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  1. Yes! hope the drama rating increases each episodes. Every episode is so exciting and mind-blowing, new revelations are always revealed. I love the angst between Jung Won and Mr Kim.... Although i kinda also feel for her husband...but shall see how as now there's a backstory as the leads discover more that happen in Muon. Cant Wait! Please go support this drama! Side note: Anyone know where can i read the web novel of this drama as well? Is this a Korean Web novel?
  2. I heard MBC is going to show a special episode due to the fans overwhelming response of Knight Flower, anyone know where can i watch it? Thanks!
  3. Yes! me too, thought the hairpin will be one of the gifts that officer Park will be surprising her with via the "mailbox", ahaha one of the romantic gestures. I hope so! Her acting is solid for Knight Flower! Kudos to the whole team! She has acted in a couple of solid dramas and movies so i'm hoping she will get a DAESANG! It will be her first right? Yes, i was hoping for an epilogue as well! But truth to be told, i'm glad the ending was acceptable, hopefully they might consider a season 2...when they played the scene where she left and he tried to chase after her...OMG...nearly wanted to flip cos i thought that was the end....Hahahah but thankfully he managed to find her again and his smile when he found her...SWOON . Honestly, 12 episodes was kinda short but I'm glad that they managed to tie up some loose ends, e.g what happen to KJP, Left hand state (although i thought the punishment was not as severe). Haha i LOL with Officer Park Brother subtle marriage proposal...and when YH "husband" branded the marriage as a fraud. Perhaps on hind sight, the storyline might not be able to develop to 16 episodes and achieve such a high rating. Overall it was a fun and exciting drama with a hint of romance. Love it!
  4. Yes exactly!!! HAHAHAH, i really LOL...anyway at least the Husband is suspecting that Officer Park and YH are lovers, please do the sensible thing and get them together already!!! Things are getting more and more intense, it seems the husband will also figure out YH secret and perhaps the life of the Emperor might be in danger...With 2 more episodes left, i cant wait to find out what will happen to the Left Hand Councilor, will his evil deeds get exposed? The epilogues are so cute...Officer Park is really a nasty drunk.
  5. YES me too! The chemistry between them is AMAZING . Although I'm terribly sad that there's only 4 more episode left!!! (Only 12 episodes in total or am i wrong??) but the pace and plot of the drama is very smooth and captivating! Now we know what sort of happen to YH brother...likely "dead" and with the dead husband back, i wonder how the remaining 4 episode will work out. How will YH deal with her Father in Law....and will there be a big fight between KPJ and YH? Will she avenge her brother...arughh cant wait for friday Hehehe, the epilogues are so sweet, they are of Officer Park & YH sweet moments...really love it...
  6. I think Left Hand Counselor is somewhat involved, also now we know that the King's Father met the same fate as the Minister of Finance. I'm surprise that they revealed the identity of the knight flower at episode 6 to Officer Park- although everything seems to flow very nicely now. Wonder if her "dead" husband is back?? Haha, the way he was jealous when he thought YH was SD lover....was sooo cute
  7. Yes, i love how the story develops as the episodes progress. YH really brings out the comedy and do does SH, who is really really is such a unique character! Plus his body is HOT...hahahah. i love the epilogues at the end of the story, giving me CLOY vibes again... im hooked to this drama!
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