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What grows before experience is courage, and what is firmer than faith is dream, diligence and love.
Six years of bravely breaking through the barriers, the youth is not afraid of being popular, the imprint of the years is the most sincere proof of growth, Yibo@UNIQ-Wang Yibo's sixth anniversary happy~





Wang Yibo flirted with Xiaobao, the fan god replied: Don’t flirt with a lion, even if it is a lion cub


Never "tease" a lion, even if it is a lion cub! Is this the #WangYibo you know? Hold the hip-hop dancer Xiaobao's head to prevent him from leaving, and stare at the opponent's eyes, frequently "discharge" at another boy, revealing "I am an overbearing president, don't mess with me casually, you are at your own risk" Emoji!

Some fans and netizens commented in particular: the dancer left immediately after the provocation, but Wang Yibo didn't give him the opportunity to "stop here" at all, rushed to the battle, exploded with momentum, and gnawed his teeth when it was over. This is really a leopard!

In the latest episode of "This Is Hip-hop 3", the competition has become fierce. In the final battle, the teams used their best to send masters to compete in order to compete for the final place in the competition. In the one-on-one competition, Wang Yibo dispatched the highly skilled "world champion" Bouboo. As expected, he lived up to expectations and used several big kills. In the one-on-one PK, Wang Yibo defeated Xiao Jie and others. Three hip-hop dancers won a valuable lead for Wang Yibo's team.

In the second round of the 2 vs. 2 match, Zhong Hanliang sent Xiaobao and Xiao Ming, a pair of powerful players with many tricks. When Xiaobao saw that he was clearly behind, he came up with a trick-"tease" Wang Yibo.

He danced the hand shake dance(waccking) he was good at, and rushed in front of Captain Wang Yibo. In the camera, Wang Yibo flashed a dumb expression in his head for a second, and then immediately entered the "anti-kill" state.

When Xiaobao touched Wang Yibo’s head with his hand, Wang Yibo in turn immediately “locked” Xiaobao and prevented him from leaving his sphere of influence. Xiaobao almost wanted to get rid of him. Wang Yibo kept twisting with his body. Wang Yibo chased wherever he went. Such a "dominant president" fan caused a sensation in the audience. Even the "sisters who ride the wind and waves" such as Jin Chen, Wang Feifei, and Zhang Meng who came to watch the team battle together showed a surprised expression. .

Yang Kai and others of Wang Yibo's team initially saw Xiaobao coming to tease Wang Yibo, they also made a move to protect the captain Wang Yibo, but they didn't expect that Wang Yibo was the real king.

Hip-hop dancer Xiao Bao had no choice but desperately wanted to escape Wang Yibo's tracking. After Xiaobao left, Wang Yibo still "barked his teeth" at Xiaobao, far away, with a provocative expression on his face, and he did not admit defeat.

Countless female fans saw this scene of Wang Yibo shouting, "Wang Yibo is anti-sultry, A has exploded, really straight!"

Wang Yibo, who was on the stage of "This Is Hip-hop 3", showed his charm, and a group of straight men also changed their views on him. In the past, everyone thought that he was just a traffic idol who became famous through "Chen Qing Ling(The Untamed)", but later discovered that Wang Yibo is not just a top idol with traffic, he is also a "power king" who truly studies in the field of dance and skateboarding. .

When Da Ting, a female player of his team, played, Wang Yibo would remind her to listen carefully to the music before making any moves. After the sound of the music, Wang Yibo and the contestant Da Ting made the same rhythmic movements. In the field of freestyle street dance, Wang Yibo did not lose to any popular dancers.

Zhang Meng from the "Sister Riding the Wind and Waves" who came to help the game that night is a fan of Wang Yibo. When she later recorded a hot pot show with Wang Yibo, she also deliberately "confessed" to Wang Yibo. Zhang Meng said to the effect that Wang Yibo would chase Xiaobao to prevent him from escaping his sphere of influence, while Wang Yibo explained that this is the authentic hip-hop culture.

When you come over and provoke me, as long as your body touches my body, I can accept the challenge completely and let you not escape from my sphere of influence.

