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[Drama 2022-2023] The Glory, 더 글로리


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The Underlying Implications in ‘The Glory’ Part 2


Love Can Compensate


Love can compensate for losses. Joo Yeo-jeong (Lee Do-hyun), a plastic surgeon, lends Moon a hand in that respect. In contrast to the rest of her gloomy existence, he imparts a certain color. Once the trauma you have undergone is comprehended and comprehensively treated, the suffering dissipates. Joo heals her in the same fashion while also being restored himself. The two support one another in moving past their traumatic personal histories. Yes, Joo too has a weak spot in his defenses, and both characters’ devastating vulnerabilities begin to strengthen as they grow closer to each other. He saves her, and she saves him. The story eloquently captures the individuals’ journey from despair to recuperation through love and care.


Burned yet Beautiful 


Moon’s display of her scars, first in front of Joo and later in front of the public, demonstrates at an external level that she has conquered embarrassment, but it also indicates that, despite having been torched, she remains stunning in her own distinctive right. It shows that she is a warrior who has survived her challenges and evolved into a person whose beauty is inclusive of all her visible injuries, burns and bruises, emotional states, and shattered heart. The drama series seems to have a strong grasp on the notion that beauty cannot be evaluated or quantified, typified by a woman whose brilliance lies in her resilience, her intelligence, and her capacity to give it back. And as a result, she rises, looking stunningly beautiful.


My level of interest in this season is primarily driven by that. How true to form Song seems to be in her Moon Dong-eun spirit. It may initially seem paradoxical to see one of the most staggeringly gorgeous Korean actresses portray a severely scarred (in the truest sense of the word) de-glam character, but Song Hye-kyo impresses notwithstanding the scarification and makes Moon look breathtakingly alluring in how she is potent and accomplishes her mission by eventually surrounding more territory than her opponents, as demonstrated by the game of Go she plays in the drama.


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  • ferily changed the title to [Drama 2022-2023] The Glory, 더 글로리

“The Glory” Star Kim Hieora Dishes On Her 1st Impression Of The Drama, Working With Song Hye Kyo, And More


“The Glory” Star Kim Hieora Dishes On Her 1st Impression Of The Drama, Working With Song Hye Kyo, And More


“The Glory” star Kim Hieora has talked about the hit drama in a new interview!


Penned by hit writer Kim Eun Sook, Netflix’s “The Glory” tells the story of a former victim of brutal school violence who swears revenge on her bullies after becoming the elementary school homeroom teacher of her bully’s kid. Song Hye Kyo stars as the vengeful protagonist Moon Dong Eun, while Kim Hieora plays Lee Sa Ra, an addict and one of Moon Dong Eun’s bullies.


Following the release of Part 2 on March 10, “The Glory” skyrocketed to success, quickly reaching No. 1 on Netflix’s global charts.


Thinking back to her first impression of the drama, Kim Hieora recalled, “When I first saw the script, what was charming was that from the start, it begins with [Lee Sa Ra saying] ‘Yeon Jin [Lim Ji Yeon], it’s going to be rough from now on.'” She added, “All of the script was filmed according to the writer and director’s plans without any improvisations. Since I knew of the revenge from the beginning, I think I ended up watching with a supportive heart. The actors I didn’t meet also did so well, which I believe added to the fun of watching.”


On playing the complicated role of a bully, Kim Hieora explained, “No matter what role I’m trying to take in, I try not to think of it as difficult. Since characters I cannot understand exist in this world, I thought that I didn’t have to understand. So it wasn’t too hard. Determining the level of expression I had to add for each scene was difficult.” Adding on to this, Kim Hieora spoke about working on regulating her emotions to not incur resentment from viewers.




