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  1. So a funny thing happened yesterday. When I went to watch Episode 9, I realized I'd never watched Episode 8. HOW. Oops. Anyway, I quickly rectified that and after having watched Episode 8, I have some additional thoughts on Fu Pei. I also have something to say about a new character that we were introduced to. Since episode 8 won't be released with subs until Saturday, I'll put my thoughts under a cut: As for this week's VIP episodes (9-12), I have made sure to watch them all (LOL) and have much to say. But I'll start with just a few things (also under a cut for spoilers): Anyhoo, those are just some thoughts... sorry, if they don't make sense right now. I promise they'll make sense once you've seen the relevant episodes. If anyone's interested in quickie recaps for the VIP episodes, I may be persuadable... (since the VIP episodes are a week ahead of the regular episodes)... but if people are content to wait, I’ll direct my time elsewhere.
  2. Episodes 9-12 were released for VIP members on Wednesday this week. Because VIPs get four episodes released on one day, they only get new episodes once a week. Regular viewers, who are four episodes behind VIPs, get new episodes on Wednesday and Thursday (and subbed episodes are released on Friday and Saturday). Episodes 13-16 will be released for VIPs next Wednesday. (If you read up the thread, you'll find older posts containing explanations for the how episodes are being released for this drama as well as a link to a calendar that lays it all out.) If you are looking for raw/unsubbed episodes, you can send me a message and I can tell you where to find them. If you're waiting for subbed episodes on YouTube, 5 and 6 will be released on Friday and 7 and 8 will be released on Saturday. As far as i know, WeTV's official YouTube channel is the only place with subs currently.
  3. New eps tomorrow! As I wait in excitement, I thought I'd share the top three reasons why I find GWY's character utterly charming. First, I like how GWY is always listening, observing, and paying attention. Even though he doesn't always have a lot to say and those around him might even think it's just that he can't be bothered to care about others, we know that's not true. He just focuses and spends his energy on the things that matter. And it's because of that that he will not only win Situ Mo's heart, but he's already won mine. Whereas Fu Pei is all about the grandiose gestures (which inevitably results in him making promises he can't/doesn't keep), GWY is all about the little gestures. But just because they are "little," doesn't mean they are any less meaningful. In fact, I find them more meaningful because his gestures are always based on what Situ Mo really needs. Each time GWY delivers, he is able to do so because he listened, he paid attention, and he was able to figure out what really mattered. Second, even though at first blush GWY might seem like your typical male lead in a school drama -- you know the type, the one who's a perfect student and perfect in every other way of life -- that's not necessarily GWY. As we've seen (or you will see), he even gets scolded by his professor! But more than that, he's utterly clueless about how to win over a girl. I find it rather precious, actually. It's like he's had his head burrowed in a book for so long, he's completely lost as to how to function in a social setting. From that perspective, that actually makes the drama more realistic, IMO. Third, I really like how he's dealing with the whole Fu Pei-Situ Momo business so far. Sure, there's a part of him that experiences jealousy at times. That's to be expected. But apart from that, he doesn't hesitate to call out Fu Pei for the way he's behaving -- because he knows how much Fu Pei's actions upset Situ Mo. He also gives Situ Mo the space to grieve when she needs it and the time to figure out how she really feels about Fu Pei. I appreciate that he's not pushy about it and, instead, is just being her silent support. We should all be so lucky, really, to have someone as dependable as GWY by our sides. Anyway, those are just some of the reasons why I'm enjoying GWY's character so far. And lest you all thing that I'm not loving Situ Mo just because I didn't dedicate an entire post to her character, allow me to reassure that's not the case. I like her just as much as GWY, actually. But her character is more straightforward and so there's less to say. But I will add that I absolutely adore how spunky and bright she always is. I also really appreciate the fact that despite her innate kindness and forgiving/generous nature, she makes sure to call Fu Pei to the carpet when he deserves it. Situ Mo may have been silently waiting for him all this time, but she's no pushover either. I like that.
  4. Ah, yeah, you wouldn't find mention of Gu Wei Yi and Situ Mo in Soompi's ALSB forum thread because they didn't exist in that drama. You can only find them in the book. And you're welcome for the recaps!
