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[Official Thread] Wang Yi Bo 王一博


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English name: Wang Yi Bo

Native name: 王一博
Birth Date: 05 Aug 1997
Birth Location: Luoyang, Henan, China
Occupation: Actor, Singer
Years active: 2014 - present





2016    MBA Partners    梦想合伙人    
2016    A Chinese Odyssey III    大话西游3    
2018    Live For Real    热舞吧!青春    
TBA    Unexpected Love    闭嘴!爱吧



2017    Love Actually    人间至味是清欢    
2017    When We Were Young 青春最好时 (Guest appearance)
2019    Gank Your Heart    陪你到世界之巅
2019    The Untamed    陈情令    
TBA    Private Shushan Gakuen    私立蜀山学园
TBA     Super Talent    超凡天赋    
TBA     Legend of Fei    有匪



2017    Top Chinese Music Awards        Best New Idol    
2017    Asian Influence Awards Ceremony        Best New Actor    
2017    Weibo TV Online Video Awards Ceremony    New Artist of the Year
2017    ifeng Fashion Choice            Most Popular New Actor    
2017    Sina Best Taste                New Artiste of the Year    
2018    QQ兴趣部落“心赏之夜”            Male Artiste of the Year

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Aw, what a cutie @angelangie


I watched the special drama and awwww, it was bittersweet but with a happy ending, so all's well that ends well.  Mostly, the entire time I was watching, I just kept thinking, "There's no way he would grow up to be like this!"  LOL.  It was done well for a short drama though.  A nice treat from Hunan.


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Also, this is my favorite Day Day Up episode so far -- and it's subbed!  The most entertaining parts are in the first forty minutes, really, but the segment that follows is Yibo's recent participation in the ARRC so that's definitely worth watching for any Yibo fan, as we must be if we're here in this thread ;).  After that, my memory's a little hazy on what happens for the rest of the episode.  LOL.  But that's because I mainly rewatch the first forty minutes.  Yibo's responses and reactions are so classic Yibo; it's hilarious.




This is another entertaining episode, Yibo on a "blind date"!  Alas, the episode is not subbed though:





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9 minutes ago, angelangie said:


lols when the project was announce i wasnt aware....then i start seeing the poster appear closer to Mid-Autumn......i didnt went to dig out to see what is what.....


or who with who lols....till the film started....however it is a good short film :) 


It was a good short film, I really liked it!  For anyone who needs subs, Uniq Subs has subbed it already. 


As for the casting, I'm going to guess it was simply based on the fact that they're all hosts on Hunan variety shows.  Both Wu Xin and Du Haitao are MCs on "Happy Camp" and Yibo is an MC on "Day Day Up,"

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11 minutes ago, angelangie said:

happen to see this yesterday.....im like wow....Wang YiBo surely can move :D 


Yes, yes he can, haha!  He's known for his dancing and he loves it so.  He's got a lot of great dance vids on YouTube, but this one from his group, Uniq, is probably my favorite.  Yibo's the one who starts out center, black shorts/grey t-shirt.



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Hi there girls!! Glad there's a page for Wang Yibo...

I got to know this kid's talent from Produce 101 not too long ago... I was really, really shocked when i saw him danced to the girls theme song, paused and searched online for his other dance vids, when i saw his other manly dance vids i was so relieved... [that he's not a softie... hahahahaha... cos i cant stand it if he is...]

It was an accidental discovery. You see, I was watching The King's Avatar live action series when it first came out [btw, i didnt bother to continue with TKA live action anymore]. While feeling bored waiting for new episodes, i started watching The Untamed. I watched season 1 of the animated MDZS some time ago and was very relunctant to watch the live action of MDZS cos I only saw XZ's face in the poster/thumbnails. 

So, i decided to give it a go and the rest is history.

Now here i am, totally into WYB.  Yeah, I totally lost it when it comes to this kid. Still watching and catching up on Day Day Up! Watched and love him as the rich spoiled brat Zhi Wei and the darling JXK in GYH!

This kid ah... i tell you... !!!

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Omg there's finally a Yibo thread!




Just in case anyone's interested, here's the subbed version of his motorcycle documentary.  How is he so crazy good at everything??


