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[Upcoming Movie 2022] The Match 승부


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                                           :wow1:   WELCOME!!


                 THE MATCH 승부 





Movie: The Match 

Genre: Drama 

Hangul: 승부 

   Director: Kim Hyung Ju

Producer: Kim Tae won 

                  ProductionMoonLight Film Company 

           Co-production: BH Entertainment 

                Distributer: ACEMAKER Movieworks

Release: 2022

Language: Korean 





Set in the 1980s-1990s and based on two legendary players of Go, THE MATCH will tell the story of Cho Hun Hyun and his protégé and future rival Lee Chang Ho.


It is based on the true story of Go legend Cho Hun-hyun and Lee Chang-ho, who were forced to become rivals. Movie “The Match” is going to deeply portray the story of a Go (Baduk) master who eventually teaches everything to his disciple and finally has to compete with him, who may surpass him, and a disciple who has to surpass his teacher. 





Lee Byung Hun  is on board to play “The God of War” Cho Hun Hyun, a legendary Go champion, and the first ever Korean to receive 9-dan rank, who began to mentor Lee Chang Ho in the 1980s.


Yoo Ah In is set to play the role of “Stone Buddha” Lee Chang Ho, another legendary Go Champion of 9-dan rank. “Stone Buddha” is one of Lee’s many nicknames. It derives from the fact that he always keeps a straight face during a match. 

 [ Note: 9-dan is the master/highest rank in Go (Baduk) board game]


“The Match” is Director Kim Hyung Ju’s first project in three years after “The Sheriff in Town” in 2017, and has begun filming from December 17, 2020. 



Thumnail Image

Director: Kim Hyung Ju 






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  • Ephoenix changed the title to [Upcoming Movie 2021] The Match 승부

December 17, 2020


MOON Jung-hee Joins THE MATCH

Nov 11, 2020
  • Writerby Pierce Conran

LEE Byung-hun and YOO Ah-in Headline Competitive Game of Go Drama
MOON Jung-hee has been offered a role alongside LEE Byung-hun and YOO Ah-in in the upcoming drama The Game (translated title). According to news reports, she is positively considering taking on the part in what is quickly shaping up to be one of the most anticipated major films on the horizon.
The film will chronicle the rivalry between CHO Hun-hyun and LEE Chang-ho, two legendary players of the board game Go (also known as baduk in Korea). LEE Byung-hun is set to play CHO, a champion player, while YOO will play LEE, CHO’s protege in the 1980s and later his rival in the following decade. The part MOON is eyeing is said to be of an influential character in CHO Hun-hyun’s life.
A veteran character actress who has impressed in a range of roles over the years, MOON drew particular attention for her scene-stealing turn in HUH Jung’s 2013’s mystery-thriller hit Hide and Seek. Her other major roles include Deranged(2012), Cart (2014) and Pandora (2016). She will be back on screens this week in the crime drama THE DAY I DIED : UNCLOSED CASE alongside KIM Hye-soo
The film is to be directed by KIM Hyung-ju, who previously helmed the crime comedy The Sheriff in Town (2017), and it will be produced by Moonlight Film, the company founded by director YOON Jong-bin, which also backed The Sheriff in Town (2017).
source: Kobiz 

Talented child actor Kim Kang Hoon is rumored to play the young version of Yoo Ah In’s character Lee Chang Ho. 




source: Naver



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I am really looking forward to seeing Lee Byung-hun confront «the student» Yoo Ah-In (actor whom I also really like) this game of Go. The role of «Master» suits him so well! This film should be exciting. Let’s hope that filming goes smoothly and doesn’t get delayed again by Covid.


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  • Ephoenix changed the title to [Upcoming Movie 2022] The Match 승부

December 18, 2020 


Thanks to @IOxOI on twitter. 

According to this tweet, the upcoming movie “The Match”, which is expected to be released in 2022 (I know! :tears:) will film for 7 rounds (innings) until March next year. The filming location is in Ulju-gun office in Ok-Dong, Nam-ju, Ulsan, and crew were seen decorating the set for the movie. 