Wang Yibo explained: "When you come to me, I won't let you run away. You will be locked up with me during this period of time. This is a typical hip-hop culture." When he said this, Wang Yibo's eyes flashed. Those who usually said Wang Yibo who is not good at speech and does not like to express himself should really watch this scene of idols dancing with joy!

Just staying in the praise of Wang Yibo A is exploded. Fans who praised the "Wang Yibo will be sultry" “王一博会撩人”stage probably did not expect the professionalism behind Wang Yibo's abnormal and bold move.仅仅是停留在表扬王一博A爆了,表扬“王一博会撩人”阶段的粉丝,大概是没料到王一博如此反常又大胆的举动背后蕴含着的专业精神

Wang Jiaer also deeply agreed with Wang Yibo's explanation, and demonstrated his action to "tease" Wang Yibo for the first time. He stretched his hand under Wang Yibo's arm, but was immediately locked tightly by Wang Yibo's conditioned reflex, and both sides looked at each other and smiled.

The next October 3rd "This Is Street Dance 3" finals will be staged. Today, Xiao Jie was reluctantly eliminated by Captain Zhong Hanliang. Two outstanding choreographers Zhang Jianpeng and Yang Wentao were also eliminated by Wang Yibo and Wang Jiaer. With only three shortlisted players, Zhang Yixing, who was the least among all captains, hid in the lounge and cried after the game.

Over the past few months, both the players and the star captains have paid countless emotions for the game. We also look forward to the next "This Is Hip-hop 3" finals can stage a more exciting fight.


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吴阳德 ( maintenance technician)   weibo post 15092020

 (Positive Energy Idol Wang YiBo)Recently, the media interviewed are more and the matter of buying works by Wang Yibo has also begun to be paid attention. Yesterday I received too many and private messages from people, so I won’t give everyone a reply on this matter. The private messages were replied one by one. In 19 years, I was invited to record DayDayUp. At that time, to be honest, I, a person who has been out of track with the times, really didn’t know who YiBo was doing... (Don’t mind here, I really don’t know) I only knew this on the day of recording. A sunny and handsome boy hosted. When recording, Brother Han knew that I was a maintenance technician and asked Yibo to test me (the authenticity section). Yibo was really good at the time. He could see that I was very nervous when I debuted on stage and didn't embarrass me. It was very cleverly resolved. He was very proactive and very interested in introducing the work, especially when it came to the [Guardian] table lamp that other artists were questioning. Only Yibo has been fiddling with it. At that time, Yibo was relatively silent and listened carefully After the recording, I was still making up the details of some works. The director called me to buy my lamp. When I brought my work to the entrance of the lounge, I heard music playing inside. The director knocked on the door and the assistant opened the door and found YiBo just stepped down and started rehearsing dance in the lounge (I don’t know if it’s a later show or what the album needs). When he saw me in, he stopped and turned off the music. At that time, it was still winter but I was already sweating (I was thinking about this at the time). This guy really worked hard and rehearsed the dance right after he stepped off the stage. PS: The performance in street dance is really not overnight) He walked over politely with his left hand, holding his right hand and shaking hands with me (really very polite, I What a treat...).
Yibo said: Hello, Mr. Wu. I was very touched by the story of the Guardian just on stage. I really like this work. I also want to support you. I hope you can sell this work to me.
Me: Hello, hello, thank you very much for the recognition, if you really like it, it’s okay to give it to you. (Truth)
Yibo: No, no, this work is for public benefit. I want to support it and respect your creation.
Later, Yibo insisted that the assistant transfer the money to me. At that time, I was really touched. How can I be so sensible! (Truth truth) Later, Yibo hurried  and rushed to rehearse the dance. I had to make up the footage and didn't linger much. This is how it happened. Later, the donation was also donated to a lung cancer patient.
After coming back, I have been following Yibo for the past two years, and I hate it when I see some news about Yibo! The old saying goes that "the tree attracts the wind" easily makes others jealous! (When I was a fan of Jaylen, there were also a lot of black Jaylen people, all kinds of people) So there will always be bumps on the road to success, but time is the best alchemy stone! Come on!





