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  1. Celebrating Love that is beautiful, the inevitable love of BINJIN to each other is my source of energy eversince SYJ and HB shared their passion for work and had inspired us BINJIN NATION. Sharing this video to everyone. A compilation their timeline to celebrate their 1st year as a couple. Hope you like it. CTTO
  2. Happy BINJINtine To everyone. Again thanks to all who have been persistent, originally we asked for a fan meeting only but today a video and a CF all made Lovers and Loners fall in love. Thanks to #SmartMadeBINJINInevitable. Made a compilation on it with interview with excerpt of AU video. BTS may soon be released. PDNim posted the same video on IG. I was hoping for a 3some Groufie though. He was a testament to this 2 lovebirds
  3. Anything about BINJIN stirs up the net. The news explains the following: 1. BINJIN is as solid as a rock. The couple has gone thru so many test but "they just laugh it off". 2. Reporter clarifying OYS baseless rumour, "its just a neighbor thing". Of course, Celebrities have all the right to purchase any property anywhere they find it safe. This only proves that BINJIN made a BIG commitment that ONE DAY of June. For all we know, it is really a FAMILY Home. For and with HB Family as they want to avoid crowded places for health reasons, that includes SYJ as well. 3. SYJ was rea
  4. Hi Chinggus, Happy Saturday for Life, same goes for my motto as BINJIN for Life. Bey, maybe the same contributor in Cloytober, released a song produced by UR phil.
  5. Congratulations To Our Power Couple, and with the Power vested in me, I declare January 2021 as BINJIN Month. and every 22nd of each month as BINJIN Day. CONGRATULATIONS AS WELL TO ALL THE WINNERS OF APAN AWARDS. ESP TO OUR FAVORITE AHJUMMA, THE EVER SUPPORTIVE "WALLS HAVE EARS" AND THE BEST MANAGER. SAME GOES TO YJ BESTIE AND COLLEAGUE. THEM REPRESENTING M/S TEAM AND V@ST. The highlight of the whole program was really the grand prize winner HB thanking HIS WOMAN, and the reason why he is receiving the award. He is really in love.
  6. HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY DEAR SON YE JIN. We have gathered so many EonerJins (energy) from the power of Love you have showered since you have shared your talent to the entertainment industry. In return, we will always be praying for Good Tidings to you and your family. Thank you for sharing the Good News, that you have found The Good Man, The One you were meant to be. You deserve Happiness. Blessing you and HB the best. Always be our ViTaeBIN for our everyday EonerJIN. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ6T6zOJqgd/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
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