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  1. There is no extension. There are either 46 or 40 episodes depending on which version you watched. The subbed web videos (YouTube, Viki, iQiyi, etc.) are all 45-minute episodes that aired over the course of 40 episodes. The raw TV episodes varied in length, were shorter than 45 minutes (sometimes as short as 25 minutes) and thus aired over the course of 46 episodes.
  2. Forgive me for not having read fully all the prior comments and chiming in anyway, but from what I've gleaned it sounds like some C-netz are having issues with the romantic developments in this drama. And I wanted to add my 2 cents. What ZQ feels for JJ can't even be taken seriously. He's allowed himself to be persuaded by the chatter around him (namely, ZB) and thus thinks he has non-sibling feelings for JJ, but we, and she, and eventually he will too, know that's not true. They truly were raised as sibling and only see each other as siblings. LX, on the other han
  3. I’m so excited! The new trailer looks awesome. The scene with the strings shooting all over the place is from their first meeting in the book. It sounded amazing just reading about it so I’m glad they’ve decided to bring it to life in the drama for us to see! *happy dance* Also... Yibo and ZLY reuniting for Day Day Up! https://twitter.com/uniq5s/status/1289952205110300672?s=20
  4. Uh-oh, not good news.... https://www.jaynestars.com/news/yang-yang-and-dilraba-dilmurats-drama-is-put-on-hold/
  5. A link for the novel translations: https://hui3r.wordpress.com/gu-man/youre-my-glory-on-going/
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