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  1. from ALL PD season 3 seem like PD Yoon most senior now .he still with kbs (he now with /boss the mirror team /show ) all main pd pd yoo- pd ilyong pd kimseong now leave KBS ... just no news abt pd inseok & maknae pd back then what they doing now . & . if season 4 will continue hope they put some PD -writer from season 3 .... PD A -PD Yoon should back with team season 4 even some writers also now with pd ilyong for mbn naturally .. i missed ALL staff SEASON 3 .. this show
  2. junho not making kbs stop 1n2ds3 broadcast but JJY .. kbs feel shame , wrong making big decision when he accept jjy again after his 1st cases ..
  3. no eng subbed for this show until now .. only chinese subbed ---------------------------------- new video uploaded on space rabbit youtube FD LEE GYUHWAN maknae writer also on mbn naturally these pics time they play games at beach for 10th anni Cuba team
  4. PRESS CONFERENCE MBN NATURALLY REPORTERS ASK QUESTION ABT J -- to pdilyong and abt he re-welcome back him after 1 cases .. but pd ilyong just not answers becoz not related with situation - " press concefence mbn naturally
  5. vlog lee hwijae wife and family https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZj3eRiL02zvGumdwIAjk6g/videos
  6. sorry updated this show here .. jongmin and pd ilyong meet again ....+++ no news to updated here ....
  7. hand - 1박 2일 koyote also perform at kbs open concert yesterday .. mini reunion jongmin with pd ....
  8. “Naturally” will be helmed by producing director (PD) Yoo Il Yong of “2 Days & 1 Night” and “Immortal Songs.” The show will be the PD’s first program after transferring to MBN’s affiliate company Space Rabbit. “Naturally” will be a long-term project that captures all four seasons in the countryside. Each celebrity will receive a home in the countryside, remodel it as their second home, and live in it. The show aims to give viewers the vicarious experience of healing, comfort, and escape from exhausting city life. https://www.soompi.com/article/1334566wpp/jo-byeong-gyu-to-join-new-variety-show-as-fixed-cast-member
  9. while waiting news from kbs about 1n2d MBN announce jongmin will join new show /progrm pd ilyong -BE NATURAL - pd ilyong also cast ex member 1n2d s1 eun jiwon ... pd ilyong already move company from kbs to MBN's subsidiary Space Rabbit (pd ilyong updated his ig with logo this company )
  10. jang junu(junwoo) jang junseo now only this family dont has official SNS . so when found their family pics we wil happy and susprise see how they grow up
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