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[Drama 2022] Thirty-Nine, 서른 아홉


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Reposting <Thirty, Nine> script read with English sub added on JTBC You Tube channel



Son Yejin, who arrived earlier than others during the script read and is organizing the scripts



Son Yejin staff posted <Thirty, Nine> teaser on her IG and mentioned next week will be <Thirty, Nine> last filming. 

“ 1st teaser finally released.  
 While filming, just looking at the monitor makes me laugh, sad, and quietly wipe my tears.   It's going to be so much fun. Please give alot of  attention to Actress Hand Unnie’s (Son Yejin) <Thirty, Nine> ~ fm Son Yejin staff IG


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Mckayson Korea Jinju branch posted Son Yejin golf cut on their IG and IGS.  Mckayson support the production of <Thirty, Nine> and responsible for styling her and Yeon Woojin in their golf apparel.









Mckayson Seoul official IG also posted <Thirty, Nine> teaser Son Yejin golf cut










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Shin So-hyun becomes young Son Ye-jin... Casting confirmed for 'Thirty, Nine' [Official]

2022.01.17. 9:07 am



[OSEN = Reporter Jang Woo-young] Rookie actress Shin So-hyun has been cast in 'Thirty, Nine'. 

JTBC's new Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Thirty, Nine' (played by Yoo Young-ah, directed by Kim Sang-ho, produced by JTBC Studios, Lotte Culture Works) is a real human romance that deals with the deep story of friendship, love, and life of three friends who are about to turn 40. 'Thirty, Nine' is a collaboration between writer Yoo Young-ah, who wrote the drama 'Boyfriend' and the movie 'Kim Ji-young, Born 1982', and director Kim Sang-ho, who directed the drama 'Run On'. (Chang-Young Jeong) and Ji-Hyeon Kim (Joo-Hee Jang) are attracting a lot of attention as the fantastic women's romance is being announced. 

In the play, Shin So-hyun plays the child of Son Ye-jin, the central figure who will lead the story of three women, and plays the high school days of 'Cha Mi-jo', the head of Gangnam Dermatology Clinic, who grew up in an affluent environment. Raised between a caring father, a generous mother, and a good-natured older sister, Mizo's acting is already arousing curiosity about the process of how she meets Chan-young and Joo-hee, friends of the same age, by chance one day in her second year of high school. 

Starting with the drama 'Half of the Heart', Shin So-hyun proved her infinite potential as an actress by taking on the role of high school fashion influencer 'Cho-hyun Han' in the drama 'The moment my heart shines'. In particular, in the currently appearing web drama '@Account Deleted', he plays the role of 'Yoo Min-jae', the main character who rose from an assassin (outsider) to an insider (insider) overnight, immersing himself in the growing teen romance of a teenager. He is emerging as a promising new actor.

Therefore, based on the experience accumulated step by step, Shin So-hyun, who will put a new filmography puzzle piece through 'Thirty, Nine', is raising expectations of prospective viewers to see what kind of charm she will bring as the young Cha Mi-jo. 

On the other hand, JTBC's new Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Thirty, Nine' starring Shin So-Hyun will be broadcast for the first time at 10:30 pm on February 16th. 








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The teenage of Cha Mijo (Son Yejin) will be played by Shin Sohyun.  Jeong Chanyoung (Jeon Mido) played by Ha Seonho and Jang Soohee (Kim Jihyun) played by Lee Dayeon(Jang Soohee)






Shin Sohyun as teen Cha Mijo



Ha Seonho as teen Jeong Chanyoung



Lee Dayeon as teen Jang Soohee


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'Thirty, nine' Jeon Mi-do is equipped with a straight ball, honest and hot transformation

2022.01.18. 9:18 am



'Thirty-nine' Jeon Mi-do./Photo courtesy of JTBC Studio


[Newsen Reporter Lee Min-ji] Jeon Mi-do is honest and transforms into a more attractive 39-year-old 'sen' older sister. 

JTBC's new Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Thirty, Nine', which will be aired for the first time on February 16, released the character stills of Jeon Mi-do (Jung Chan-young) on January 18. Jeon Mi-do heralded a new acting transformation with a completely changed visual.




'Thirty, Nine' is a realistic human romance drama that deals with the deep stories of friendship, love, and life of three friends who are about to turn forty. It has built up a solid cast of actors and is considered one of the most anticipated films in the first half of 2022. 