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嗑王老师专用 weibo post 17092020

Late at night()
I re-watched the #GankYourHeart filming highlights during the voting period. I was quite emotional. Maybe because it was the first drama that was completely chased, from breaking the news to booting to the finale to the scheduled broadcast, so I have always had special feelings. I went through the Weibo at the time of shooting, and made a rough video.

When it was broadcast, I always felt that there were a lot of regrets. There were a lot of things that were not realized. There was no publicity, the broadcast was too fast, and more people were not seen. But Dian He(#WangYiBo) Kong's follow-up was unexpectedly inspirational and inspirational. It was broadcast overseas first, and then won awards one after another. Finally, the drama and Xiaobo, and I went to the class to hear the demo, I really liked it. I didn't expect Xiaobo to sing in the end. That theme song was nominated for the Golden Eagle Award. It can be said to be a completely unexpected surprise. I said that it was unexpected because I didn't expect that a drama that was broadcast in four days without publicity before it went live could go so far, and it could reach three mainstream awards. But is it worth it, totally worth it.

The degree of completion of Kong Ge(#YiBo) is really good. For example, even if you participate in the finale (group show) shooting, you know the plot in advance, you have seen the performance in advance, and you are infected by the performance at the scene, and you still want to watch it at the end. When the Phoenix won the championship, Xiao Wang's performance again ignited tears and got goose bumps.

I am very happy that these were not missed in the end.

Comment and share some short stories during the shooting period. You may have seen it a long time ago, or you may have missed some~ (also welcome to share what I missed )



Click below link for video and repo about GYH




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6 years, 2192 days, 131520 hours, all are Wang Yibo's growing medals


Article link



Still warm me

"If you don't start, you will never know how far you can go. Rather than waiting to be challenged by the world, it is better to face it. I want to be stronger, I can become stronger."

........Wang Yibo


"You only see my glamour,

But did not see my diligence. "

Today, six years ago, a boy with a very delicate head and shoulders, with silver hair, made his debut with UNIQ. He is the lead dancer and rapper in the team, as well as the team leader and favorite in the team.

He is Wang Yibo.

I first met Wang Yibo six years ago. At the time I was chasing the Korean Wave. This boy who was only two years older than me appeared before my eyes with a childish face, singing their debut song "Falling in love".

I was immediately attracted by this boy. I thought at the time: How could there be such a good-looking boy?

His eyes and smile seemed to affect my heart. As I learned more about him, I found that this boy has more than just looks, he has more shining and addictive things on his body. .

In 2011, he participated in the ibd street dance competition and won a good place in the top 16 hip-pop group. Therefore, it was discovered by Lehua Company and began a four-year trainee career.

In the company, facing more than 14 hours of training every day and super strict mentor review, he clenched his teeth one by one.

Because he particularly likes to dance, he does not want to give up his love.

But once he was out of breath suddenly and was sent to the hospital for examination and said he had myocarditis. When he knew that he might not be able to dance anymore, he was particularly uncomfortable.

He is such a person who loves the stage and loves to dance. What a torture for him not to dance.

"I must dance."

He discussed the treatment plan with the doctor and actively cooperated with medication and surgical treatment. I play eight bottles of sling water a day, but the training never fails.

I can't imagine a teenager who is suffering from physical pain and helplessness in the empty training room late at night. I dare not think about such a scene, but it is a fact that the boy has experienced personally.

Later, he mentioned it to his younger generation, without mentioning the suffering and fatigue he had suffered at that time, but just smiled calmly.

He just said, "It's useless to cry. If you don't do it well, you just have to keep practicing, keep practicing."

Although in the darkness, the flame of love in his heart was burning, and he was shielding the surrounding cold.

Finally, when he was 17 years old, he made his debut with the group UNIQ. They won countless awards as soon as they debuted, and they continued to invite invitations to variety shows, constantly participating in the singing stage in China and South Korea.

In all performances, I can always see that this boy takes every stage 200% seriously. He really cherishes every performance opportunity.

Sometimes I will be confused by his strong singing, dancing and business ability, and forget that he is only 17 years old.

As the youngest, pet, and tyrant of the team, the four elder brothers in the team took special care of him and spoiled the boy privately. The boy at that time laughed very happily every day, and Wang Tiantian was also very sweet.

