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[Drama 2022/2023] Soundtrack #1 & #2, 사운드트랙#1 & #2/ Season 1 &2


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12+ New K-Dramas To Check Out In December 2023

Nov 30, 2023
by D. Kim

Believe it or not, it’s already the final month of the year! This holiday season, cozy up indoors while watching various new K-dramas with your loved ones.

Here are new K-dramas to check out in December:


“Soundtrack #2”


Cast: Geum Sae Rok, Noh Sang Hyun, Son Jung Hyuk, etc.

Premiere Date: December 6

Broadcast Details: Wednesdays on Disney+

A follow-up to Han So Hee and Park Hyung Sik’s popular drama “Soundtrack #1,” “Soundtrack #2” is a romance drama about an ex-couple that meets again by chance. Geum Sae Rok stars as Do Hyeon Seo, a piano tutor who is more focused on her present reality than on love, while Noh Sang Hyun is her ex-boyfriend Ji Su Ho, who became a wealthy and successful CEO after their breakup. Watch a teaser here!



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Geum Sae-rok’s unexpected reunion in Soundtrack #2

by solstices

Another teaser is out for the Disney+ original Soundtrack #2, the second installment in the Soundtrack series. If last year’s Soundtrack #1 was about romance blossoming from friendship, then this year’s tale features ex-lovers brought back together by coincidence and given a second chance at rekindling their feelings.

Geum Sae-rok (The Interest of Love) stars as the musically-inclined Do Hyun-seo, whose circumstances left her with no choice but to quell her lofty dreams of pursuing music. Instead, she sustains her love for music by making a humble living as a piano tutor — which inadvertently brings her face to face with someone she’d least expected to see again.


That person is her ex-boyfriend Ji Soo-ho, played by Noh Sang-hyun (Behind Every Star). Once college sweethearts, they’d put an end to their six-year relationship and gone their separate ways. That is, until she arrives at the luxurious penthouse of her newest student and realizes she’s been hired by her old flame.


Naturally, Hyun-seo wants to call it quits, but Soo-ho stops her in her tracks. She might think she can preserve her pride by walking away, but doesn’t she remember that she’d requested for advance payment since money is tight? Unfortunately for Hyun-seo, not only is Soo-ho right, but he’s also a young and rich CEO who can afford to pay her handsomely. Looks like she’s keeping the job after all.

Rounding out our love triangle is Demian (a.k.a. Sohn Jung-hyuk) as the singer-songwriter “K,” who’s more than ready to serenade the noona that caught his eye. Perhaps a cassette of his soulful voice can woo her into saying yes? We don’t get to see him in this teaser, but we do get Kwon Seung-woo (Yumi’s Cells 2) as Chang-shik, Soo-ho’s closest friend and business partner. Their dynamic already looks plenty entertaining, so maybe we’ll get a glimpse into what lies beneath Soo-ho’s polished exterior.

Helmed by PDs Kim Hee-won (Soundtrack #1, Little Women) and Choi Jung-kyu (The Devil Judge), with scripts written by Jung Hye-seung, Soundtrack #2 is slated for a December 6 premiere.



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Premiere Watch: Soundtrack #2

by missvictrix



Time slot: Wednesdays
Broadcaster: Disney+
Genre: Rom-com, music
Episode count: 6

Reasons to watch: Disney+’s music-themed drama series is back with two new faces taking the lead, and a generic rom-com plot that’s calling my name. Broken up for several years, our two leads are thrown together again when Geum Sae-rok turns up as hotshot CEO Noh Sang-hyun’s piano teacher (see? don’t you need this story in your life?). Geum Sae-rok and Noh Sang-hyun are both promising up-and-comers, and this little romance could prove a great vehicle for both of them. But even if it’s a little lackluster, as with Soundtrack #1, at least they’ll be working with PDs Kim Hee-won (Soundtrack #1, Little Women) and Choi Jung-kyu (The Devil Judge), right?


TL;DR: *swoons in piano*







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  • larus changed the title to [Current Drama 2023] Soundtrack #2, 사운드트랙 #2

I enjoyed the first season with So Hee, Hyunsik. This season look like fun as well.. I like the leads. 

