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  1. Sorry... no recaps this week, but I think you'll all forgive me when you see what I have been working on instead. Many thanks to @lynne22 for serving as my guinea pig and to @phikyl as well for her technical assistance regarding the game. Any errors in that regard are entirely my own and have nothing to do with her; well, that, and literary license. Anyway, for those of you who wanted an "extra" scene of XK and QY after the world championships to see how they got back together, and for those of you who also wondered where QY would go after the world championships, I present to you my version of those events: A Phoenix's Love
  2. I said the exact same thing to @lynne22 when the project was announced, LOL. I bet they had a lot of fun filming it though.
  3. Also, this is my favorite Day Day Up episode so far -- and it's subbed! The most entertaining parts are in the first forty minutes, really, but the segment that follows is Yibo's recent participation in the ARRC so that's definitely worth watching for any Yibo fan, as we must be if we're here in this thread . After that, my memory's a little hazy on what happens for the rest of the episode. LOL. But that's because I mainly rewatch the first forty minutes. Yibo's responses and reactions are so classic Yibo; it's hilarious. This is another entertaining episode, Yibo on a "blind date"! Alas, the episode is not subbed though:
  4. Aw, what a cutie @angelangie. I watched the special drama and awwww, it was bittersweet but with a happy ending, so all's well that ends well. Mostly, the entire time I was watching, I just kept thinking, "There's no way he would grow up to be like this!" LOL. It was done well for a short drama though. A nice treat from Hunan.
  5. I keep forgetting to mention that ever since GYH, and discovering Wang Yibo, I’ve been watching random episodes of “Day Day Up,” a Chinese variety show, because Yibo is one of the hosts of the show. Anyway, imagine my surprise when I clicked on an episode from 2016 and discovered that at that time, they had an “intern” helping them on the show and it was none other than the actor who played Pei Xi! It delights me to think that the two actors already knew each other from before they started filming, just as it still amuses me to think that the actress playing Yi Yi was one of Yibo’s “students” from Produce 101 (China).
  6. Awww, you created a thread for Yibo! @angelangie! Yay! I looked the other week to see if there was one, and there wasn’t at the time. How fun to find one now.
  7. I hear you and I feel you, I do, I really, really do. I think general consensus is we loved these characters so much we would've liked to have seen MORE. I know I do. Just give us more of them being happy, sweet, and cutesy, please!! But on the other hand, I guess it's kind of like a bag of chips? Whenever you get the snack size, you want more, but when you get the full size bag, it doesn't take long to get sick of them. So maybe that's what the drama was doing to us... they were giving us the snack sized bag of JXK and QY! I'm sure it depends on the individual versus there being a clear cut off like, "You're 30, you're old, so get out." But I don't think its unrealistic either to think that your prime years are going to be when you're younger and that it gets harder as you age. The reality is people's reflexes will get slower as they get older. In the case of an esports athlete, I would also imagine that the hands would become aged from years of practice, training, and playing; and that the body would lose stamina as a whole. Even one year can make a difference the older you get, so I don't think it's that crazy a notion. Aging out was a concept explored in "The King's Avatar" as well. But as was noted in both dramas, speed and reflex aren’t everything so I think it's possible for players to bring different skill sets to a team and still be competitive and formidable, even if they are an older player. *whispers* Okay.... I'm glad it wasn't just me. And I can only assume YY had help from her family because when QY moved in with her and we saw what her place looked like, i found it even more incredulous than QY's. It had two levels. Even if the second floor turns out to be a loft (can't say for certain since we never saw it), it suggests she had at least had two bedrooms. That could not have been cheap! As for where the drama was set, I think (?) the drama was hinting at Shanghai. But as for where it was actually filmed, it was definitely filmed at least in part in Hangzhou. I like looking up locations to see if I can find the real place and I know Hellolala Cafe is in Hangzhou. I think that convenience store where QY gets drunk is too. I was also able to locate one of the bars where they would sometimes hang out, but I can't remember where it was located now.
