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  1. lol. @Lynne! All I see is “Huang Jun Jie” hahaha I’m willing to give this a try!
  2. Happy anniversary to one of my favorite Soompi threads! A year later and I'm still grateful to @lynne22 for creating this space that became my home and haven for so many months this past year. It was a such a joy to be able to share in the excitement of the drama with each of you here (and even make some friends along the way! ). And even though I've been mostly absent from Soompi these days (pesky work and all that), it's still fun to check back in from time to time and find that people haven't forgotten about Gank Your Heart or are just discovering it for the first time. @thedancing petal, your post was especially well timed, as it was made on the one year anniversary date of the drama's airing! Even though you weren't with us during the height of the discussion, I'm still happy to engage whenever you've gathered your thoughts and return to share them. Already, I loved everything you had to say about the drama, so I'll keep checking back.
  3. Lol @lynne22, I can tell you’re trying hard to get me to start The Romance of Tiger & Rose, but first you’re going to have to extract me from the world of Minglan. (I start my official rewatch tomorrow! Hahaha. Excuse: Keeping my friend company.) 356
  4. Haha. @lynne22 I that you know me well enough to tag me for “fun” and so I stay in the loop even if it’s not quite my genre. It has quite the cast, I must say! A lot of familiar names. I’d definitely check it out normally.
  5. Aw, I've been too busy to visit Soompi lately so it was a welcome surprise to log on and find some recent movement in one of my favorite drama threads. As for subs for the special episodes, @adalanane & @lynne22, someone did reach out a while back to say they wanted to tackle that project and use my recap as reference, if necessary. I gave them my permission but I haven't heard anything since, to include whether that project ever continued. But that does mean there's hope that maybe one day the special will be subbed. Until that time, I offer my prior recaps which will help if you read them either immediately before or after watching: Finally, I found these two articles re: GYH that I thought I'd share. "Gank Your Heart: All the Reasons We Love Wang Yibo as Ji Xiang Kong" "All The Reasons You'll Fall in Love with Gank Your Heart"
  6. Episode 16. When Tang Xue sneezes on Yubing... who else, in this coronavirus world that we're living in right now, shuddered like me?
  7. A point of correction. The drama's not about ice skating, really, as that's the second male lead's sport. If the second male lead sticks around for the duration of the drama then I'm sure we'll see more of that sport. But in the book, he's only involved in the beginning of the story and then we don't see much of him again until a brief moment towards the end -- just pointing that out to emphasize, this is not a ice skating drama. In fact, i would not necessarily describe this drama as a sports drama in the sense that it will be about one sport and/or team. The male lead is a hockey player and the female lead is a former speedskater whom the male lead helps to return her to that sport. As their athletic careers are a part of who they are as characters, I am sure their achievements in their respective sports will also be a part of their story, but we will have to see how much of a focus that is for the story. As for your question about what's "new" in this OTP, I think there is definitely something fresh about their story. Yes, he is being cold towards her, even treating her like a jerk at times, and yanking her around, but the difference is found in the why element of his behavior. What I loved in the book, and now the drama, is the reason why he now treats her as he does -- it's because she bullied him when they were kids and now he's getting his revenge! It's not necessarily new, but it's hardly typical either, and that's what I find refreshing about this story. And for anyone who complains that he's being too mean towards her now, I'll only remind that she gives as good as she gets and not everything is necessarily what it seems. I think sometimes he's actually trying to help her when he pokes at her (like making her be his training partner; it's clearly to help her return to being a speedskater) and when he does poke at her, well, she knows how to stand up for herself!
  8. @angelangie, I loved the book on which this drama is based and I love the actors playing the male and female lead (Zhang Xin Cheng and Wu Qian), so I was predisposed to love this drama anyway. Heh. Fortunately it's living up to expectations so far. It's fun and cute. Some parts of the drama follow the book, and it's always a treat when I stumble upon a recognizable scene, but the drama is definitely making its own adaptations too. Such as they've added an "annoying" type character by giving the female lead a cousin, who did not exist in the book. I suppose changes are always inevitable when going from one source to another, particularly when you need to fit a story within a certain length and hook viewers' attention, but what's most important to me is that the drama so far has been keeping to the spirit of the book and that's something I really appreciate!
  9. The scene where she defends her innocence after the Princess from Zhaozhou tries to frame her after jumping into the lake? I was mesmerized by that scene as well. So much feeling! The tear droplet in her eye! I swear, Yukee is running laps around the ML in terms of acting abilities in this drama. Haha.
  10. Who else is watching? Episode 1 was mainly set-up but Episode 2 was full on hilarity, precisely what I was anticipating based on the book. Enjoying it so far and looking forward to more of their hijinks before figuring out how they really feel about each other!
  11. A few more pics, although some of these overlap with what @angelangie already shared.
  12. Aaaaand filming has resumed. May everyone continue to be healthy and safe!
  13. No. It stems from a long running joke. LKS used to "frame" the other members by saying something patently untrue about them; it just something he did, part of his character. And Ji Hyo having a smoking habit became the thing they would "frame" her for. Recently they've brought it back up again. But you know it's not true because if it was, they wouldn't mention it at all.
  14. I love this sweet story/gesture from Yibo. And because of his retweet, the DDU crew reached out to the nurse and invited her to the studio at a later date.