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[Drama 2023] D.P. (Deserter Pursuit), D.P 개의 날 - Season 2 (Netflix)


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Netflix Drama

"D.P." (Deserter Pursuit)


Network: Netflix

Episodes: 6

Genre: Military, Drama

Airdate: 2021

Writer: Kim Bo Tong

Director/Writer: Han Jun Hee




 It  is about a private named Ahn Jun Ho who is fulfilling his mandatory military service like other young men his age when he is suddenly conscripted into a special squad sent out to chase down deserters from the military. It is based on the popular webtoon by Kim Bo Tong.




Jung Hae In as Ahn Joon Ho


He is a quiet and calm private who is not good at adapting to new situations. He becomes part of the D.P. squad when his observation skills and patience catch the eye of the officer in charge.


Son Seok Gu as Im Ji Seop


He is an executive in the military police who graduated from the Korea Military Academy. He only cares about good results and considers the D.P. squad to be a nuisance.


Kim Sung Kyun as Sergeant Park Bum Goo


 He is the officer in charge of the D.P. squad. He suffers from high stress and chronic fatigue and often swears at and scolds Ahn Jun Ho and Han Ho Yeol, but he takes care of the squad through his veteran insight.


Goo Kyo Hwan as Han Ho Yeol


He is the team leader of the D.P. squad. Although he seems like a playboy with no ambition or drive, he is a dependable soldier who helps Ahn Jun Ho adjust to life in the squad, even though he gets irritated with the new soldier at times.


Lee Jun Young as Lee Deung Byung

Hong Kyung as Ryu Yi Kang

Jo Hyun Chul as Cho Seok Bong

Shin Seung Ho as Hwang Jang Soo

Kim Bum Soo as TBA




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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2021] D.P. (Deserter Pursuit) - Jung Hae In, Son Seok Gu & Kim Sung Kyun

I am very excited about this one! Absolutely love the casting.


- - - - - - - -




Netflix Announces Casting Lineup For New Original Series “D.P.”

By abbyinhallyuland | September 3, 2020



This K-Drama season for Netflix is all about “chasing” – whether it may be dreams and love. A surprising mix is coming up though for Netflix original series, D.P. – as it sways from the usual pursuits of the K-Drama characters we loved. Additionally, for fans of actor Jung Hae In, you are in for a treat, because you’ll get to see him again in action.


Netflix, the world’s leading streaming entertainment service, confirmed an impressive roster of actors for its new original series D.P.


Narrating, the story of a young army private who unexpectedly becomes a desertion arrest officer, he finds himself in confusing and complicated situations.


D.P. is an acronym for ‘Deserter Pursuit,’ a unit within the Army’s Military Police for tracking down AWOL soldiers. With this novel premise and a close look into issues within the military, the original webtoon by Kim Bo-tong was a huge hit that attracted over 10 million readers in Korea.




D.P. Jung Hae-in


Playing An Jun-ho, he is an army private assigned to D.P. Noticing his observant and persistent attitude, he is quiet and composed. Jun-ho also upholds strict adherence to rules that are set. He becomes to be struggling with inner conflict as he faces different cases of deserters.


Making his small screen comeback, Jung Hae In last worked on One Spring Night. His other popular works are Something in the Rain and Tune in For Love. Interestingly, this will be Jung’s third role wearing an officer uniform. He was a police officer in While You Were Sleeping and was an elite soldier in Prison Playbook.



D.P. Koo Kyo-hwan


Lauded for his role in film Jane, Koo Kyo Hwan suits up as Han Ho-yeol, the corporal leading the desertion arrest unit. Although he appears to be unambitious and free-spirited, he mentors Jun-ho with important details to aid their investigation. At times, his temperament flares up. A display of great teamwork between him and Jung Hae In is also guaranteed.



D.P. Kim Sung-kyun


Well-recognized character actor Kim Sung Kyun plays the role of experienced and capable D.P. Unit Chief Park Beom-gu. Constantly nagging the already worn out Jun-ho and Ho-yeol, his true heart always look out for both of them.


