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  1. I can't wait for this collaboration! I think Ravi and Junghoon will have a lot of cool ideas. Remember the winter episode when they had to make a short film? Dindin was the team leader, but Junghoon was so passionate with a lot of ideas.
  2. To be honest I've stopped watching the drama since eps 12. I just can't stand with how the writer builds the story and the characters, especially on Jipyeong's part. And don't get me started with the 3-year time jump. I'm guessing the writer initially intended for Jipyeong to be an antagonist. This way, whatever the main lead does can be justified (including that immature and totally unprofessional punching scene). I don't know if it was unintentional or not, Jipyeong turns out to be a charming character, with back story with grandma and whatnot, and drew the viewers' attention.
  3. Wow it has been a week full of good news on Kim Seon Ho. From the AAA, brand reputation ranking, his CF, Esquire pictorial, Netflix interview, increased coverage of 2 Days 1 Night, the most endearing character in Start Up and so on. Seonho's fans are so spoiled right now.
  4. I think even Chulsan, Yongsan and Saha get more screen time. Such a waste of Kang Hanna's talent.
  5. Moon Se Yoon Jokes About Kim Seon Ho Becoming Too Popular On “2 Days & 1 Night Season 4” On the November 22 episode of KBS’s “2 Days & 1 Night Season 4,” Moon Se Yoon and Kim Seon Ho went to see the sunrise together. After getting up at dawn and climbing to their destination, Kim Seon Ho asked Moon Se Yoon if he was going to make a wish while they waited for the sun to rise. Moon Se Yoon said, “Of course. I wish for the safety and happiness of the ‘2 Days & 1 Night’ members, the production staff, and all our families.” He also mentioned the ongoing
  6. Thank you @ixxdhx81for sharing this. Even though I can't watch his theatre works, I always get excited to read info about it. I hope KBS will have it this year and 2D1N members would perform something at it. They all can sing (and dance).
  7. I follow some of his fan accounts, which are rich sources for Seonho content . I'll post more if I find something interesting (not that he has any dull content).
  8. I love that their brotherhood seems to get stronger, with them posting their photos more often on social media, sending food truck for Seonho's drama (and also Seyoon as cameo!), promoting Ravi's new songs (Seyoon and Seonho's versions are cool!), etc. Does anyone know if KBS will hold the KBS Entertainment Awards this year? I hope they'd perform something!
  9. Yes. I just came across that story on Twitter. Poor him. I wonder what the girl is thinking right now. Anyway, I hope he will meet the right one soon (if he's not already). Seonho our good boy deserves so much happiness.
  10. He's a regular member of season 4, so he's there from ep 1 of the season. I'm proud that even after he's getting more popular, he still chooses a theater play for his next project. He doesn't forget his root, where he came from.
  11. Me too.. It was so hard to move on from Reply 88. If you've watched R94, I had a second lead syndrome too. I don't know why I keep rooting for the second lead . The thing with R88 is that Jungpal and Deoksoun got together in real life, could we hope that would also be the case with Start-Up? Yes please give it a try. He's innocent and awkward in the beginning, which makes him look adorable, but has been transforming along the way. The other members are adorable too.
  12. Just finished watching eps 7 & 8 and here are some random thoughts: I'm glad that at the end of eps 8, Dalmi (seems to) find out the truth about the letter. Enough already with those lies, she's a strong grown woman who is more than capable to face curveballs. Move on please with actual stories about start-ups. I'm also leaning towards one of the main male characters, but these shipwars and overanalysing of who's more innocent or sly than the other are annoying. The only one who's innocent is the writer, she reigns over them all. That said, I wish DS-JP relation
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