(Warning: sad Yibo in part I, but all ends well in part 2).




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@owlstar, as promised.  Here are some of my favorite Yibo Day Day Up moments (you may have already found them yourself...).


In this particular episode, Yibo was sent to experience the local culture of some place in China and then bring that experience back with him to share with the others on the show. The show surprised him by sending an actress, Song Zu Er, to meet him there and they traveled around the area together for the show.  She then came onto the show to talk about the travels.  And then this convo ensued, in which she shared what it was like working with Yibo.  And all I can say is... LOLZ... (I've included translations below the video for anyone who needs them.)





Main MC: How was it?

Actress: [No response, just some laughter, and there’s a CGI of “…….” Across the bottom of the screen accompanied by a crow sound.]

Main MC: Zu Er, what’s the matter? It’s like you’re crying.

Second MC: [joking] Regret not having met earlier?

Actress: I felt like I went by myself.  [The MCs look at her and the show CGIs sweating tears next to their heads.]  They told me beforehand that he probably wouldn’t be talkative.  I spoke a lot but he still didn’t pay me any attention.

Yibo: That’s not true, I didn’t not pay you any attention.

Actress: [glares at him] That’s true, sometimes he would speak but then whenever he finished, I wouldn’t know how to continue.  I told him, Yibo, can you not tell that I’m working really hard to liven things up between us.  But he just said, “Oh…”  [The show CGIs some black crows flying across the bottom of the screen]

Second MC: He’s a conversation ender.

Actress: On the flight back, I told him, “When I go to record the show tomorrow, I won’t know anybody, I’ll only know you, so you should take care of me.”  [She makes an eyeroll gesture.]  And that’s what he did.  [Yibo tries to protest, but she keeps talking.]  When he was sleeping on the plane, the minute he fell asleep I said to him, “Yibo, Yibo, hurry and wake up.”  [She mimics another eye action.]  And that’s what he would do.  After that I kept disturbing his sleep because I was really quite bored.  So then he turned to me and said, “You’re the chattiest person I’ve ever met.  Does no one in your family complain that you’re annoying?” 

Main MC: WANG YIBO?!  [With CGI flames of fire over his head]  Wang Yibo!  What are you doing with all those different kinds of scornful looks when someone’s just trying to talk to you?

Yibo: That’s not it.  I was sleeping and she kept [he mimics how she kept swiping at him, poking at him].

Third MC: Oh, so when you were sleeping she was still talking to you.

Actress: He wasn’t sleeping.  Underneath his hat, his eyes were continuously moving.

Yibo: I was sleeping!

Actress: I saw it!

Yibo: I was continuously sleeping!

Main MC: You were clearly stealing her attention! [I think?  Not entirely sure about that translation.]

Yibo: That’s right.  [Actress laughs, while there’s a CGI question next to her head, “Did you?’]

Main MC: We arranged such a great opportunity for you.  If we knew it was going to be like this, we would have sent Cheng Feng (second MC) instead. 

Second MC: [He pretends to pout in disappointment.] I especially like girls who talk a lot.

Main MC: Then we’ll arrange for you to go with Xie Na [a hostess on a different, but related variety show who’s known for being extremely chatty.  Second MC pretends to fall to the ground in response.]

Actress: After that I said, okay, I’ll just keep talking to him.  I said no matter what we have to chat.  That way, maybe the more we chatted, it would become easier.

Third MC: And after that you fell in love with him.

Actress: I didn’t fall in love with him.

Third MC: You just wanted to reform him.

Actress: I just kept talking him.  And then he would give me this expression, and I would control myself.

MCs: What expression?

Actress: [She leans her head to the side while holding a hand up to her ear and then rolls her eyes upward.]

Main MC: “Yu Qin Gu Zong” [Chinese idiom for: Loosening the reins in order to grasp better.]

Other MCs: That’s right.  [Yibo & Actress laugh]

Second MC: [He’s] just purposely pretending to be all cool and reserved.  And then he’ll let the girl say, “I’m going to conquer you who’s like this mountain.” 

Third MC: That’s right.  He’s just that type.

Main MC: Yibo, Yibo, then how do you feel about this young lady?

Yibo: She’s very lively (as in playful).

