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  1. Thanks Ephoenix. Of course that’s what I did from the start 😀
  2. Thank you Ephoenix for this info, I wanted to vote for you but I did not find your creation. I also created mine and here is my philosophy: "A smile can cure all ills."😊
  3. Another excerpt from Interview made in Florence during the Korean film festival Lee Byung-Hun at the Korean Film Festival: «Korean cinema is not afraid of changes compared to Hollywood» 04/08/2024 by ELENA BALESTRI Actor Lee Byung-hun, star of "Concrete Utopia". From his experience in "Squid Game" to "Mr.Sunshine", this is what he told Florence. Actor Lee Byung-Hun was among the most anticipated guests at the 22nd edition of the Korean Film Festival in Florence. The protagonist of the opening film of the Concrete Utopia festival, directed by Um The-hwa, and of a long-awaited masterclass, the star actor of Squid Game (and busy filming the second season) retraced the stages of his career and told what he stands for because he plays the role. Lee Byung-hun’s Hollywood Debut and Experience More than 20 titles have seen him as a protagonist, starting with Gongdonggyeongbigu-yeok JSA of Park Chan-wook who in 2000 made him known to the cinema firmament. The consecration as a new star of Asian cinema comes in 2005 with A Bittersweet Life by director Kim Jee-woon. The first Hollywood film was made in 2009. It’s GI Joe: The Ascension of the Cobra (by Stephen Sommers). Then followed by GI Joe 2: Retaliation , Red 2 until the western directed by Antoine Fuqua The Magnificent Seven . A dream come true for Lee Buyng-hun, whose passion for cinema was transmitted to him by his father with whom he often went to see American westerns. “I lived more than half my life as an actor and didn’t realize how ambivalent this job was. – He says in response to our question about what acting means to him and being an actor – Over time, I have been influenced by the characters I played for a long time and there are times when I wonder who I really am. But also moments where, through the characters I play, I discover who I am, or I learn something new through them." Catch your breath with the game Acting was also a kind of lifeline for the actor. In a time of great personal difficulty, being on the set in front of the camera helped him catch his breath. “Once I was going through a difficult time as it can happen to everyone,” says Lee Byung-hun, “I was in such pain that I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t even sleep. I went through a hell of a time. One day I had a shoot and had to go on set. I was in the worst of situations, I was not interested in filming, I could not breathe. But I was lucky not to fall. It was the first time in 10 days that I was in front of the cameras and I felt them breathe. I felt the movement and without realizing it for the first time in a long time, I felt a feeling of freedom, I breathed. If you have a problem with yourself, you can go to the hospital, but when I read the character and became that person for a moment, it was as if everything had disappeared. A truly unique experience.” A love that Lee Byung-hun brings to his work, which led him in 2012 to be one of the first Korean actors to have his imprint on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. “Compared to American productions, ” Byung-hun explained, “I think Korean cinema is more flexible, courageous and experimental. He is not afraid of change. – And on the relationship with North Korea, I don’t think the division of the two Koreas will have an impact on the Korean film world. I would say that in our cinema this theme has almost become a category: there are many productions that talk about our division, but that go beyond, from romance to friendship stories. We have an opportunity to tell the story of both groups with different types of film productions.” Source : https://www.funweek.it
  4. Photo: anaida angelescu insta Thank you very much Ephoenix for this translation I enjoy discovering all the lyrics of LBH I was so frustrated, when I watched online the masterclass, to be able to understand only a few snippets of the conversation. My heart tightens every time he talks about Cinema Paradiso and his father (I too had the pleasure of seeing him with my parents at the cinema when he came out in the 80s and I keep a precious memory of it.) The atmosphere at this event seemed really amazing and I hope Lee Byung-hun will keep a warm memory of her trip to Italy. In any case his fans are not ready to forget his presence, I hope to have the chance to live such a meeting one day.