  5. Yes - with one small correction, VIP episodes will conclude on May 8. And I don't know that we can really complain about having to wait a whole week for new episodes. Isn't that like watching a Kdrama? I think sometimes we get spoiled with Chinese dramas because we know some of them air almost-daily, or at least multiple days each week. According to WeTV's YouTube channel, for this drama, they are airing, "Two episodes every Friday to Saturday." Based on this information, I think the airing schedule consists of the following types of episodes for each week: Wednesday - 4 episodes for VIP members; 2 episodes for all viewers Thursday - 2 episodes for all viewers Friday - Subbed versions of the 2 episodes that were released for all viewers on Wednesday Saturday - Subbed versions of the 2 episodes that were released for all viewers on Thursday
  6. I just want to clarify that there is not a "delay" for ep 5-8 to be subbed. Last week, I shared an airing schedule for this drama. If you take a peek at it, you'll see, only episodes 1-4 were released to the general public. The only reason episodes 5-8 exist online is because the streaming site released them, in advance, for their VIP users. You have to give paying members a perk and that means advance episodes. People with advance access will often rip the videos and upload them online for others, but just because we can find them and watch them online does not mean they've been officially released. 5-8 will be released officially for everyone this coming week. And additional episodes will also be released for VIP users (specifically, 9-12). I know that may be small comfort as, at the end of the day, the end result is the same: you have to wait for subs . But I hope that at least provides some understanding that there is no delay and it's not taking long. It's just how the releasing of subtitled episode operates.
  7. @pad-hari Hard to say how the drama will adapt the novel. The excerpts I shared above are from the "A Love So Beautiful" novel. In the drama, those characters (Xiao Xi's boss and co-worker) also existed but in a slightly different iteration. For example, Xiao Xi's boss in the drama was a senior classmate of Jiang Chen's from university. This drama is adapted from "A Love So Beautiful's" sister web novel. Although I don't think this drama's web novel has been translated into English, the above excerpts show how the two novels are intertwined. I haven't looked into which novel was published first but in terms of the narrative timeline, it looks like this story comes first since by the time of "A Love So Beautiful", Situ Mo and Gu Wei Yi are already married with a child. Hope that clarifies things a little bit more for you! As for how much the drama shows us, again, that will depend on the screenwriter and director and how much they decide to show us. They may also choose to make some artistic license changes, as "A Love So Beautiful" did on spinning certain characters from the book to the drama. What they ultimately decide to do, we shall have to wait and see! I will say though that just from the opening and end credits alone, there are so many sweet moments between Situ Mo and Gu Wei Yi that I'm hopeful this will be one of those dramas where the OTP start a relationship in the middle of the drama and not just at the end!! I've watched through to episode 8 and I think I can say openly, without fear of spoiling anyone, that it is so obvious Gu Wei Yi is interested in Situ Mo. Unfortunately, to her, he continues to show his disinterested and grumpy side so she remains utterly clueless. It's making me shake my head at them both! LOL. But he is cracking me up with his otherwise obvious attempts to keep her around. In that regard, this drama has defied my expectations. I fully expected it would be the case where they would meet, bicker, and then discover to their horror that they stuck living as roommates, and then bicker their way into falling in love. I never expected it would be the case where she keeps trying to move back out and he keeps trying to drag her back into living with him. Haha. I love it. As for Fu Pei, I don't think he's a horrible person, I think he's just a commitment-phobe. Even in the "A Love So Beautiful" novel, he continues to play the field and is unable to settle down. In this drama, however, it looks like he may ultimately settle down with Situ Mo's roommate (the braniac one). For his sake, I hope he does. She seems like a good person.
  8. Relevant excerpts from the novel, "A Love So Beautiful." From Chapter 5 (in reference to Chen Xiao Xi's workplace): The company has a total of 3 persons: the boss, Fu Pei, accountant, Situ Mo. I’m in charge of designing. We are a small enterprise, and count largely on Fu Pei to take in orders to continue our business. From Chapter 42: Gu Wei Yi is Situ Mo’s husband, and Fu Pei was Situ Mo’s first love. Fu Pei and Gu Wei Yi were roommates in university. It was said that Fu Pei was even more of a bastard about relationships in the past than he is now. He was classified as the type of person who, while travelling across ten thousand flowers, came in contact with the flowers, in contact with the leaves, in contact with the faeces used as fertilizer*, therefore Situ Mo gave up on him, and turned into Gu Wei Yi’s embrace instead. Fu Pei suddenly came back to his senses and returned to being a good man, but Situ Mo was firm in her decision…. Anyway, they have a story between them, what’s right, what’s wrong, I am not that sure. However, Situ Mo and Gu Wei Yi became a pair, so we know that in their story, Fu Pei is definitely a supporting role, a thousand wrongs, or ten thousand wrongs, it’s all the supporting role’s wrong. From Chapter 22: (a peek into Situ Mo and Gu Wei Yi's future): Situ Mo fished out a lollipop from her bag and threw it at me, “I’m giving you my son’s candy, don’t say such childish words again.”
