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  1. So it's been a long while since my post, I could'nt continue the drama halfway due to some RL commitments. Anyhow I managed to finish the episodes over the weekend and I just had to log back in again to express my gratitude to the Black Dog team for such a great drama - yes like what some chingus had mentioned 'extraordinary' 'well written'.. and so now we know the writernim is a teacher too! I Really like how she did the ending scene, so it is like a parallel that brings us back to the first time she conducts a class: Beginning: Ending: Yes ... the scene when Sung Soon finally appears and our pretty Haneul was tearing up. (I did get goosebumps cause 'time jump' usually applies to OTP ) I find it is really rare for such a strong wo-mance presence in kdrama? Like some I had expected some romance like most dramas. Nevertheless for me it is cute to see the writer keep teasing us with HN x YW's relationship even right till the end lol... though I have to admit that this drama doesnt need romance to score points!: https://www.hellokpop.com/review/k-drama-review-black-dog/ HIGHLIGHTS: RIVETING NARRATIVE, FOCUS ON PERSPECTIVE OF DIFFERENT CHARACTERS, EXCELLENT CHARACTER PORTRAYAL BY CAST OVERALL RATING: REWATCH VALUE: Quote from review: EXCELLENT CHARACTER PORTRAYAL BY CAST "What makes this drama quite an exciting watch is its impressive cast who showcase the charms of the respective characters that they are portraying. Seo Hyun Jin beautifully expresses the emotions that Ko Ha Neul goes through. As she plays the teacher with a soft heart and kind words, it only makes the viewers wish that all the teachers are like her. Ra Mi Ran always impresses regardless of what role she takes. As Park Sung Soon, she is a dynamic teacher who has a tough exterior but is actually soft on the inside. Also, both the female leads have a great chemistry as mentor-mentee. While both have contrasting personalities, their interests for the school and the students remain the same. The remaining members of the College Advisory Group, Do Yeon Woo and Bae Myung Soo (Lee Chang Hoon) completes the team making it perfect. The supporting cast too are memorable as they deliver great acting performances. There was no dull moment throughout the drama because of the excellent cast along with a well-written plot." RECOMMENDATION "There are numerous school dramas that focus on the life of the students. Black Dog is one of the rare ones that shows the behind-the-scene process of a school administration which involves multiple activities other than teaching. A few things to rave about this series include deflecting from the usual high school story narrative. It does not have bullying and there is an absence of purely evil character be it a student or teacher. Unlike the usual plot, the teachers in the series do empathize with the students. This is a perfect drama for anyone who wishes to see a normal school story. It does not over-emphasize on the bad sides of a school-life. Black Dog is a heartening drama that teaches several lessons about life. It shows that sometimes life throws difficult challenges with very little hope. But it is about being patient and consistently trying your best until the end." Oh and it is my first time seeing the actor Lee Chang Hoon here. I thought he is really natural in his acting and I find myself enjoying all his scenes with SHJ really nice to see how his character Bae Myung Soo and Haneul get to be become so comfortable with each other : Ep 15 And also reading those reviews and comments by Dramabeans which are so well written makes me want to find time to rewatch the drama Thanks to all chingus for your sharing here, will backread your comments.
