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Coronavirus / COVID-19


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I don’t know, I haven’t vaccinated yet because of I am 28 weeks pregnant now. 

And every time I open my facebook or IG or WA now I see many posts of the death from family and friends because of covid19. Plus I don’t understand how come every day there are 1 or 2 employees in my office can be tested positive of covid19. This situation is stressing me actually. Thank God they give me wfh again now. Sighhh..

People might see I smile and laugh but actually my heart keeps worrying everyday with this situation. I am worrying because of I also have a son under 2 years.

I just hope this pandemic will be over soon <3 (from a mother who is worries that her children must to be grow in the middle of covid19 pandemic)

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More positive cases today in my office and I am wondering why do people who are having symptoms know that they are having symptoms have not staying at home and isolating themselves? They still go to work and infecting people who interact with them. Aren’t they selfish? 

First they selfish because of they know that our city is in the red zone of covid19 with high mortality rate but they still go everywhere sometimes wearing masks sometimes not and still socialize with others. 

And second after that they are still go work like nothing happened and joking about covid19 and etc..

I am too lazy to meet these people now who have low sensitivity for humanity. 

Many people die around them because of covid19, many doctors and nurses die and getting infected and must to go home and meet their families because of covid19 and they still can joke about this.

I don’t know anymore.. with this pandemic I now know people’s humanity rate around me. 

It is better to go shopping on shopee zZzzz ~,~

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