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  1. You are welcome! ❤️ If I try and remember, I think they barely had two scenes together in Our Blues. First at the karaoke and at the final eps. Karaoke one was the memorable one because their impromptu dance-acting was very funny. One was like a spring man swinging back and forth, and another one was like a tall inflatable balloon man lol. No one can copy their unique skills in dancing. Lol. I just hope the screentime is much more than what Our Blues gave us. 🙏
  2. July 16, 2024 [Exclusive] Actors Park Hee Soon, Cha Seung Won, and Yoon Ga Yi are entering Park Chan Wook's 'The Ax' world Actors Park Hee soon, Cha Seung won, and Yoon Ga yi recently confirmed there appearance in the upcoming movie 'The Ax'. This is the first time Director Park is working with actor Park Hee soon, and he has worked with actor Cha Seung won recently on a Netflix series. Actress Yoon Ga yi has been chosen through tough audition. The film is said to begin full-scale filming in August. // WOW!!! It’s a reunion of all reunions in the world of ‘The Ax’ by Director Park Chan Wook. ‘Our Blues’ karaoke duo from Pureung Village, Cha Seung Won and Lee Byung Hun reunion and hopefully they have more screen time this time. Also, one of my favorite duo Choi Myeong Gil and Lee Shi Baek from ‘The Fortress’, and also 'The Age of Shadows' cameo duo Park Hee Soon reuniting with LBH. This scene of Choi Myeong Gil and Lee Shi Baek has it’s own separate fandom other than the fans of the movie itself and mostly from Japan. This is like a treat!! I hope they have a lot of screen time together too. I can’t believe after Lee Sung Min and Yoo Yeon Seok, LBH is reuniting with so many of his prominent co-stars from his previous project. Director Park Chan wook is collecting them like pokemons. 😊~ Source article: Naver
  3. July 15, 2024 Highlights from the recent eps of ‘Let’s Go 2’ where Mama Lee and Lee Eun hee appeared for the interview These are pictures from the photo albums Lee Eun hee had in her house. It is my first time seeing these pictures especially the family pictorial with their maternal grandmother. I haven’t watched much of Lee Eun Hee’s previous variety show, so all this time, I was not sure how Charles Pak is related to LBH and thought he is a cousin hyung, lol but turns out he is by relation LBH’s maternal uncle. I was once really confused when a Korean fan mentioned him as a maternal uncle in the clip of him with baby Joon hoo. 😂 During the interview, mama Lee mentioned that she raised her two kids in a very strict and scary ways. She also recalled a moment where LBH told in the media about her ways of parenting and joked how she would be in prison had it been in this new age and time. One of the MCs mentioned how LBH always went home early when he was young and even when he was having drinks with friends. Mama Lee apparently had a strict set of rules and curfew hours at home for her kids, and LBH made sure her rules were applied equally to her as well, as he’d get angry if she is home late. Haha. He was like father to his younger sister and always looked after her. But at times also teased her like a typical sibling brother when she was competing for Miss Korea saying, “if you don’t win Miss Korea, you’ll be embarrassed and I’ll be embarrassed, too, so what are you going to do?” Mama Lee said her ways of parenting only worked well because her kids listened to her and followed her well. She said that LBH still to this day listens to his mother and never go against her. About her daughter in law LMJ, she highly praised her and said she has nothing but good thoughts about her. From her position as a mother in law, there is nothing better than having a daughter in law who is good to her son, and someone who’s very sensible and a great mother to her own kids. Besides this, Lee Eun Hee also talked about their father’s passing during his business trip abroad, and how the family ended up with a huge debt after he left. She recalled that her brother paid all of that debt by working hard to the point that he even did commercials for which he gets made fun of till this day. There are no subs but here are the link to the video: https://youtu.be/WwHM1O_8Iyo?si=0dtBmjgA_FMoDl2O https://youtu.be/damba9QZoYU?si=BHVJC-UQSUMJtMue
