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  1. You might want to try watching One Spring Night,the male actor is the same as SITR. I read that the female lead was initially offered to SYJ but she turned it down, though we don't know why by it seems that it was kind of similar to SITR. The show is not bad the female lead does have the same chemistry with JHI
  2. @itspeanutbutterjellytime...for a moment i thought it was just only me when i first notice the peaches in the video....YESS I AM NOT ALONE...he really looks yummy!!Jinnieee is one lucky ladyyy...
  3. Bravo and well said!!! For those who are lurkers and are unable to accept our Whys & Because, we invite you to stay away...TYVM This is Hilarious!
  4. Congrats CLOY for the well deserved SDIA Hallyu Excellence Award! About time i must say!!!
  5. Just watched episode 1, the drama is lighthearted and funny!! Kim so eun role in this drama is definitely different from her other roles and i cant wait to see how she continuously develops her character! Glad to see quite a number of familiar faces as part of the cast!
  6. I agree.....i for one would appreciate better the sub BTS and trailers....The leads chemistry is .....i hope both of them do another drama again....I really like Train....do you think there's a possibility for a season 2? Well the ending was kinda open....
  7. Dont think he has, but correct me if i'm wrong....anyway i love his dimples!!! Any idea who is the female lead in his upcoming drama "Times"?
  8. Some people are just hypocrites, saying A meaning another...LOL...writing a loong post on respecting the denial, apologizing for once shipping but when the end of the other spectrum had the same issue, no apologizes whatsoever but yet continuous to support? :surprisedwut:

  9. Lol, who are the ones spreading fake news now eh........ Btw, im surprise that JTBC is being so obvious!! ....opps they better be ready to be "sued" for promoting or insuniating FALSE NEWS....
  10. Thanks for the BTS video!!! So glad to see that they have enjoyed themselves filming this drama! Especially DW & SK...hehehehe
  11. Finally!!! the end has come....it was a exhilarating 12 episodes, KUDOS to the writer, actor & actress as well as the crew for putting up a good drama i must say- most of the loose ends were tied up and at least we sort of get a happy ending --ok who am i kidding, i have a lot of questions on the ending, but the shipper in me is happy because they are reunited- My only hope is now fanfiction....please if you guys ever write a fanfiction on these 2, do let me know! First off i wanna share that Chief Oh, although her actions cannot be condone, but i guess if you really understand from where she is coming from-- trying to save her son from his fate, it kinda sad that she fails every single time...but each time she fails she will try again -by going into the different worlds. Last count was 4 times? Its kinda sad that in the end Min Joon realise that the only way to hurt his mom is by killing himself....if he realizes it earlier then there wont be so many victims... Last but not least- the ending... are they now like vegabonds jumping across worlds? although i hope SK-B will persuade him to go back to world B to start over, because they are currently in another world where another DW is around and definitely things will get messed up as per what we have seen in world B. Here are some of my thoughts that i felt the drama didnt address (not sure if its because its 12 episodes) How does the train cross into the parallel world??? and only on train 8210?-I'm guessing the timing is when DW & SK met at the bus stop 12 years ago??? How did Chief Oh -C found out about this parallel world? Why did she have to abandon her son? Was it because she had no money for his treatment? Nevertheless, i have enjoyed very much this drama albeit that there were lacking in some romantic scenes...handholding and hugging doesn't count...was hoping they will share a kiss (Actually if you look at it, isn't this a LOVE story where the main lead is trying to save his lady? He's even willing to sacrifice his life and happiness for her....) Thanks to all who for your sharing and keen insight!
  12. OMOOOO.....your making me curious about the finale........was your satisfactory ending considered a happy ending???
  13. Looks like we are getting a lot of chances to see DW fabulous abs....
  14. True, with the last 2 episodes, i think it will be quite rush to accelerate their relationship...although the shipper in me cant wait.However, now that SK-B knows that DW-A loves SK-A, i wonder if she will let her guard down and allow this romance to blossom? But im not holding my hopes up as OCN is known for their open endings....haha Agree! They should have smelt a rat that there is a mole in the police force once they realized that the body of DW-B has been switched.....couldn't they trace the person who approved for the body to be cremated and they would have sort of known who's the culprit?