    I guess Hyeonseo was the rational one in the relationship with Su Ho prior to their breakup. He was the idealistic one. Somehow he made it and is more successful. She however, is still struggling.

    While I like "K" I don't like love triangles as someone ends up hurt.. anyways lookin' forward to next ep.

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Soundtrack #2: Episodes 1-2

by solstices

A winsome heroine, an earnest hero, and post-breakup enemies-to-lovers — what’s not to love? Soundtrack #2 is off to a great start, introducing our setup with zippy humor and lovely music. We’re only a third into the story, but I’m already rooting for these characters and their happiness.




Soundtrack #2: Episodes 1-2

The first thing we learn about DO HYUN-SEO (Geum Sae-rok) is that she has an aptitude for music, evidenced by how she quickly manages to play a song by ear despite hearing it for the first time. Unfortunately, even with her illustrious achievements during her academy days, music hasn’t been able to pay the bills. After folding her dreams, Hyun-seo now makes a humble living doing food deliveries, taking odd jobs, and running a quaint snack bar. The only connection Hyun-seo has left to her musical passion is her piano tutoring job.

Meanwhile, our man of the hour JI SOO-HO (Noh Sang-hyun) is the esteemed CEO of a successful streaming company. Everything is going well, until all of a sudden it’s not — a sudden bout of tinnitus sends him fainting to the office floor. Turns out Soo-ho’s workaholic tendencies have gotten the better of him, and his doctor prescribes him a dose of rest supplemented with a recommendation of classical music.

Soo-ho’s best friend and business partner CHANG-SHIK (Kwon Seung-woo) has his back, which means he puts on his best sad-puppy-eyes look to convince Soo-ho into a month of rest and piano lessons. On Soo-ho’s behalf, Chang-shik contacts Hyun-seo through a mutual acquaintance, unknowingly reconnecting the two exes.


When Hyun-seo arrives at Soo-ho’s luxurious house, she’s appalled to find out that he’s her new employer. Never mind the double-time pay that she’s already received in advance — she’s outta here! Soo-ho isn’t any more enthused about the situation than she is, and a flashback tells us why.

Four years ago, Hyun-seo stood Soo-ho up at the airport moments before a romantic getaway. She hadn’t seen a future beyond their shaky financial situations, and she told him as much over the phone. It’s over between them. A glimpse into their past reveals that the pragmatic Hyun-seo had been nursing such concerns for a while, and Soo-ho’s efforts to cheer her up had come across as naive and idealistic, causing the rift between them to grow.


In the aftermath of their breakup, Soo-ho had wallowed in misery. Yet in the years since, he’d managed to get back on his feet and climb out of his humble semi-basement home, progressing all the way to the financial security Hyun-seo had aspired towards. Now, Soo-ho doesn’t miss any chance to flaunt his wealth in Hyun-seo’s face, his wounded pride triumphing over any gentlemanly etiquette.

It’s that same pride that has him following Hyun-seo out to assert that he’ll proceed with the lessons, just as Hyun-seo strides back in to declare that she’ll continue teaching him. What feelings? What breakup? They’re just teacher and student, no strings attached at all! (We’ll see how long that lasts.)

Both Hyun-seo and Soo-ho may claim that they’re one-hundred-percent over their past romance, but neither their friends nor their hearts are that easily convinced. When Hyun-seo digs out an old music book to use for their lessons, she accidentally rediscovers a memento from their past. Back when they’d been in love, Soo-ho had scribbled corny jokes in the margins of Hyun-seo’s sheet music — and they bring a smile to her face in the present, just as they had all those years ago. Aww.


Also, can I just say that I love the humor in this show? For all his suave posturing, Soo-ho’s a giant manchild who eats cereal straight out of the box and blows on window panes to doodle on them (much to Chang-shik’s fond exasperation). Not only does Chang-shik have to literally pry Soo-ho’s laptop out of his grubby hands, but he also has to confiscate every last electronic device to prevent Soo-ho from sneakily doing work while his back is turned.

