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  1. Oh, I remember those interactions that you mentioned! I just didn't know how relatable FPX's experience was to the GYH experience. Haha. That's both sweet and awesome. And very cool that GYH has been trending because of it as well. Thanks for sharing this information with us!
  2. I was already excited for this drama based on Wu Qian and the story summary, but now I'm even more excited as I'm currently watching Zhang Xincheng in "My Huckleberry Friends" and enjoying his performance there! Hoping we get an air date soon.
  3. Yay! You finished. I've been wondering if you had. LOL, not outstaying its welcome is a great way to put it. I agree that the drama was a fun, breezy watch that kept things rolling along, which I really appreciated. (Especially coming off the heels of My GF is an Alien, which I'd watched right before this one. ) I would also agree that the return of the ex was blech and something I could've done without. I did appreciate, however, that apart from the little pockets of self-doubt (and who could blame her, she's human after all), Xing Yun didn't let it bother her. For example, when she took the bull by the horn at that networking event when the ex had purposely invited her there with the hopes of making her misunderstand and everyone else uncomfortable. I was like, "You go girl!" when she just planted one on Xia Ke and told her, "That's a kiss!" LOL. Love her pluckiness.
  4. I'm pretty sure the stylist who picked out that wig was hanging out with Bai Lu's stylist from her "Lucky's First Love" days.
  5. With their kids rolling their eyes at them (and their grandkids clapping their hands) each time. You may... but be careful what you wish for. @skibbies thank you for sharing the FMV for "You're My Glory," I finally had a chance to watch it and it was cute (and really well made)!! Made me wish that was a real teaser for an drama based on that web novel!
  6. Clips from WYB's performance at today's 11.11 event. https://mobile.twitter.com/uniq5s/status/1193547361840009221 https://mobile.twitter.com/uniq5s/status/1193547530467831809 And some well-deserved Yibo love after his performance https://mobile.twitter.com/uniq5s/status/1193556326149787648
  7. Phew, @raziela & @owlstar, I'm relieved to hear that the story delivered on all fronts!! Glad you liked it. Hahaha, I have found myself going back lately to watch just those scenes alone. It never fails to amuse seeing how twitchy XK gets when he realizes QY has been seeking help from PX when she's learning how to be a better iConquer player. If only he would take a moment to ask himself why it bothers him so much that she's going to someone other than him. Haha. She is my hero! And that is why I felt strongly she and Sun Ge they must have a daughter so that she can one day grow up to be like her mother. There was a head pat too! @lynne22 and I were just discussing the other day how these characters have become so real to us that we can't help but think of them as part of our worlds and want the best for them, even if we're really just imagining what their lives would be like beyond the drama. Maybe it's delusional, but I prefer to think of it as harmless fun. In any event, what I'm trying to say is, I totally get both your sentiments -- we did watch QY grow and develop throughout the drama, so it's only natural that we would hope for her career to continue trending upwards even once the drama ended. I thought Story #9 would be my last, but what an uneven number to end on...
  8. @raziela and @owlstar, here it is. The Jealous Ji Xiang Kong story that you both requested. I hope I delivered . . . I actually found it difficult in that I tend to think of them as a pretty level-headed and reasonable couple, so I struggled to stay within the bounds of their character while trying to bring in some cuteness through the non-annoying kinds of jealous antics. Hopefully I succeeded (on some level, at the very least) and you will enjoy! Please let me know. Story #9 – The Green-Eyed Monster
  9. My guess is they were going to lift him up or something. Hopefully there was no body of water nearby for him to be dunked into. Especially considering how cold it was.
  10. Has this been shared already? I don't think so... anyway, someone recently picked up the novel on which this drama is based to translate. She's doing a great job so far, so I hope she can keep the momentum going as I'm sure it's not an easy task! https://elentiyalae.wordpress.com/legend-of-fei/ [@sugarplum892 or @angelangie, can the link be added to the first details post for others to find it more easily?]
  11. Poor Qiu Ying/Wang Zi Xuan. She just wanted to be one of the guys! (I love how she tries to defend her right to be there by reminding them she was their manager And then Yibo tells her she's not a guy and suggests she just be a group leader.)
  12. There is, but we also know Xia Ling is younger than the others. Phoenix was billed as having the oldest (Sun Ge) and youngest (Xia Ling) players in the entire league. Also, within that same bickering conversation that YX had with Xia Ling, he mentioned being a few days older than PX too. So YX is definitely not the youngest within the team.
  13. I have to correct a comment I made the other week regarding XK and YX's backstory. After last weekend's marathon rewatch, I was reminded of the full conversation XK had in that flashback. They had met at The King two days earlier where they played against each other and because YX lost, he was supposed to call XK "ge." That was the basis for XK then hunting YX down while he was doing one of his food delivery runs to invite him to join him at Legends. And now I'm wondering if XK is really older than YX, or if it's just because XK beat him that one time that YX has always treated him like an older brother. Certainly, personality wise, XK is more of the leader while YX is the follower.