Among them, the character Jeong Chan-young, played by Jeon Mi-do, is the owner of an unstoppable eloquence, spitting out what he sees and feels without adding or subtracting anything he sees and feels as one of three 39-year-old friends of the same age. A person who always makes friends Cha Mi-jo (Son Ye-jin) and Jang Joo-hee (Kim Ji-hyeon) go wild with her hot tone that hits the bone for not being honest. Although she has the same force as a 'sen' sister, she is a person like Jin Guk, who makes you feel more sincere the more you get to know her.  




Chan-young Jeong (Mi-do Jeon)'s disposition like this shines brightly in her main job. Because if you lack acting skills, they teach you by pouring bitter noises regardless of whether you are popular or not. In this regard, she is recognized for her ability to take on the acting guidance of actors who are preparing for an important work. Chan-Young Jeong was once an aspiring actor who dreamed of becoming an actor, but now as an acting teacher, he is pouring his passion into other actors. 

In the meantime, in the published photos, it is interesting to see Jeon Mi-do, where the veteran acting teacher's force and playful girlishness coexist. You can feel the character's bouncy and free-spirited energy just with visuals such as short cut hair and stylish styling. Clear eyes and a bright smile convey a sincere charm without pretense, making you fall in love with Jeong Chan-young's bold charm. 


Jeon Mi-do is expected to attract viewers with her unstoppable and tough charm that she has never shown before through Jung Chan-young's character in 'Thirty, Nine'. It is a situation where we are wondering how to portray the eventful life of a 39-year-old Chan-young Jeong, who will make the most courageous and daring decisions in the world. We look forward to the first broadcast of 'Thirty, Nine', where Jeon Mi-do's unusual transformation is welcome. First broadcast on February 16th at 10:30 PM. 

(Photo = JTBC Studio)





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Jeon Mi Do Boasts Charms in New ‘Thirty, Nine’ Teasers

Jan 18, 2022 01:39AM EST

Broadcast giant JTBC's upcoming drama "Thirty, Nine" shared new stills of Jeon Mi Do featuring her innocent-like charms.

In "Thirty, Nine," Jeon Mi Do forms a great bond and friendship with seasoned stars Son Ye Jin and Kim Ji Hyun who also headline the new JTBC drama.

Jeon Mi Do Boasts Innocent-Like Charms in New Drama 'Thirty, Nine'

JTBC's forthcoming drama "Thirty, Nine" starring Son Ye Jin, Jeon Mi Do and Kim Ji Hyun depicts the realistic stories, challenges and friendship between three high school friends who are about to turn 40.

On January 18, "Thirty, Nine" unveiled new photo stills featuring Jeon Mi Do whose charms evidently light up the drama. She plays the role of Jung Chan Young, a friend and a sister to Cha Mi Jo (Son Ye Jin) and Jang Joo Hee (Kim Ji Hyun).


'Thirty, Nine'

(Photo : JTBC) Jeon Mi Do | Thirty, Nine


Jung Chan Young has a bright disposition in life and her job. Because she lacks a lot in the acting department, she decided to act as a mentor to actors both popular and rookie. She once dreamed of becoming an actor, but she now pours her passion into teaching other actors.


'Thirty, Nine'
(Photo : JTBC) Jeon Mi Do | Thirty, Nine


The newly published photos perfectly capture Jung Chan Young's feminine charms. Her free-spirited energy and gorgeous visuals paired with a bright smile convey her genuineness, which would make anyone fall for her charms.


'Thirty, Nine'
(Photo : JTBC) Jeon Mi Do | Thirty, Nine


Jeon Mi Do is expected to show off her unstoppable charms through her new character in the upcoming JTBC series.



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Description of the protagonists of <Thirty, Nine> in February issue of JTBC J'ELLO magazine and SPOILER ALERT!!
