At least Soo-ho gets to keep his phone, which he uses to mindlessly scroll through social media until he chances upon someone that catches his eye. It’s the singer-songwriter “K” (Sohn Jung-hyuk, a.k.a. Demian), crooning a melodious tune, and Soo-ho immediately contacts him with a business proposal.


K winds up meeting our heroine too — they’ve coincidentally taken up the same temp job of queuing in line on someone else’s behalf. He helps Hyun-seo retrieve her lost AirPod from a ditch, she adds piano harmonization to his latest composition, and just like that they’re huddling together through the overnight cold and striking up a friendship.

When Soo-ho listens to the piece, he’s amazed by how much better it sounds with the piano chords. Excited, K asks if his “piano friend” can join the project, and Soo-ho doesn’t give it much thought before agreeing. After all, this project was K’s request — he wants to complete it together before finalizing a contract.

Since K will be temporarily returning to the States in a week, he hasn’t quite figured out accommodation yet, so Soo-ho offers him a room in his sprawling abode. K gratefully accepts, which means he’s strumming away on his guitar when Hyun-seo arrives for Soo-ho’s piano lesson — resulting in a three-way point-and-stare of confusion, hee.



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Soundtrack #2: Episodes 3-4

by solstices


The introduction of a vivacious young musician shakes up our ex-lovers’ dynamic, bringing repressed emotions to the forefront and steering them towards candid conversations. Absence may make the heart grow fonder, but proximity makes the heart yearn for what it truly wants.




“Things only feel difficult if love still remains,” Hyun-seo says, and this poignant line underscores this week’s episodes. It’s far from easy to move on if your heart still yearns for the past, and our leads are all too familiar with this feeling. They’ve been burying their history and suppressing their emotions, but they can’t keep running away from something they keep instinctively returning to.

Working with K reignites Hyun-seo’s love for music; when he tells Hyun-seo that her music moves his heart, his sincere words strike a chord in her. Hyun-seo confesses that she’s been intentionally avoiding music in its entirety, knowing that clinging on would only make it harder to give up. However, K’s given her a different perspective. By completing this song with him, she’ll be able to have a beautiful farewell with the piano. It’ll be her last chance to love it with all she has, then finally let go once and for all.


Meanwhile, watching them make music together fans the flames of Soo-ho’s jealousy. Not only does he cobble together a poorly-veiled excuse for Hyun-seo to move in with them, but he also wriggles his way into every chance K and Hyun-seo get to hang out, resulting in a hilarious grocery shopping trip where Soo-ho hangs off them like a third wheel. In addition, Soo-ho insists on calling K by his real name “Bong-gil,” which only serves to make K seem even more like an adorable puppy.

Both boys notice an old scar on Hyun-seo’s wrist, but K acts on it first by bringing her a heating pad to soothe her wrist from the day’s work. Later that night, when sleep doesn’t come for either of our exes, Soo-ho brings the topic up. Hyun-seo admits that she’d had surgery on her wrist, and Soo-ho realizes it’s why she’d missed their backpacking trip. Wrist injury or not, they wouldn’t have worked out anyway, Hyun-seo says. Their paths had been too different.


The next day, the tension — and lingering sadness — between Soo-ho and Hyun-seo is awfully palpable, which the perceptive K immediately picks up on. Hyun-seo feigns indifference to Soo-ho, until his tinnitus has him collapsing in the middle of their trip to a LP store. K runs off to buy water, while Hyun-seo unconsciously reveals how worried she is with her frantic nagging.

Next, our trio goes location scouting to find a good backdrop for their music video. When Soo-ho walks off to film our musicians from a distance, K takes the chance to ask Hyun-seo if she’d dated Soo-ho for a long time. Ha, he totally caught on quick! Hyun-seo’s flustered, but she insists that things are over between them. In response, K confesses that he likes her, explaining that her music filled the empty gap in both his song and his heart. K is earnestly sincere, but Hyun-seo’s conflicted expression suggests she doesn’t quite reciprocate.



