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  1. EPISODE 64 21/2/21 SEYOON IG “2 Days & 1 Night” Season 4 Cast Read About Their Wild Predictions In Letters From One Year Ago On the February 21 episode of KBS’s “2 Days & 1 Night” Season 4, the cast continued their “time travel” special. At the base camp, the members opened the letters that they had written to themselves and to the members a year ago. None of the members were excited at the prospect, with Ravi trying to run away and Kim Seon Ho hiding his face in embarrassment on the floor. DinDin suggested they bury the letters for another yea
  2. he will need enter military 2021 becoz his age Ravi’s Agency Denies Reports That He Plans To Enlist In June VIXX’s Ravi has denied rumors that he plans to begin his mandatory military service this summer. On February 19, Xportsnews reported that Ravi was planning to enlist in the military in June. According to the outlet’s sources, Ravi had received a draft notice, and as the enlistment could not be postponed, he had decided to enlist in June. A source from GROOVL1N, Ravi’s agency, said, “It is not true that Ravi is enlisting in June. His enlistment pe
  3. start with normal poster 1n2ds4[2021] KBS UNICORN POSTER 1N2DS4 ON NAVER SITE THIS ALSO RATING EPISODE 62 8/2/2021 14.0%[+2.5%] EPISODE 61 31/1/2021 11.5% [-0.4%] EPISODE 60 24/1/2021 11.9%[-2.2%] EPISODE 59 17/1/2021 - 14.1%[+1.9%] EPISODE 58 10/1/2021 12.9%[0.5%] EPISODE 57 3/1/2021 12.4% [-1.2%] EPISODE 56 2020.12.27 13.6% no.1 for timeslot ^& also beat a
  4. https://www.soompi.com/article/1452396wpp/lee-min-jung-shin-dong-yup-kim-jong-min-dindin-and-oh-my-girls-seunghee-join-new-tvn-variety-show Lee Min Jung, Shin Dong Yup, Kim Jong Min, DinDin, And Oh My Girl’s Seunghee Join New tvN Variety Show tvN is launching a new variety show in March called “Upgrade Human” (working title). “Upgrade Human” is a reality program in which people challenge themselves to break out of their comfort zone and upgrade themselves by taking on a variety of small and big “uncomfortable” challenges. The idea of the pro
  5. shoot new poster 1n2ds4 based film - seonho wish e60 epi 61 31/1/2021 - 2 film edward scrissorhands & harry potter HARRY POTTER
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