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[OFFICIAL] Hyun Bin ❤️ Son Ye Jin (BinJin Couple)


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Funny it I saw like the camera spotted them and she bent because she noted the camera was fixed on them. Being in the 3rd row in a playoff game will do that.  Also noted that the white towel on Bin shoulder was given to him by a player or team representative.  Have not seen the actual exchange so hopefully we will learn more.  How fun to have your new spouse there at the game.  Almost a trade of basketball for the Hamilton show.  :)  Initially I thought New York was a trip for a bit of business, greetings, maybe fashions, etc, but it looked it was for fun and foods.

Hawaii might be only for quick stop over or maybe for a day or two.  I am surprised we have not heard more about the golfing other then LA I still trying to identify the golf course.  Must be private course with non disclosure agreements for reciprocal play. 

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