I really want him to grow and live carefree as Wang Tiantian, and to release his charming charm on the stage he loves.

But, who can tell the truth about the world?

He was splashed with red paint while at Fan Meeting in Thailand. At that time, he was completely stunned. Standing on the stage at a loss, he took a tissue and rubbed the indelible red mark over and over again.

Many years later, he went to Thailand to participate in the event again. When asked about this, he was still impressed.

We can imagine how scared and sad this boy is, since he has not been able to get rid of this nightmare for so many years.

The restrictions of the 2016 Korean order and the company's inaction have caused the portfolio to be in a dilemma that cannot return for a long time. The popularity of the combination is also declining, but they have nothing to do.

The most desperate thing is that you who are stuck in the quagmire are doing all you can to escape, but in the end you just sink deeper and deeper.

What could be more desperate than watching yourself buried in mud?

This young man is full of unknown and uneasy facing the road ahead. All he can do is seize every opportunity. Because for him now, every opportunity to appear on stage is precious.


"Do a line,

Just love one line. "

"Singing, dancing, acting, motorcycles, skateboarding...I all hope to do my best, maybe a little bit greedy, but I really think that these can reach a level and reach a level."

Although the boy doesn't know what the future will be, he takes his love to the extreme step by step.

Whether it is a host, an actor, a singer, a professional rider, a skateboarder, or his original intention-a dancer. He will do their best. He never relaxes on himself, on the contrary he is more strict.

As DayDayUp’s assistant host, the boy has also been questioned by many people, and many people think he is not suitable.

On the other hand, he quietly improves his own business ability, adapts little by little, spends more time communicating with Brother Han, Feng, and the teacher, and learns from his predecessors to improve himself.

I have always been a "mango fan", and I have also seen the growth of boys in these years.

The boy who was shy and didn't like to talk before can now actively interact with the guests; before, recording the oral broadcast was a stumbling block, and now there is no sense of disobedience.

However, I know that these growths cannot be achieved in a day, and they require hard work and dedication.

As an actor, the boy's immature acting skills from the beginning to the present reveals his heart, which makes it difficult to extricate himself from acting.

He once said that his lines were not well-founded, and often bit his chopsticks in private to practice speaking and pronunciation. In fact, from his first play to his present, you can clearly see the improvement of the boy's acting skills.

All this progress is the result of his experience bit by bit. He will intensively read and feel each work, experience the feeling of the role, and integrate himself into the script.

This has enabled him to make great progress in acting and reputation, and also brought us a series of wonderful works.

As a singer, Wang Yibo's subwoofers and small milk sounds are particularly recognizable, and his singing skills have been particularly stable, and he will continue to surprise us on different occasions.

He performed "Dragon Fist" last time at Hunan Satellite TV's 818 car shopping carnival. I was completely amazed by the fluent and imposing rap, and the clean dance moves, which made the whole performance the best.

As a motorcyclist, the boy felt very exciting from the beginning to now knows all about motorcycles, and even became a racer to participate in the race.

In 2019, he participated in the Asian Motorcycle Championships, but during the race, when his motorcycle failed to race, the boy sat in the rest area and hid in his helmet crying in annoyance.

But he didn't have the slightest complaint or retreat. Instead, he faced the difficulties and worked hard to solve them. In the end, he won the championship of Group D and the second place in the game.

As a skateboarder, this boy is inseparable from him.

Because of participating in "Ultimate Youth", he was first exposed to the sport of skateboarding. As a beginner, he learns from each other with teachers and players in the show, and he will practice with his partners in private.

After the show, he still insisted on skateboarding. I practice both in my spare time at work and filming, and I often discuss new techniques with my seniors.

As a boy's original intention-dancer, this is the role he has always adhered to.

Everyone only remembers that he learned to dance very quickly, but ignored him who was practicing crazy behind his back. He will keep practicing wherever he gets stuck, until he can reach his own standard.

On every stage of his, he showed everyone a brand new self. Every time I see him again, he is still him, but he is better.

