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  1. @kokodus, payment accepted!! Oh, those smiles!!!! Oh, my heart.... 954
  2. Wait. What is this?? I believe you meant to say I encouraged you to expand your horizons by giving variety a try, and you are eternally grateful for my recommendation. 954
  3. Haha, yes, I liked how he so often served as a bridge for the OTP, particularly when he helped YM gain insight into a certain situation. I loved though how YM was willing to cut QY slack, the same could not be the same for his uncle. One of the best examples of that is when they were in high school and Da Chuan took QY to the PC room to relieve stress. After YM yelled at her for not studying, etc., Da Chuan corrected him and pointed out that she had been trying to extra classes on the side. I liked how YM admitted fault and agreed he should apologize, But he still thought his uncle was in the wrong. Hee! For the platonic relationship, my favorite example is when YM brings QY home with the dog and Da Chuan walks out of the shower without a shirt. LOL. YM's all, "Can you go put on a shirt?" and Da Chuan's basically, "What's the big deal? We're all just friends here." Hahaha. He is the best teddy bear! I'm glad the drama created his character, as well.
  4. Back with my third fic/drabble . . . This was a story I really wanted to tell because, if you're anything like me, the minute the drama ended, the brain went, "Babies!" This doesn't get us quite there, but close. You'll see what I mean after you read. Hope you guys enjoy! Story under the cut. Forever Child (A drabble)
  5. I agree with you @gladys57! Chen You Mei grew on me, as well, and I found her character much more approachable by the end. I also loved that she became friends with QY and HWY in the end. Another moment I really appreciated was when she was hanging out with her two other "friends," who were of a similar background. Unlike them, she wasn't catty and you can tell she actually takes pride in her work and doesn't just want to rely on her family's wealth. I have a lot of admiration for that kind of character. My friend has asked me to write a fic about CYM and FDC, and as my friend never asks for anything, I'm inclined to indulge. Just have to think of what to write about since it isn't an idea that came naturally to me...
  6. @raziela & @pocohantas01, I don't think the novel's been translated yet. If there was one, it'd be listed here: https://www.shushengbar.net/?p=10783 Similarly, the ALSB Facebook group would've mentioned it (as they track all things related to ALSB and now PYHOMS) and there's been not a word. Sorry!
  7. It is from the present timeline, and it's basically a scene out of the book (which may explain why it seems a little random in the drama). Excerpt from the book is below the cut:
  8. @gladys57, thank you! I hope you like the second one equally as well. As for that scene you described, that was actually the prologue scene to one of the early episodes. I don't remember which one, but if you check a few you should be able to find it. If Huace had a video of just that moment, it was probably a preview clip so you just have to look for it with that labeling. It's not one of the special clips. @selen4ever, thank you as well! You're not too late. You're right on time. We need people to help keep this thread going. Even though the drama's complete, I'm not ready to move on yet - clearly - so I'm grateful for the company. Plus, it's fun hearing about the drama through the eyes of shiny new viewers! And LOL, I don't know about MVP but I'm just grateful y'all indulge me and allow me space for my blatherings. Sometimes I fear it's too much.
  9. @selen4ever, I'm glad you found the special videos. I saw your message earlier but before I had a chance to reply, you found them on your own. YAY! I'm glad you've joined the thread - welcome. Also, as promised. I'm returning with my second drabble. As I said before when the drama ended, it randomly occurred to me that we never heard anything more about YM's younger half-brother. While I don't think the drama needed to take the time to tell us that story, as it might have turned draggy, it was a passing thought I had and I was curious. So I decided to write a story about that. Hope you enjoy it - it's under the cut. Forever Brothers