  2. Oh it's my pleasure to share the article @larus. Actually I was hoping to see more Soompi articles on this drama though. Talking about the drama title, to be honest if not for the leads I might not pick up the drama and I guess many are not watching this maybe because it sounds too dark? But I think we have some humour especially in the latest episode eg. Bae Myung Soo is always teasing Sung Soon even though she is his superior. (The teachers day lyrics were so funny:) Tvn clip: and yes that scene he jokes about the banana incident : Found this gif on twitter - cr owner Oh btw what is this mission that our teacher Sky has today? Her agency updated the IG: The translations mentioned it is happening at noon? Any SHJ fans here have the details? Oh I want to add that I actually like how strong her character is as teacher Sky. what she said to HJW in this scene should be listed as one of those relatable kdrama quotes : She was cute here when she 'secretly' typed in the review for YW: (Gif cr owner) Btw There are lots of new updates by tvN on pics/clips / compilations. I usually go to their facebook link :https://m.facebook.com/tvNDrama/
  3. And just to add, to the school, students and parents are like 'customers' which the school cannot afford to upset. Sharing this article which translated what the casts and producer said about the drama: https://mengnews.joins.com/view.aspx?gCat=020&aId=3071351 The cast of the upcoming tvN drama series “Black Dog” guarantees that their portrayal of teachers will be more “real” than any other drama series, thanks to the meticulous work of director Hwang Joon-hyuk.Although the drama is set at a private high school in southern Seoul’s competitive Daechi-dong neighborhood, the show is more like a documentary that captures the everyday lives of teachers rather than putting the spotlight on the students.“If ‘SKY Castle’ told the story of the aftermath of relying too much on private education, we put focus on how public education prepares children to be admitted into universities,” actor Ra Mi-ran said during a press conference on Wednesday. “In fact, parents of high schoolers might learn a few things about how to prepare to send their children off to college. That is how detailed and real the drama is.”While preparing to play Go Ha-neul, a rookie substitute teacher on a one-year contract, actor Seo Hyun-jin interviewed several teachers in the same position as her character to learn about the role.“It is true that what we think of teachers is different from the past,” Seo pointed out. “[In the past,] school teachers were considered to be a model that students looked up to - adults that students respected. But, that may no longer be the case now. The more I talked with the teachers and learned about the role, the more I realized that the teachers themselves still have that pride, a sense of vocation as a teacher, whether or not they were regular or substitute teachers. This is a job that you can’t do if you don’t care and have aspirations for your students.”Director Hwang also pointed to how authentic the characters are in the drama.“I personally hope that people of all generations can watch the drama and wonder, ‘How are the actors so much like the teachers I had during my school years?’” Hwang said. “That is, I think, the biggest merit of this drama. The script itself was very detailed from the start, and it points out the irony of the educational environment, but not in an uncomfortable way. Viewers can see how teachers struggle with their personal and vocational worries amidst tears and laughs.”“It definitely does not take on the tone of accusing or criticizing anybody, but still manages to point out the current problems in the Korean education system through the troubles of the teachers,” Ha Jun said, explaining the drama’s title “Black Dog,” a reference to Black Dog Syndrome.The syndrome refers to the phenomenon in which black dogs are passed over for adoption in favor of lighter-colored dogs.“Like the title implies, maybe teachers have their own personal stories, or even traumas from the classroom, but it’s about how they overcome it through love and compassion.” Well as for the loveline, I thought it is most likely between HN and YW? Cr tvn facebook (We see YW looking at her outside the classroom..lol) I am actually quite impressed with her persistence in the Banana Incident. Ironically if not for her diligence in taking down notes and examples of the collective nouns, that bespectacled teacher would have gone 'scot-free' with his mistake. So annoying to see him threatening Ji Hae Woon. Luckily HW did the right thing in exposing the mistake at the meeting. I was thinking the writer sort of made him more likeable in the latest episode.
  4. hi five... LOL I was actually distracted by Sung Soon though It is a rare treat to have 2 award winning actress to lead the drama - so far they are bringing their characters alive - so different from their previous projects.
  5. Currently Obsessed with this supernatural themed Hong Kong drama 'Barrack O'Karma'. Loving the OST from this Hong Kong drama - (cantonese version) I am dying to know what really happened to the female lead.
  6. The photographer for this drama has been updating his IG with these pics of our gorgeous couple : This role really suits him and definitely one 'pretty' good reason to watch this drama. those eye glasses - symbolising his character growth: 5 reasons to watch 'Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung' It's the light-hearted historical K-drama everyone's talking about! By SBS PopAsia HQ 1 AUG 2019 - 12:46 PM UPDATED YESTERDAY 9:25 AM This historical K-drama has got plenty of people talking! Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung might look like your typical romance drama from the outset, but it's got some interesting twists and turns to keep your attention. Set in the Joseon era, it followsShin Se Kyung's Goo Hae Ryung, a strong-willed woman uninterested in marriage and a lover of literature. She becomes a female historian, going against the era's staunch gender roles, but in the process falls into a tangled friendship with Cha Eunwoo's Prince Yi Rim. The prince is kept out of the spotlight, where he writes romance novels in secret. If that plot summary hasn't already charmed you into watching, here's some more reasons to make sure you put this drama on your watchlist. I am actually glad that the writer gave us some funny moments of the housekeeper and Sambo bickering while our couple is having a good time. And it's pretty cool to see GHR offering her hand to our Prince and lead him to run off together : yes.. gender flip !