  4. July 14, 2024 Lee Byung-hun Instagram Birthday update: Looks like he celebrated his birthday at the Microsoft Lounge in LA. The sparkling confetti cake is beautiful. He is also wearing socks with HBD written on them.(from his manager's IG story. Hehe "Thank you for celebrating my birthday." I was thinking how to wish him so that it matches his sense of humor. Yeah I have no life. Lol. All I could think of was to use his past dialogues and fun captions from his past IG post as references. It goes like this: "굿바이 말고 씨유 어게인, 생신 말고 생일, 54 말고 45, 해피 벗스데이 투 유 이병헌 배우님! 항상 응원합니다, 사랑합니다. 울 배우님의 이름 처럼 항상 Let's Be Happy!~" "Don't say goodbye, say See you again. Don't say birthday(bday word used for elderly), say birthday (used commonly), Don't say 54, say 45. Happy Birthday to you, actor Lee Byung-hun. I'll root for you and love you, always. Let's Be Happy always just like our actor's name says." 😊 References: Mr. Sunshine Eushin anthem, his hashtag #생신말고생일 when ASHFALL staffs arranged a bday celebration for him and they used this Saenshin(polite birthday) word instead or Saengil and he corrected them in his hashtag playfully. Last one would be his own joke on his 52nd birthday where he reversed his age numbers on his candles to look as 25. 🤭 I just hope he reads all his comments and read mine too. Just a delulu attempt to make him laugh.✌️😃
  5. July 12, 2024 Happy Birthday to you~, Happy Birthday to you~, Happy Birthday dear Lee Byung-hun~, Happy Birthday to you..~ 👏🥳 Happy birthday, Lee Byung-hun! I hope your day is as special and memorable as you are. May your birthday bring all the joy, happiness and good health that you deserve. Stay phenomenal as you are. Have a great one! 🍻💙~
  6. July 7, 2024 Happy 6th Anniverary to my dearest and most beloved Mr. Sunshine!! 💐 Forever having picnic with this timeless masterpiece and my beloved OT5. In our freed nation, see you again! ♥️~
  7. July 7, 2024 Happy 6th Anniverary to my dearest and most beloved Mr. Sunshine!! 💐 Forever having picnic with this timeless masterpiece and my beloved OT5. In our freed nation, see you again! ♥️~
  8. July 6, 2024 Lee Min Jung Instagram update with the cutest honey 🐝 Birdie Seo Yi Her caption: “I thought she was sitting better these days, but even though there was a mat behind, she was surprised by the thump sound (when she fell on her back) and cried for the first time in a while ㅠㅠ…So, she is wearing a head cushion since yesterday. The world’s parenting items have gotten a lot better.” 📸 Lee Min Jung Instagram Awww……look at those cute cheeks and her antennas!!🥰 Our cutest honey bee with her cutest little wings and matching clothes. She is soon to be 7 months old and she is growing up really well. Also, she has so much hair. Babies are the cutest when they start sitting up and smile with their 2 little teeth popping out. Seo-yi yah, grow up well.🥰
  9. July 6, 2024 Lee Min Jung Instagram update with the cutest honey 🐝 Birdie Seo Yi Her caption: “I thought she was sitting better these days, but even though there was a mat behind, she was surprised by the thump sound (when she fell on her back) and cried for the first time in a while ㅠㅠ…So, she is wearing a head cushion since yesterday. The world’s parenting items have gotten a lot better.” 📸 Lee Min Jung Instagram Awww……look at those cute cheeks and her antennas!!🥰 Our cutest honey bee with her cutest little wings and matching clothes. She is soon to be 7 months old and she is growing up really well. Also, she has so much hair. Babies are the cutest when they start sitting up and smile with their 2 little teeth popping out. Seo-yi yah, grow up well.🥰
  10. July 4, 2024 CONGRATULATIONS, GUYS!!! 🎊🥳🫶💜 WE MADE IT TO THE HANGEUL WALL WITH LEE BYUNG HUN AND LEE MIN JUNG!! 🥰 Congratulations, my dear friends @Annelyse Court @Sheen90x and @milkzywayz ♥️~ Today, Korean cultural center in New York updated the 1000 finalists of ‘Hangeul Wall Project’ on their instagram. We made it!! I am thrilled to be part of this amazing cultural project along with LBH, LMJ and us all. So happy and excited! We are all categorized in different sections based on our messages. LBH, LMJ and Taeyang are in Encouragement section. Me and Lisa are in Self-reflection section. Annelyse is in Life Lessons, and Mr. Ahn Sang Goo is in Culture section. They also released a catalog and the numbering based on sections are like this: Encouragement: 293. Lee Byung Hun— If you lose (let go) strength, you will gain greater strength. 297. Lee Min Jung— It’s okay to fall, just get up again. 