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[Variety] -1 Night, 2 Days (1박 2일) Season 4 -8 DECEMBER 2019 [ YOO SEONHO added as new member DEC 2022

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I too am glad that (so far) Jong Min is being treated with more respect.  I hope he can go back to just being his goofy self as in his early years in variety.  He's a naturally funny guy, doesn't need to act the babo role any more.

This season so far really has been a love-fest.  It will be interesting to see how long it lasts.

Seems like PD-nim is being a bit too soft on them, but maybe she's just lulling them into a false sense of security before turning truly evil :-).

Anyway, really liking the shows so far.


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No, no, our '1 Night and 2 Days' must live on! We need to distance ourselves from bad things!"


DinDin blatantly refuses to go near a cannabis farm in '1 Night and 2 Days'

DinDin passionately refused not to go near a cannabis.

On the January 26th episode of '1 Night and 2 Days', rapper DinDin and the cast members paid a visit to a professional artisan who specializes in crafting traditional Korean garments.

Impressed after wearing one of the garments, DinDin shared that he could feel the thin and intricate handiwork of the sartor with his own hands.

As DinDin showed an interest in the materials, the artisan responded that the cloth, named 'Andong-po', is made by weaving organic materials grown in Andong, most exclusively the cannabis roots.

Startled, DinDin asked, "Cannabis? You mean that cannabis [for marijuana]? Is there a cannabis farm around here?"


Teasing the rapper, the craftsman said, "You should have come when we had cannabis," and told him that he is "in need of some men to work whenever it's cultivating season." But the rapper blatantly refused, expressing that he would "be arrested" - "I do not even want to go near the farm."

As the cast broke into a laughter, one of the members said, "Wow, the smell is really good."

Listening to his colleague, DinDin once again interjected, "No, no, our '1 Night and 2 Days' must live on! We need to distance ourselves from bad things!"

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Annyeong fellow chingus.. I was a silent reader before but decided to say hi since the thread seems too quiet.. We need more love for 2D1N S4.. I remember my last 2D1N was when Seung Gi was member of the show.. And come back for this season to follow KSH.


So far I love all the members.. Looks like they've blended well and growing comfortable with each other. I can't wait to see SH/JH team up for next episode. Can this combination be a winner?.. :) 


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Hi, everyone!


Just dropping by to say that I loved the latest episode.


I felt 2 weeks ago that the show was in danger of becoming bland and boring, with no naughtiness and silliness to spice up the polite, testing-the-waters niceness of the members' interactions.


This was understandable though as the members were still in the early stages of getting to know each other and bonding as a group. Now, they seem to have grown more comfortable with each other and so we are treated to more entertaining displays of teasing and cheekiness.


This episode, Ravi and Seonho have become more active, talkative and funnier. For me, the one who shone and improved the most in this episode is Ravi. To quote 2 other 2d1n s4 fans, weird and fun Ravi has been released!


And his coffee truck, for me, is just (as I think Koreans put it) jjang.

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