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  1. I guess I haven't noticed any trends here. But I do think the production team should keep track of selecting the teams each week, so that they are not always the same. Likewise, they know by now the members' strengths and weaknesses, so a variety of games should be selected such that they are not always favoring the same members. After that, it's up to the individual members to earn their air time. By the way, though I loved season 3, I think it did have the problem where the same member(s) always won and same one(s) always lost. I hope season 4 has a long way to go before that happen
  2. How boring could it be to watch a group of people doing nothing but falling asleep? Kudos to the editing team for building up the suspense and making it exciting.
  3. In a truly ensemble cast, this is how it is. Each member knows when to step forward and when to step back and let someone else have the spotlight. Nobody dominates, nobody gets left out. Each one of them shines with his own special light. I've watched all four seasons of 1N2D, and the ensemble concept keeps getting better and better. This is a great team, and I hope they continue this way, each of them being themselves, recognizing that each has something different and special to offer.
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