Kim has an impressive portfolio including The Fiery Priest, Reply 1988, and Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time.



D.P Son Suk-ku


Taking the role of First Lieutenant Im Ji-seop, an elite graduate of the Korea Military Academy and the Commander of the Military Police is Son Suk Ku. He generates suspense and tension as he only cares about results and highly disapproves of D.P..


The series is directed by Han Jun-hee, whose full-length debut film Coin Locker Girlcaused an uproar in the Korean film industry in 2015. He and the original webtoon writer Kim Bo-tong collaborated on the screenplay.


D.P. will be produced by Lezhin Studio in association with Homemade Film. It will premiere internationally, only on Netflix.



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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2021] D.P. (Deserter Pursuit), D.P 개의 날 - Jung Hae In, Son Seok Gu & Kim Sung Kyun
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A great series. For me the greatest form of art is when it brings out the social issue and enlighten people about the real situation and do something to make it change. I have insufficient resource about the real situation in the military, but i remember a short story from my korean teacher years ago, that the kind of sexual harassment or should i say humiliation did happen at the military. I also come across the clip of the prescon when the PD said, some people may go through military enlistment in respectful environment, they may think, it wasn't like that when i served. But the writer and PD's intentions is to show that even though it doesn't always happen, we can't neglect the fact that it happens, and the scar the victim has to bear is for a lifetime.


My heart breaks for Bongdi and I really love the opening song sequences. Each of these men is a precious son, brother, lover of someone out there. Just like how they enter the military in a good shape, those families wait to see them come out in the same if not better shape. 


The last words said by both Luffy and Zoro pretty much sums up what the show wants to deliver. I should at least do something. Too bad these characters faced dead end that the "something" they did only bring grief.

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On 8/27/2021 at 5:36 PM, admonike said:

This drama is so GOOOOD
just wondering, is this really happen in military service?

I just finished watching it and yes, it was really good. Love the bromance between JHI and Goo Kyo Hwan.


I also wondered if this is something that happens irl military service... 

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Some great insight from reddit. Those who want detailed discussion can go there.



I believe "some" units were really like that 5~10+ years ago, because there were some incidences like manslaughter, mass shooting (from the victim), suicide, AWOL(deserting) with his arms, drew attention and revealed what was happening in there. As a result, nowaday, those things are mostly gone and there are many prevention measures made after those cases. That is why the time of that series is 2014, and I personally think that the series is showing the worst case (maybe with some, but not too much exaggeration), as Junho is assigned at D.P. who suppose to handle the worst case in the entire unit. -@Better-Ad-7566


The bullying in military issue have been talked A LOT by A Lot of people in Korea for LONG time.And there have been A LOT of policy changes in last 5-10years.


I cant explain in detail in english due to lack of english skill but I will try


1)Seniors and Juniors dont share same room nowadays like the show portrayed.Only people in same hierarchy use same room.And Seniors can't enter juniors's room unless they are permitted by executives.This policy was introduced in 2014.I enlisted in army in may,2014 and shared same room with only peole who enlistd in April-June 2014 in my whole military service time.Most of RickRoll'D by seniors happen in room in free time,so it was very successful policy


2)Hierarchy is no more classified by a month like it used to be.For instance,when i enlisted army in may,I could order my juniors who enlisted in june.But it was changed 5years ago.


Nowadays 99% of units classify soldier's hierarchy by at least 3months,6months and 1year depend on unit.So people who enlisted in January and June are seen as same hierarchy. It's a policy considered as successful to loose hierarchy.


3)Soliders are now allowed to use their cellphone in free time since 2018.When cellphone wasn't allowed due to security concern,most of bullying happed in free time.But nowadays people who just discharged say seniors in same unit are indifferent at what juniors are doing and rarely intervene juniors because they are also busy at playing their own cellphone in free time(calling,internet surfing,mobile game and etc).


After cellphone was allowed, suicide and fleeing rate was decreased drastically because solider can now communicate with people in outside whenever they want too.