Kim Hieora touched on her collaboration with Song Hye Kyo, revealing that they did their church scene in one take at their first filming. She explained that as a fan of Song Hye Kyo, she was so nervous to go to set and added, “After rehearsals, we were waiting so I told her ‘I’m a fan.’ [Song Hye Kyo] said, ‘Your colleagues praised you saying you’re good on stage. I’m nervous too. I’m going to act diligently too.’ She kindly told me that since Dong Eun is the one accepting it, to [act] comfortably as I pleased. Because she said that, I thought that I had to do it without being nervous.”


The actress continued, “[Once filming began], I looked at her eyes and couldn’t start right away because she looked so pretty. That’s how filming began but I could sense Song Hye Kyo’s slight nerves. That felt like Dong Eun herself. That’s exactly when I became Sa Ra. I fell in love after that so I’d always talk to [Song Hye Kyo] about that particular filming. I figured that’s why writer Kim Eun Sook had to use Song Hye Kyo [for the role of Moon Dong Eun]. She was so similar to Dong Eun.”


Regarding the popularity of “The Glory,” Kim Hieora remarked, “I didn’t imagine it would be to this extent. However, I thought that I’d gain courage. While reading the script as a viewer, there were things I had never thought of. The change I am most anticipating through this project is that while things from the past will come out, from now on, I believe it may be possible that children, youth, and also adults may never repeat these mistakes again. I especially think that if you’ve watched ‘The Glory,’ I anticipate that you will be able to help [those in situations of school bullying].”





Kim Hieora also gave her personal thoughts on the drama’s ending, saying, “Just in terms of punishment, I of course have some regrets. It can appear inadequate. You could think that there needed to be a final blow like Jae Joon [Park Sung Hoon].


However, what I really liked was that we ruined ourselves, rather than Dong Eun doing it. After Sa Ra’s release was prison, I think she would’ve found it painful to deal with all that by herself. I liked that because it felt more cruel and realistic.”


After making a brief appearance in ENA’s hit drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” last year, Kim Hieora has hit it big once again with “The Glory.” On her continued success and impressive transition from musical theater to dramas, the actress commented, “Thanks to ‘The Glory,’ I’m able to make my name known and do interviews. This is a picture I couldn’t have predicted just last year. I didn’t know ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ would do so well and since it was just one episode, I didn’t think I’d receive love. While resting [from musicals], I went around telling people I wanted to try out media. That’s when ‘Beyond Evil‘ worked out and came as a good opportunity. That’s why I wasn’t able to rest, but I believe I did well for having that courage.”



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Did anyone see the photo shoot from W? Our antagonists look a bit scary here too. :scream:

'W Korea' Showcases Striking Photoshoot of 'The Glory' Villains in All Their Sinister Splendor







More pics:














Full article:



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Lee Do Hyun Talks About His “The Glory” Character, Chemistry With Song Hye Kyo, And More


Lee Do Hyun Talks About His “The Glory” Character, Chemistry With Song Hye Kyo, And More


“The Glory” star Lee Do Hyun has joined Cosmopolitan for a new pictorial and interview!


First released this past December, “The Glory” is hit writer Kim Eun Sook’s newest project that tells the story of a former victim of brutal school violence who swears revenge on her bullies after becoming the elementary school homeroom teacher of her bully’s kid. Song Hye Kyo stars as the vengeful protagonist Moon Dong Eun, while Lee Do Hyun plays the complicated male lead Joo Yeo Jeong.


Joo Yeo Jeong is a character with a lot of narratives: he is a plastic surgeon who plays Go, experienced the painful loss of his father, and voluntarily becomes an accomplice in taking revenge of a woman he loves. When asked about how he felt reading the script for the first time, Lee Do Hyun recalled, “There was no ending in the script, so every scene was like a mystery for me. There were so many questions about the character, so I asked writer Kim Eun Sook [about the character], but she told me, ‘Don’t worry. It will all be revealed later.'”


Lee Do Hyun added, “I hoped viewers found Yeo Jeong mysterious as well. Even in romantic scenes, I had to act without overdoing it but also not be too stingy with expressions [at the same time]. When starting filming, I discussed with Song Hye Kyo, the director, and the writer to adjust the level [of emotions]. Most parts were improvised on the spot, but the tuning process was fun.”




