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[Drama 2019-2020] Black Dog, 블랙독


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I was surprised to see that Song Young-Tae was last in the students poll. I was expecting that he at least has a lot of knowledge in his field and is a good educator. Why is he even considered for a promotion?

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It's sad to see Bo Tong go..:( Given the guidance with the right teacher , he'd have a bright future ahead of him as well.. but at least it reminded Ms. Ko what her true calling was. It's the same over my country as well. Maybe there'd be less dropouts & crime even. Most go abroad as a result, but what of the rest that can't afford to?:unsure: That's the sad reality, these kids get tossed aside in favor of the top students..  

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Black Dog: Episode 13

by lovepark


With all ends come new beginnings as the teachers of Daechi High prepare for another school term. Our protagonist has some experience under her belt, but as the year comes to a close, new challenges wait for her just around the corner. Whether of not she can handle these changes, time waits for no one.




Winter vacation is here, which means a new batch of short-term teachers at Daechi High. One of the new hires recognizes Haneul from the job interview, and she gossips about Haneul being the only short-term teacher from the previous year whose contract was renewed. With Hae-won gone, Haneul looks over at his empty desk with a heavy heart.

Despite the school on break, work continues for the college advisors. Yeon-woo texts Hae-won (they’re buddies now!), and Myung-soo complains about the school not hiring any Korean teachers, especially since Sung-soon supported Hae-won over Haneul.


more http://www.dramabeans.com/2020/01/black-dog-episode-13/

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49 minutes ago, Dundee said:

I hope they resolve HBT case in the next ep, it’s really unfortunate for HBT if he gave up and left without seeing the truth that the teacher who dissapointed him actually are good people.


 I think we did not see the last of Hwang Bo-Tong. He will come back. I knew that Park Sung Soon had a good reason to not come to his help that day but he must felt that he was abandoned. I was really proud of Ko Ha Neul to want to teach after school for the other students who are not in the elite. Hwang Bo Tong seems to be a smart young man but he was unfortunate in life. He doesn`t have a motivation and seems to lost faith in the future. It is understandable.

I can`t wait to see how Ha Neul and Sung Soon will team up. I was also proud of Sung Soon who decided to stay one year at Advisory Group just for the people there, especially Ha Neul. I liked how understanding was her husband.

There are two episodes left and I wish there were more. :)


What is the connection between Hwang Bo Tong and  Song Young-Sook? Bo Tong knows that Ha Neul is a short term teacher but I am not worried that he knows that. She is more confident about it. Maybe they will adress thow the school is treating the short term teachers. It is sad that they had to hide that fact like it is something wrong. Like Sung soon said, they are the same when they are teaching. 

I think not only Sung Soon was misunderstood, I think that Bo Tong did not start badmouthing her to the student chat forum. I expect that both Sung Soon and Bo Tong will clear the air between them and start building something good instead.


I still think that it was unfair to not give the long term position to someone but well... the life goes on.  I think there will be a new competition between Ha Neul and that young new female teacher.

I discovered that I like principal Byeon. I was never against him because he did not do anything wrong. He always seems to take good decisions for the school and he listen to people. Seeing him back to teach made him look more relatable. 


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I like that turmoil comes one episode after another episode. Episode 14 did not feel like episode 14. It just felt like the story is a part of life. 

I enjoyed the juxtaposition of some students and teachers being treated unfairly. Teachers who were not popular did not get to choose their classes. Students who did not have high grades could not get into the Icarus Club. It just shows how broken the system is. Those teachers that were treated unfairly felt for the students because they were going through the same situation. 

And then we have that terrible teacher for the senior class who yells that it is even worse in the real world. Nobody's perfect but why can't they find solutions? 


Ko Ha Neul cries and goes through so many struggles, but I admire her for always standing confidently as a teacher. She decides to teach students who have been neglected. It's hard to be like her in the real world, but I guess I need to learn from her and grit my teeth to be who I am...

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On 1/30/2020 at 5:44 PM, Fabbo said:

I was surprised to see that Song Young-Tae was last in the students poll. I was expecting that he at least has a lot of knowledge in his field and is a good educator. Why is he even considered for a promotion?


