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  1. Snow Peak Apparel unveils 2024 summer collection with Hyun Bin [PAXETV] Snow Peak Apparel, a premium outdoor brand, has unveiled a new collection with actor Hyun Bin for the upcoming summer season. Snow Peak's summer captures actor Hyun Bin's unique aura with sensitive visuals that convey the refreshing feel of nature, and suggests a style optimized for an outdoor lifestyle with the vast plains and sea as a backdrop. Snow Peak's pre-released summer collection features colorways that highlight the brand's unique heritage and upgraded materials and designs, suggesting a variety of styles encompassing outdoor and everyday life. Hyun Bin's unique charm, which has deepened with each season, also catches the eye. Catch it. Snow Peak Apparel's Early Summer Collection with actor Hyun Bin can be found in offline stores nationwide, the official online mall, and the official Instagram.
  2. [2024/04/16] Son Yejin visits Taipei 101, 85TD Chinese Restaurant. 85TD Chinese Restaurant「捌伍添第」. https://www.85td-101.com/
  3. [2024/04/18] Yejinhand IG story post. “동영상에서 빨간동그라미 음식 먹었어요.헤헤 😝 게살이에용 🦀 crab was so so good 😋” “The food in the red circle is what I ate in the video. hehe😝 it’s crab meat 🦀 crab was so so good 😋”
  4. “Meet friends, eat delicious food and chat about gossip. When you feel happy, your appearance will change.” ~ Son Yejin, 2024/04/16
  5. [2024/04/17] Another Yejinhand IG update enjoying her food in Taiwan last nite. ❤️ “I feel so happy when (I'm) having a delicious meal after work. 🤭 I look very much contenteddd...😝 Enjoy your after-work dinner, everyone 💗”
  6. [Fancam] Son Yejin at Taoyuan Taipei International airport this afternoon.
  7. [2024/04/17] Son Yejin at Taoyuan Taipei International airport this afternoon on her way back to Korea and will arrive ICN @1650 KST. 🇹🇼✈️🇰🇷
  8. [2024/04/17] More than 1M likes and it’s not even one day yet since Yejinhand posted this.
  9. [2024/04/17] Yejinhand IG update. 🩷🌸 “Extreme hospitality. A warm welcome. Thank you everyone! 💓”
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