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  1. I really enjoyed this one. Especially when they were at the historical drama location. It made me nostalgic for the old dramas, especially Jumong. Good for Jongmin for doing the zipline and getting the answer right!.
  2. I too am glad that (so far) Jong Min is being treated with more respect. I hope he can go back to just being his goofy self as in his early years in variety. He's a naturally funny guy, doesn't need to act the babo role any more. This season so far really has been a love-fest. It will be interesting to see how long it lasts. Seems like PD-nim is being a bit too soft on them, but maybe she's just lulling them into a false sense of security before turning truly evil :-). Anyway, really liking the shows so far.
  3. Kim Jongmin - Jegi Master :-) These two trips have been whirlwind. Like the PD wants to cram all the favorite games/missions in so long-time viewers will feel comfortable with the new season. But I'm also looking forward to seeing new games, new directions. I hope she'll get more ambitious as the new members start to settle in.
  4. These guys are hard core, aren't they? Never before seen anyone actually drink the kanari. Now we know what happens if you do. I really liked the episode, and I think I'm going to like the whole cast. They got on well together.
  5. Saw a pic where it looks like the international referee is still with the show. Woohoo! Looking forward to new fun and games.
  6. I don't think this is particularly relevant anymore. It was a different era. We know how much he came to enjoy Season 3 and said he wanted to stay on the show for a long time. Sadly, JJY ruined everything. I wouldn't be surprised if he decided not to come back, though, for reasons different than 2014. Time will tell. Hoping for him to come back, afraid he won't.
  7. Cautiously hopeful. It will be interesting to see whether the new cast will be all male, or mixed, and how they will interact with a female PD. Also, how the producers will interpret "going back to our roots".
  8. You make it sound like he has somehow betrayed the the other members? Even if 1 N 2 D does come back, it will never be the same again. We shouldn't expect it to be. While it would be great if the other members except for JJY were asked to return, I doubt that will happen. So I'm happy that someone on some other network is interested in hiring JunHo. I hope Tae Hyun also is accepted back into entertainment.
  9. Jongmin seems to be moving on. On the recent Brainfficil with Yongjin, they each mentioned that the other had "quit" 1 N, 2 D but that they'd been forced to do it. At least that's how the English translation went. I'm glad JM is getting so many opportunities, and hasn't been tainted by the scandal.
  10. Maybe they're waiting til the JJY case is settled and over with. That way the show can carry on without the continual reminders of the past.
  11. Actually, this is kind of encouraging, if 3 times more people petitioned to keep the show. I think they'll try to think of a face-saving way to start up again, but this may mean getting rid of the remaining Season 3 cast.
  12. This does not sound promising. Maybe they want to see if this show gets better ratings than 1 N 2 D did. If they don't cancel 1 N 2 D completely, I'm pretty sure they will get rid of the remaining current cast and start all over again. Not just because of the scandal, but because most of them are in their 40's. So they may think this is a good opportunity to reshuffle the deck and start from scratch. Anyway, 1 N 2 D as we know it is finished. I do hope that after a cooling off period, CTH and JJH will ease back into entertaining. Even if KBS doesn't want them back, there are other TV networks, film, and other entertainment media to be explored.. But really, KH has been with Gag Conceert so long, KJM has been with 1 N 2 D so long. Such a waste of talent.
  13. How cute was it when the 7 potatoes were all lying in a row resting on the hillside? Seriously, these guys all must have incredibly strong legs. I could not go waddling around (or hopping along) like that. On a different topic, very disappointing that KJM's on-screen romance did not develop into anything off-screen.
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