"Compared with talent and luck, it is more important to be diligent. When dancing, if you can't do an action, you will keep practicing until you get it done. After receiving the skateboarding variety show, you can skateboard and ride a motorcycle. Bending requires countless exercises."

This boy, when he treats the things he loves, he never just talks about it for fun, but really learns it thoroughly.

He takes every love to the extreme, he competes with himself, fights with himself, and makes himself progress every time.

To love him is not just a vain thing.

It's the driving force in his life, and it's the faith he sticks to.


"No sense of malice,

There is a sense of happiness. "

"No one deliberately replicates the path of another person, and repays perseverance and continuous investment in the face of the work they love. This attitude applies to every dream. Only by constant tempering and progress can you live up to your youth."

For Wang Yibo, 2019 is the blooming after precipitation, the growth after the spring rain, and the transition in the ordinary.

He participated in the creation of 101 as a mentor. He not only showed his dance charm on the stage, but also strictly required the players to help them grow up better.

His costumes, outfits and haircuts in the show are amazing every time, and he is a veritable arsonist. And in every review, professional opinions and strict guidance can be given.

The players are also gentle and caring, and try to give as much experience as possible, so that the players avoid detours. This boy, who has been doing more and less talking, began to be loved by everyone again.

In the summer of 2019, it was an everlasting summer.

With the broadcast of the ancient costume fairy tale "Chen Qing Ling" adapted from "The Master of the Demon Dao", his role as Lan Wangji in the play has been criticized from the beginning to the real fragrant praise in the back.

Lan Wangji has always been under the control of the Lan family, and the departure of his father and mother has allowed him to hide his feelings and emotions.

It is difficult for such a character to grasp the scale, and it is even more difficult for the audience to see the inner feelings of this character with a blank face.

But Wang Yibo, the boy, he did. He showed Lan Wangji's tolerance, anger, worry, death, joy and love overflowing from his eyes.

He gave this character his own insights and fresh life.

Then his popularity soared, endorsements, activities, and shooting continued.

At the Hunan Satellite TV's New Year's Eve concert that year, he performed for the first time the new song "Wugan" written by himself to express a man who never gave up.

"The road to adversity sees the future

Can stand up after falling

If I live and look around every day

What else can we talk about the splendor of life

The road of adversity sees the future

Can stand up after falling

Don't be easily defeated by emotions

Just stay insensitive"

Those Heizi's slander is not important to him, and the people and things he loves are the most important to him.

A sense of happiness is only if you have no sense of malice.

This is the boy's deepest feeling in the past six years, and it is also the truth that we want us to learn and experience.


"I just do my own,

I worked hard by myself,

Someone will see it. "

This boy doesn't need to look for his own lights like before. The green sea full of scenes is the best response to all his hard work.

In these years, this boy has continuously shown us his multi-faceted, and let us see his bright future.

In the now hit "This Is Hip-hop", as the captain of a wave of king bombing team, he used his dance charm to the extreme and his quick decision-making ability in the show, which makes people admire the boy's decisiveness.

As long as he recognizes it, he will stick to it.

September 16 this year is the sixth anniversary of the boy's debut. In six years, the boy has just shown his best, and his future continues.

He is Xie Yun in the upcoming costume martial arts drama "You Fei" and Chen Yu in the criminal investigation drama "Ice and Fire".

He is also the number 85 racer in the upcoming motorcycle racing competition.

Singers, dancers, actors, hosts, motorcycle racers, skateboarders...

This is the identity that Wang Yibo has in recent years, and how many surprises will this boy have in the future and will show us?

I don't know, but the only thing I know is that Wang Yibo has only made his debut this year for six years and is only 23 years old.

He has a bright future and a bright future.

Wang Yibo, happy 6th anniversary of his debut!

Cool guy will always be the coolest kid!