  7. Oh so the writer is considered a rookie writer ? I want to commend her for such a unusual plot on historians - I really enjoy following our Rookie Historian GHR's journey in every single episode without skipping any scenes! Well done to all our casts especially our leads!: https://www.soompi.com/article/1355257wpp/rookie-historian-goo-hae-ryung-cast-shares-thoughts-following-end-of-drama Shin Se Kyung shared, “It was different from other historical dramas I starred in the past. The drama allowed viewers to have a unique imagination of a woman living in the Joseon dynasty who worked at a public office. I expected it to be a lot different than other historical dramas. I worked hard to break my stereotype about how women were during that time period. I also thought, ‘Just do it comfortably,’ but it wasn’t as easy as I thought.” The actress also stated, “I did not have high expectations for viewership ratings. I liked the intention and color that ‘Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung’ carried from the beginning, and I thought, ‘It would be great if we could go on without losing this.’ In that sense, I’m very satisfied. I was able to realize that I definitely feel happy when I star in a drama that shares my personal values. Cha Eun Woo said, “It feels like only a few days ago when I felt excited and nervous by imagining the character Lee Rim while looking at the synopsis and script, but the time has already come for me to say my goodbye.” He continued, “I wanted to deliver the story of Lee Rim well because the character meant a lot and was special to me. I have personal regrets, but I worked hard while wishing viewers would relate to and love Lee Rim. I think the happy and warm memories I gained by meeting Lee Rim will last in my heart for a long time.” So for the finale - I felt it is perfect 'fairytale' ending for me. The loose ends are tied up without messing up the plot/characters and there is no open ending or worse sad ending. I like that the finale remained focused on our heroine - from how she 'rescued' our Prince to her defying the King and also clearing things up with her brother. The ending also shows that she enjoys a blissful life with a supportive handsome partner while continues to pursue her dreams as a historian. Plus I thought the ending scene using that upbeat BGM (getting some sort of 'Disney Mulan' music feel again) instead of using OSTs is so apt: Mmm.. finally if I have to pick a favourite scene -- yes -- that 'sequel' to the cheeky "I'll lock the door" scene: Btw the way the teary wet 'hot' kiss turns out to be a 'get back together' kiss: So touching when our Prince said:"I wasnt locked in Nokseodang. My whole life I waited for you to come and find me." The title (goodbye kiss) by Swoon should be changed! *just for laughs -- Sharing this 'parody' by a Chinese fan @weibo: Last but not least, thanks to all chingus here and also to the fans who have been subbing the making videos in Youtube. There were not many videos out there probably coz this drama is exclusive to Netflix? Latest making on the 'hot' kiss:
  8. I am quite okay to see the way the Crown Prince react. He was visibly shaken by Rim's birth secret and to be fair it is natural for him to feel threatened now that he knows the Empress Dowager's real intentions. While everyone is gushing over our Prince Rim's character growth, I am in awe of our Rookie Historian. She really did a Great job in uncovering the historical records and eventually submitting a petition to the Crown Prince. So gutsy of her especially when she was challenging Officer Min: Oh noooo.... Arghh... I ... am still wishing for a romance novel - fairtytale ending . *Fingers crossed*
  9. yes comfirmed - by Soompi: https://www.soompi.com/article/1355043wpp/shin-se-kyung-and-astros-cha-eun-woo-lean-in-for-a-kiss-in-rookie-historian-goo-hae-ryung-finale ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo and Shin Se Kyung will share a tearful kiss in MBC’s “Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung.” The newly revealed stills show Goo Hae Ryung and Lee Rim leaning in for a sorrowful yet beautiful kiss. Unable to control her overflowing emotions, Goo Hae Ryung sheds tears, while Lee Rim looks off into the distance.
