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Jang Dong Yoon 장동윤 - Upcoming Drama 2021: Joseon Exorcist

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[Update] Filming at Cheongju yesterday His squiggly '사랑합니다' handwriting

(cr. junlee_junlee)




Cr. wowhellosohyun Twitter


Also Jang Dong Yoon will appear in today's ep of The Return of Superman, KBSEntertain Awards special at  9:30 pm 


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Profile First Name: Dong Yoon Family Name: Jang Native Name: 장동윤 Also Known As: Jang Dong Yun; Nationality: South Korean

To share some of Jang Dong Yoon's  many talents and qualities  here are 5 of them:     1. He's amazing at writing poems       2. He's great at swimming (a

Full drama (eng subs) if We Were Season (Jang Dong Yoon,Chae Soo Bin) by writer Tale Of Nokdu "Im Ye Jin" Giseok's friend in this is the same person as the guy who have a crush on Nokdu wkwkw lol

200116 SBS Access Showbiz Tonight - Jang Dong Yoon's unreleased cut


Aww he was so nervous at the bts ;A;


And SBS showing their devotion for him lol




And also:


His next drama "SEARCH" will be aired on May and his co-star will be Krystal f(x) \o/ 

I remember Dong Yoon said he listened f(x)'s Electric Shock a lot at the army :3 hehehehe I wonder who was his fav on the group? 



More HQ pictures:










Cr. As tagged

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f(x)’s Krystal And Jang Dong Yoon Reportedly Starring In Military Drama

Jan 16, 2020
by U. Kim
It was reported that f(x)’s Krystal and Jang Dong Yoon will be the leads in an upcoming OCN military drama.

On January 16, Ilgan Sports reported that Krystal and Jang Dong Yoon were the leads for OCN’s new drama “Search” (literal title).

According to the report, “Search” is a survival story about a search party that battles against monstrous creatures. It will highlight the heartwarming bond between the members of the search party as they struggle to escape the demilitarized zone together. The story begins as a military dog handler who’s only a month away from his discharge date gets seconded to the search party and encounters a monster in the demilitarized zone.

Ilgan Sports states that Krystal will play Son Ye Rim, an elite army officer who has a secret behind her birth. A former member of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, lieutenant Song Ye Rim is an operations officer of the chemical, biological, and radiological warfare unit under direct control by the military headquarters of the western front. As someone with outstanding stamina and intelligence, she is always burning with the desire to win at everything she does.

Jang Dong Yoon will reportedly be taking on the role of Goo Dong Jin, a military dog handler affiliated with a commando regiment of the western front’s military headquarters. Everything begins when the military dog he’s in charge of deserts the army while he’s on detached duty.

The drama will be directed by Im Dae Woong of the films “My Teacher” and “Horror Stories.”

Cr. https://www.soompi.com/article/1377392wpp/fxs-krystal-and-jang-dong-yoon-reportedly-starring-in-military-drama


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Some facts about the new Jang Dong Yoon's drama B)





Oh gosh he'll be the ex-boyfriend :D



Some Netizen's reactions:


f(x) Krystal and Actor Jang Dongyoon reportedly will be the lead cast of the upcoming OCN drama 'Search'


f(x) Krystal and Actor Jang Dongyoon reportedly will be the lead cast of the upcoming OCN drama 'Search'

Netizen comments :

(+511,-22) I really looking forward to it ㅠ ㅠ Jang Dongyoon Krystal fighting!

(+194,-10) I can't wait to Jang Dongyoon and Soojung's drama.

(+151,-8) I will look forward to Actor Jang Dongyoon!

(+135,-16) I'm looking forward to the drama! I hope the drama is fun and the characters are charming.

(+109,-7) I'm looking forward to Krystal Jang Dongyoon. I hope you guys enjoy the drama with the  cool characters.

(+36,-4) Soojung I love you~ fighting!


Cr.Story Kpop


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OMG Dong Yoonie is nominated as Best New actor at the 56th Grand Bell Awards for his movie "Beautiful Days" - the ceremony will be held Feb25 at 7:30PM KST :w00t:




Via. Flwperiwinkle Twitter



'Beautiful Days' Yoon Jae Ho PD "Jang Dong Yoon, an actor you want to put a camera in front of [him]" 

Yoon Jae Ho PD revealed the reason to cast new actor Jang Dong Yoon.
At the movie premiere press conference he began to talk "I met Jang Dong Yoon at the first time at the office. Since I just wanted to see how it felt, I asked him to do simple lines in the script [and] he's already prepared a lot."
He then praised "Jang Dong Yoon just threw a line but it was like a scene that appeared in the movie. It was great. Jang Dong Yoon is an actor that you want to put a camera in front of. Just put the camera and it felt like the story will only come out."
Eng trans cr. Luce_13 twitter

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Fansubs of "Beautiful Days" under spoiler:




On 1/17/2020 at 8:25 AM, jstgt1501 said:

OMG Dong Yoonie is nominated as Best New actor at the 56th Grand Bell Awards for his movie "Beautiful Days" - the ceremony will be held Feb25 at 7:30PM KST :w00t:

Via. Flwperiwinkle Twitter

Good luck & hope he gets the chance to shine on the silver screen in future!

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200120 Dongyi Company IG update with Dong Yoon :wub:





And also there's this clip where he's talking a bit in Chinese with Yuqi... I wonder how proper is his pronunciation? But sounds pretty good thou. 


I think I'll try to do a compilation of all his clips talking in English and Chinese  B)


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200122 SBS and their love for Dong Yoon :P










Funny fact about Dong Yoon's father, btw his father is a Vice Principal :o



"I hv a tmi. I noe jdy's dad. I was in a class where he teached. He looked at me and complimented me a lot saying I did well. He suddly ask if me if I noe jdy and told me to watch his dramas and the shows he's in."

Cr. Wowhellosohyun Twitter

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200126 Cosmopolitan update with Dong Yoon :wub:




Also the KBS drama 'Just Dance' is being aired in Japan since Jan 22th

And 'The Tale of Nokdu' 1st episode will be aired Jan 31th and will continue the broadcast Feb 14th :blush: 




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