4)Soliders can't order gathering to other soliders.The line 'I want all my juniors and your seniors behind the barracks' by Cho Sukbong was very notorious and popular line in military until early 2010s.Solider used to gather other junior soliders when his junior solider made mistake.But gathering order by soliders have dissappeared since 2012-2015 depend on unit.I have never experineced in military service and never heard of someone doing it.In my unit,I heard it existed till 2013.


These are only some of policies Korean government did in last 10years.There were radical changes in miliatry especially in last 5years.There were some famous incidents made entire Korean outraged in 2014(mass shooting and dying by beating) and it made Korean government to push radical military policy changes.Keep in mind this show is also based on 2014.Original webtoon was written in 2015.


Compared to 2011, suicide rate in 2016 in miltary decreased by half.Its now only 8.8 per 100,000 people. Its lower than suicde rate of Korean men in 20s(19.9)and Korean suicide rate in general(22-23ish).I dont deny there are still a lot of irratioinality remained in army even after policy changes -@itscoldcoldcolddd


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That was amazing. But wow, it's bleak. I wasn't expecting my gut to be punched like that.


I'm glad to hear that there are some reforms in the Korean military, but obviously it would just be better if the country was no longer at war and young men were no longer forced to serve. I've always hoped that this will change in my lifetime. But that hope is feeling futile with the way the world is turning right now.

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  • ferily changed the title to [Drama 2021] D.P. (Deserter Pursuit), D.P 개의 날 - Jung Hae In, Son Seok Gu & Kim Sung Kyun
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Netflix officially confirmed DP season 2



Netflix 'D.P' season 2 production confirmed... Syndrome once again


2021.12.14. 9:27 am
'DP' Season 1 Poster / Photo = Courtesy of Netflix

[Seoul Economic Daily ] Netflix's 'DP' has confirmed the production of season 2 

'D.P', which was released in August, is the story of Jun-ho (Jung Hae-in) and Ho-yeol (Koo Gwan-soo), an arrest team (D.P.), who catch deserters, and face a reality they never knew existed. 

The work is based on the webtoon 'Diffie's Day' by writer Kim Bo-tong, and director Han Jun-hee of 'Chinatown' and 'Peppin' completed the story of deserters and soldiers chasing them with a delicate and sharp gaze, which no one paid attention to. It received great acclaim. Season 1 of 'Diffie' ended when Junho, wearing the rank of first officer, started walking in a different direction from the crew after the incident that left everyone hurt. Even after the ending credits started, the sound of running footsteps continued for a while, raising explosive curiosity about what kind of story would unfold in the future. 

'D.P' captivated both the public and critics with its fresh material and attractive character, called a deserter arrest squad. In addition to the bromance of Jung Hae-in and Gwa-Kwan Koo, the performances of actors Kim Seong-gyun, Son Seok-gu, and Jo Hyeon-cheol, as well as actors, aroused a passionate sympathy for men and women of all ages, regardless of generation. It is also a work that leaves a poignant message with realistic directing that reveals the absurd reality without adding or subtracting.

In addition, 'D.P' is the only Korean series to be selected in the New York Times' Best International TV Show TOP 10 on the 3rd (local time) on the 3rd (local time). Various overseas media outlets said, “‘D.P.’, which represents the dark and cold modern society, is the most brilliant Korean drama series this year” (Ready Steady Cut), “The bold will to highlight violence in the military with consistently excellent acting and brilliant filming from start to finish stands out. A work of art” (NME), leaving a warm acclaim, expressing that 'D.P' is a story that fits not only Korea but also all societies. 

In Season 2, director Han Jun-hee will direct and writer Kim Bo-tong will co-write the screenplay, and they will work together once again after season 1. The production company, Climax Studio, produced 'D.P' season 1 and 'Hell', which has recently become a global topic, and is responsible for the perfection and workmanship, and also took charge of the production of 'D.P' season 2.

Reporter Choo Seung-hyun (chush@sedaily.com)


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