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[Drama 2023] D.P. (Deserter Pursuit), D.P 개의 날 - Season 2 (Netflix)


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Jung Hae In, Goo Kyo Hwan, Son Suk Ku, And Kim Sung Kyun Build Stronger Comradeship In “D.P. 2”

Jung Hae In, Goo Kyo Hwan, Son Suk Ku, And Kim Sung Kyun Build Stronger Comradeship In “D.P. 2”

Jul 7, 2023
by S. Kim

Netflix has shared a glimpse of what is coming in “D.P. 2”!


Based on a webtoon, “D.P.” (stands for Deserter Pursuit) is a series about a special military squad sent to chase down deserters. In addition to director Han Jun Hee from the first season, Season 2 will boast the return of the main leads including Jung Hae In and Goo Kyo Hwan as the D.P. unit duo An Jun Ho and Han Ho Yeol, Kim Sung Kyun as Sergeant Park Beom Gu, and Son Suk Ku as Lieutenant Lim Ji Seop. Actors Ji Jin HeeKim Ji Hyun, and Choi Hyun Wook are also set to join the cast for the new season.

Season 2 will begin with the situation of the Military Police Investigation Division and the unchanged reality even after the incident of Private Cho Seok Bong. Attention is drawn to whether the intervention of the Republic of Korea Army Headquarters will bring about new changes.



Han Ho Yeol is in a military hospital, Sergeant Park Beom Gu is disciplined, and Lieutenant Lim Ji Seop is ordered to be relocated. Amidst this situation, An Jun Ho is introduced to a new successor who is wearing Ho Yeol’s windbreaker. Jung Hae In remarked, “As [the characters] come across new characters, new chemistry is created. I hope viewers will enjoy that aspect.”




Goo Kyo Hwan shared regarding the chemistry between Han Ho Yeol and An Jun Ho, “In Season 1, we had the pleasure of meeting each other all week long, but in Season 2, we meet compactly on weekends,” foreshadowing the change in the D.P. unit duo’s performance.








In Season 2, new combinations of characters also draw attention. First of all, Park Beom Gu and Lim Ji Seop, who went through a lot together, put the past behind and begin to cooperate with each other. Private Jun Ho and Lieutenant Ji Seop also embark on a new mission together.


Kim Sung Kyun remarked, “[Beom Gu and] Ji Seop’s relationship grows so that they can share true feelings a little more. Viewers will find it interesting to see how their relationship changes.








Son Suk Ku adds to the anticipation by sharing, “While there was fun in colliding with Sergeant Park Beom Gu over different ideas while on opposite sides [in Season 1], I think they have become comrades-in-arms now.”

“D.P. 2” will be released on July 28. Check out the latest teaser here!  

SOOMPI >>> jung-hae-in-goo-kyo-hwan-son-suk-ku-and-kim-sung-kyun-build-stronger-comradeship-in-d-p-2



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  • partyon changed the title to [Current Drama 2023] D.P. (Deserter Pursuit), D.P 개의 날 - Season 2 (Netflix)

Am watching D.P. season 2 at the moment. Just finished ep 3 - will watch the remaining 3 episodes tomorrow.


We're back right where we left off, and it feels as if nothing has changed. Many faces from season 1, but some new ones too. The stories in ep 1-2 and ep 3 were both emotional.


Bae Na Ra is a new actor for me - he did a wonderful job as Nina. Saw that he is a musical actor, and he fit the role of the misunderstood character perfectly.


Am missing a bit of the humor that we had in season 1, but we finally saw more of it in ep 3.


I am not sure there will be fundamental changes achieved in this season either, but at least our boys are showing their compassion towards the deserters who took such drastic action.


Oh, and am not complaining about the Jung Hae In abs scene in ep 3. :love:



Tagging chingus who might be watching this :kiss_wink:@joccu @sadthe1st @agenth @Sleepy Owl @bearcreek @mskololia1

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@joccu Finished season 2. Even though I thought season 1 was a bit better, season 2 was good too!


For me the biggest character development came from Im Ji Sup who, from being quite unlikeable in the start of season 1, became an honorable Military Police team member. I loved that Park Gum Boo stood up for Ahn Jun Ho and his whole team in the end. He had to make a big sacrifice, but it hopefully started some kind of butterfly effect to substantial changes in the military.


Gotta give a huge applause to Jung Hae In, who once again showcased his amazing acting skills. Everyone in the drama did an excellent job acting wise. Especially the victims / deserters and their families.


It was nice to see Ji Jin Hee. He was giving off handsome ahjussi oppa vibes.



Haven't seen Go Kyung Pyo in any dramas since Naeil's Cantabile, but he did great as an unlikeable ex-DP.


I was surprised to see Shin Seung Ho's (our Crown Prince) cameo in the end.



I hope he has changed for the better.


I guess with the reappearance of Cho Seok Beong in the ending credits, that they are keeping the option of a season 3 open. With him recovered, he might be able to be a key witness against the military, should they go to trial again.


Overall, a fine season in my opinion, and I wouldn't mind a season 3 - even though it would probably be without Han Ho Yul (who got discharged).

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@partyon  the second season was good. I was little bit afraid that it would lose its momentum. Bc that happens in many k-dramas with new season.   But luckily for us it did not happen. 

Nina was captivating. 

Jun Hae in was amazing. There is only couple of his dramas that I have not watched. 

I’m really satisfied how this season ended. If there is a season 3 I will watch it.  


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