  14. @skibbies, I liked both the protags in You're My Glory and found them unique in their own way. I also liked that it was a nice, short read as I was able to complete most of it in one night. (Just waiting for that remaining last epilogue to be translated... ) If you have a link for the fake trailer that you mentioned, please send it to me! I'd love to see it as I do adore the Le Coup OTP. As for an audiobook version of GYH, I've actually seen the first two chapters or so on Ximalaya FM but yeah... zone out. Haha. @skibbies would probably be more of an expert than me on this, but in my limited experience, I can say that yes - sometimes web novels do get published in physical print and sometimes the author may even edit it further before doing so (to include writing an amended/different ending). Anyway, just wanted you to know also, @owlstar, I haven't forgotten to message you with my list of recs. As for the DDU episode you mentioned the other day, I find it adorable how chatty Yibo becomes on that show whenever they bring up a topic he's passionate about. LOL. LOL! Thank you for resharing that gif! As for the product placement... I don't think I'll ever love another one as I do the scene with Xiang Kong and Qiu Ying at the snack store where he provides "training" by having her run around the store to practice her reflexes. That's got to be one of the most creative ways to work in product placement, no?? Hahaha. I figured there wouldn't be any complaints. Hard at work on the second one...
  15. Oh Yibo... haha. Also so very him. Also not surprising as I’ve seen him do the same in interviews. But always amusing every time.
  16. Some additional outfits from the Untamed Concert And LOL, speaking of Yibo and his love of wheels...
  17. @raziela & @owlstar, I started to write that XK-being-jealous story that you both wanted but it required some set up first, and well, my attempts to provide context ended up leading me down a separate path altogether. Oops! On the plus side, you now get two stories instead of one? This one's super short but should feel familiar -- hence the title! Extra points if you can guess the episode that served as inspiration. Story #8 – A Scene of Déjà vu
  18. Tencent had an industry event today and shared a brief (very brief) teaser. Looks good so far!
  19. Here's another super short fic. Apparently I have a fascination with their personal belongings in this drama. First it was the stuffed bunnies from the variety show. And then this past weekend, while I was rewatching, I was reminded of the model motorcycle that QY gifted to XK. When I saw him getting irritated with the way YX was handling it when YX brought pizza to his hotel room, I decided I needed to write a story about the motorcycle. As always, hope you enjoy! Story #7 - Wheels
  20. Actually, many web novels have audio book versions out there. I did try one once but I zoned out midway through so that wasn't really helpful. Haha. In my defense, I also zone out with English audio books which is why I just don't do audio books in general. I actually put my friend on notice, LOL. I more or less told her, "You know I respect that a person's taste when it comes to dramas is subjective, so I'll recommend and won't push, but when it comes to GYH, I'm letting you know now. You have to like it. You don't have to like it as much as I do, but you at least have to like it. Or lie." Haha! Fortunately the warning ended up being superfluous because she loved it and it was fun watching her first-time reactions to certain scenes. That truly was egregious. On the whole, Zhao Yang got off waaaaaaay too light for many things. Super disappointing.
  21. LOL @raziela I didn't not like Chu Nan, but I was similarly relieved that storyline was resolved quickly and early. On to the OTP! The second female lead who has a crush on Xia Ka was great and a refreshing change compared to the usual ilk. I really like how she seemed to recognize that because she loved him, she just wanted him to be happy, even if that meant he ended up with someone other than her. I think you'll like the upcoming episodes...
  22. Not really. I'm much better at speaking and listening to Mandarin, which is how I can sometimes deduce what was originally written from the literal English translations. Reading and writing Chinese, on the other hand, not so much! There's no way I'd be able to read an entire web novel, but how I wish I could!!! LOL. How nice that there are so many of those that you have to "struggle" to finish them all. I haven't read a lot of Chinese web novels but there are some that I really do quite adore. I'll send you a message some time, although I would not be surprise if our lists overlap! I just marathoned the entire drama this past weekend with a friend. How is it that even though I've watched this drama many times already, it's still SO MUCH FUN?! Haha. Although, having said that, I don't know that I've ever started over from 1-35 in order. When I'm on my own, I usually rewatch episodes at random and my other friends that I'm watching along with aren't as far along. Anyway, the friend I marathoned with this past weekend loved it as well. Yay! And I definitely walked away with some ideas... Welcome @liubeko! It's so nice to see another name in this thread and never fear, you're not late. We're still here gushing over this gem of a drama. Isn't rewatching great? I'm glad you've enjoyed the recaps and fics as well! As for the book, it is unfortunately not yet translated. Others who have been kind enough to share information from the book either read it in Chinese or used google translate for assistance in understanding what happened in the book.
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