  8. We did hear about QY meeting with real estate agents when they were trying to find a place to set up base and know she was an active participant in trying to recruit members, but processing paperwork to register for the iConquer competition was probably getting into the weeds of things and not worth portraying in the drama. I also doubt they had sponsors at this juncture (which again raises a lot of questions about where they got the funds to completely renovate the space - they added a whole kitchen! - and outfit it with furniture and equipment, but that's why I also said in my earlier post that sometimes it's best not to think about the realities and practicalities of things in dramas, and just gloss over details like this.... ), but I'm sure that after their world championship win there will be people knocking down their doors. That's another reason why, if we imagine beyond the drama's ending, I think Shu Wen should join the team officially and if she doesn't want to handle corporate matters (since she didn't at VNG), she can be the coach and then maybe Gu Fang can join? Because really, what has Gu Fang been doing ever since he retired other than traveling and taking a break??? Haha. YES!!!! Exactly!!! It is all the more impressive, IMO, that he was able to sacrifice himself while allowing others to shine without a care in the world. That is so hard to do as it is human to want a little bit of recognition, even if it's just an acknowledgment that he's there behind the scenes. But XK never cared about that and only cared about what was better for the greater good. That is so hard to do! Also, I like your observations about how he is not a typical drama hero. It makes GYH that much more special in that way, I think, don't you? Ugh. My goodness. Your mention of that stupid proposal just makes me want to *headdesk* all over again. Can. Not. Deal. I think I already ranted about it when I posted my recap for that episode, so I won't repeat myself now, but gahhhhhh. I just get so annoyed (probably irrationally so) whenever I'm reminded of that scene so I can't let it go by without more head bangs. I suppose someone needed to watch after The King while Sun Ge focused on the game, and Shu Wen was a logical choice by that point. I've actually wondered, who takes over for Shu Wen when she becomes the team's manager? Just as I've wondered how long do we think Sun Ge will remain with the team now that the world championships are over? I actually always imagined this would be a one shot deal for him, returning to him the opportunity he once lost all those years ago, and that given his age and the fact that he already has The King to run, once this season was over, he'd return to his former life. But he seemed just as happy as everyone else when XK announced a month long vacation from training, which suggests he's still part of the team, unless he was just happy for everyone else. Also, once Sun Ge leaves (and realistically speaking, I think that is not far off in the future, if not immediate) who do we think will fill his space? I have a lot of questions about the drama and its beyond, as you can tell, and think about it a lot... Yeah... the kiss count wouldn't be terribly exciting as the drama kept things pretty chaste in that regard. But for the arm around the shoulders, the current count is 7... *ducks & runs* LOL LOL. Thanks, friend.
  9. Um. Well, first of all, I would say my reply was not directed at you. Otherwise I would've either tagged your name or quoted one of your earlier posts to reply directly to. Rather, I was replying to @angelangie's observation that there were "people" who had expected a time jump/fast forward. And by "people," I assumed she was referring to people elsewhere on the Internet who had expressed disappointment over the lack of a time jump -- because I'm pretty familiar with all the posts in this thread and can assure you that prior to her post, no one here had complained about the lack of a time jump/fast forward or even mentioned the words "time jump" or "fast forward." Even you didn't mention time jump, you had just expressed disappointment over the lack of a marriage, and marriage and time jump are two different things. So I'm not sure why you felt personally attacked, but if you did, I apologize. Fair point, but I guess the way I see XK and QY, and knowing their characters and personalities, I would imagine them wanting to be more established before reaching that next step. When she's more solid in her career. When Phenix is a little less new (certainly winning the world championships helps with that, but now they've got to prove staying power). That's when I imagine their stars will align for marriage. And hahaha, I've mentioned previously that there is one idea that keeps coming back to me as a fanfic idea and you've managed to stumble upon it. It's related to QY's living situation at the end (because I had also imagined she would return to the Phenix training base once they reconciled, but the epilogues suggest otherwise). Now I think I really will have to write it.