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Wang Yibo fans donated six anti-drug book corners to strengthen youth anti-drug legal concepts

2020 -09-15 

Energy China Platform (edited by Lei Longyu) In order to strengthen the youth to learn the national anti-drug policies, laws and regulations, popularize anti-drug and anti-drug knowledge, continuously enhance legal concepts, improve anti-drug and anti-drug self-protection awareness, and further enhance the ability to distinguish right from wrong and resist temptation Ability to enhance the society’s ability to prevent drugs. Fans of Mr. #WangYibo joined hands with the Chengmei Charity Foundation and Energy China Platform to donate six love anti-drug book corners to children in underdeveloped areas, to enhance the awareness of anti-drug and anti-drug starting from their own, and call for more people to actively participate in the anti-drug struggle. Recognize the dangers of drugs and strive to be "anti-drug security guards."

Wang Yibo, born on August 5, 1997 in Luoyang City, Henan Province, is a male Chinese pop singer, actor, and host, a member of the male singing group UNIQ, and a professional motorcycle racer.

On September 15, 2014, he officially debuted as a member of the UNIQ group; in December, the group won the Most Anticipated Combination Award at the Screaming Iqiyi Night Awards. In 2015, he starred in the youth inspirational film "Dream Partner"; in the same year, he won the Best Newcomer Award in the Mainland of the Year at the Cool Music Asia Festival and the Screaming Iqiyi Night Awards Ceremony of the Year Music Award. In March 2016, the group won the International-KMusicAwards Best Choreographer Award for the song "EOEO" in the United States; on April 29, he officially became a member of the "Tian Tian Brothers" host group of the variety show "Tian Tian Shang"; in December, he led the starring city Love inspirational comedy "The Taste of the World is Qinghuan".

In 2017, starred in the youth campus fairy drama "Private Shushan Academy"; in the same year, he won the 17th Annual Music Awards, Idol New Power Award, Asian Influence Festival Best New Actor Award and Weibo TV Influence Festival Year Emerging Artist Award. In March 2018, he served as the dance instructor for the competition reality show "Creation 101"; in April, he led the starring in the fairy tale costume drama "Chen Qingling". In September, starred in the youth e-sports TV series "accompany you to the top of the world".

In June 2019, "Gank Your Heart" was broadcast on Mango TV and was widely recognized; on the 27th of the same month, with the wonderful interpretation of Lan Wangji in "Chen Qing Ling", it received a lot of praise. extensive attention. In August, he has joined the Wanlida Yamaha team as a professional racer. He participated in the Asian Road Motorcycle Race in Zhuhai and won the first place in the D rookie group and second place in the mixed group. In September, starred in the costume drama "Legend Of Fei". In October, Wang Yibo was selected into the 2019 Forbes China 30 Under 30 Elite List. On December 30, the third single "Wugan" was released, which exceeded 6 million copies in 20 minutes after it went online, and sold more than 10 million copies in 10 hours and 48 minutes after going online. It has been online for 9 hours, and its popularity has exceeded 20 million. There are 82 daily champions and 14 weekly champions.

On January 11, 2020, won the Sina Weibo Night Weibo Male God of the Year and Weibo Hot Person of the Year Award. On January 16, sang the promotional theme song "For Mom" for the movie "囧Mom". In March, the official announced as a cultural promotion envoy for the Winter Olympics to help the Olympics. On May 7, joined "This! It's the third season of hip-hop," as the captain. In May 2020, starred in the anti-drug drama "Bing Yu Huo".

Mr. Wang Yibo has always been passionate about charity and charity. At the end of January 2020, he and more than 200 celebrities will donate a total of 278 million yuan to Wuhan in the new pneumonia-stricken area through the Han Hong team. At the same time, participating in the Tiantian Brothers led by Wang Han donated 1 million yuan to support the Wuhan epidemic. On February 22, China Youth Daily, China Youth Online and Kuwo Music jointly created the original music album "Love Is Not Segregated" under the guidance of the Central Propaganda Department of the Communist Youth League. The second song "With You By My Side" was exclusively released on Kuwo Music. On the line, young singers Han Geng, Yang Ying, Wang Yibo, and Zheng Shuang will perform together to pay tribute to the retrogrades who are fighting on the front line and inspire all people to overcome difficulties and overcome difficulties together. On March 4th, the song "Because We Are Together" was released for the fight against coronavirus pneumonia. On June 1, Wang Yibo, as the ambassador of the International SOS Children’s Village #NOCHILDALONE# China Love Promotion, assisted in the "Easy Raising 61 Children Action", putting love into the painting and giving orphans a warm home. On June 7th, participated in the live broadcast of Mango Poverty Alleviation Cloud Supermarket of "Shoot Brothers" to contribute to the public welfare and agriculture.

