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  1. How boring could it be to watch a group of people doing nothing but falling asleep? Kudos to the editing team for building up the suspense and making it exciting.
  2. In a truly ensemble cast, this is how it is. Each member knows when to step forward and when to step back and let someone else have the spotlight. Nobody dominates, nobody gets left out. Each one of them shines with his own special light. I've watched all four seasons of 1N2D, and the ensemble concept keeps getting better and better. This is a great team, and I hope they continue this way, each of them being themselves, recognizing that each has something different and special to offer.
  3. Jongmin sacrificed himself for laughs in this one. He has previously shown himself to be very good at most of those games.
  4. Did anyone else think the latest episode was kind of disappointing? The recent shows have all been so clever and had good concepts/good games, this one didn't seem to have much meat to it.
  5. I'm again impressed by the writers' creativity. Such a great concept and fun games. They can make so much out of so little.
  6. Ravi and Jongmin - two different generations, two different dance styles, both pretty hot. I've seen comments about how nowadays Jongmin only does silly dancing for laughs and we never get to see him dance for real. Well, this episode he played it straight and took the dance seriously. He's still got it.
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