  5. Korean star Lee Byung-Hun is invited for the first time to the Florence Korean Film Festival. The Korean actor who stars in the film Concrete Utopia, the highest-grossing film of 2023, is internationally known for his Hollywood performances, such as in "The Magnificent Seven" with Denzel Washington. At the Compagnie de Florence theater among the biggest Korean stars, the 22nd edition of Korea Film There was the press conference, there will be Lee Byung-hun's Masterclass, one of the biggest stars of Korean cinema who spoke with journalists to tell their stories and stories. In the film Concreta Utopia, I imagine that the challenge was from an actor’s point of view, to transform his character from the moment he has to take the leadership to the moment he manages to obtain it. As an actor, it is a challenge to arrive until there is this leadership there and conquer it. I think just like my acting job is a positive challenge, so I also enjoyed doing it. More than the difficulty, I found more pleasure, more interest in seeking this leadership. Trying to represent the change of a character at the human level when a person is put in a very dramatic situation is something that represents the whole film. All the characters in the film have this path and especially the character I played, the character of Young Tak, the main character who represents precisely this change. In fact, I had a lot of fun and found it very interesting. Having worked for Korean cinema and Hollywood cinema, have you ever thought about changing the way you play when dealing with Western cinema? Especially when I talk about the first two or three works what I did in Hollywood is actually a reasoning, a reflection that I made the conclusion is that yes, there may be a difference in culture, there may be a difference in expression but in the end if I express, I act with my own emotions in an honest and fair way, true at the moment. In the end, being a universal thing, I am convinced that it goes through all borders, across all cultures. Some delicious pasta! But if I were to participate in a film produced in Italy, if I must say that the pasta is good, I wonder if it is more effective if I do it this way or if instead I do it like the Korean actor, Byeong-heon. I love it when he speaks with his hands! LOL
  6. Article published in the Italian newspaper Courrier Fiorentino on 26 March 2024 LeeByung-hun «Tornatore and Benigni, my favorite directors» Film critic Caterina Liverani. Absolute star in South Korea with 20 films to his credit and 5 successful television series, including Squid Game, will be the special guest of the 22nd edition of the Florence Korea Film Fest, the event that, until March 30- brings to Florence the best of South Korean cinema. The festival pays tribute to him with a Masterclass - on March 28 at 3 pm at the cinema La Compagnia - where he will tell his story. Also on the program is a selection of his most successful films, from the historical and generational portrait Once in a Summer to Masquerade the story of poor Gwanghae suddenly become king and forced to quickly learn the duties of the new rank. Lee Byung-hun made his debut in 2000 with the film Joint Security Area, which marked the history of Korean cinema: "Park Chanwook is a director with clear ideas and intentions, always ready to welcome creative ideas and new thoughts. Every evening, we met to discuss the scenes shot and to study those of the next day: he considered this precious and inseparable time from our acting work. ' To the romantic roles of his early career, as well as to black comedies, he never failed to add a touch of humour: "I like to make room for creativity. Improvise to animate the scenario, making sure to emphasize the meanings without distorting them. When I have a full take of the character, I have fun flying.” Perhaps his most representative role is that of Sunwoo in A Bittersweet Life: 'He remained in the hearts of many. Having played a character who lives in such a distinct environment, required a great deal of identification. It also helped in life to better understand people, looking at them from different perspectives. When I think about who I am now, I realize how much the roles I have performed have influenced my personality.” If Korean cinema has taken on a different strength over the past twenty years, the credit goes to the cosmopolitan vision of new generation filmmakers: "Let’s also call it rebirth. The works of the young brought a fresh vision, playing an important role in driving this second wave.” There are «emotional assonances» between Korean culture and Italian culture: «Hospitality, respect, education. We are compatible, even in the details. From culinary traditions to film culture; what belongs to you resonates familiar.” There is an Italian director, in particular, who is carried in his heart: «A film that has deeply marked me, to the point of asking me if this story had been written about me, it is Cinema Paradiso by Giuseppe Tornatore. He influenced me at the time and in the years that followed. "Life is beautiful", both for the theatre and for the memorable staging of Roberto Benigni. Every time I see him, this loving and attentive father reminds me of mine.” Italy-South Korea «Welcome, respect, education: we are compatible What belongs to you resonates family» Author:Geneva Barbetti Reverso Translation Source: https://www.pressreader.com/italy/corriere-fiorentino/20240326/281784224093425
  7. Lee Byung-hun invited for a Masterclass at Florence Korea Film in March 2024 Also starring in our opening film Concrete Utopia on March 21, Lee Byung-hun will hold a masterclass in full Florence Korea Film Fest style on THURSDAY, MARCH 28 AT 3:00 PM! Source: instagram.com/koreafilmfest
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