 Cha Mijo (Son Yejin) ~ Director of Gangnam Dermatology

“ I studied hard and tried to grow up to be a good person.  When I opened a dermatology clinic, I was already 39.  Plan a sabbatical for one year.  And just before leavjng, Mijo, who

encounters an unexpected incident thst came to her friend, Jeong Chanyoung, puts all plans aside for my friend Chanyoung “




Jung Chanyoung (Jeon Mido) ~ Acting Teacher

“On the first day of filming, the two people in Jinseok’s (Lee Mooseang) car had a big accident, and Chanyoung dream collapsed.  As time goes by, I feel affectionate towards Jinseok (Lee Mooseang), who has become a 39 year old married man.  Will I be punished? Chanyoung has to

prepared to say goodbye to many people at an early age”



Jang Joohee (Kim Jiyun) ~ Department Store Cosmetics Manager

“ I got a job without going to collage to take care of my parents , and I have been single since birth.  In the meantime, Joohee decided to attack Hyunjun (Lee Taehwan), who appeared in front of her who lamented that Chanyoung sad news and she was terrible, but the answer was ‘Replay is so comfortable’.  There’s nothing true”


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Jeon Mi Do Impresses With Her Transformation Into A Playful And Charismatic 39-Year-Old Woman For New JTBC Drama



Jan 18, 2022
by L. Kim

JTBC has released new stills of Jeon Mi Do in the upcoming drama “39” (literal title)!

“39” is about three friends who met in their second year of high school and are now on the verge of turning 40. The drama will tell the beautiful and emotional everyday stories of three 39-year-old woman who encounter unforeseen circumstances.

Jeon Mi Do takes on the role of Jung Chan Young, who dreamed of becoming an actress but ended up becoming an acting teacher instead. She is someone who speaks her opinions ruthlessly, and she tends to make her friends Cha Mi Jo (Son Ye Jin) and Jang Joo Hee (Kim Ji Hyun) angry with her honest, fiery words. She seems unapproachable due to her flaming charisma, but she’s more sincere than anyone.

The newly released stills capture both Jung Chan Young’s charismatic and playful sides. When she’s a teacher, she whips out her professional side, but in front of her friends, she’s a free-spirited ball of energy. Her short hairstyle and sophisticated outfits also hint what kind of person she is. She has sparkling eyes and a bright smile that conveys her genuine charm, and viewers will fall in love with her boldness.







Through her new character, Jeon Mi Do plans to attract viewers with relentless and tough charms that she has never shown before.



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JTBC drama <Thirty, Nine> is officially available on NETFLIX INTERNATIONAL.

Hope we get Swoonies contents like games, interviews from the trio and casts though not all K-dramas available on Netflix havep Swoonies content.













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'Thirty, Nine' Son Ye-jin, Jeon Mi-do, Kim Ji-hyun, picturesque poster released

2022.01.19. 9:21 am



[News Reporter Lee Min-ji] 'Thirty, Nine' has released a wide poster with picturesque visuals. 

JTBC's new Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Thirty, Nine' (played by Yoo Young-ah/directed by Kim Sang-ho), which will be aired for the first time on February 16, is a real human romance drama that deals with the deep story of friendship, love, and life of three friends who are about to turn forty.




Through the poster and the first teaser video released earlier, the chemistry between Son Ye-jin (Cha Mi-jo), Jeon Mi-do (Jung Chan-young), and Kim Ji-hyeon (Jang Joo-hee), who have been separated for 20 years, is getting a hot response. Expectations for 'Thirty, Nine' are also rising infinitely. 

In the midst of this, wide posters of Son Ye-jin, Jeon Mi-do, and Kim Ji-hyun are once again pleasing the eyes of viewers. Seeing each of them smiling happily among the beautifully dyed maple trees, I can feel my heart pounding in a strange way.





Also, the warm sunset that surrounds the 39-year-old women as if illuminating the most brilliant moment in the world is also dazzling. I am already looking forward to the day of the thirty-nine that the three will meet. 

In this way, 'Thirty, Nine' presents a story that everyone can relate to by illuminating the friendship, love, and life of three 20-year-old friends, Cha Mi-jo, Jeong Chan-young, and Jang Joo-hee, who spend their special thirty-nine years. 

Here, Son Ye-jin, Jeon Mi-do, and Kim Ji-hyun, as well as Yeon Woo-jin (Kim Seon-woo), Lee Mu-saeng (Kim Jin-seok), and Lee Tae-hwan (Park Hyeon-joon), gather together to foretell acting synergy, heralding the start of a warm spring in 2022 and attracting viewers. going to find (Photo=JTBC Studio)



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