When asked about his chemistry with Song Hye Kyo, Lee Do Hyun shared, “I’ve learned a lot [from her]. Screen acting is different from stage acting, so there are a lot of restrictions on the movement because the [camera] angle is fixed. It was always difficult for me to move as little as possible but to extract the maximum energy [within the shot]. Song Hye Kyo is an actress who is really good at that. Her emotions are conveyed so well without having to express herself. This is a bit contradictory, but I thought, ‘She is a real acting master.'”




Lee Do Hyun shared that his tone of voice is the fruits of his practice and effort. He commented, “My high school friends ask me a lot about why my voice changed. I went through a lot of training and picked up various vocal techniques while preparing to apply for the theatre and film department. It’s not like my original voice is gone completely. But it’s like the tone of voice I mainly use has been settled down with this tone. If I were to take on a flippant character, I might act with my original tone of voice. Being able to change my tone of voice depending on the characters has become my weapon.”




Lee Do Hyun’s full pictorial and interview will be available in the April issue of Cosmopolitan Korea.



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Review | Netflix The Glory Part 2 – cycle of retribution and redemption comes to a fitting close


When it launched in December 2022, Netflix’s The Glory wasted no time showing its cards and left us no illusions about where it was heading.


Since being tormented in high school, Moon Dong-eun (Song Hye-kyo) has been seeking revenge. She has stuck to her game plan and there was never really any doubt that she would complete her vendetta.

In that respect, the show is deliberately structured just like the ancient board game Go, which has featured so prominently throughout this tale of retribution and redemption.



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Lim Ji Yeon Discusses The Aftermath Of Playing The Main Villain In “The Glory,” Becoming Best Friends With The Cast, And More


Lim Ji Yeon Discusses The Aftermath Of Playing The Main Villain In “The Glory,” Becoming Best Friends With The Cast, And More


“The Glory” star Lim Ji Yeon has shared some interesting behind-the-scenes stories of the hit drama in a new interview!


Penned by hit writer Kim Eun Sook, Netflix’s “The Glory” tells the story of a former victim of brutal school violence who swears revenge on her bullies after becoming the elementary school homeroom teacher of her bully’s kid. Song Hye Kyo stars as the vengeful protagonist Moon Dong Eun, while Lim Ji Yeon plays Moon Dong Eun’s main bully Park Yeon Jin.


On March 17, Lim Ji Yeon sat down for an interview to discuss her character as well as her experience shooting for the drama. Asked if she realized the current immense popularity of “The Glory,” Lim Ji Yeon smiled and confessed, “I do. To be completely honest, I thought the [drama] would do well even from the beginning. I had confidence that it would create a lot of buzz and receive much love. However, I couldn’t believe that each character would receive so much attention and love.”


About approaching her role, Lim Ji Yeon shared, “At first, I considered approaching Yeon Jin as someone with no emotions — like a sociopath or a psychopath. Then I also tried approaching her as a completely emotional character. But after coming up with as many ideas as possible, I eventually came to the conclusion that I should create a villain only Lim Ji Yeon could portray. So I decided to not watch and refer to previous villains of past famous productions at all. I was determined to make my own voice, expression, walk, gestures, and style.”


Lim Ji Yeon elaborated, “[Park Yeon Jin] was such an important role so I had a hard time [playing her]. I thought that only when Yeon Jin was properly portrayed could viewers develop an emotional connection and empathy for Dong Eun. I put a lot of effort into truly capturing the character because, after all, Yeon Jin was the reason why Dong Eun so desperately wanted revenge.”


Describing Park Yeon Jin as a character she loves and hates at the same time, Lim Ji Yeon explained that although she has a soft spot for all characters she’d played, “It is hard to like her considering her evil deeds,” she remarked. “After reading the script and while preparing for the role, I had hoped that everyone in the world would hate me [after they saw the drama]. I also said that to the director and writer. I thought, ‘Only then can I say that I did a good job.'”




