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  1. Well-written angst is my crack. But I can't take sad endings. Hurt me all you want along the way but misunderstandings need to be resolved and the OTP needs to end up together! I agree! I'd rather just have a nice hug (or in the case of GYH, head pat/fist bump/arm around shoulder? ) versus having to watch cringey awkward fake kisses. I haven't seen a T-drama in ages! They used to make such good cracky ones but I don't know what happened. Maybe I need a refresher to *ahem* confirm that what you say is true.
  2. I'm surprised they're still doing photoshoots together, it's been a while since the show aired. But no complaints from me! They're as cute as ever and still one of my favorite OTPs!
  3. C-drama kiss scenes are just so bad in general. I kinda stopped expecting much. Even some full-on making out I'm pretty sure is just all angles and air (case in point). Yay for the Phoenix dream team (and management!), and also yay for Li Gan reaping what he sowed. I can totally see Yi Xuan getting beat up by Yi Yi over the games haha... and I really wanted to see more of jealous JXK! I guess I enjoy a little angst... as long as it comes with a happy ending. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Thank you for all your hard work doing those recaps! It sounds like a labor of love (but still a lot of labor!), and I truly enjoyed reading them. They're so incredibly detailed that you could totally publish them as a novel translation of the drama. The last episode was so exciting! I felt kinda annoyed at Miya for going to find JXK after he just lost a match and literally right before he's about to go into the most important game of his life. Seriously, couldn't she wait until after? He could probably use that time to think about... I dunno... strategy? I get that she actually meant well this time and wanted to let him go, but maybe a text would've sufficed? Yes, that's the one! I really liked how JXK very clearly and definitively resolved that misunderstanding. Overall their relationship was handled in a very mature way (well, after the initial misunderstandings), and I liked that. I don't see it often in C-dramas. YIbo's stylist/MUA sure does love eyeshadow. Tbh it was kinda disconcerting at first to see how much makeup he wears sometimes but I grew used to it. Hard to make him look bad haha. How funny! Wouldn't it have been fitting if the Phoenix Legend group contributed to the soundtrack? I browsed Asianfanfics briefly, and it seems like they have mostly Korean content? Kind of hard to find stuff, but maybe I'm just not used to it. I barely figured out AO3, but I have to say once I realized how the tagging system works, it's super easy to find stuff to read and there's a huge amount of really good fics. Love @lynne22's gifs, as always. Is it just me or does that look like an air kiss?! I'm not sure she even made cheek contact. Yes... yes he is...
  5. Yibo's still looking good hehe. This looks like a fun episode! Especially when I saw this clip of Yibo practically dying from laughter.
  6. I vaguely remember a scene where she was playing with a stuffed animal in bed and talking to herself, and she said something like "I think he likes me." I remember thinking at the time that it was pretty unusual in a C-drama for a female lead to be so aware/confident of the ML's feelings in the flirting phase, and it was kind of refreshing. And lol @ Pei Xi... so true though. I like him singing the theme song too! Just watched the full MV and it's so cheesy but such a catchy, happy song. Bring it! Btw are you on Archive of Our Own? I can see how he's more comfortable with dancing than singing. But I really like his quiet singing voice too! And that little snippet of Nian Shao You Wei is totally perfect! He should give himself more credit.
  7. Thanks for translating! And for sharing the clip.... I died @ 3:23 when he guessed the poor lady's age. I just saw this really sad clip. Why did someone throw paint/blood on the poor boy?! How traumatizing it must have been.
  8. I personally thought QY was clued in when she saw how he kept her old ID badge on him this whole time, and she was about to decline the dinner date before he used the birthday card which pretty much left her without a choice. And the way she repeatedly called him teacher at the dinner was her way to respectfully but firmly put him in his place. I think if he got the sense that she was truly clueless he might have pushed forward with the confession...? If inspiration strikes and you write about LT meeting someone, I'd totally read that! As many chapters as you want. I love a slow burn. Yeah Yibo's still really young... I already feel too old to be fangirling over him at his current age. Thanks for sharing the songs! I really like the first one, it's super catchy. He has such a calm/soothing singing voice, especially in slow songs.
  9. Classic! I do love how the other DDU brothers treat him. They tease him (he's such an easy target ), but not in a malicious way and they're so supportive of everything he does.... even if it's just... speaking words lol. Since I was thinking about Yibo & Uniq, it reminded me of how the DDU brothers reacted to Yibo speaking Korean.
  10. It was pretty smart of QY to sidestep the would-be confession, and good thing LT was also perceptive enough to pick up on it so things definitely aren't as awkward as they could've been. I do hope JXK and LT will eventually patch things up! Also agree that LT needs to meet a nice girl... ASAP! Aww such a domestic scene, I love it. Cute that JXK is nervous about "meeting" the parents lol. Thanks for the reminder about how the first two meetings didn't go so well. About Uniq - I know next to nothing about K-pop but the mixed groups are kind of an interesting concept. Like do they have Chinese and Korean versions of the same songs? Mixed Chinese-Korean songs? I only know one of their songs - EOEO... and only the EOEO part. I'm hesitant to look up Uniq stuff because YIbo looks SO young... I feel weird ogling him hahaha.
  11. I remember reading somewhere that said Xiao Zhan is like love at first sight, while Yibo is like love that grows over time... or like fine wine... he just keeps getting better and better. They are so fun BTS and in interviews together too! Someone's comment: "zhan ge is all of us." Yes, indeed.
  12. *fingers crossed* I was watching this episode and I loved everyone's reaction to Yibo's cooking lol. The whole bit was so funny... like how Yibo kept trying to defend his dish but in the end even he had to admit it was bad lol. I didn't know he had such a sour tooth.
  13. @themarchioness Looks like Zhejiang videos are also back? Some people are saying it was because of China's anniversary national day but I'm still not sure what that had to do with YouTube content. In any case, I hope that's all it was and they won't decide to take them all away again.
  14. @themarchioness Hallelujah HunanTV is back on YouTube!! Just in time for me to get my DDU on, now that I'm done with GYH.
  15. I do agree that he only fell for her because of her hard working nature, and she definitely earned her place at GDV and in no way did he give her anything she didn't earn herself. But it's after he started liking her and subsequently went to bat for her, is the part that I feel could mislead others to think she had inside help to get to the top (we know otherwise, but yeah, people are judge-y). I guess I'm just thinking about how he was so instrumental in clearing her name about the leaked recording which allowed her to return to being a commentator. But given his friendship with JXK (before the argument) and his own sense of righteousness, he probably would've been the one spearheading that anyway, romantic feelings or not. I still like LT as a character a lot. Maybe like you said it was just the power of suggestion from his boss and he mistook his respect for her work ethic and protectiveness over a protege to mean something more. Who hasn't had a crush where we look back and wonder what in the world we were thinking?? I didn't know these mixed Korean/Chinese groups were a thing! But I guess that came to an end with the China Hallyu ban? I'm a little surprised Uniq hasn't officially disbanded actually, but I'm glad WYB is doing well on his own. Eagerly waiting! But no pressure. I didn't really see him as a love interest for her during the drama either, but I guess I liked that he was always looking out for her and seemed like a reasonable good guy, and probably the only one who really understood what she's been through in her years as an idol, so who knew if eventually it couldn't turn into something more. But I guess that's a firm no on that department lol.
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