  10. Actually, I think we already get a glimpse of how XK and Xia Ling will juggle their dual relationships in the future given how they continued to live and work together after QY left. He could've lashed out at XK after his sister made the decision to leave in the middle of the night. Instead. he went along with the others and let XK and QY resolve their own issues. It's almost as if they were able to compartmentalize their roles depending on how they were interacting in that particular moment. Probably works out for the best and I've no doubt, they'll be forever happy teammates and extended family members. As for all your other questions, many of which are shared by @raziela, I think it's a testament to the drama that we are so curious to know more and eager to see more! Regarding XK's background, it's not so unknown as the drama implies it (and I think the novel is more explicit about it), but XK is an orphan just like Miya. That's why their lives became so intertwined and how they grew up together. As for how he's survived all these years, even going to university and everything, I think that's getting into the weeds of things that I'm not sure we really want to know the answer to. It's kind of like wanting to know how QY was able to survive on her own after leaving her family. Do we really want to know? From what I can tell from the drama, however she's managed it, it seems pretty unrealistic. As an example, it does not escape my notice that somehow QY was able to purchase her apartment despite not using any money from her family and having an entrance-level job straight out of university. There's no way that could happen in real life! And so, IMO, it's better to not spend too much time wondering about such details and better to gloss it over and treat it as one of those drama truths, because otherwise you just want to facepalm as you think to yourself, "This is not possible..." Kind of like how I struggle to ignore the fact that when QY left the Phenix training base, her room was still filled with her things but when XK entered it several hours later, the walls were nearly empty of all her things. As for wanting to know how XK and QY's family will get along, I imagine very well. There might be some initial hesitation given the behavior that XK has twice witnessed from Xia Ling's mother, but I imagine she would be apologetic for the things she said/did in the past and XK would know that even QY has reconciled with her. We already know QY's dad approves of their relationship, and from the epilogue clip we know the parents like them so much that they're trying to cook a feast for them, and QY especially. Definitely though, if I'm struck with any fanfic urges after I finish recapping this drama, I think the first 'official' meeting between XK and the parents would be an idea I'd want to tackle. @raziela, as for your specific question about what XK did before he became a professional gamer, I don't think he's ever done anything else as I recall from that one conversation he had with QY (where he explains why he doesn't want to join a non-Chinese team) he mentioned being scouted while still in university after participating in an iConquer competition. He joined the pros after graduating, but he didn't really hit the big times until Sun Ge hooked him up with Gu Fang and he joined Legends. [In the book, I remember @lynne22 telling me that Miya and XK's story was actually more depressing and pitiful in the book compared to the drama. As in the drama, they're childhood sweethearts, but she eventually went to Korea for her career and he followed her there to to start a career in esports. Both of them had a hard time getting their careers off the ground there (with XK having to take on extra jobs just to afford food), which is not so different from in the drama, I suppose, except that it sounds like in the book, you get to know more about their struggles. Eventually, they separated and XK returned to China where things continued to be not easy.] I think @lynne22 once said it best when she described the time in which they "just friends" (but more or less dating based on their actions) as the time in which they acted more like a couple that was dating, and that once they were together officially, they acted more like a married couple. I think that's why they came across as more low key after they got together. Also, I think another reason for the "lack" if that's what you want to call it, is because the drama was never just about their relationship but also focused heavily on XK's journey to the world championships and the teams he lost, joined, and formed along the way. We shouldn't forget that there were episodes in the middle where the OTP never even saw each other but would maybe exchange a text message. One way to look at that data point is to think of it as confirming that the drama didn't give us enough scenes of the OTP together, but I actually think it serves to emphasize/remind that the focus of this drama and its story was more than just the romance. There are definitely parallels between Miya and QY, so I can see why Miya was so convinced that XK was only with QY because she reminded him of her, just as how QY was able to be so easily convinced that XK was only with her because she reminded him of her. But there are differences between the two woman as well, and those differences made all the difference with XK. A big factor was he'd already given up Miya the minute he broke up with her and never looked back; he accepted then that they belonged to two different worlds. He and QY, on the other hand, they belong to literally the same world since they're both involved in epsorts. How handy for them! Also, he has no reason to give QY up, so I agree. Theirs is the relationship that is destined to go the distance!
  11. Forgive the bluntness... but why would anyone have an expectation that there would be a time jump? There are a lot of complaints about the ending I can understand, for example: hoping for a kiss when they were on the top of the building and/or wanting at least one more scene of the OTP together beyond just the reunion on stage at the world championships, but to anticipate a time jump when there was no indication that would happen... no offense, but that says more about the viewer's expectations than it does about the drama, and I don't think the drama can be faulted for that.