356. Taeyang— Our lives improve only when we take chances. Self-reflection: 459. Eliza— It’s your life, live at your own pace. 466. Lisa— Focus on the step in front of you, not the whole staircase. Life Lessons: 643. Annelyse— A smile can cure all ills. Culture: 987. Ahn Sang Goo— Let’s go to Mojito and have a cup of Maldives. [FULL ARTICLE] HANGEUL WALL PROJECT Ik-Joong Kang leads a global campaign, creating the world's first “Hangeul Wall,” which will be unveiled at the Korean Cultural Center New York in September 2024. Since the inauguration of the Hangeul Wall website (www.hangeulwall.org) in May 2024, the project has attracted significant global interest and enthusiasm, accumulating over 7.7 million views worldwide. This bilingual platform, accessible in both English and Korean, invites individuals to create their own artworks using 24 Hangeul characters, drawing inspiration from personal reflections and wisdom under the theme of “Things I Love to Talk about.” Additionally, it provides an educational opportunity for participants to explore the historical significance of Hangeul. From the submissions received by June 30th, 1,000 pieces are selected through online voting by the public and review by the artist to become part of the Hangeul Wall, announced on July 4th. Subsequently, after an intensive three-month period of production and installation, the Hangeul Wall will be revealed in an impressive scale of 26 x 72 ft (8 x 22 meters), filled with 20,000 Hangeul tiles. This monumental wall will serve as a symbolic testament to the rich cultural heritage of Hangeul and the genuine freedom of expression cherished by global citizens. Source: Kccny Ahn Sang Goo made it too!! His message is, “Let’s go to Mojito and have a cup of Maldives.” Congrats to him, too.😜🍸
  11. July 2, 2024 Current line-up of actors for the upcoming Park Chan-wook movie THE AX According to the news outlet from yesterday, Yoo Yeon Seok is in talks to star in director Park Chan Wook’s next project following “Decision to Leave.” If he confirms, it would be his reunion with the renowned director after 21 years since starring in “OLDBOY,” which marked his debut on the big screen in 2003. In response to the reports, CJ ENM and Yoo Yeon Seok’s agency KINGKONG by STARSHIP shared, “He received an offer and is reviewing it.” According to the reports, the project is one that director Park Chan Wook has been preparing for many years. Currently, the production team is in the stages of sorting out copyright issues as the film is based on an original project. Earlier, it was revealed that Lee Byung Hun and Son Ye Jinare in talks for the film along with Lee Sung Min and Yeom Hye Ran. Whoa!! It’s indeed an ace acting party in THE AX. It’s a crazy line-up! I am just doubly excited because its a reunion of my Mr. Sunshine faves in MS anniversary month. Eugene Choi and Gu Dong Mae, my partner-in-crime duo, my Eumae. I haven’t watched the movie yet but I watched the spoiler content detailed review video, and I cannot really figure where these new characters will fit in. I have a little hunch for Lee Sung min because his aura fits perfectly for this one character who’s also a former laid-off employee, and has a bit of a special connection with the protagonist. They really are too grand of an actors to just be on screen for few moments as characters and to be k-worded off just like that. Yoo Yeon-seok and Yeom Hye-ran could be few of those challenging candidates. YYS could be a policeman, too, but thats too boring. This is Concrete Utopia all over again and here I am counting chickens before they hatch, again. lol The original movie didn’t give off the dark vibe that I have imagined, but since this is Director Park’s genre, I have a high expectations for it be insanely dark. They kept talking about killing each other from all sorts of ways throughout the series, now this might be the chance they’ll actually get to practice one, lol. Yoo Yeon-seok’s last role in the drama was a serial killer and he was insanely good in that drama with Lee Sung Min. So, this is another exciting reunion to be happy about for me. Related articles: Soompi
  12. June 30, 2024 Lee Byung Hun Instagram update LBH at the Dodgers Stadium LA looking refreshing and bright in white. Also, 180cm tall, flaunting those sexy, toned legs, all thanks to LMJ because that’s so her style of taking pics. Not sure if it’s from yesterday even though there was a match for San Diego Padres with Red Sox, but whatever it is, the man is doing a wonderful job promoting himself, Visit California and Discover LA, looking super cool and youthful. His boyfriend style pics are always very eye-catching, not to mention he’s all donned in white. 😎~ 📸 LBH IG
