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@angelangie  Thanks for the tag, good anecdote.   You can actually make your own hand sanitizer, must make sure that it's >=60% alcohol (to be virucidal).  If you combine isopropyl (rubbi

In South Korea, the outbreak began in late January, which was before the mass cult gathering. Before that mass gathering, the infection number was still low. The problem was that the virus was hard to

@myden @smallwonder @pawla @Carmen T @Kimberly Amor @yueyyo @cenching @piowpiow   How are all of you going in your countries with either lockdowns or state of emergency? Stay Healthy La

I hope everyone safe. I have been catching up to my kdramas (during my lunch hours). It feels weird watching dramas of people walking around the streets. I miss going outside and I think I got a bit cranky staying at home. I'm lucky that I live in a city where...there is plenty of space and the population is not dense. I'd hang out in my backyard but it's still full of snow. 

I'm also lucky that I think my job is pretty safe... I feel sorry for those that are unable to go to the grocery stores or get food. 

I miss the fresh air! 


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Since this is a kpop forum. I'm just curious if anyone knows. (Why) are they still filming kdramas? I'd think they'd also be socially distancing, since there's quite a few cases in SK as well. 


I like my kdramas, but I think they should be on a hiatus for everyone's health and safety. Perhaps the broadcasters should use this opportunity and do reruns of previously hit shows. 

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22 hours ago, weirdnshort said:

Since this is a kpop forum. I'm just curious if anyone knows. (Why) are they still filming kdramas? I'd think they'd also be socially distancing, since there's quite a few cases in SK as well. 


I like my kdramas, but I think they should be on a hiatus for everyone's health and safety. Perhaps the broadcasters should use this opportunity and do reruns of previously hit shows. 


Yeah, this is very concerning. I think they're getting too relaxed after the infection rate in SK slowed down. And it's not just in the film industry. I'm afraid we might see another spike in the infection rate if they continue this way. Actually, South Korea never had any lockdowns. It's mostly voluntary. What's fortunate is that most of the Koreans wear masks.

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Stabbing of Asian-American 2-Year-Old and Her Family Was a Virus-Fueled Hate Crime: Feds


The vicious stabbing of an Asian-American family, including a 2-year-old girl, at a Sam’s Club in Texas earlier this month has been deemed a hate crime by the feds, as authorities continue to raise alarm bells about a potential surge in racially motivated crimes amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Jose L. Gomez, 19, confessed to authorities that he attempted to murder three Asian-American family members, including the toddler and a 6-year-old, on March 14 at the Midland, Texas store, according to the Midland Police Department. Gomez, who stabbed the individuals and a Sam’s Club employee, is now facing several charges, including three counts of attempted capital murder and one count of aggravated assault. He is being held on several bonds totaling $1 million.

“The suspect indicated that he stabbed the family because he thought the family was Chinese, and infecting people with coronavirus,” according to an FBI analysis report obtained by ABC News.

The Texas incident was used in the report as one example of a recent surge in hate crimes and racially fueled violence targeting Asian-Americans as the coronavirus pandemic continues to sweep the United States. 

According to an arrest affidavit obtained by the Midland Reporter-Telegram, Gomez attempted to kill the Asian-American family of four inside the wholesale store at about 7:30 p.m. When a Sam’s Club employee and another patron intervened, Gomez allegedly stabbed the patron in the leg and fingers with a knife. 

At one point, the customer was able to knock the knife away from Gomez during the struggle before the teenager was finally subdued by Border Patrol Agent Bernie Ramiez, who was off-duty and just leaving the store after shopping for groceries, the affidavit states.

Ramirez later told CBS7 that during the altercation, he saw the store employee had managed to put Gomez in a chokehold after he had stabbed multiple people.

“My initial thought was it was just the shortage of items that they were fighting over,” Ramirez told the local outlet. “So I just started making my way over there to break it up.”

The agent added, “I’ve got close to 19 years in law enforcement. It’s crazy and it’s sad the way certain individuals think, their mindset. It’s a sad deal.”

When authorities arrived at the Sam’s Club, investigators immediately began to question Gomez. The teenager then admitted to trying to kill the family and assaulting the patron with a knife, the affidavit states. 