  12. With them still so young, early 20s, were people really expecting them to get married? I don't know, I don't need every drama to end that way for it to be a Happily Ever After. It's enough to know they're in a happy, established relationship, which means that eventually when the timing is right for them, they will. Just use your imaginations to keep the story going... for example, Team Phenix makes it to another World Championships and that's when he proposes. @Roundcheeksandpitterpatter, welcome to the thread! You can refer back to this post for the link to the special episodes:
  13. @raziela, in response to your post re: the recaps for Episode 33... Two more eps to go to complete the Head Pat and Fist Pump count (love that you have kept a running total ) just wanted to say I appreciate all the little details you notice even down to the words on the sign in QY's room. LOL, when @lynne22 and I first started watching this drama, the fist bumps was something we would squee over. I jokingly commented that i was going to rewatch just to see how many times it actually happened, and then I started to rewatch in order to recap so it very naturally became thing. The head pat got added on later and if I were to be honest, I now have an "arm around the shoulder" count going on the side too. I didn't reveal that before lest y'all think I'm crazier than I already am. Hahahaha. This is a safe space though, right???? *looks around furtively* As for the signage on the back of QY's door, I admit that's not something I noticed either until I was recapping Episode 33. Because I start/stop so much to translate lines, my line of vision often ends up getting drawn to the background as well as the foreground when I'm recapping. It's one of the reasons why I have persisted even though the drama is now fully subbed (well, that and because every once in a while I've noticed either a gap or error in the subs, so I might as well keep recapping to fill those spots). - This is the first episode where I was disappointed in XK. I understand he was in a difficult position and felt guilty and obligated to help Miya but doesn't he also have a commitment to his girlfriend? To the team he was neglecting to practice with? QY is a very understanding and mature girlfriend. All he had to do was communicate with her a little instead of completely shutting her out. Bad XK He does and I share in your disappointment, as well, but I suppose in his defense, judging from what he said to Sun Ge later it sounds like the reason he didn't communicate with the others and particularly QY was he was afraid if he did, he would end up making them share in what he felt was his own responsibility to bear. Sighs... NOBLE IDIOCY. One day I'm going to write a drama that's called, 'Communication 101," and all the characters will get along because they communicate their thoughts and feelings at all times . . . and it will probably only last one episode, two at most. I'm not sure how convincing i found QX suddenly seeing the error of her ways but it's good she finally gets it. Ugh, I know, I hated Qiao Xin for so much of the drama that to see her finally get a clue in the end and "redeem" herself... I don't know. I kind of wish the drama had just left them at getting their punishment and being done with them. I really don't want to think of Qiao Xin as being a better person now because I'm already programmed to not like her. But I suppose for her, yes, it is good that she finally sees the errors of her way and hopefully she will be a better person in the future. up to her return I thought Miya was quite a reasonable and sympathetic female second lead. But her behaviour after the accident was just ridiculous. Was she just planning to pretend to be blind forever or just for a few more months, years and suddenly regain her sight? Did she think guilt and duty was going to turn into true love eventually? I still find Miya to be a pitiable character. She's clearly grasping at straws at this point and for all the same reasons as before, I get why. She needs to move on and she just hasn't been able to. Fortunately, by the end of the drama, she gets there and I think her new life path will be a good one for her. She's been living in the past, but now she's setting out to find a future for herself. - Xia Ling is such a good little brother worrying about his sister. Xia Ling's complete irreverence towards XK when they first meet is something that never fails to amuse me. I just love how protective he is as a little brother. It makes me curious to know how the dynamics of their relationship will operate in the future... on the one hand, they'll be brothers-in-laws, but they'll also be teammates too with XK their revered captain. One thing's for certain, Xia Ling will always look out for his big sis (and vice versa). - Xia Ling is such a good little brother worrying about his sister. Seriously!!! Even Sun Ge gave some good advice, too. This is why I love all the friendships in this drama. In conclusion: Team Phoenix are the best! YES THEY ARE! In the wise words of Sun Ge, they're not just a team, they're a family.
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