo way, she borrows Married Couple for a night and finally shows Sun-woo the song she had been working on. For some time, she’d been trying to get the last line right, but nothing fit. As he mulls it over, she confesses that the night he left for the military, she had bawled her eyes out (he knows). At first, she’d thought that it was because she was losing a constant companion, but when Sun-woo had left the country the previous year, she’d realised it was love.

“I thought unrequited love was supposed to be something cute, like a little crush,” she says. “But every time I thought of you, my heart ached so much that I barely had energy when I got home. But what made it most painful was realising how lonely it must have been for you to do this for the past eight years.”

Sun-woo mulls it over for a long time, enough to make questions race. Has he moved on? Has he found someone else? Has he, in a cruel turn of fate, realised that what he had felt for Eun-soo all this while was some misplaced infatuation? Or a crush of convenience? When he completes the last line and finally shows it to Eun-soo, it’s enough to make one release a breath they didn’t realise they’d been holding.

In Eun-soo’s diary, he writes: “Please stay by my side. I love you.”

It’s at this moment we realise that perhaps, like all other things with Eun-soo, Sun-woo knew. They’d gotten out of step on their way to the same destination, and perhaps Sun-woo had gotten there faster, but everytime he turned out and looked back, he knew Eun-soo (along with us) would be making her way to him slowly and steadily.



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I had to renew my Disney+ to watch episode 4 because it expired on the day. I was very satisfied with the happy ending and would have been disappointed with a different ending. I mean Eun-soo opened her heart out through the lyrics of the song. TBH I found Sun-woo to be a bit of a coward for not taking a leap of faith. Good thing Eun-soo did it with a bit of help from her mother’s tarot card reading. 

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6 Park Hyung Sik K-Dramas You Don’t Want To Miss


Jan 26, 2023

Whether he’s the playful CEO of a gaming company, the quiet and reliable photographer, or the upright detective, these are just many facets of the versatile Park Hyung Sik, whose personality has impressed viewers on screen.


“Soundtrack #1”


Simple and straightforward, “Soundtrack #1” revisits the classic question of “can best friends transition to becoming something more than just friends?” Sprightly songwriter Eun Soo (Han So Hee) and photographer Han Sun Woo (Park Hyung Sik) have been friends for nearly two decades. It’s apparent that Sun Woo has feelings for Eun Soo, but she seems blissfully unaware and keeps friend-zoning him. When Eun Soo is told by producer Kang Woo Il (Kim Joo Heon) that her writing lacks depth, she asks Sun Woo to stay with her to help break through her writer’s block.

If he is not wrapping a scarf around her so she does not catch a cold, he cooks and makes orange preserves for her or fixes her bike. Sun Woo is Eun Soo’s safe zone. Though there are times you want to shake Eun Soo to take off her blinkers and see the obvious, you realize that she is scared to lose him. Park Hyung Sik is simply delightful as Sun Woo, bringing forth his character’s affection, jealousy, and hesitancy as naturally as possible. “Soundtrack #1” is a no-fuss and breezy watch.




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  • ferily changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2023] Soundtrack #2, 사운드트랙 #2
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10 Besties-Turned-Lovers K-Dramas For The Romantic Soul

Apr 1, 2023

You may fall in love many times, but some people think that falling in love with your best friend is the best thing ever. And many great K-drama couples have taken this advice quite literally. The progress of childhood friends who progress from nitpicking, bickering, and bantering to some very explosive chemistry and romance is a much loved trope in several dramas. If you are looking at your best friend and wondering if they are the one, here are 10 such K-dramas to check out where childhood friends transitioned to life partners.


“Soundtrack #1”


Songwriter Eun Soo (Han So Hee) and photographer Han Sun Woo(Park Hyung Sik) have been each other’s closest confidante for nearly two decades. Though joined at the hip since they were kids, things are a bit different as adults. Sun Woo is in love with Eun Soo, who in turn has friend-zoned him.  When Eun Woo is told her writing lacks depth, she turns to Sun Woo to help her through her writer’s block. Sun Woo obliges, well aware that he is nothing but her comfort zone. But by the time Eun Woo realizes that they are indeed soulmates, would it be too late for them?

“Soundtrack #1” is a no-fuss and breezy watch, and Park Hyung Sik as the caring and even-tempered best friend is the man one wants for keeps. He is great as Sun Woo, who is attentive to Eun Soo’s every need.



