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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I enjoyed reading it. Even though Ep 35 was a pretty satisfying ending for our couple, I miss them and would love to "see" more of them if you're in the mood to continue writing!
  2. Episode 35 is such a gem! I love seeing all the QY-YM scenes together, and it's such a wonderful send off for this lovely couple. I cracked up at the reappearance of the love letter dude, who tried to hug QY only to be blocked by YM. That grin on YM's face! A little out of character for YM (ZYJ coming through? lol), but so funny! Does anyone know why QY had on a different dress and hairstyle in the dressing room scene right before the wedding?
  3. I looove YM's way of scaring off a love rival (who wrote QY a love letter that YM conveniently didn't give to her ). English subbed! To be honest I'm a little disappointed in eps 25-30. I want more cute YM-QY scenes! My favorite moment from this set of episodes.
  4. I remember reading somewhere that there were some rumors of them dating a while back? They look pretty comfortable BTS. They would make a cute couple!
  5. I came across this MV which is like a mash up of our OTP's characters from LCDF as well as An Oriental Odyssey. Love the song too, from Bloody Romance OST. Another more light-hearted MV with their scenes from AOO. I love seeing our OTP together again in a different setting. They have such good chemistry! Almost makes me want to watch AOO just for their parts, even though I heard that drama is a mess (and they don't end up together ).
  6. That's the goddess writing in her book, subtitles a little later translated it as hope you "always be kind, innocent and optimistic." YM wrote this in her book, which is more like "Study hard, don't be lazy."
  7. English subs aren't available yet (only up to ep 18), but I couldn't wait so watched from a Vietsub site. You can see these earlier posts for more details about this episode.
  8. One of my favorite scenes too! So childish but so hilarious. I love that she can get a rise out of him even though he's trying so hard to be cold/distant.
  9. I agree! ZZR to me has always been gentle and kind at least outwardly up until the moment she turned at the wedding. But this version of ZZR was barely hiding her claws even early on. And she never seemed to care much for ZWJ at the beginning (of their adult relationship), if anything I felt like she displayed much more emotion toward her teacher. Only after her teacher died, did ZZR start fawning over ZWJ, and it was only because she had to in order to get close to the saber/sword. The lovey-dovey conversations during and after Snake Island seemed weirdly out of place coming from her mouth. Maybe she truly fell in love on the island... but it seems equally feasible that this ZZR just wanted him because he was a good catch, being powerful and Ming leader and all. ZZR the character to me is supposed to have real strong feelings for ZWJ, but this version of her seems like she could take him or leave him... and would gladly trade him for her teacher back in a heartbeat.
  10. Thanks for sharing! I have to admit I LOL'ed when the guy pulled the green ribbon out of his mouth and started exfoliating! But it was a fun performance and JJY looks lovely!
  11. Count me in on the Yang Xiao fan club! I was actually pretty distracted by the odd make up during the Ji Xiao Fu episodes (were they trying to make him look younger with the excessive powder/eyeliner/lipstick)? But his charm was so strong! Love the perpetual smirk... and that voice! I usually don't like the facial hair that apparently all men grow as they age (?!) in these dramas, but I gotta say, it's not a bad look on him! Love his fight scenes too... so darn cool. Can't believe this is his first costume drama.... he should do more!
  12. So ZZH is leaving Yu Zheng (link), I wonder if it's because Zhao Ge is never going to air. I guess it's true that other than Yun Xi, I didn't love any of his other dramas that I tried watching. Hopefully now he's free to pick better projects.
  13. Thanks for the rec! I like to binge watch so will wait until the subs are done but definitely putting it on my watch list. I think he was a model before so yeah, definitely chiseled. He's pretty tall at 6'2 and I thought he was one of the better looking emperors in ancient dramas. He's also in Mr. Swimmer with the actress who plays Yun Xi... too bad that drama was unwatchable for me.
  14. Thanks for the linky! I'll probably give it a try, hopefully it won't turn out like Mr. Swimmer, which I tried so hard to like but couldn't make it past the first few episodes.
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