Lim Ji Yeon ultimately proved herself when her stellar and realistic acting eventually got people to even question if she was indeed a bully in her school days. Regarding this, Lim Ji Yeon smiled and remarked, “There were a lot of responses that said, ‘You were really a bully, weren’t you?’ I even got a lot of calls from my friends from middle and high school.” She then quickly cleared up the wild rumor, saying, “I was a pure and normal student. I don’t have a significant memory of my school days. I dreamed of becoming an actress since I was young… During school days, I was pure and uncomplicated.”


Nevertheless, she candidly shared another aftermath of acting out such a vicious role, “When I filmed all day, I had to be in that temper all day too. There were days when all the intense scenes were back to back. It was like that when I did the prison scene too, but whenever I went home after filming something like that, the world would just get on my nerves. It was because I had to maintain that [ill] temper and emotion all day.” She jokingly added, “I’ve already gotten many wrinkles between my eyebrows as the result. I once thought, ‘Why am I so angry?’ ‘When did I become so temperamental?’ I told the staff at the set as a joke, ‘I’m going to do a really kind role after this!'”




However, when it comes to something positive that she gained from the drama, it’s beyond a doubt, the newly found friendship she has formed with her cast members. Mentioning Song Hye Kyo, Lim Ji Yeon sent her generous praises, saying, “I like Song Hye Kyo so much, I love her. I wanted to get close to her, so I thought about what to do, but without having to do anything, we got close quickly and filmed [the drama] comfortably. While looking at her solid acting, it’s ingrained in me once again that you truly can’t look past her experience. Song Hye Kyo always adjusted herself to everyone —not only to me— when we were acting so that the other person could spread their wings and show their best performance. I learned a lot from her and I’m very grateful to her.”


Finally, she also brought up her friend group in the drama, the so-called “five villains,” and how she’s now best friends with the actors — Park Sung Hoon, Kim Hieora, Cha Joo Young, and Kim Gun Woo. “These days, I only meet up with them,” Lim Ji Yeon said while laughing. “We go to the mountains, exercise, and talk about acting together. We always hang out very innocently,” before concluding the interview on a more sincere note, “While doing this project, I met real friends who supported both the actress Lim Ji Yeon and the human Lim Ji Yeon. I am terribly grateful to meet such precious people that sincerely support each other. I truly have gained a lot from ‘The Glory.'”



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Lim Ji Yeon, Park Sung Hoon, Kim Hieora, Cha Joo Young, And Kim Gun Woo Discuss Their Approaches To Playing Villains In “The Glory”


Lim Ji Yeon, Park Sung Hoon, Kim Hieora, Cha Joo Young, And Kim Gun Woo Discuss Their Approaches To Playing Villains In “The Glory”


The five villains of hit series “The Glory” have gathered for a pictorial with W Korea!

Penned by hit writer Kim Eun Sook, Netflix’s “The Glory” tells the story of a former victim of brutal school violence who swears revenge on her bullies after becoming the elementary school homeroom teacher of her bully’s kid. Song Hye Kyo stars as the vengeful protagonist Moon Dong Eun, while Lee Do Hyun plays the complicated male lead Joo Yeo Jeong.


Moon Dong Eun’s five school bullies are portrayed by Lim Ji Yeon, Park Sung Hoon, Kim Hieora, Cha Joo Young, and Kim Gun Woo. In the group’s new pictorial, the actors spoke about their roles, approaches to acting, and more.


After playing the role of bully Park Yeon Jin, Lim Ji Yeon touched on the difficulty of portraying a villain with no elaborate backstory who is horribly evil for no reason.


The actress shared, “Should I say she has psychopathic tendencies? Is it because she was raised by her wicked mother? After having these questions I ultimately concluded, ‘Yeon Jin knows nothing.’ She doesn’t know the concepts of [feeling] bad or guilty. Without ever having to work hard because she wanted something, she just lived while enjoying what was given to her. Once I started [thinking] from there, all the scenes were gradually solved.”


