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[Variety] -1 Night, 2 Days (1박 2일) Season 4 -8 DECEMBER 2019 [ NA INWOO added as new member Jan/Feb 2022]

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VIXX’s Ravi Surprises Cast And Crew Of “2 Days & 1 Night” With Sweet Gift

During the episode of the KBS 2TV variety show that aired on February 9, Ravi delighted everyone when he personally prepared a coffee truck to drive to Gochang, South Jeolla province, where they were filming.

The truck had a banner that read, “PD (producing director) Ravi says, ‘Today’s destination is caffeine. Drink up,” and photos of Ravi on display. The other cast members were surprised by the sweet gesture from the youngest in the group and Ravi said, “Since it’s the new year, I spent some money for the first and last time.” Kim Seon Ho had everyone laughing as he joked, “You didn’t mix kkanari (sand eel sauce) in there, did you?”

When Ravi expressed uncertainty over whether they’d be able to enjoy the coffee truck as well due to “2 Days & 1 Night” rules, the PD relented and allowed them to enjoy one drink each. They asked the coffee truck owner which drinks would be the most filling and tried to barter for cookies that were on display as well.

After the cast members received their drinks, the staff happily collected their drinks as well and thanked Ravi, creating a heartwarming moment for all.

“2 Days & 1 Night” airs every Sunday at 6:30 p.m. KST.











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DinDin Picks The Other Cast Members As His No. 1 Treasure On “2 Days & 1 Night Season 4”

On the February 16 episode of KBS’s “2 Days & 1 Night Season 4,” the members were asked to pick their No. 1 treasure in life.


DinDin responded without hesitation, “Our members.” Kim Seon Ho said, “I was going to say that” and regretted that he had not said it first. Kim Jong Min said to DinDin, “I think you’re lacking in sincerity.”

DinDin insisted, “I like our members the best.” However, he added jokingly as a warning, “If you cause an incident, you’re all dead. Not one of us can get into trouble.”


The other members picked their pets and families as their treasures in life. Yeon Jung Hoon specifically said, “Of course it’s my kids.” Moon Se Yoon then quipped, “It’s not your wife?” and Yeon Jung Hoon amended, “My family is my treasure.”

Kim Seon Ho said, “Mine is also my family. After two years apart, we’re all living together again.” DinDin added, “Good, live together. And stay out of trouble.”

Kim Jong Min, on the other hand, took quite a long time to name his treasure. DinDin suggested, “Koyote?” but Kim Jong Min shot that down immediately with a firm, “No.”









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I really enjoyed this one.  Especially when they were at the historical drama location.  It made me nostalgic for the old dramas, especially Jumong.

Good for Jongmin for doing the zipline and getting the answer right!.  



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Kim Jong Min Reveals What It’s Like Being The Last Original Member Of “1 Night 2 Days”



1 Night 2 Days is one of the longest-running programs in Korea, with it having been around since 2007. The program is currently in its 4’th season and one thing has remained constant throughout each one,

Kim Jong Min.



Kim Jong Min has been a member of the show since its 1’st season and is getting accustomed to the new 4’th season. He reveals on Happy Together that it’s strange that he is now one of the oldest members among the cast, as he was always one of the younger members in previous seasons.



One of the main things that the new members rely on to Kim Jong Min for is advice. That his experience of variety shows will be of great knowledge for the members who may not have as much experience in a variety show environment.

Kim Jong Min also gets nervous in these kinds of new situations and can’t relax much to the new members being inexperienced.


Kim Jong Min is kind of the leader in the 4’th season of 1 Night 2 Days and tries his best to give useful advice to the new members whenever he can.




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Wonder what they're going to do next.  NCOV-19 is really getting serious in SK right now. Even Celebrities not wearing masks when outside gets netizens kinda mad, wonder if they'll take a break or shoot indoors. If they were able to shoot one last trip before the outbreak, they'll have 2 weeks covered. But if the virus doesn't die down, their health comes first. 

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