  10. My last post re: translations... *sniffs* Episode 35 When HWY finally reveals her "big surprise" at the wedding, QY says, per the subs, "It's so nice of you!" But her reaction should be more properly understood as, "Why are you so nice to me?!" which would then explain HWY's response, "Because you're my honey." When HWY and GC reveal that they're expecting, the subs have GC saying, "You'll be the aunt," but again it is more properly phrased as, "Be the aunt as well." This makes more sense in the context of what's being said at that time. Specifically, HWY starts off by commenting that since she's already a bride for the day, and then trails off not sure how to continue, which is why GC then takes over by saying she should be an aunt as well. Similar to the above, although the subs have GC sharing that, "She's pregnant with twins," what he really says is, "This time it's twins." The phrasing matters because of the context. After QY learns her friend is pregnant, there's a split second where she wonders if it's real or if it's going to turn out to be last time again. That's when HWY pouts that she and GC had the same reaction to her news, which is why GC steps in again to add that it's for reals this time and, in fact, they're having twins. When they're in England and YM finally learns of QY's visit to Cambridge all those years ago, he steps away. QY asks him if he's mad and, in response, he grabs her close for a hug. He then tells her, "In the future, don't be like that again," not "No silent treatment." (What does that even mean? LOL. And the subs had been doing pretty well all through that scene too, sigh.) When everyone is gushing over the pics of the twins, and Stepdad says he thinks they take after him, GC cuts in to say, "Apparently they look like me." Swap out "obviously" for "apparently," and that'll make much more sense. GC goes on to wax poetic about his children and the subs have him saying at one point, "Look, they're good boys," but it's worth noting that he never comments on their gender. Instead, he uses the pronoun, "they" to say they're well-behaved, and of course we learn minutes later when Stepdad gives them names that one is a boy and the other a girl. When QY finally learns about Liao Rui having a crush on her back in high school, she and YM walk away from the restaurant whereupon she says, per the subs, "I've heard you had a thing for Liao Rui." She should be more concerned if that was the case. What she really says is, "I heard you have a bit of a past with this Liao Rui." In one of their after marriage scenes where they're having dinner and squabbling, the subs have QY saying, "S--t, it means you're mean," and I don't know. Seeing profanity suddenly come out of QY seemed weird. It doesn't really fit her personality. Moreover, I don't even think the expression fits their conversation. The word she uses can also mean (colloquially), "nonsense," or "rubbish," and since nobody uses "rubbish" in this day and age, I'd go for "nonsense." I think that fits her comment better anyway. After QY changes her outfit multiple times in order to attend a wedding, the subs have YM walking up to her and asking, "Are you okay?" but he really asks, "Are you ready?" In the scene where QY oversleeps and misses her flight, it starts off with YM commenting, per the subs, "Your flight is at 7 am tomorrow," but I prefer the more accurate translation, "You booked a flight for 7 am tomorrow," because it conveys his disbelief that she would willingly do something like that when they both know she's not a morning person. He doesn't think she'll able to wake up in time for the 7am flight and, as it turns out, he was right. In the scene where YM goes out at night to pick up QY because it's raining out, it starts with YM answering his phone. The subs have him asking, "You're out?" And I know this is really nitpicking of me, but I prefer the actual translation which is, "You're not at home?" I just like it better. As far as drama endings go, I have to say, IMO, that was one of the best last episodes ever for a drama. It's no secret how I have loved Le Coup from start to finish, and I'm just glad it never let me down at any point. I will miss it, but I look forward to rewatching it in the future, and I will think of these characters as being somewhere out there, living their best lives. At least we know YM and QY are real, and thus really are. Two other comments I would make specific to Episode 35 is how, it took me like 10 rewatches before I caught last night, that moment after the wedding where YM is clearly smiling and laughing with QY, when it's just the two of them. But the minute his old classmates join them on the dais calling for a photoshoot, he turns around and assumes his usual stone cold sober face, LOL. Second, I really loved and found it interesting how, in QY's voiceover when they're in England, she says it was YM who taught her that everyone is born with the ability to love. I find it especially poignant given how, because of his naturally taciturn ways, everyone assumes he's the emotionless one. Finally, planning on two more drabbles/fics for this drama... so check back!