  13. June 21, 2024 Lee Byung Hun at the MLB match in San Diego supporting Infielder Kim Ha Seong from San Diego Padres LBH and family visited the Petco Park in San Diego, CA, to support MLB team San Diego Padres, against their match with Brewers. San Diego Padres’ official twitter and Instagram account shared his moments with the winning team’s infielder and fellow Korean Kim Ha-Seong before the match. They exchanged gifts of WHOO wine and what looked like a signed baseball merch, a bubble-head figurine of the player. It appeared that LBH was there as a representative member of Visit California Korea since he was also present as one of the VIP member at the MLB series Seoul event in March. Both LBH and the team’s IG shared a really heartwarming pics of Lee family at the game with LBH giving such a big Hyung energy. They wrote, “Front Man, Welcome to Petco Park.” And LBH wrote, “Ha-Seon KIM, who echoed at the stadium. You are cool! (with special emphasis on KIM) LMJ sporting the Ha Seong Kim jersey and LBH with his initials and of course his signature no. 1☝️Anyway, one of our fellow LBH fan mentioned LBH is said to be there to promote Squid game 2 as well. I am not so sure because it seems too early?? Netflix will be too busy with it’s beloved Sweet Home S3 for the next 2 months and LBH will be starting The Ax from August. Also, Lee Jung Jae is busy promoting his new movie The Acolyte. But we never know since we still have full July. It is possible that LBH may have been planning to finish vacations, work and overseas promotion all within these few months. Still reminds me of that K-drama fanatic mechanic dad role he was gonna do every time he is in LA. Lol. He might as well finish that one, too. 😆 Pics from both LBH’s and San Diego Padres’ IG https://www.instagram.com/reel/C8fi8liJPYo/?igsh=MXA1cGV4b2dydTVkbw==
  14. June 13, 2024 Lee Byung hun participated in the narration of mobile game LineageM: Episode Zero. Yet another narration project for the voice king Lee Byung Hun. The official youtube channel of the mobile game LineageM released the making video with LBH yesterday. His message, “Hello, this is Lee Byung hun. I just finished recording for the Lineage M. I want to sincerely congratulate you on your 7th anniversary. I hope for a lot of interest from users as well. Thank you.” Hearing another teaser for the game, it seems actor Ryu Seung Ryung also participated in the narration because the voice really sounded like him. If it is, then is this their next collaboration after Shinsege franchise? I wish they’d done a combine narration with both. Their voice dynamics is amazing! YouTube link: https://youtu.be/YOOOMIpdevk?si=qBoipdJ_f_Yh24lv
  15. June 12, 2024 Lee Byung Hun Instagram Update: Throwback picture of representative model for Louis Castel clothing brand Mr. Lee Byung hun at the 7th Green cup day, which was held last month. 💚❤️~ June 11 and 12 were said to be the days for the wrap up party of Squid Game 2 and LBH was among the attendees, but it seems the whole event was held in private as there is literally nothing up on the internet….not even a fan cam of some sort. Hopefully they will release it later. Anyway, I am super excited to share that I made it to the First 100 submissions that will be part of the Hangeul Wall project in New York Korean Cultural Center. 🥳 It is said that there will be 1000 final pieces that will be installed onto the wall in September. So, 900 more to go. I am not sure how they selected but LMJ was among the selected one while LBH is not. They also said that there will be both physical and digital wall, so I am not quite sure whether the selected 100 is for the physical wall yet. Let’s hope it is! I am really thrilled and happy nonetheless that there will be something from mine that will share the same place with MJBH. All the best, guys!! Fighting! I hope we all make it to the wall! ❤️💛💚💙🧡💜🤎🤍🖤~ 📸 @kccny IG https://www.instagram.com/reel/C8H9FQCO3O2/?igsh=ZTV3Z2wxOWpqODVl
  16. June 9, 2024 Lee Byung hun with his younger sister Lee Eun Hee Lee Byung hun visited his younger sister to support her new pet cafe Paul Friends with LMJ and his close friends. It had a grand opening last month. His sister wrote in caption: “My beloved older brother dropped by..” She used a traditional Jeju dialect to address her older brother as ‘Ora-bang’, which is used mostly for older brothers in 40s and 50s and also in a playful manner. This is my first time seeing the two shot of these siblings after I started following LBH and his projects in 2018. He sure is goofing around in the picture hehe. It must be annoying in this hot weather but thankfully his long hair is still intact haha. 📸 Lee Eun Hee IG At first, I thought wow this is my first time seeing LBH with something other than his regular prayer beads on his wrist, but it turns out the picture is a reversed one. The beauty mole on his left ear is clearly on the right side, so naturally the beads will be on the hidden side (confirmed on his friend Hyunseok Choi’s IG, where his back has a cameo! 😂) It’s needless to say I am a little obsessed with those prayer beads 😅 📸 Paul friends IG Lee Min Jung with her sister-in-law looking happy and having fun together. I’ve seen mama Lee and her voice cameo in LBH’s friends IG during their barbecue times at home, but I really wish to see mother and son two-shot together some day, too. I think the last one I saw was probably when LBH had his hand foot printing ceremony in front of.the Chinese theater in LA. That was a long long time ago….. ~