  15. Just watched episode 10 and wow....what an ending as always!! Ok first things first, isit just me or are there some scenes that are not aired? E.g DW-A next to SK-B sleeping on a bed? I remember seeing the stills but its not shown in the drama? Or did it happen too fast that i missed it... Anyway good job to those who guess that Chief Oh was the culprit! Although we know she's the psychiatrist mom...this point hasn't been shown in the drama right?? Or dont tell me i missed it again??? Wonder why she would want to keep the relationship with her son a secret? It seems like she is the one who cleans up her sons mess....it looks like she is afraid of her son? Or maybe she's guilty to him hence closing an eye to what he does... Some thoughts that i had in episode 10: Actually i thought the psychiatrist already confessed that he killed SK-B dad, why cant the police use this to charge him? Since they already know DW-B dad was not the real murder?? We now know that SK-B dad was at the wrong place at the wrong time, but why does the psychiatrist wants to involve SK-B? and plant the jewelry in those murders? I still cant rationalise this aspect and i hope it gets addressed in the last 2 episodes..... Its kinda sad that DW-B didnt get a proper send off ...how can they do this to JM-B.... Anyway i swoonn when DW-B asked SK-B to stay in his sight...reminds me of a certain OTP pairing...hehhe.. Ok my guess is DW-A will return back to his world with the newly dead body...and he will try his best to come back to World B in order to save SK-B since he now know who is the culprit...and my hunch is that SK-B will also know who is the real culprit. I read earlier from araia26 & happy sheep that DW-A headaches could be because of the change in fate....possible but he already has the headaches when he was in world A- but it could also be because the bodies in world B are bring brought to world A? I wonder if Chief Oh in world A know whats going on and the 2 parallel worlds..
  16. I just watched episode 9 and boy what a cliff hanger ...It seems like the psychiatrist has nothing to lose now- if not why would he want to reveal to DK-A that hes the murderer? I have a hunch that there is still someone else associated with the killings as well (other than SK-B brother). In the scene where he was murdering the latest victim, he held like a recorder and he was later seen texting someone... Ok so now we know the psychiatrist doesn't know of the 2 worlds...and if he is not the one dumping the bodies in world A, could it be SK-B brother?? If not then who is it?? Arughhh, im so curious...this person...and why he/she wants to do so.... Now my only gripe is why the psychiatrist mentioned that he should have killed SK-B in the first place?? Could it be she snubbed him when he was younger? We now know that her brother is friends with this psychiatrist... I wonder how long can they keep DW-B dead in world B.......i mean what kind of theory can they come up with to explain the dead DW-B should DW-A goes back to world A.....maybe they will plant DW-B in World A since it should be quite a while that DW-A is missing in world A???
  17. What an insightful post!! Our dear Binnie must be feeling very very Happy to be around Jinnie, this is not the first time i have seen his "Smile of Joy" remember the interview from Metrostyle?..heheh. Both Binnie & Jinnie smile is soo contagious...smile more pleaseeeee.... @Kari I went to re-watch the video, indeed there's a change in the expression, but im glad he got back his Smile of Joy after Jinnie gave him the Microphone tip
  18. Im thinking along this lines as well, each character has their own fate and destiny in that particular world. As we now know 2 choices caused 2 different scenarios in 2 worlds...but one things for sure, DW-A being in B world is something that will change the course of fate and destiny...remember the scene where DW-A receive a phone call from the Killer, the killer told him that he stepped over the Boundary. I think SK-B will be in danger, i hope it will be revealed how the killer is related to SK, like why he wants to help her step-brother etc...and most importantly how did he find out about the train?? My guess: Killer in world B is actually from world A...he might have killed his doppelganger in world A and travel to world B.. ahahha
  19. Indeed it is! I just watched episode 8 and am like ....especially the ending.....im so happy that i read the posts earlier, if not i will not get it. Meanwhile, i like it that they have revealed who the accompliance is....aka the psychiatrist, now i am curious to know what made him that way. Sad that both DW-B and his dad died....but true that no DW-A & DW-B can live simultaneously in the same world. Isit just me or did i not catch the scene where DW-B wants to get back with the forensic scientist B? Was it the part where he mentioned to her that he came to see her? Anyway, FIGHTING...last 4 episodes...so far TRAIN is one of the best drama i have watched in 2020. hehe
  20. Exactly!! I sniggered at the word friend because they left out this important word called "close"...hehe
  21. Sorry i know i am late, but episode 7 was like a F1 race......but but the story is progressing and im glad that at least we now know who 1 half of the killer is...which is LSK-B! I'm guessing his accompliance must have introduce LSK-B to the train and world A...thats why he was so confident to kill the other peeps...and why SK mom jewellery was found at each corpse! ..So now, thats where the story gets interesting, we need to know the motive of his accompliance and why did commit all those murder (ok so maybe he was a psycho)...and why did he murder SK-A??? One thing though...how was DW-B able to call DW-A mobile number? I thought his mobile didn't work when he first arrive in world B??? Side note, i nearly teared when DW-A went to save SK-B from killing herself...omg the emotions...their chemistry is truly off the charts...Going to watch episode 8 now...One more thing, isit just me or the supporting actors are EXCELLENT!! Kudos to JW & LSK- wow! they way they are able to portray dual roles...adds to the goodness of the drama
  22. I have not had the chance to watch episode 7 & 8 yet hahaha...but decided to read the spoilers......hope it doesnt get too complicated...haha
  23. @Happy Sheep OOOlalala thanks for the video....isit just me or YSH shirtless is
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