The studio for this W Korea photo shoot was the same one Lim Ji Yeon visited for a group pictorial with the cast of the 2019 film “Tazza: One-Eyed Jack.” The interviewer mentioned how determined Lim Ji Yeon looked back then and noted that she actress was just as purposeful all these years later.


On this, Lim Ji Yeon commented, “My desperation comes from my desire to do well with what I’m given. Basically, it’s for me. I’ve lived for months as Yeon Jin and thought so much about the role, but what if I don’t do well when I’m actually on set? It feels terrible just to think about.” She elaborated on her tendency to fault herself into doing better, saying, “It’s likely because of my inferiority complex. I’ve always been jealous of those who did well. The only thing I could do was work hard.


Because I don’t think much of it comes natural [to me]. I grew up well, happily, and with no problems in a typical environment. If I was to act, I had to hang on desperately.”




Park Sung Hoon spoke about the efforts he put in to his character Jung Jae Joon’s physical appearance, stating, “I did more outfit fittings than any other project. I watched what I ate and paid a lot of attention to my hairstyle. While thinking about how to implement the feeling I got from the script, I thought of a long hairstyle. So it could look bad while also adding some weight.”


Previously, Park Sung Hoon had revealed that he had several relatives who went to law school and medical school, leading some to believe that the actor grew up in an extremely wealthy family. But before getting to this point in his career, Park Sung Hoon explained that he worked various part-time jobs and did many acting roles as an extra. Just in 2008, Park Sung Hoon appeared in the film “A Frozen Flower” alongside his “The Glory” co-star Jung Sung Il. When filming would end, Park Sung Hoon shared that he would work as a bartender until late and then return to set in the morning.


The actor elaborated, “When I was younger, I was quite passive. I had a lot of well-educated family members. In a lot of aspects, I don’t have many memories of feeling acknowledged. Then while acting and receiving applause, I think I felt the feeling of being acknowledged for the first time.”





For this photo shoot, Kim Hieora wore a long wig to hide her short blonde haircut for the drama she’s currently filming. The actress explained, “I appear in ‘The Uncanny Counter 2’ as a demon. In terms of intensity, it’s about eight times more powerful than [my character] Sa Ra of ‘The Glory.’ Since the character is not a human, I feel much more comfortable. Because it feels like an animation.”


Thinking back to her childhood, Kim Hieora revealed that her name means “to live happily and cleanly” and shared that she was a child with many thoughts and questions. She explained that while some adults thought her innocent questions were cute, others urged her to stay quiet.


However, Kim Hieora’s perspective changed when she first took an acting class in high school. “I was always treated like a weird kid but when I was acting, it felt like a time where I was wholly accepted. And I was allowed to ask however many questions.”


Elaborating on how these questions infiltrate her acting now, Kim Hieora shared, “When I’m acting, I think question marks are important. Why is this scene needed? Why are they saying this? What’s shown in front of the camera is what comes after the question mark turns into an exclamation mark. But Sa Ra is not a regular character. Once, the producer said this. ‘Sa Ra is just a bad person. Let’s not try to understand or find a reason.'”





In “The Glory,” Cha Joo Young played Choi Hye Jeong, who despite being a bully herself, was often targeted by her fellow bullies. On her approach to this complicated role, Cha Joo Young commented, “I felt stuck because I couldn’t find any characters like Hye Jeong around me. I often wrote notes down in a state of anger. I don’t like worries that don’t have answers, but I felt like my head was about to explode…The conclusion I made from this was to focus on the script instead of trying to find something. That’s why I simply read the script.”


The actress elaborated that she was extremely tense for all eight months of filming, not because anyone on set was giving her a hard time, but because she was putting herself under so much pressure. “To be honest, I had a really hard time. Even after he said ‘Cut!,’ there was still regret in the director’s face.”