  11. My corrected translations for Episodes 33 & 34 are admittedly me being nitpicky. But as you've probably noticed by now I often prefer the more correct form because I feel it adds a little something extra. And I think our beloved characters deserve that something extra, don't you? Episode 33: When Qiao Yi is telling YM that she feels certain she'll be able to win over the Professor and get him to help them develop their app, the subs have YM asking her, "Why are you so confident?" The more accurate translation though is, "Where do you get your confidence?" After they help the Professor down from the tea garden, when the Professor keeps trying to decline their help and send them away, QY remarks, "Stop pushing us away," but the subs leave off her saying, "At a time like this." The Professor responds by telling QY, "I've never seen anyone so cheeky like you," but the "cheeky" really should've been "thick-skinned," and he was referencing both QY and YM, not just QY. After YM fixes the tape recorder for one of their neighbors, the subs have QY proudly exclaiming, "You're good at everything!" But she really said, "I said you were good at everything!" [Her phrasing connotes that she knew from the beginning he'd be capable of fixing the tape recorder because she's that confident in his many talents and abilities.] When YM has his idea for the app and calls Wang Wei, the latter comments that what YM wants will be complicated. YM responds, according to the subs, "I won't ask you if it's not. Figure it out," which is a rather clunky way of saying, "If it wasn't complicated, why would I seek you out? Go figure it out." The subs then have Wang Wei responding, "Idol, I'll keep waiting for you," except he really says, "Idol, I've been waiting for your return." When YM and Da Chuan are discussing business matters and Da Chuan apologizes for losing their one investors, YM tells him it's okay and adds, per the subs, "You've done your job." But what he really says is, "You've tried your hardest." I love that YM recognizes his uncle's efforts. They may hit bumps in their road every now and then, but these two are always there supporting each other along the way. When YM and QY have what they think is going to be their last meal with the Professor, he announces that he will be returning to Beijing with them to help work on the app. QY responds that he needn't "bother" going through all that trouble, as they can just work with him long distance. The Professor responds, according to the subs, "Why bother?" but what he really says is, "What do you mean 'bother'?" After he explains his reasons for following them to Beijing, the subs have QY responding, "As you said," but she actually says, "We'll listen to you." [It's an expression of obedience.] YM asks the Professor why he was in the tea garden that one night, and the Professor responds, per the subs, "That day was to memorize her death," but it should've been, "That day was the anniversary of her death." When he adds that he goes there every year on that day to "visit" her, it's worth noting that the expression he actually uses is, "keep her company." When the subs have QY asking the Professor, "When did she pass away?" she actually asks him, "How long has it been?" Which is why the Professor answers in a numbers (years/days) count. When QY asks YM, "When did you start to like me?" she actually phrases it as, "When did you start to secretly like me?" YM answers, "If there's an opportunity one day, I'll tell you," rather than, "I'll let you know someday." When QY and GC are shopping, she asks her brother to help chip in for their mother's bracelet. At one point, the subs have GC saying as part of his response, "Are you awake now?" But it should've been, "Have you not yet woken up?" Episode 34: When GC explains his changed his stance on marriage, he says to QY, per the subs, "I want to give her a home." 家, the word used by GC, can mean "home." But it can also mean "family," and I think that's what he was really trying to express -- he wants to give HWY a family (since she's lost both her parents). When GC finishes his explanation, the subs have QY responding, "This is the first time ever for you to say such beautiful words." But that was a short cut way of saying, "These are the most manly words I have ever heard you say since you came out of our mother's womb." When DC and Chen You Mei/Alicia are video chatting, she proclaims herself to be a very busy person and DC comments, "That's what you said the last time too," not "Like what you said the last time." Alicia then signs off by saying to him, "I'm not talking to you anymore," not "So much for it." [Also, as a side note, she doesn't mean that she's not going to talk to him anymore in a forever sort of sense. It's just an expression people use in Chinese to end conversations.] When YM is talking on the phone with DC and asks if QY is "off duty," he just meant "off work." I love how YM is always protective of QY and has her well being first and foremost in his mind. The whole world could go to pieces around him, including his own life, and the only thing he would be concerned about was whether QY was okay -- that's some deep love! When YM comes home and QY is trying to talk to him on the park bench, she asks him, "Why are you are not paying attention to me?" not "Did you hear me?" She then asks him if she's being too chatty, not, "Tired of me murmuring?" YM responds that yes, she is quite chatty (not that she murmurs a lot). He then adds, "But since I have to listen to you for the rest of my life, I just have to get used to it and I'll be fine," not, "I have to listen to you for the rest of my life. I'll get used to it." When QY and YM are video chatting while she's at work, she takes a phone call from her stepdad. After they hang up, YM asks her, "Is there something going on at home?" not, "Any affair?" When YM arrives at the karaoke bar when QY and her girlfriends are out drinking, GC says to him, "YM, come take care of your bride," not, "YM, come look at your bride." When QY's parents are discussing her being drunk, her mother comments, "You're about to get married. Stop being childish. That's inappropriate for you." But what she really says (to her husband), "You say [a form of saying, "Look at her"], she's about to get married and she's still like a child. Acting inappropriately." When HWY presents QY with a gift, the subs have her brother saying, "I paid her bill." But the more accurate expression was, "I paid the bill. She made the effort." [It's a play on words because both expresions start with the word, "chu": "chu qian" - paid money, "chu li," - expended effort.] Bonus: if you were wondering why HWY accepted GC's marriage proposal with, "Huang Pu Tie Niu!" this phrase/name is from the book. (See further explanation under the cut.) Only one more episode left, my friends... I'm half filled with anticipation and half filled with dread. Not ready to say farewell to this lovely group of characters or this beautiful story!
  12. @jadore1, the book is great! You can find a link to the translated novel in the very first post of this forum.
