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@angelangie  Thanks for the tag, good anecdote.   You can actually make your own hand sanitizer, must make sure that it's >=60% alcohol (to be virucidal).  If you combine isopropyl (rubbi

@myden @smallwonder @pawla @Carmen T @Kimberly Amor @yueyyo @cenching @piowpiow   How are all of you going in your countries with either lockdowns or state of emergency? Stay Healthy La

Thank you @angelangie! Here Annual exams for schools have got preponed, no exams at all for primary kids. Some IT companies have strictly asked for work from home. Other offices keep monitoring body t

Here are some footages from Wuhan, China that the news media isn't showing. Unfortunately, it looks like South Korea is following the same path. Unlike other countries like the US, Australia, Russia, and even North Korea, the current South Korean president didn't put much effort in preventing this virus from spreading into the country. The current South Korean administration relied on sources from the Communist Party of China, which initially tried to hide this breakout.



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16 hours ago, angelangie said:

stocks took a tumble



I was expecting this to happen. A lot of the American company's manufactured goods come from China. Also, this pandemic is hitting a lot of big and small businesses in many countries.








South Korea is one of the few countries that continue to accept Chinese citizens. Many Chinese students arrived this month.

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Now it’s definitely not worth going anywhere until this horror passes, at least until the end of the summer for sure, or even until the age of 21, otherwise the risks are too great.  The choice of platform depends on how much you need the result and quality. I would like to work with https://www.intellias.com/automotive/, based on this page and generally great quality things that intellias develops, so I think this is a great signal about whether to work with this company or not , which orders software from them.

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I'm sorry that this virus is happening, and is killing some people---But darn some media are making such a hyped over it. It really is unfortunate that this virus is causing many businesses to suffered too, and just a horrible time in 2020! Hopefully, it will end soon---So everyone would feel more hopeful-and return to their normal life.

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14 minutes ago, angelangie said:


well our new health minister said this is very small spread only :x

Oh yes , he’s who’s also the finance / home / defence / education etc minister :joy:.

one man show .

Kesian us . 

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Yes, it’s sad that many businesses are suffering from this virus but it’s equally sad for the people who suffer through it and those who die from it.


Some of the symptoms experienced seem like a nightmare. A lady in Washington state who is in her 30s shared her experience of Covid-19 and she said that it felt much worse than the flu. The most alarming symptom she experienced was an immense burning feeling in her lungs that caused continuous shortness of breath. A 25 year old British ex-pat English teacher also shared his account and he pretty much described a similar experience except he said his lungs felt like and sounded like twigs and he also experienced shortness of breath to the point where he felt he would die one night.

I’m in NY and the cases here are rising. Our company just moved out of a We Works space in early February and today we saw emails from that same We Works location that their staff is self quarantine because an employee had contact with a confirmed Covid-19 case. We are all now grateful that we moved out before any of this transpired. 

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9 hours ago, Sejabin said:

In Palu we use water not tissue roll :)


Jakarta positive 19 cases. Still increasing.


I still hope nobody brings covid 19 to Palu.

If everyone live and go about their days responsibly, the spread could be slowed down and contained. I am amazed by the countries which now have 0 active cases (Vietnam, Macao, Sri Lanka, to name a few). A lot of first cases are people who returned from traveling to other (infected) countries. 


edit: Vietnam just got one new case. 

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