As much as it breaks my heart that we have to wait till 2022 to finally be able to watch this movie, I can understand it since Covid has pushed so many movies expected to release this summer. The movie traffic is going to be insane next year with everyone releasing it one after another. We are here for the longest drought.:sweatingbullets: Meanwhile, we will get to enjoy food/coffee trucks posts as usual hopefully and some fan clicked pictures of their transformations if we’re lucky!:D

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January 21, 2021


Actor Ko Chang Seok is set to play Lee Chang-ho’s (Yoo Ah In’s character) father who owns a Gold Shop in upcoming movie ‘The Match.’ 



pic credit: DCYAI 


According to this picture, Lee Byung hun, Yoo Ah In and Ko Chang Seok were filming for the movie from 16-18 January in Seonsan village in Gumi City. 

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February 5, 2021 


Distribution company Acemaker movie posted on their IG copying the caption of LBH’s last IG post as well as the pose in the photo by Director Kim hyung Joo, in front of a coffee truck sent by actor Lee Sung Min. They have previously worked together in movie “The SherIff In Town.” The caption says, 


“Following Actor Lee Byung hun, Director Kim Hyung Joo. (Actor Yoo Ah In, please participate in the comments)” 


lol they are so funny.:w00t:



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March 23, 2021



Actors Lee Byung Hun and Yoo Ah In as legendary Baduk masters Cho Hoon Hyun and Lee Chang Ho respectively spotted at the filming location of their upcoming movie, “The Match.”


Their transformation looks so convincing. Wow. Filming should be done at the end of this month. I hope we’ll get some news of movie crank up soon. Their look made me so excited for the movie. Cant wait! :wub:

Lee Byung Hun as Cho Hoon Hyun 






Yoo Ah In as Lee Chang Ho. 




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April 1, 2021 


New pictures of the cake from the final day of filming for The Match.





Also, this new clip of two legendary players on their title match recently shared on YouTube, which is rather funny.:lol:



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April 6, 2021


Child Actor Kim Kang Hoon IG update: 



"THE MATCH Crank up! Thank you for your hard work!"






Finally his update confirmed that he is indeed playing a younger version of Yoo Ah in's character Lee Chang Ho, and doing so, reuniting with Actor Lee Byung Hun after Mr. Sunshine. He played a younger version of LBH's character Eugene Choi in the drama. 


Also looks like The Match has officially wrapped up filming now. Earlier on April 3, there was an article that Mayor of Ulsan(the city where The Match crew had been filming) had come to visit on the set of The Match and met with Director Kim Hyung Joo in support of the movie. So I was wondering if the filming was still going on. Seems like they had some part left with the scenes of child actor.


I am really glad the filming for the movie went smoothly. Thank you so much to all casts and crew for their hard work. We are rooting for everyone. See you soon in the movies.:wub:


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October 29, 2021


Acemaker boards sales on ‘The Match’ starring Lee Byung-hun from ‘Squid Game’

BY JEAN NOH  8 October 2021







South Korea’s Acemaker movieworks is launching international sales on The Match, starring Lee Byung-hun (Squid Game, The Man Standing Next) and Yoo Ah-in (Burning) as an undefeated Go master and his gifted but willful protégé. 


Directed by Kim Hyung-joo (The Sheriff In Town), the film is set in the 1980s competitive world of Go championships (Go is a strategic board game popular in many parts of Asia).


When Lee’s character discovers a gifted but untrained young boy (Yoo) in an amateur contest, he takes him under his wing to turn into a professional player. But conflicts arise when the protege later turns against his teachings.


Produced my Moonlight Film (Money, The Spy Gone North), the film is in post-production.


At the upcoming Asian Contents & Film Market, Acemaker movieworks also will be selling films including Kwak Kyung-taek’s Firefighters, based on a true story, and Lee Il-hyung’s Remember, the Korean remake of Atom Egoyan’s Nazi-hunter drama.




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