Actress: That’s not what you said previously.  You said I was chatty

Yibo: It’s because you were chatty that you became lively.  And then you kept spurring me on.

Third MC: And so you liked that?

Yibo: It was pretty nice.  [The actress looks happy to hear that.]


The Main MC then asked Yibo about him riding a motorcycle or something or other, and the third MC tells her that if she’d talked to him about that, he would’ve chatted with her, and she responds, ‘I asked him, but he wouldn’t pay me any attention.”


Yibo: When did I?

Actress: You did.  I even patted you on the back and you didn’t pay me any attention.




This entire episode where Yibo is visited by his fellow Chinese Uniq members and labelmate Chen Xiao is great, but if you want to watch only a clip from this ep, you can't go wrong with this one where they focus on the Chen Xiao moments.  Like when she says that she gets the sense Yibo doesn't like interacting with girls or that he like girls, and Yibo's face reacts with a, "What is this?!" and then tells her to not say crazy things.  She then explains that one time, in a prior episode, when the hosts had stayed at a house the show put three photos next to his bed and he flipped them all over.  One of those photos was of Chen Xiao, and Yibo explains that it felt weird having pictures of three girls next to his bed as he was afraid people would misunderstand that he's the type to have a lot of girls.  One of the MCs then asks if he really doesn't like interacting with girls and bring up the above-incident with Song Zu Er, and he explains it was because they were strangers back then.  (I get it, Yibo, I do!  Introverts R Us.)




Gotta take a break for now, BBL with more... ;) 


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This is a great clip where you get to see what Yibo would be like on a blind date:




But I would actually recommend watching the entire episode so you can compare/contrast all the blind dates that took place in this episode.  It's actually a really fun episode.  They did a similar type of episode several months later, which I also really enjoyed.  This time Yibo got to be with the other MCs on the panel and I just had fun watching his expressions the entire time, haha.  He even spoke up... twice!  Towards the end.  Because even he couldn't stand what they were watching.  LOL. 


Speaking of what Boyfriend Yibo would be like, this is my favorite DDU episode (and it's subbed!).  The first 40 minutes are Pure Gold entertainment.  And then there's a nice documentary that follows for a bit after the first part of the episode that covers Yibo's participation in this past summer's ARRC:



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This is a nice compilation video of classic Yibo moments.  I think my favorite ones are where they show him saying something and then the people around him don't know how to continue the conversation.  It reminds me of a recent episode where Li Yuchun guested and the MCs tell the two of them to try talking to each other because they're both renowned introverts and, well, let's just say: it's a struggle.  Haha!




I also like the first part of this episode because you get to see the DDU MCs living together for a night.




This episode also has some great Yibo moments:



My favorite moment is when he's made to perform a skit to demonstrate how he'd handle a high-maintenance spouse. The "wife" pouts and when he asks what's wrong, she says she's not happy because she hasn't had anything good to eat lately, and he just says, "Then go find something."  Which, honestly, is pretty much what I would say too.  :D 


Anyhoo... that's it from me (for now).  As I mentioned earlier, watching these episodes is often like searching for the golden Yibo nugget moments so it's hard to recommend episodes when really it's just one short bit that captures my attention.  Oh, but that does remind me.  I should share the best moment from this past week's episode (I've linked the video to start at the golden Yibo nugget moment):



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This is a good Actor vs Character analysis for Wang Yibo in The Untamed. There are 4 videos dedicated to Wang Yibo  :love:

The comparison between Actor Wang Yibo's Lan Wangji and the character in the book.


1st on 8 July 2019


2nd on 29 July


3rd and 4th is in Bilibili





As my Mandarin is not so good, I can only understand bits here and there. I particularly love the 3rd and 4th as she focuses more on her detail analysis pointing out what we missed, especially Yibo's microexpressions, and the difference in expressions in different scenes. I'm truly impressed by Yibo's acting ability in protraying Lan Wangji.





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I started watching after reading that there's no BL. Then watched it with an open mind, innocently thinking it's love and care between family, brothers and soulmates... :P


After 40+ episodes, it was revealed that Lanzhan cares so much for Weiying has something to do with Lanzhan's mother! Omo!


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