  10. Yes I am a little surprised too considering the leads have quite a number of fans . Btw seems like lots of Chinese fans enjoy this drama - over at Weibo discussion thread, there are over 10k comments (with 40 millions views). this 'heartbreaking' scene has evoked sadness and pity - (the fans are crying with him some 'cute' comments: "Heartbreaking, poor thing" "It's ok, we love u, hug hug" "Dont ask him, I love you" "He cries so beautifully" "He is adorable" "Female lead pls hug him" "His hat is getting in the way" "That damn hat" "U still have your brother" "Both are crying so painfully" "Great acting" "Both pitiful babies. They are in the same boat" "They both have love from their brothers" "Dont cry dont cry, so heartbreaking" *video clip source: weibo Arghhh.. hoping we will get more happy scenes once our couple gets past their hurdles. Fighting to our couple!
  11. I'm hoping for a wedding too so I am on the same page as you (again!) yes, especially after seeing that scene where the Empress Dowager asking GHR to sit in and join them for the drinking: Our couple hands actually touched when Prince Lee Rim wanted to pour her the wine There were moments of touching scenes for our couple throughout ep.33--36. Going through the investigation just makes their relationship more meaningful and deeper. Hands down to the leads who can emote so well in those emotional scenes. The flashback scene of the historian who was executed was sad : he would sacrifice his life to keep his historical records safe from those evil hands. the writer didnt forget to inject some humour too. This housekeeper cracks me up each time: Oh btw I am so surprised to see them having the wrapup party so soon: (Credit to IG owner)
  12. Oh I wondered if she had planned the scandal. We cant tell if they had really spent the night together. I remembered she tried to explain herself to the senior historian but was interrupted. She didnt look like she was lying. Plus the Crown Prince comes across to me as someone who dare not make serious mistakes that might put him in bad light. I think she meant she would lock the door so that the two of them would be alone, yes, lol. And then suggested going out back where no one would hear them.. I am definitely on the same page as @kangminjae Precisely, haha. We already know they can kiss, the director isn't fooling anyone! I forgave it the first time because of Haeryung's tears and because the backdrop was so pretty, but enough is enough Mm.. I didnt want to be a party pooper but then just a gentle reminder that our 'innocent and pure' Prince is still a Rookie in Kissing : (he needs more practice to get used to it!!) He already looks so contented with his first milestone (in kissing): (credit video source to youtube owner: Rvs cnd) Coming soon!: (Cr mbc)
  13. oh I like that scene too! She looked like she was enjoying the novel but what a 'rude shock' to our romantic Prince (that's how I felt seeing how he stunned he was!). It just reminded me of the other scene when he snubbed by her interpretation of the fairytale 'Rapunzel': "Beautiful my foot! It is such a cruel story" I love to see all their interactions. This 'I'll lock the door' moment is so cheeky : (Credit video source: MBC) I am guessing there are some who wish that the Crown Prince to have a 'happy ending' too and since she is often 'paired up' with him, it comes naturally for them to root for her. No offence to her supporters, I actually feel odd that her behaviour seems abit too casual whenever she is with the Crown Prince, like there is no hierarchy. And talking about your point no.3 (hitting at married man) I recalled that scene - gosh! - she openingly admits she likes the Crown Prince when she was questioned by the Princess - my jaw dropped. Oh so cute
  14. hi all chingus, my first post here. This drama is my current favourite among others. I like the positive energy and good vibes in this drama and the plot focuses on the historians and their work is very interesting to me. It is great to have a storyline that is well spread among all the characters - main leads and side characters all having such good synergy! I am also watching all the making videos and all the IG updates by MBC as I am feeling the 'pain and agony' of the long wait for the next episode (especially that cliffhanger - heartbreaking breakup scene @SuperTank). So cute to see them singing 'Arirang' in one of the making video which shows the unaired scene: (Credit video source to owner) Thanks to MBC for regular IG gifs and pics updates - fighting/hwaiting to 'Rookie Historian GHR'!!
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