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I watched the first 4 episodes yesterday. I wish there were all 6 episodes available.  Of course there is a love triangle.  K (the second male lead) is so positive and fresh (a vibrant personality) and he and Hyeon-Seo have the music in common. She has a lot of history with Su Ho. I don`t think they moved on and they still have feelings for each other. I understand that she was depressed and plus, they had a different appoached to life, but she did not do well how she broke up with him. I hope they heal their wounds and found each other the second time because both are lonely. If they don`t end up together, at least, I hope they will talk this time, they resolve their feelings somehow and move on.


I like how Hyeon Seo and K connected through music. She found happiness in music again and she is smiling around him. She said that it is her farewell to music (her former passion)  but I hope she won`t give up music completely.

I laughed when Su Ho put his trophies on display to show off and she told him so. :hwaiting2:


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  • larus changed the title to [Drama 2022/2023] Soundtrack #1 & #2, 사운드트랙#1 & #2/ Season 1 &2

Soundtrack #2: Episodes 5-6 (Final)

by solstices

Soundtrack #2 reaches its coda as our ex-lovers begin anew, rekindling the feelings they’ve harbored for each other all this time. If their love is to last, though, they’ll need to work through what drove them apart in the first place — or their relationship may grow discordant all over again.



From the very moment they reconnected through that first piano lesson, both Hyun-seo and Soo-ho have been circling around each other, instinctively drawn into each other’s orbits. It’s easy to seek the familiarity of an old flame, just as it’s easy to fall back into old habits, and our finale week encapsulates this for better and for worse.

But first — back to the kiss! One thing leads to another, and before they know it, Hyun-seo is waking up in Soo-ho’s arms. Unfortunately for our reunited lovebirds, they don’t get to enjoy their morning cuddles for long. A surprise visit by Hyun-seo’s bestie KIM JIN-KYUNG (Jeon Hye-jin) sends the two scrambling out of bed, culminating in a hilariously clumsy escape by our bumbling CEO.

Keeping in line with their knack for not communicating about difficult topics, Hyun-seo and Soo-ho don’t talk about their night together or what it means for their relationship. They do, however, share a late-night phone call just like romantic sweethearts would; Soo-ho cajoles Hyun-seo into staying on the line on the pretext of needing to hear her voice to fall asleep, and she rambles on about various composers until he drifts off into a peaceful slumber.


Now that Hyun-seo’s acknowledged her lingering feelings for Soo-ho, there’s the matter of letting K down easy. K is quick to read the room, and when Hyun-seo tries to bring up the topic over dinner, he asks her to delay her answer till they wrap up the project. He may be nursing an unrequited crush, but rather than fall into dejection, his thoughtful nature shines through when he amends his lyrics. No longer is he pouring out his one-sided feelings; instead, he’s written a song expressing our exes’ hopes of starting over.

True to his word, K bows out gracefully after a successful filming. Recognizing that he’d potentially make things awkward as a third wheel, he declines the invitation to their after-party. It’s time for him to return to the States, and he has a few last things to settle first. K bids his project partners a heartfelt goodbye, thanking them for their time together, and they part on good terms with a promise to keep in touch.


Meanwhile, Soo-ho’s been anxious about Hyun-seo’s proximity to K. Maybe she’s grown fond of him? Perhaps she reciprocates his feelings? Instead of voicing his worries and clearing the air with her, though, Soo-ho stews in his thoughts alone. It’s only when he stumbles upon behind-the-scenes footage of Hyun-seo turning K down, accidentally captured on a conveniently-forgotten camera left rolling at just the right angle, that he snaps out of his self-induced funk.

The next day, in the midst of their piano lesson, Soo-ho finally takes the route of direct communication and asks Hyun-seo what they are. His blunt approach prompts honesty from her — she admits she’d been afraid to fall for him again, and that she’s still terrified, but she’s fallen back in love anyway. Soo-ho smiles, and Hyun-seo can’t hold back anymore. Surging forward, she kisses him.


more https://www.dramabeans.com/2023/12/soundtrack-2-episodes-5-6-final/

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