Ramirez did not immediately respond to The Daily Beast’s request for comment and a spokesperson for Midland Mayor Patrick Payton’s office declined to comment, stating that the case has now been turned over to the FBI. 

According to the intelligence report that was compiled by the FBI’s Houston office and distributed to local law enforcement agencies across the nation, federal officials believe hate crimes will only increase as COVID-19 continues to spread.

“The FBI assesses hate crime incidents against Asian Americans likely will surge across the United States, due to the spread of coronavirus disease... endangering Asian American communities,” the report states. “The FBI makes this assessment based on the assumption that a portion of the US public will associate COVID-19 with China and Asian American populations.”...…...

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If you're curious about how's the lockdown in European countries, here's a Korean guy living in Belgium reporting about it :




Belgium's been in lockdown for 3 weeks now, expecting another month.

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On 4/6/2020 at 10:38 AM, angelangie said:

hmmmmm i wonder what is happening? how come it can transmit to the animal too??? visitors are the carrier then how does it transmit to tiger since they are feet apart isnt it?

It can jump species.  COVID is believed to have come from bats.  They are still looking for the intermediary host (if any).  So it can jump from human back to animal again.  The keeper was diagnosed with COVID so he would’ve prepared their food so transmitted it to the tiger.  There have been cases where pet cats and dogs have tested positive as well because their owners were positive.  Importantly though, there is no reported case of pets transmitting it back to humans.  Vets were careful to point this out, they didn’t want owners to flood clinics asking for their pets to be put down for fear of catching COVID from them.


If you look at how the virus spreads, it’s worse where there are instances of close contact and shared food.  So think cruise ships.  If one of the crew/cooks got it, potentially it would spread to multiple people.  Same with families.  If an adult gets it, chances are they would spread it to the children because they prepare the food and share food.  There’s very little evidence of children spreading it to adults.  That’s why they say schools are “safe”.  Even in those “outbreaks” at schools, it’s always been the case of teachers passing it to students or students contracting it from their parents, but there’s not been any widespread outbreak within the school amongst the students themselves.

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Dumped Milk, Smashed Eggs, Plowed Vegetables: Food Waste of the Pandemic


David Yaffe-Bellany and Michael Corkery


In Wisconsin and Ohio, farmers are dumping thousands of gallons of fresh milk into lagoons and manure pits. An Idaho farmer has dug huge ditches to bury 1 million pounds of onions. And in South Florida, a region that supplies much of the Eastern half of the United States with produce, tractors are crisscrossing bean and cabbage fields, plowing perfectly ripe vegetables back into the soil.

After weeks of concern about shortages in grocery stores and mad scrambles to find the last box of pasta or toilet paper roll, many of the nation’s largest farms are struggling with another ghastly effect of the pandemic. They are being forced to destroy tens of millions of pounds of fresh food that they can no longer sell.

The closing of restaurants, hotels and schools has left some farmers with no buyers for more than half their crops. And even as retailers see spikes in food sales to Americans who are now eating nearly every meal at home, the increases are not enough to absorb all of the perishable food that was planted weeks ago and intended for schools and businesses.

The amount of waste is staggering. The nation’s largest dairy cooperative, Dairy Farmers of America, estimates that farmers are dumping as many as 3.7 million gallons of milk each day. A single chicken processor is smashing 750,000 unhatched eggs every week.

Many farmers say they have donated part of the surplus to food banks and Meals on Wheels programs, which have been overwhelmed with demand. But there is only so much perishable food that charities with limited numbers of refrigerators and volunteers can absorb.

And the costs of harvesting, processing and then transporting produce and milk to food banks or other areas of need would put further financial strain on farms that have seen half their paying customers disappear. Exporting much of the excess food is not feasible either, farmers say, because many international customers are also struggling through the pandemic and recent currency fluctuations make exports unprofitable.

“It’s heartbreaking,” said Paul Allen, co-owner of R.C. Hatton, who has had to destroy millions of pounds of beans and cabbage at his farms in South Florida and Georgia...

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53 minutes ago, angelangie said:

i guess there is always good and bad to all situation



Yeah it's like someone has a pen and they can write an epic novel with it or they can stab someone in the neck and kill someone with that same pen

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