  17. May 22, 2024 MJ♥️BH from The 7th Green Cup Day!! 💚 I initially thought I’d wait for more postings from the event and collectively update but looks like they don’t have much content this season. This one is from the short interview they did with the members on ‘What food do you want to eat right now?’ LMJ said she wants Ice-cream, and I eagerly waited for LBH’s answer out of curiosity of course on his taste but this man had to be that unpredictable one in the crowd as always and say, “He is full”, and give that little smirk afterwards. 😏 🎥 https://www.instagram.com/reel/C7JEtdwJwUq/?igsh=MWZ4Zm15aTIzMDAweg==
  18. May 22, 2024 MJ♥️BH from The 7th Green Cup Day!! 💚 I initially thought I’d wait for more postings from the event and collectively update but looks like they don’t have much content this season. This one is from the short interview they did with the members on ‘What food do you want to eat right now?’ LMJ said she wants Ice-cream, and I eagerly waited for LBH’s answer out of curiosity of course on his taste but this man had to be that unpredictable one in the crowd as always and say, “He is full”, and give that donut smile afterwards. 😏 https://www.instagram.com/reel/C7JEtdwJwUq/?igsh=MWZ4Zm15aTIzMDAweg== Finally, some update pics! 💚 https://www.instagram.com/reel/C7WK4CTSa5m/?igsh=MTI2Zm1rdWFia3p5ag==
  19. May 21, 2024 Lee Byung Hun’s recent episode where he mistakenly went inside the wrong funeral hall, told by his besties Shin Dong Yeob and Song Seung Heon in YouTube channel ‘Zzan Bro Shin Dong yeob’ Recently, Song Seung Heon appeared as a guest in Shin Dong yeob’s youtube channel, zzan bro, and shared many annecdotes of them three throughout the episode. 1. They were talking about golf and how they got into it, and SDY shared a funny moment when he took rookie golfers LBH and SSH to play for the first time together. SDY: At that time, It hadn’t been that long since SSH started learning golf, and Byung Hunnie, even though he had started golfing for a while, he wasn’t that good yet. So, we went together for the first time(to play golf), and as soon as we went in there, it was a chaos because all the workers there and caddies started coming to look at them. They kept thanking me for bringing LBH and SSH along. So, they started playing, and since SSH was new to golf, his ball was flying in all directions, but their caddie was excited and working hard to get those balls for them. Byung Hunnie was also hitting in all directions. Once it was all over, their exhausted caddie’s eyes were completely sunken as if saying….. “handsome? whatever…they are nothing.” So I said to her, “They really look good in person, don’t they?”, and she replied panting, “No, they don’t. You’re the most handsome one!” So, there was days like that when I was handsome, too. 😂 *That poor caddie girl, these rookie golfers totally broke her illusion for real.*🤣 2. They were talking about their first time social experiences as an young adult in 20s and how they learned so many things for the first time and also in the most funny way. SSH: Since we are taking about it, it reminded me of another case of myself. It was during the time when Byung Hun Hyungie’s father had passed away. You know usually when you are in your 20s, you don’t have many moments of attending a funeral home, right? But somehow at that funeral home, I happened to be the one at the front to pay my respect. So I asked other older brothers behind me to go at the front, but they kept telling me to go ahead. So I became the one to go first. I had heard before that you have to bow twice and half to pay respect. I did my first full bow and second one as well, but at that moment I really wasn’t sure what ‘half bow’ meant, and as I was wondering, I did my half bow like this (Half forward bend-Yoga pose 🤣)…. I am really not kidding. It wasn’t something I did intentionally, I really didn’t know what it was. (SDY showing how to do Half bow) SSH: It wasn’t something to laugh about as it was a solemn place, but all the hyungs behind me were biting their lips trying to hold their laughter. I talked about this to Byung Hunnie Hyung later on, and he laughed again. 