  13. @owlstar, I feel the same way. Can't get enough of them and wish we could watch them forever. I've already started working on the second drabble... I alluded to the topic in a prior post as something I've been curious about for a while now. And thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!!
  14. I don't think it's just that I'm getting lazier or more tolerant. I think the subs are actually improving some. But whatever the reason, I don't have a lot of comments regarding the subs for Episodes 31 and 32. Here are the few that I have: Episode 31: When YM is sleeping on the couch, dead to the world, and QY fears he's having a medical emergency, he rolls over and tells her to "Stop making a fuss," not "Come on..." When QY and her mother are discussing HWY's sad situation, the subs have her mother describing HWY as "miserable," but it was really more like "unfortunate" because she had already lost her father and was about to lose her mother. When QY is sharing her concerns with her high school teacher, the subs have her saying with respect to YM, "The company he founded was shut down." While not incorrect, the more accurate translation is, "The company he worked so hard to build was shut down." I like the more accurate translation there because it recognizes YM's efforts and also emphasizes why he is feeling such a heavy loss currently. When QY looks at Lao Ye's picture and starts her monologue, the subs have her starting off with, "You think I have no idea what you're thinking about?" But I would translate that as, "Don't think I don't know what you're thinking." There rest of the monologue wasn't translated perfectly either, but it was good enough that I'm not going to nitpick over it. Even if it is a speech that I love a lot. So glad YM was present to overhear it! He needed to hear it. Episode 32 When Qiao Yi is struggling to figure out whether the sandwiches YM gave her are expired, YM says to her (according to the subs), "I should've asked you to study math." But what he really says (more or less) is, "Back then, I shouldn't have helped cover up for you in math."
  15. Sooo quiet here... did everybody watch the raws and move on? I'm still excited for the remaining five episodes to be released with subs this week! And to celebrate, I did what I swore to @lynne22 I would not do. I wrote a drabble/fanfic! Never say never, I suppose . . . Anyway, if you'd like to read it, it's below under the cut. And if I have any objections to the subs for Episodes 31 & 32 tonight, well, I'm sure you'll hear from me again later. Forever Home (A drabble)
  16. This drama started airing this week! I think the schedule is two raw episodes every Thursday-Friday-Saturday, with two subbed episodes released every Saturday-Sunday-Monday. Here's the official WeTV YouTube playlist (first two episodes released so far):
  17. Chiming in as a hardcore Le Coup lover. He answers the question in the very last scene of the final episode (35). They basically took the moment from the book and split it into two parts where, in the beginning of the drama, she sends the question out to her friends, trying to gather information for her work assignment. Which for anybody who loves the book was an offensive change because it ruined a beautiful moment from the book! But if you keep the faith and keep watching, the drama doubles back to the question in the final episode, and you learn that she had included him in the mass text as well but he never saw the text message. (Remember, his phone wasn't on his person at the time since he had rushed back to China from England. His friend later mailed it to him.) He answers it then. And yeah, I don't know why the called the drama "Love at First Sight" either. In the book, he explicitly states it wasn't love at first sight. 674
  18. @gladys57, I rewatched that same scene last night too! Love it. The subtle changes in YM's expressions when she tells him her hands are covered in flour are just one of the many things I love about this actor and his ability to bring the character, YM, to life. I find myself constantly watching his expressions because it's often through those minuscule movements that you really get to know what YM is feeling in each moment. Also, on a separate note, I kept wondering when we'd get to see that scene where YM blocks QY from getting hit by an eraser. Turns out it was included in one of the special clips! (See video linked below.) Hope people are watching these special clips to see the side story of HWY and her break-up from Da Xiong as well as YM scaring off the guy who had a crush on QY in high school and wrote her a love letter.
