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[Drama 2019-2020] Black Dog, 블랙독


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Sure wished I had a Miss Ko as my teacher when I was a student. Teachers like her are like diamonds - very rare.


The other teachers in the department sound like most office workers here LoL. Always griping over too much work.:rolleyes: This drama reminds me a lot of last year's Miss Lee. But unlike that drama, this has a solid cast. 

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Watch: Seo Hyun Jin And Ra Mi Ran Reveal What They Learned About Each Other While Filming “Black Dog”

Jan 14, 2020
by S. Park


Seo Hyun Jin and Ra Mi Ran had fun discussing their drama “Black Dog”!

The two actresses participated in an exclusive interview with Rakuten Viki where they shared thoughts and laughs.

“I am Seo Hyun Jin who portrays rookie short-term teacher Go Ha Neul in ‘Black Dog,'” began the actress. Her co-star added, “I’m Ra Mi Ran who plays Park Sung Soon, a 10-year veteran entrance exam master and department head of the admissions department.”

When tasked with describing why viewers should watch the drama in five words in Korean, Seo Hyun Jin answered, “Because you are curious” and “What are you doing in the teacher’s room?” Ra Mi Ran replied, “Seo Hyun Jin is in it” and Seo Hyun Jin said, “Ra Mi Ran is in it.” Ra Mi Ran added with a smile, “The two of us are in it.”

The actresses also spoke about some things that they learned about each other while filming “Black Dog.” Seo Hyun Jin revealed, “I learned that there isn’t a song that she doesn’t know. She knows everything from the first song in the karaoke book” and Ra Mi Ran surprised her co-star by blurting out the title of the track.

Seo Hyun Jin continued, “She even knows everything including the lyrics of this song. There isn’t a song that she doesn’t know. She’s a jukebox. Songs come out of her if you just nudge her.” Ra Mi Ran then sang and Seo Hyun Jin clapped along.

Ra Mi Ran made Seo Hyun Jin burst into laughter, saying, “What I was surprised by was how she sings along to all of it.”





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17 hours ago, Fabbo said:

You are stealing my words ;)


I just wanted to say how it astonishes me each week how this time an episode about university admissions can be so engaging and move me to tears :D

The plot description probably sounds really boring. I mean they work on some stuff, then they realize that they should change the stuff they are working on and work even more on that other stuff. Then you are on the edge of you seat because of some speech at a school conference and finally tear up because an office worker shows up and does her job. :D




Anyway back to Black Dog. This episode had tons of those moments. 

That scene where the Song Chan Hui from hanuk university is literally held up at the gate because she is an outsider and they can't identify her. But how Yoon Yeo-Hwa recongizes her and meets her in such a genuine way. And how that little moment changes her whole perspective. And Do Yeon-Woo went through a bit of growth as well in that episode. 

And yes the scene with Ha Naul putting on the make up for Sung Soon was lovely as well. She always seems to be so in control and unfaced. It was great to see that different side.

And there were some those "well people are better than expected" moments. With Koo Jae-Hyun looking out for Jin Yoo-Ra a bit despite their grudge. Or how his father turns out to be a lot more reasonable than expected.




Heeeee @Fabbo I just typed faster than you do!


Definitely agree with you on SHJ and TBI. It also helped that she had a cast that somewhat matched her emotional commitment (IMOOOO) lol.


I was thinking back to Song Chan Hui's reaction when Yoon Yeo-Hwa recognized her. We remember those that made an impact in our lives. As students, we remember the good teachers for good reasons and the bad teachers for bad reasons. It must have been monumental for Recruiter Song to finally get some recognition without prompt from somebody who she obviously impacted, and for Ha Neul to see it.


At first I thought Ep 10 was a bit slow. Too many reviews and such that I got confused as to what evaluation they were talking about. I was beginning to think that the nepotism thing got completely lost and Ha Neul's reason for being a teacher, but I loved how they brought it back with Teacher Moon just going at it straight on the graduating students talking about going back to visit her after graduation. I thought SHJ was spot on once again. That glare she had when she turned to Jae Hyun and asked whether he had something for her to write in his student records was the moment where her naivety as a new teacher was stripped away. I also liked Sung Soon and Teacher Moon's storyline. Sometimes, we need others to get what we want or to protect the people we care for. And also Teacher HA was the one who gave 1's to Teacher Song? :lol: The end when Ha Neul was looking at her evals. We all want to be accepted in life, especially when we are working on a$$'s off. I cried with her. 


I'm still waiting for that duet between RMR and SHJ. Bring it TVN BTS :). And Teacher Do's dance moves were glorious.



On 12/31/2019 at 7:00 AM, calledtoteach said:

Why is this show so DEPRESSING?  I pray this is an extremely exaggerated interpretation of Korean teaching environments.  As an educator, I hope substitute teachers (U.S. term) are not treated this way anywhere in the world.  They need all the support they can get.


Sorry to pull an old post back. I try to read a couple of reviews after each episode airs in SK. I've read a few from short-term teachers and they have all commented on how similar their plight is to Ha Neul's. And they definitely need all the support they can get. 


9 hours ago, nahaha said:

i nearly yeeted my laptop out of the room when  Park Sung Soon said that she was once upon a time known as ssangmun-dong's cheetah :")

am i the only one who noticed?


Either the writer did it, or the improvised on it...hehe.. I rolled on the floor at the beginning of Ep 10. Seriously show? Go Ssaem - you look like Seo Hyun Jin? Maybe my favourite line of the whole drama so far.

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I binge watched 10 episodes in two days. Black Dog is a gem out of all the kdramas I have seen. I did not have the instinct to skip one single second of the drama. I usually don't like politics, corruption and arguments in an educational setting, but the storytelling captivates me. 