😂 SSH’s ‘Half bow’ as he demonstrated in the episode. I swear it made me burst into laughter. I bet it haunts him forever. 🤣 3. Since they all started sharing their first time funeral home stories and stories they heard of people during their first time there, SSH mentioned there was another one with LBH which was recent, and SDY went on to fully reenact the whole scenario. SSH: If we talk about these incidents from a funeral home, there are so many. There is one recent episode with Byung hunnie Hyung as well. SDY: Oh yeah yeah. We had a very close friend of ours whose father had passed away. Three of us had known him for decades. So, everyone was coming and going inside the funeral hall, and Byung Hunnie said he will come later. But he was a bit late even though he said he will be there soon. I kept wondering where he went because he said he was right in front of the hospital. But the thing is, Byung hunnie had gone inside the funeral hall by himself. Even the person who was collecting the condolence money at the front was surprised to see him apparently, but he went along…After dropping the envelope, and writing his name on the register, Byung hunnie took his shoes off and went in, surprising even the mourning family members. He had wondered a bit after not seeing his friend among the chief mourners, but he thought his friend must have gone to attend a condolence call or something like that, and thought of paying his respect since he is there already. He knew his friend’s father had passed away, but as he bowed and looked up, the portrait picture of the deceased person was a female. He was supposed to go inside the room 32, but he had gone inside room 31, and did all that.🤣 SDY: But the main struggle was from this moment. You know he had already put his condolence money in the box, and since the mourner is his close friend, the money he had given was not a small amount. As he was not sure what to do and was about to leave, the person from their side came in and thankfully told us to take back his condolence money. They had to unlock that box, and take everything out, and find the envelop that had Lee Byung hun written on it. And Byung hunnie kept apologizing. It was a real-real story! Right? SSH: It was one of those moment where he couldn’t even go and ask if they could give back the condolence money, but thankfully they themselves realized the misunderstanding and suggested returning it. SDY: It was so awkward to even wait for everything, and the fact that it was non other than LEE BYUNG HUN! 🤣 Guest: Wow! This was the insane one among the stories from funeral homes. // Of course he'll be wearing black but this is the exact awkward apologetic face I thought of his when I imagined him waiting for his condolence money to be found among the pile of envelopes. 🤣 Honestly, the more I try to imagine, the funnier it gets, especially If you try to think of LBH’s other socially awkward face throughout the whole situation. I just cant imagine what went inside his mind when he looked up and saw the portrait was not his friend’s father. And they said it happened not so long ago haha….. Thankfully, his besties were there for him to share the embarrassment. Those first time moments reminded me of my own first experience when I was 15-16, and was attending a relatives’ funeral. It was a low-key traumatic experience for me as I was scolded for my mistakes by a female relative, and not knowing my own customs, but hearing their experiences in a lighter way sure made me feel relieved that it was completely normal. And it was my first time seeing SSH talk this much! Maybe it was the alcohol but he was cute Link to youtube channel: https://youtu.be/FH2tT1OHl18?si=ZDDHosnxAw4pKDys
  20. May 15, 2024 BH Entertainment released some BHIND pics of LBH from the 60th Baeksang Arts Awards This could be the reason why we didn’t get ‘On the way to Baeksang’ passport selfie this time because LBH was there way ahead than anybody else to prepare for his special stage speech in his casual outfit, and also the fact that the audiences weren’t prepared for his surprise appearance on the stage either. His hands were tied, I see. 🙃 Making sure that his shirt’s sleeves are exactly 1.5cm out under his coat 😉 More pictures: BHEnt Also, some adorable clips of LBH and LMJ were surfacing from The 7th Greencup Day party. It was fun to see LBH blushing and avoiding the camera as he went on that little stage to receive his lucky draw gift hampers. We always saw this man with his best actor trophies, so he looked like a shy teen student receiving those gift bags, and hiding his face, while his friends are cheering him at the back, lol. Some twitter links since I don’t know the original IG sources. From @leebh_0712 ♥️ ‘Nice Birdie!’ couple 😉 from @hundailyy ♥️ BHIND vlog released by BH Entertainment from the 60th Baeksang Arts Awards in their YouTube channel. https://youtu.be/D1cNfE1IDEA?si=nEZ4VH-jmZYDKf3j