Cha Joo Young further explained, “But after we passed the halfway point of filming, I heard reactions like ‘that’s good, do as much as you want.’ While talking about this and that with the actors, I learned this much later. At the beginning, I think the director created an environment so that I could stay more [nervous] like Hye Jeong. From a certain point on, he really encouraged me.” Additionally, the actress revealed that she filmed “The Glory” and “Again My Life” at the same time, proving just how talented she is to have been able to switch characters so often.





Even more looked down upon in their bully group was Kim Gun Woo’s character Son Myeong Oh. As if there was any doubt that he was perfect for the role, it’s said that immediately after watching Kim Gun Woo’s audition for “The Glory,” writer Kim Eun Sook personally commented, “Director, this is him.”


Ever since they were in high school, Son Myeong Oh was at the bottom of the bunch and in charge of running errands for Jung Jae Joon. His life doesn’t look too different even decades later, but being the group’s punching bag inevitably leaves Son Myeong Oh feeling remorseful with an inferiority complex. On finding a unique identity among all these bullies, Kim Gun Woo shared, “Myeong Oh gives off the vibe of a scamp you’d be able to see in your everyday life. In a good way, he has a certain level of innocence. Compared to a wealthy character like Jae Joon, he’s more like an underdog.”


Kim Gun Woo revealed that his first filming for “The Glory” was a scene with Song Hye Kyo. He explained that she casually told him to act how he pleased, which allowed him to get comfortable. However, he added, “Whenever I do a project, I think ‘I get this now’ by the time filming is nearly done. When I’m acting, I do the best I can so I don’t have regrets, but I always feel like I’ve underperformed.”


One of the most common stories Korean celebrities tell is that they got into their field of work after mindlessly following a friend to an audition. A similar story applies to Kim Gun Woo, who ended up at his friend’s acting school for completely unrelated reasons. He shared, “When I was in high school, my closest friend said they were attending acting school. But when I was hearing about it, they said they were learning to awaken their five senses and doing something weird. I thought ‘Isn’t that a scam?’ so I went with them once.”


Kim Gun Woo explained that he was just unfamiliar with the meditative practice of awakening one’s senses and followed his friend to class to protect him, but ended up signing up for the academy the next day. “They asked, ‘While you’re here, do you want to read a line?’ So I did, and wow, it was fun.”





After Part 1 premiered last December, Part 2 of “The Glory” was recently released on March 10 and quickly topped Netflix’s global charts.



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Hi everyone. I personally enjoyed the drama a lot. It definitely had some weak moments here and there, but overall a very  strong story. Do not want to repeat many good aspects already mentioned by fellow forum members, just wish they would show more after-revenge life of the FL, ML's revenge "process" included. It would be very satisfying indeed :D.

What saddened me the most was the negative comments towards the romance between the leads from the perspective of the actors' age difference in real life. I just can't get where all the frustration comes from. I apologize in advance for what I'm goings to say, just want to express my point of view. IMO those comments just show how hypocritical our society still is. I'm sure if it was a vice-versa situation -a ML in his early40s and a 20-smth FL-  the situation with comments would be quite different. Also, if we are talking about FL-  certainly, more filters/makeup could have been used, she could have kept her normal weight - so that she obviously looks much younger and fresher. But the production and the actress decided they would go all "in" , and they created a really unique character,  using both "mental" and "physical" tools, combined with the acting skills of SHK. 

In conclusion, for me personally it was quite a roller-coaster, and I definitely plan to rewatch the drama after some time). 

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I was finally able to finish part 2.


Overall this drama was good.  I´m not a fan of romance in revenge/dark dramas. So I skipped all the romance scenes. 


this drama could have been little shorter.  it looked like we were going in circles in the last part.   

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Right..so now jae joon is gonna be declared missing and investigations will begin , of course part 2 is done but ha doeung opened up a huge problem for himself ? He moved to the uk but how long before the body is discovered...he didn't have to kill jj but drama went fully revenge camp in part 2....so it's not all glory for ha doeung..

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