Does anyone know if this drama is getting a lot of buzz as much as Sky Castle did? 

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42 minutes ago, ponderings said:

Does anyone know if this drama is getting a lot of buzz as much as Sky Castle did? 


No of course not. Sky Castle ended with the highest cable ratings ever. Higher than Reply 1988, Goblin and Mr Sunshine.. That's hard to beat and obviously made a lot more buzz. It had a lot more wide appeal with all its twists, broad performances and memes. I personally think it's quite overrated because of its failure in the social commentary and satire but that's a different story.


So he drinks the milk right out of the carton and then puts it back into the fridge again. What's wrong with him?


53 minutes ago, randomthotz said:

I rolled on the floor at the beginning of Ep 10. Seriously show? Go Ssaem - you look like Seo Hyun Jin? Maybe my favourite line of the whole drama so far.


Haha yes. 

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Honestly preferential treatment & prejudice exists everywhere, not just at schools. It was terrible to see that the teachers weren't that different from the students! Both were just as petty. And yet the vice principal wonders aloud why he's bein' disrespected LoL!? What a joke.:rolleyes:<_<  


I was touched by Jae Hyun for givin' Ms. Ko a reason to keep goin' at her dreams by just a simple sentence I will come to see you when I graduate..


It's funny how the whole Ms. Park & crew blew off their stress at karaoke LoL! Myung Soo is truly comic relief here & I like how he's been so forthcoming to Ha Neul. Painful the truth may be but yea he was just stating facts.  



I don't follow rankings, ratings or any of that but by lookin' at the pace of this thread it's pretty slooOOoowWw~ but like ya said this drama is a worthwhile watch. Sky Castle is actually way more popular. I think it deals with students so that's maybe why it's so popular? This drama ( Black Dog) is more gritty & a realistic look into what goes at schools but in particular to teachers & their struggles. I guess for some it's harder to stomach 'cause of heavy content. I know it took me awhile to fully get into Black Dog.    

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Black Dog is my favorite drama from the dramas I am seeing right now, along with Stove League.


I really like that it is a realistic drama. Characters are real people with weaknesses and qualities. Some of them are more likeable but I can`t hate the one that shows more flaws. I like how the writer uses every single character to replact on the realism of an organization. Because it is so realistic, even small things moves me.


I was sorry for Sung-Soon who did not get backed up when she showed up to the vice principle office to voice her concerns. I was not surprised. Yeah, more colleagues thought the same but little came to expose themself. That`s a life reality.  I even laughed when I saw just Sung Soon and Yeon-Woo and later came Ha Soo-Hyun. His face when he realised that he came just into the "wolf`s mouth". :) But he recovered quickly when he went to kiss the boss`s richard simmons.

What a petty person, this vice principal. It was so childish how he picked up on Sung Soon`s people for something some meaningless. 

Because every actiuon has an reaction, his behavior convinced sung Soon to get involved in the power struggle of the school. She avoided Moon Soo-Ho as much as she could but she decided to get involved eventually.


I was so sorry to see that Ko Ha-Neul and Ji Hae-Won both want the full term teacher job but it is just one post. Unfortunetly, that`s life also. I want both to get the job but it is not possible. The best man/ woman should win.


Maybe there was a nepotism case at Daechi school after all but there was another niece - uncle. I want to believe that she young teacher got the job on her own merrit but who knows. We all know that nepotism happens in our society.


Ha Neul became a popular teacher because she has good qualities to be a good teacher and I am glad that she took Koo Jae-Hyun`s side. Of course that he will like her even more when he realised that she doesn`t "dislike" him.  And I really like that he talked to his teacher and said that he did not behave good towards her just because he needed good reviews. He gave the best compliment to Ha Neul because that shows appreciation, gratitude. And Ha Neul regained her confidence. She was so happy that her students appreciate her sincerely. I always thought that this is the best compliment, the best fulfilling moment profesionally for a teacher when former students visit you even after they are not longer your students. Just like Sung Soon said the other day, "we don`t worked hard because our evaluations".

Speaking of teacher evaluation.  Ha Soo-Hyun gave  Song Young-Tae the lower score and then took him to drink. :lol:

In contrast, I really love Sung-Soon`s group. My favorite scene was the karaoke scene. :D

My few thoughts. I think I remembered everything I wanted to say about episode 10.






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Black Dog: Episode 9

by lovepark


Life is filled with encounters, and while some are fleeting, others are unforgettable. The people we meet shape who we become, and though an experience might leave a deep impression on one person, it can also feel completely unmemorable to another. Actions have consequences, intentional or not, and our protagonist must decide what kind of person she’ll be remembered as in other people’s lives.




Looking into the night sky, Haneul narrates, “Of the countless people you meet, some just pass through your life and some create resentment. However, at times, a person you thought was simply passing through does not.”

Admissions Officer Song Chan-hee stands in the rain and silently watches her old workplace, Daechi High. She calls Sung-soon, but the College Advisory team stares at the ringing phone with trepidation. Yeon-woo suggests looking for an alternative route, and Myung-soo agrees, proposing a collaboration with a prep school for their upcoming informational.

Sung-soon tells the group to not let their emotions cloud their judgement when choosing the best option. Against the others’ wishes, she answers the phone and tells Admissions Officer Song to meet in the principal’s office. Once Sung-soon leaves, the rest of the team ponders over what she said.




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1 hour ago, shjfan23 said:

Preview for tomorrow’s episode:

Looks like they are now choosing the permanent teacher.


Oh.... I will feel sorry for the one who won`t get the job. But that`s life.





Ha Joon





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