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[Variety] -1 Night, 2 Days (1박 2일) Season 4 -8 DECEMBER 2019 [ YOO SEONHO added as new member DEC 2022

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January Variety Show Brand Reputation Rankings Announced

 variety program in terms of brand value for January,  2020 . 1n2d no 6 


Check out the top 30 below!

  1. “I Live Alone”
  2. “Mister Trot”
  3. “Voice Queen”
  4. “Delicious Rest Stop”
  5. “Carefree Kickers”
  6. 2 Days & 1 Night
  7. How Do You Play?







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Okay, this is going to be a long post.


After watching the latest episode, I get a strong vibe of season 2. Don't get me wrong. I love season 2. Heck, I just love the show, no matter what the season.

PD is not a meanie and the members are like one sweet happy family. A little too comfortable. 

Maybe because Jongmin is the only one left from the previous seasons and he's not a leader type. He's a class clown. He needs to be baited (is it a correct word?) to produce his best.


In season 2, that was the role of Sugeun. Left as the leader of season 2 with experience from season 1 and natural skill, Sugeun always found his way to lead the pack. Exposed Jongmin as the babo and fished the legendary laughters from Cha Taehyun. 

In season 3, this was where Kim Joonho and Cha Taehyun were so good at. Taehyun gave the bait, Joonho took the action and Jongmin came out with whatever that brought a lot of laughters.

However, we understand that that kind of dynamic could happen after spending time quite a lot with each other.


In this season, Jongmin looks heavy on the shoulder with the responsibility to lead the new members. Hence, Seyoon seems to stand out in keeping everyone together. Which is fine. He has easy going personality and is an experienced comedian. Everyone seems comfortable with him.

I just wish the PD is more strict and clever in giving the members for something to work on.

That was why season 1 and season 3 were very successful. Season 3, as we know, was even running longer than season 1 with relatively steady rating. Almost 6 years if I'm not mistaken?


Dindin has a huge potential to be the baiters. Only in 3 trips, he is quickly learning what to do. Including bargaining with PD for his (and other members) for his/their advantage.

It was Dindin who suggested to bring one member to dive in in exchange for more dish. That's the variety spirit!

I also think Prince of Dimples has a lot in him too. Imagine to have Kim Jongmin and Kim Jongmin version 2.0 in one season :D

Ravi is typical of an idol. He would do ANYTHING. PD has to curb him in becoming too cool. No one should look cool in this show. He has to look desperate, miserable, embarassing, in fighting for food and shelter.

As for the mathyung, I see a variety rookie spirit too. His love for this show is so adorable. I would love to see him on the same team with Seonho and Jongmin :lol::lol:


Rating is steadily going down. Still on double digits, but PD has to be careful. Now that curiosity for the new members wears off, she has to produce something interesting for the viewers.


Edited by Jayne Nasution
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Kim Seon Ho Confirmed For New tvN Drama Suzy And Nam Joo Hyuk Are In Talks For

Kim Seon Ho Confirmed For New tvN Drama Suzy And Nam Joo Hyuk Are In Talks For



Jan 6, 2020 by J. Lim

Kim Seon Ho is set to return with a new drama!


On January 6, it was reported that Kim Seon Ho would be appearing in a new tvN drama. His agency SALT Entertainment confirmed the news and said, “Kim Seon Ho will be appearing in the drama ‘Sandbox’ (tentative title).”


“Sandbox” will tell the story of people in the world of start-up companies, and will be set in Korea’s Silicon Valley. Kim Seon Ho will play Han Ji Pyeong, a top team leader at SH Venture Investment Firm. Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk are currently looking over offers to appear in the drama.

The project will be helmed by “Doctors” and “Hotel Del Luna” director Oh Choong Hwan and the storyline will be written by screenwriter Park Hye Ryun, who wrote “Pinocchio,” “I Hear Your Voice,” and “While You Were Sleeping.”


In 2019, Kim Seon Ho starred in tvN’s “Catch the Ghost” and is currently receiving love in the new season of “2 Days & 1 Night.”


Source (1) (2): SOOMPI

Woah, a drama written by Park Hye Ryun. I love this writer's works. Maybe I'll watch KDrama once again lol


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Watch: Kim Jong Min, Lee Sang Min, And Jang Do Yeon Use K-Pop To Teach Foreigners About Korea In New Variety Show



Jan 6, 2020
by L. Kim

Kim Jong Min, Lee Sang Min, and Jang Do Yeon have been chosen as the new MCs of upcoming tvN variety show “K-pop Cultural Center.”


“K-pop Cultural Center” is a variety show where you can learn about Korea and its culture in a fun and easy way through K-pop.


Each episode will feature popular singers as daily instructors, and they will give their own singing lectures for ten foreign students who love K-pop. Foreign cast members of various nationalities will experience Korean culture indirectly through songs.


Hosted by Kim Jong Min, Lee Sang Min, and Jang Do Yeon, the program will have a cheerful atmosphere. The three MCs will represent Korean culture from the perspective of Koreans and help the students understand Korea better. They will also assist the foreign students in learning songs, and it will be interesting to see what kinds of performances they will showcase.

In one teaser, Jang Do Yeon and Lee Sang Min humorously come out of the subway while using lyrics from Yoo San Seul’s (Yoo Jae Suk‘s) “Hapjeong Station Exit No. 5.” The two foreigners standing at the exit muffle their laughter at their grand entrance but eventually break out into a funky dance with the MCs.


Read More


In the second teaser, Kim Jong Min enters the elevator while saying the lyrics of Roo’ra’s “The Angel Who Lost Wings.” The three male foreigners in the elevator burst into laughter as Kim Jong Min starts dancing to the song.


In another teaser, Kim Jong Min and Lee Sang Min sit outside a cafe near a foreign couple. Kim Jong Min uses the lyrics from Koyote’s “Genuine” to act out a situation in which Kim Jong Min wants to get back together with his girlfriend and Lee Sang Min gives him advice. They shock the couple by suddenly breaking out into a dance. 



The production crew commented, “Music contains all the cultures of life, from the language and philosophy of the times and the feelings of joy and sorrow, to romance, family, and social trends. One of the best ways to understand a country is to learn its songs. Through K-pop, which is creating a global craze, it will be fun to teach foreigners who have affection for Korea about the Korean language and Korean sentiment and culture, and the diverse cultural differences that emerge in the process will be entertaining.”


“K-pop Cultural Center” will premiere on February 10 at 8:10 p.m. KST.



Source (1)



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