  21. May 14, 2024 Lee Byung Hun’s narration for the 7th Anniversary of golf community ‘The Greencup’, featuring cameo by Ahn Sang Goo LBH sure is busy donating his voice in every possible project these days. Just this year alone he did it from K-pop mv to Climate change Exhibition to Baeksang Special stage to now The Greencup Golf community, which he is also a member of. His treasure like deep voice sure is being immortalized in so many projects other than his dramas and movies. National Mukbang and ASMR King!!🤴👈 Fun edit: Ahn Sang Goo Vs. Lee Byung Hun lol (Looks like LBH won 😜) It was probably this goofy man LBH’s own idea to make people laugh but it was really funny how they used Ahn Sang Goo’s clip from ‘Inside Men:The Original’ for their video, where his past was revealed as he was taken under his wing by that nutcase Lee Kang Hee and was getting accustomed to the rich lifestyle, and golf was part of it. 🤣 You can see actor Baek Yun-sik at the back too. I wonder if this was possible because of the location being from the same company because copyright and everything, you know! Also, look at his curly permed hair in the close-up shot hahah…..(worst hair that LBH’s character ever had imo😉) Blurred Byung Hun in 440p, but this one is the recent one with his same golf hat. Let’s hope we get HD pics from this as well like last year. Now, we know the reason why only his right hand has the worst sunburn. It’s so uneven that it was noticeable even in his CU era profile shoot. 😂 Not yet uploaded in their official youtube channel but here’s LBH’s voice narration clip: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C68FnS3JqT_/?igsh=NmY3bW96Z25oY2Q5
  22. May 12, 2024 Lee Byung Hun’s congratulatory video clip to celebrate the exhibition “Confession to the Earth”, in which he is also participating as an audio docent. “Hello, this is Lee Byung-hun. A very special photo exhibition recording todays precarious Earth as seen from continents around the world, oceans around the world, and skies around the world will be held at Chungmu Art Center’s gallery Sindang from April 18th to September 8th.” 🌏 According to previous article shared on this project, LBH will participate as an audio docent in the first exhibition ‘Confession to the Earth.’ A total of 16 of the exhibited works are explained in his unique and appealing voice. https://www.instagram.com/reel/C62ks0lOd2_/?igsh=Y2xlMmc0bHE4aGp3 UPDATE: All the 16 videos that LBH participated as an audio docent are uploaded in the youtube channel of this project. I will only link one video. Rest are all under the same channel. Sink Rise_Joel by Cliff (Nick Brandt): https://youtu.be/ocu-t1Ie3mI?si=GGYOcS-iYzZmSSti Hong Kong soup(Mandy Barker): N*TGMSIR05(Tom Hegen) Eviction_07(Ingmar Bjorn Nolting) STILL(FFS)-SKY(Mandy Barker) Alice, Stanley and Najin Kenya 2020(Nick Brandt) Fatuma, Ali and Bupa (Nick Brandt) Najin and people in fog (Nick Brandt) Penalty08(Mandy Barker) N*TSFS20(Tom Hegen) N*TGES05(Tom Hegen) Eviction_15(Inmar Bjorn Nolting) Eviction (Inmar Bjorn Nolting) On the shore of a vanishing island14(Lee Daesung) Futuristic Archeology 01(Lee Daesung) Futuristic Archeology 02(Lee Daesung)
  23. May 11, 2024 Lee Byung Hun and Lee MIn Jung have joined the ”Hangeul Wall” project in New York Pics: @kccny instagram LBH’s message: If you lose strength, you’ll gain greater strength. 💜 LMJ’s message: It’s Okay to fall down, as long as you get back up. ♥️ Context on the project: A huge 22-meter-high 'Hangeul wall' is erected on the Korean Cultural Center's new building in Manhattan, New York, USA. According to the Korean Cultural Center in New York on the 7th (local time), this work is part of the 'Hangeul Wall Project' which involves creating a large mural in the Korean Cultural Center building in colllaboration with world-renowned installation artist Kang Ik-joong. The Hangul wall, which will be produced through various participations, will be released in September. For the month of May, you can create your own Hangul work by visiting the project website (www.hangeulwall.org) anywhere in the world and entering the phrase under the theme of 'The story you want to share with the world'. English users can enter English and automatically convert it to Korean.