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by lo_ve, April 4, 2023
0 2


Geum Sae Rok and Steven Noh (Noh Sang Hyun) are in discussion to be the main lead of the upcoming K-drama Soundtrack No. 2.

On April 4, industry insiders stated that Geum Sae Rok and Steven Noh will be the next main leads of the upcoming Disney+ series Soundtrack No. 2.

Soundtrack No. 2 is the second installment of the romance music drama Soundtrack No.1. The first season aired in March last year and it was led by Park Hyung Sik and Han So Hee showcasing the best friends-to-lovers story. The second season will focus on the romance between past lovers who will meet again and rekindle their relationship. 

The upcoming Soundtrack No. 2 will tell the story of a piano teacher and a burnout CEO who decided to separate after lies and misunderstandings. After some time, they meet again and will rekindle their lingering feelings for each other. 

Geum Sae Rok was offered to play the role of Hyun Seo, a piano teacher who gave up her dream. Steven Noh was chosen to portray the role of a CEO named Su Ho who is already burnout from his job.

According to reports, Soundtrack No. 2 already finished its script reading and they will officially begin filming in the first half of 2023. 




If Geum Sae Rok confirms, this will be her second upcoming K-drama for the year. The actress is also set to star in the K-drama The Blue House Family with Cha In Pyo, Ye Ji Won, Jung Woong In, Bang Joo Hwan, and Hong Ye Ji.

Meanwhile, this will possibly be the second upcoming project of Steven Noh for the year. The actor will join the series Bloody Romance with Nam Gyu Ri, Kim Min Seok, Choi Hye Jin, Song Jae Rim, and Jung Jin Woo. Seven Noh started the year by starring in the film When Our Love Remains As Scent.



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The lead actors of season 2


[Exclusive] Keum Sae-rok, emotional romance once more... 'Soundtrack 2' female lead



Actor Keum Sae-rok will be the female lead in the new season of 'Soundtrack'. As a result of confirming News 1 on the 4th, Keum Sae-rok was cast as the female lead in Season 2 of the entertainment streaming service Disney+ (Plus) drama 'Soundtrack'.

'Soundtrack' is a romance music drama genre, and in March last year, Season 1 had Han So-hee and Park Hyung-sik working together.


Season 2, which is coming back, contains a 'real sympathy healing romance' in which a man and a woman who ended a long relationship due to misunderstandings and lies meet again and turns the old melody of resentment and regret into excitement.


Keum Sae-rok takes on the role of Hyun-seo, a visiting piano teacher who gave up her dream, and romances Noh Sang-hyun, who plays the role of Young & Rich CEO Su-ho, who is suffering from burnout.


Keum Sae-rok made her debut in her movie 'Kyungsung School', and then she made her face known by acting in the dramas 'The Fiery Priest', 'Mr. In the drama 'Understanding Love', which ended last February, she played a desperate unrequited love and drew viewers' sympathy, and she is expected to show delicate emotional acting once again in 'Soundtrack'. .


'Soundtrack' Season 2 recently finished script reading. We plan to start filming in the first half of the year.





Exclusive] Noh Sang-hyun, Young & Rich CEO... 'Soundtrack' season 2 main character




Actor Noh Sang-hyun will play the male lead in the new season of 'Soundtrack'.

As a result of confirming News 1 on the 4th, Noh Sang-hyun will appear in the role of Suho, the main character of Season 2 of the original drama 'Soundtrack' of the entertainment streaming service Disney+ (Plus).

'Soundtrack' is a romance music drama genre, and in March last year, Season 1 had Han So-hee and Park Hyung-sik working together.


Noh Sang-hyun will take on the role of Young & Rich CEO Suho, who has fallen into burnout, and will shoot viewers' hearts with an emotional romance.


Noh Sang-hyun is an actor who received attention as a global rookie by performing delicate emotional acting as Isaac Baek, the husband and pastor of the main character Seon-ja (played by Kim Min-ha) in 'Pachinko' on Apple TV+. Since then, he has shown his presence through the dramas 'Surviving as a Celebrity Manager' and 'Curtain Call'. Attention is focused on the acting transformation that will be shown in Season 2 of the 'Soundtrack', a full-fledged romance genre.



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