Wang Yibo Charity House was established on September 27, 2019. The original heart was born out of love. I hope to follow in the footsteps of the positive energy artist Wang Yibo, gather the love of Wang Yibo’s fans and motorcycles, and effectively help people in need in a targeted and effective manner to contribute to public welfare. A piece of effort. "Yilu has you, go with the blog", this is the slogan of the cottage, and it is also the belief. The power of kindness and love let us meet and lead us on the road of public welfare. The road ahead is still long. The cabin will continue to work hard to make the little motorcycles and Yibo become the pride of each other!

Rejecting drugs has a long way to go, and participating in drug control is a sacred honor. Let us join hands to sing the anti-drug theme, and strive to bloom youthful light in the chapter of writing a better life!



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A Tecent interview with ErDongSheng(the supervisor of MyStrangeFriend, a famous director in China)

Q:"You have made a lot of films but this time you supervise a tv drama, how do you think of new actor WangYibo and ZhangYijie?"
A:"It was the end of 2017 when I was the superior of Wyb and Zyj`s tv drama. They were younger than they are now. I think WangYibo is very calm. The first time I saw him, I think wow, what a cool guy. He is so young but calm. "


Credit WangYiBo-update



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Wang YiBo will participate in Zhuhai ZIC Motorcycle Race (20-09-2020 update)


Yibo is officially announced by Yamaha Racing Team! The team will participate in the Zhuhai ZIC Motorcycle Race on October 6-7! The name of the contest is "Monster Yamaha China Racing Team"! Looking forward to the No. 85 racer

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Ai Man 11.30 live broadcast: Count Wang Yibo's road to the top of commercial value

Aiman Data 30-11-2020

Tonight, the official account of Aiman Data conducted a live broadcast on the Douyin platform again-interpreting the commercial value of actor Wang Yibo from a data perspective.

With multiple identities such as singer, dancer, actor, host, professional motorcycle racer, etc., he has made his debut as a group in 2014 for six years. He has achieved professional results as a singer and dancer and became a mentor of "PD 101" in 2018. Then in 2019, film and television songs are in full bloom, and the heat has continued to this day. Especially this year, in terms of comprehensive commercial value performance, it has repeatedly ranked first in the overall list.

Here, we will review the data content of the live broadcast tonight, so that everyone can better study the data chart.

Active fans: within the stable TOP3, first-class fan response ability

Active fan data is an indicator that objectively reflects the actual number of discussions an artist has in a certain period of time, and reflects the artist's popularity and popularity during the corresponding period of time. Judging from Wang Yibo’s monthly active fans data, Wang Yibo’s popularity has grown very rapidly in recent years, especially after the variety show "PD 101" and the series "Chen Qing Ling" were broadcast. Million jumped directly to the million level, and it is now basically stable at around 2 million to 3 million, and the ranking is basically in the top three.

Judging from the weekly data of red and black/anti fans, Wang Yibo's overall proportion of black fans is still extremely low. Only in the 41st week of this year (October 5th to October 11th), there was a small rise, which was the week when Wang Yibo crashed.

On October 7, Wang Yibo participated in the Zhuhai Zic Motorcycle Race as a motorcyclist, but in the final stage of the schedule, Wang Yibo crashed due to a mistake by others and could not finish the race and missed the trophy. This incident has aroused widespread discussion among the general public. While the number of red fans has increased, of course, some black fans have also increased. However, this matter quickly subsided, and the black powder dropped to a low point as quickly as possible.

Wang Yibo is a person who likes to use actions instead of words. He doesn't like roundabouts when he speaks. What's commendable is that Wang Yibo's fans have also inherited this characteristic of extremely strong action, and their responsiveness to Wang Yibo is first-rate.

After the crash, Wang Yibo released Weibo to actively guide his fans: Don’t scold him for him. He said that he should solve some things by himself. The fans immediately died down and stopped talking online. Statistics show that one day after Wang Yibo posted on Weibo, the number of discussions among Wang Yibo fans about crash-related topics dropped by 43.7%.