  24. May 11, 2024 Lee Min Jung has joined the Hangeul Wall project in New York! “It’s okay to fall down as long as you get back up.” 💪 📸 @kccny IG “Celebrated actress Lee Min Jung is on our journey. Like she mentioned, lets have the resilience and determination to recover from the setbacks in our lives and continue moving forward.” Guys, you can actually vote multiple times a day to multiple people at the same time. I don’t think this applies to celebrities but the ones getting the higher likes have more chance to be on the wall apparently. Also, her English name there is Lee Min-Jeong if using Hangul is difficult. So keep voting!! 🗳~
  25. May 9, 2024 Lee Byung Hun was behind Hwang Jung Min by just one vote for the Best Actor category at the 60th Baeksang Arts Awards. (I find it interesting that Hwang Jung Min's character in his winning movie was based on a tyrannical leader who usurped power after the assassination of President Park by the KCIA Director that LBH's character is based on. That's why I specifically needed Kim Gyu Pyung meme for this! 😆) As usual the article about the selection process and ranking after the Baeksang Award ceremony is here. I am sharing an excerpt from the above mentioned article describing the process in detail. The actor category, which raises expectations every year, was a competitive battle as usual this year. In particular, the Best Male Actor category, which was referred to as the 'Group of Death' from the moment the candidates were revealed, was the subject of heated debate to the extent that some even said it was 'the most difficult' among all categories in the judging process in recent years. Approximately five rounds of difficult discussions and voting were held, and the final results were not easily reached. After narrowing it down to Hwang Jung-min of 'Seoul Spring', Lee Byung-hun of 'Concrete Utopia', and Choi Min-sik of 'Exhuma', the final battle was between Hwang Jung-min and Lee Byung-hun. The judges supporting Hwang Jung-min and the judges supporting Lee Byung-hun spent a considerable amount of time trying to persuade each other without breaking their respective opinions. The judges who raised their voices for Lee Byung-hun said, "There were many moments where Lee Byung-hun made up for the shortcomings in the scenario with his acting. He is the actor who saved the movie," and "In terms of energy, none of the five actors have anything to talk about. However, Lee Byung-hun created the sense of suspense and thriller with his acting in the movie which could've easily turned anticlimactic." he claimed, and I thought, ‘He’s renewing himself again like this.’ I think no one can beat Lee Byung-hun with acting.” The judges who supported Hwang Jung-min said, "It is a great challenge to choose a real-life person who is so well-known, and we highly value this. It is not an easy decision at all. Because of Hwang Jung-min, the role of Jeon Doo-gwang was created as a new character rather than a real person." “I think the value of the drastic change was great,” “When he burst out laughing in the bathroom, it felt like he was making the audience surrender,” “I daresay he was an exceptional person who moved the audience with his anger, giving a performance that will go down in film history.” “It once again confirmed the viability of not only the character but also actor Hwang Jung-min,” he emphasized. After a sharp confrontation, Hwang Jung-min defeated Lee Byung-hun by only 1 vote in the final judging, winning his first Baeksang trophy 30 years after his debut. ➡️ This is another excerpt from the interview article of Editing Director Han Mi Yeon where she talks about how she had to edit LBH's scene out because his acting was too good it overshadowed his co-stars.😳 "I get deeply concerned when editing a movie touches on a character. During ‘Concrete Utopia’, Lee Byung-hun (Young Tak) was the problem. The humane character should be revealed in many different ways, but Lee Byung-hun acted so well that all the other characters were buried. In particular, Lee Byung-hun's passionate performance of 'Apartment' was so strong that there was a great concern that it would become a 'Lee Byung-hun top movie'. After discussion, the scene where Young Tak was haunted by his demons and his inner guilt was emphasized was edited out. Director Han said, “Director Uhm was born in the 1980s , so we were able to persuade him because we got along well with him.” Sources: naver1 naver2 Just me reading these articles.... "he is so good that no one can beat him in acting... and BECAUSE he is too good, his scenes needs to be edited out." Like....
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