  9. Hee, hee, I was just coming to post the same thing! This is very exciting news. I'm really enjoying this drama (up to episode 5, now!) and I hope with subtitles becoming available more viewers will now be able to come on board to support the drama. If anyone's still curious and wondering whether they should try the drama, I did finish recapping the first two episodes already and will go ahead and share those so people can get a flavor and an idea of what the drama's about. Hopefully people will be enticed into starting the drama! (There's just something about the drama that called to my recapping tendencies, but I'm not sure I'll continue now that we know there will be subs.) Recap for Episodes 1 & 2
  10. Same. Really enjoyed the first two episodes -- look forward to watching more tomorrow night. I'd have watched more tonight, but I couldn't fit it in! Thinking about recapping since there are no subs yet...
  11. Today's the day! The drama begins with 2 episodes released every Wednesday & Thursday until May 16. For VIPs, it looks like 8 episodes will be released today and then they'll get an additional 4 episodes every Wednesday thereafter. This is a calendar of its airing schedule:
  12. The updated airing schedule and episode count: https://mydramalist.com/photos/g2rro It's now only 34 episodes instead of the previously announced 40 episodes. It airs two episodes every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, except that for the first day, it released four episodes. VIPs are 4 episodes ahead of regular viewers, which means 8 episodes were released on the first day. I don't think the drama is being subbed by anyone as of yet? I heard Viki lost the license, but nothing about them getting it back.
  13. I know! He is soooo adorable. And you're welcome.
  14. The first question is, "Lian Yi Ke v. Chen Yu," and he says he's more like Lian Yi Ke. He says there is a part of him that's like Chen Yu in that even though he's not necessarily sweet with words, he's a softy on the inside. It's similar to how even though Chen Yu said a lot of not nice things towards BQ, he actually does a lot of nice things for her, such as saving her and stuff like that. But he thinks he's more like Lian Yi Ke in that he'd not a chatty type, but does a lot of stuff. The second question is, "Working with Ariel Lin," and he says that Ariel Lin was always like a goddess to him and that she's a very professional and hardworking actress. He says that having this opportunity to work with her allowed him to better understand her and know her real side, which matched up with how he'd always thought of her. He shared that while Ariel was on set, she also brought with her a teacher to help her practice her lines, and he thinks that's something that not many actors would do. [He mentioned the same thing in a different interview and elaborated by explaining that because she's from Taiwan, the teacher was on hand to help her perfect her pronunciation since there can be differences in how someone from the Mainland speaks Mandarin versus someone from Taiwan.] As for his hardest scene with Ariel, he picked the one where he thought BQ had died. It was in that moment that he realized how much he did care for her and how much he did love her. As for which line he'd pick (as his favorite, I assume), he picked the one where he said, "Sheng Dang Fu Lai Gui, Si Dang Chang Xiang Si," because when she wasn't around, he really did feel empty and it was almost like he wished he could just die with her. He then talked about how when he was filming, he didn't necessarily think of his lines as cheesy or embarrassing, but afterwards, when he was watching the drama, he found it embarrassing in a nauseating sort of way (he laughed as he said that) and didn't dare watch so instead he'd just peek in every now and then to watch. He then talked about what it was like to film with Austin Lin and said that in real life, they're actually good friends. He finds Austin to be a serious and dedicated actor. When asked about the real life possibility of him being interested in the same woman as his good friend, he said that he wouldn't like the same woman as his friend because that's what being a good friend and brotherhood was all about. Additionally, everyone has their own standard {for who they find attractive). But, if he really did find himself in that sort of a situation, he'd definitely work it out with his friend first. He also trusts that they wouldn't ruin their friendship over something like that and, if in the end, it was his friend who won the girl, he would be happy for his friend and wish them happiness. The final question is, "Bin Bin in Taiwan is very popular" (I think, not entirely positive what that last character was), to which he responded he's actually surprised/amazed about the fact that he has fans in Taiwan. Now that he knows that he has fans supporting him in Taiwan, he promises to find a time to visit Taiwan and meet with his fans. He adds that he's heard that Taiwan's snacks are very delicious so he'll definitely find an opportunity to visit and meet with his fans. [The interview was completed over the phone for a Taiwanese outlet.] He then concludes by thanking them for the interview.
  15. Yay, you figured it out! And yes, I have watched that one. Haha. I feel like i've scoured YT for his interviews. I'm around the halfway point of Pretty Li Hui Zhen. My heart breaks increasingly for ZBB with each episode that brings me nearer to the end. Sigh. But I love being able to watch him on the screen.
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