Commercial value: 6 championships in 2020, three consecutive championships from March to May

Wang Yibo's commercial value can be divided into three stages: The first stage is before March 2018. Wang Yibo's commercial value fluctuates. When endorsements or works are launched, the ranking will rise, otherwise it will fall. The best score is only 228.

The second stage was from April 2018 to May 2019, and the ranking rose from 162 to less than TOP100.

The third stage is from June 2019 to present. Wang Yibo’s business value ranking has entered the TOP10 list. In the first 10 months of this year, he won the business value list six times. In March, April and May, he also achieved three times. He is also the second artist in history to achieve three consecutive championships since the launch of the Ai Man Commercial Value List in 2017.

Among the major sub-dimension indicators of business value, Wang Yibo, who is attracted by personality, professionalism and special skills, has shown obvious advantages as early as 2018. Although there were periods of ups and downs before, Wang Yibo's word-of-mouth index has always been stable within TOP100 since July 2018, and within TOP30 most of the time.

Wang Yibo's endorsement index has achieved a soaring ranking since the show was seen by the public in 2018. More than 10,000 in March 2018 rose to 180 in April. During this period, Tencent NOW live broadcast, L'Oreal Paris, HFP, 味全, OLAY, 御泥坊 and other brand endorsements were launched successively.

After the explosion of "Chen Qing Ling", Wang Yibo has successively become A&F, 祖玛珑, Panasonic, 艾婓诗, Shu Uemura, 悦木之源, Unicharm, Head & Shoulders, Safeguard, An Muxi, Red Rice, etc. The new favorites of many brands, the ranking of endorsement index has also entered the TOP100.

Since November 2019, Wang Yibo has been promoted to the brand endorsement 收割机, Colgate, Swarovski, Minute Maid, NIKE, Monster Energy, 碧浪, Yanjing, MINISO, Laiyifen, KFC, Fantasy Westward Journey , Didi Chuxing and other business cooperation have also been launched. The endorsement index ranking has entered the forefront of all artists, and even topped all the artists three times.

Wang Yibo has a unique personal label. In addition to being an actor and host, his skills in dancing, skateboarding, motorcycles, and games are also excellent. When a brand is looking for a spokesperson, it will observe the degree of matching of these labels of the artist, and then choose the endorsement that best fits its image.

From 2019 to 2020, Wang Yibo got 43 endorsements. Especially in 2020, there will be 24 new official endorsements in the first 10 months. Among them, the best-performing May, a total of 5 brand official endorsement cooperation.

The increase in the number of new endorsements of Wang Yibo is also related to the labels he provides for the brand. For example, sports attributes will match sports-related brands such as Nike and Monster Energy. And his outstanding ability in fashion and dance will also bring him more opportunities for cooperation with matching brands in the follow-up

What kind of people are Wang Yibo's fans?

Consistent with the audience of mainstream entertainers in the entertainment industry, Wang Yibo also has the highest proportion of fans after the 90s, followed by the 80s. It is worth mentioning that after 00 the fan TGI reached 158. (TGI is the result of comparison with the overall level, greater than 100 is greater than the overall level of the entire network)

The highest proportion of city ranks are second-tier cities, and the TGI is not low. In addition, first-tier cities and third-tier cities have TGI higher than 100. The more even the city distribution, the wider the audience coverage of artists. Currently, Wang Yibo’s upcoming dramas include a "Legend Fei" co-starring with Zhao Liying, and an anti-drug drama "Being A Hero" co-starring with Chen Xiao. It is believed that after these two series are broadcast, Wang Yibo's audience city The line level will tend to be more widely distributed

In terms of gender distribution, Wang Yibo’s audience accounts for a relatively high proportion of women, reaching 85%, and male fans account for 15%.

From the distribution of Wang Yibo's audience constellations, it can be seen that Libra, who is known for its many handsome men and beautiful women, has the highest proportion; Scorpio, who loves and hates, also has a higher proportion; in terms of TGI, Aquarius and Pisces are higher.


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