Imho the students dislike his teaching didn't mean he wasn't a good one. During the story so far I thoght there was none hint of him being favorited, unlike DYW who was lovable all along. Also, being Head of School Administration wasn't actually a promotion though? I thought it was just another group head with broader scopes of work.


HBT's story isn't going to an end yet. I think it will be a closing arc of this drama. There is still some misunderstanding between him and PSS. KHN was just starting to reflect and go out of her bubble of Icarus. 


Can't wait for another life lesson during the last 2 episodes for our heroines!



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Maybe not technically a promotion. But i understood it as the next step towards vice principal. That's how it was for Mr Moon and that's literally how the former principal laid it out for Ms Park. 

I didn't really get the sense that Mr Song gets favored either. But he always screams around in meetings, he stirs up trouble between the departments. I doubt that was unnoticed. So i always assumed that he has a lot of expertise to justify his position. 


I always had the impression that most of the students only care that the teacher gets them through the exams. Whether they like the teachers face is rather secondary.

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Black Dog: Episode 14

by selena


Black Dog continues to do a great job tackling issues within the school system without over-exaggerating them – it’s always a slow and natural build-up of events. This time, our teachers belatedly realize that they may have unknowingly turned a blind eye to certain things while focusing on others.



Myung-soo tunes in to the news, where an announcer reports on the combined arts and science curriculum for high school students. The freshmen that entered school when this was implemented are now seniors and will be assessed with combined grades for the first time, but the CSAT format will remain unaffected this year.

Haneul nonchalantly slides Yeon-woo a milk carton to flatten as they sort the recycling and the sight of her ordering him around makes Myung-soo chuckle. He joins them to conduct an interview on Haneul’s thoughts about spending another year together. She jokes, “The two of you don’t feel as fresh and novel as last year,” agreeing in jest with Myung-soo’s commentary that she’s sick of them. Pfft, I love their dynamic.






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Stills - ep.15

원본 이미지

원본 이미지

원본 이미지


"The story of Go Sky and Hwang Bo Tong will give you a glimpse of the teacher's realistic worries that affect someone's future."




I'm surprised that Ha Neul had overlooked Bo Tong's situation, not prompting questions about the late submission on his subject options! Didn't Ha Neul realise Bo Tong's facial expression looked troubled? I view that he's a good kid that pay attention in the class and bother to answer the principal's question when the rest of the students kept quiet. Heart breaking to see him wanting to quit school. He may needs guidance or counselling. Hope Ha Neul's able to resolve the problem.

And poor thing, the management assigned principle Byun to teach and it seems challenging for him. The principal's role suits him better! I don't like the current principle Lee, who held grudges and picked on the advisory group before. How to trust him that he would make impartial and rational decision! Principle Byun is more down to earth.



Two tall guys!

Sweet moments!



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3 minutes ago, hola2jin said:

Sung Soon had left the school - Daechigo?

 She said that she will stay one more year for Ha Neul. I think we`ll see how she will leave and maybe Ha Neul get the permanent teacher job. We`ll see.










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Wow. Episode 15 was hauntingly beautiful. I think it might have been my favourite episode overall. I loved Bo Tong's storyline and how Go Sky and Sungsoon were both affected by him, and towards him. I don't even know why, but that scene where Bo Tong tells Go Sky that he learns more in the real world than at school really struck me. It was beautifully shot and there will be students that simply don't succeed in the school environment will foster in the real world. A beautiful lesson for Go Sky to be able to let him go for what he may feel right for him. There were so many really good moments in this episode! I can't believe some of this was just shot a couple of days ago (They seemed to have just finished filming in the middle of the night).


I was a bit surprised to see the screen caps of the hairup-Hanuel and seriously thought it was from Temperature of Love. I think they did the foreshadow for the final episode quite nicely. Ugh, can't wait to see what happened to SS!!

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@randomthotz I also loved Bo Tong's storyline, too. What this drama does so well is to not romanticize life. Bo Tong chose to withdraw out of school and Go HaNeul learned to let go. I also love the resolution of Bo Tong and Park Sung Soon's relationship, raw and honest. 


As for the ending, it seems like future Hanuel explains her story of becoming a full-time teacher (taking the exam even when Park Sung Soon left). 


I am going to have so much trouble saying bye to this drama tomorrow. The sad, lingering feelings are coming today );

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