  19. I loved that part of the ceremony the best too, haha! So passionate, so lovely, and leaves no question in anybody's mind how he feels about QY even if he's not always overt in his actions. As for the song played, I believe it's this one:
  20. Sorry, I didn't have time yesterday to post about yesterday's subbed episodes 29 and 30. But actually, on the whole, I thought the subs were much better yesterday so I actually don't have many comments to make about them. Episode 29: When QY runs into the Female Goddess, the subs have the latter saying that she "attended" a postgrad class at the Beijing Film Academy, but she was actually sharing that she'd "registered" for that class and QY responded with encouragement/support. When QY asks the Female Goddess how her father is doing, the subs have her responding, "He came with me to Beijing last year," but what she really says is she brought him to Beijing last year. I know there's not a lot of difference as the end result is the same - her father's in Beijing - but I prefer the more accurate translation because it highlights the filial aspect of her actions. When QY creates a scavenger hunt for YM with herself as the end prize, the subs have her asking him if it was, "Interesting?" but she really asks him, "Was it fun?" When HWY learns that GC hadn't been drinking with his coworker that night he came home drunk, she confronts him by asking, according to the subs, "Who did you drink with that day?" But it's worth noting that what she really asks is, "Who were you fooling around with that day?" As I said once before, with their past and GC's dating history, it was only a matter of time before WY's insecurities caught up with her. This was a fight that needed to happen, IMO, because it allowed WY to express how she really felt about the status of their relationship in that moment, and GC also needed to learn about setting boundaries with other women once he was officially off the market. Just glad it doesn't take them long to figure everything out and get back together! When DC is at the police station with CYM/Alicia, the subs have him saying to the news reporter he punched, "She's okay today or I'll kill you," which doesn't make a whole lot of sense. His comment was more along the lines of, "It's only because she's not hurt today. If she was, I'd kill you." Episode 30: When QY calls YM drunk from the food stall, the subs have her asking him, "Who asked you to break up with me?" but what she really says is, "Who let you break up with me?" The subs have HWY also saying, "You should bully QY, I'll kill you." But as that doesn't make sense, what she really says is, "You dared to bully our QY, I'll kill you." When HWY finally learns from her mom's secretary what's going on with her mom, the subs have the secretary telling her, "Mrs. Ding said she made you think she's gone to America," but of course what she really said was, "Mrs Ding said she'd let you think she went to America." See? Not too many nitpicks. Which means I have space and time to comment on the problems that YM's company is facing! I'm so glad episode 30 ends on a positive note because it is really hard watching him try to shoulder everything on his own. For that reason, I really love the moment when he finds the note from his father reminding him that he's not alone. YM and his father might be naturally distant, given how they lived during YM's formative years, but the love. It's still there. I think that's especially apparent from the fact that his father references both himself and YM's mother in that note. I look forward to next week when we get to see QY take her turn at teaching YM about how to share burdens when you're in a relationship.
  21. @AnmeiX2, I know exactly what you mean! For those same reasons another favorite scene of mine - and one I rewatch all the time because it is never not funny - is the blind date scene. I love the way he says, "Oh! You're Hao Wu Yi!" And then, "Oh, so you're a writer!" I'm usually curled over from laughter by the time we get to, "Does your husband still beat you?" And completely gone by the time he sips his water and says, "Don't panic. Just keep lying." Hahaha!! As YM's future stepfather observes (based on what his mom previously told him), YM does indeed have a very special type of humor.
  22. Yes, in one the episodes, he was talking with his students about what they hoped to be in the future. At first he was advising them as a teacher should, but at a certain point after listening to his students, he realized he wasn't living his dream! So he quit teaching and bought a bar. What a beautiful bar it is, too! In such a unique location. My only concern is he never seems to have any customers there other than his students (who he says never pay him for their drinks). I really hope for Mr. Gao's sake that he has customers in those times that we do not see him with his students there. Hee hee! As for the stars, in the book, Hao Wu Yi has a childhood sweetheart who breaks up with her. Because she was so upset, he told her that if she folded 9,999 lucky stars before his birthday as a birthday gift, he'd get back with her. It was an unreasonable request and one he never imagined she would actually be able to complete, since his birthday was just around the corner, but all the classmates pitched in to help HWY fold the stars. In the end, the childhood sweetheart still broke up with her and about a year later, HWY donated the vase of stars for a fundraiser. Their homeroom teacher then purchased the vase and kept it by his desk always. In the drama, this is being told through a series of "special" short clips where Hao Wu Yu is trying to win back Da Xiong with these lucky stars -- you can find them in the Previews playlist. I recommend scrolling all the way to the bottom and then make your way back up towards the top by watching those videos that have "special" next to them. Haha, really? I always think of YM's look there as one of, "Oh great, there she goes getting herself in trouble again." It's got a little bit of a wince to it. But actually there is one thing I struggle to understand about that scene. In the book, when QY wears the wrong colored uniform in solidarity with WY, she comments, "Mr. F was terribly surprised, because the uniform I was wearing was his. He frequently left his blue school uniform under his desk as he was too lazy to bring it home." I thought they were going to have her do the same thing in the drama because they showed Yan Mo arriving at school that morning wearing the wrong colored uniform, while carrying the correct one that he then changed into. But any way I look at Qiao Yi once she changes uniforms, it looks like it fits her just fine. It's not swimming on her like I would expect if she was wearing YM's uniform. I wish she was wearing YM's uniform...
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