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[OFFICIAL] Hyun Bin ❤️ Son Ye Jin (BinJin Couple)


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Lots of similarities with their swings.  His is very smooth and powers thru the ball.  Hers is in great form to maximize her power in her petite size.  Both look great.   Look at the ending  of the shot were they end at the same height location.   Should of had her on the commercial.  He is a pretty low handicapper based on swing although have not seen his short game.  Have seen SJH putting stroke on what she has shared and her line for the shot is good.  Hard to tell pace as the few seemed strong.   Hope they are having fun playing some great courses.  I loved bringing my clubs when I traveled to fun courses especially if they were highlight courses.  You always wanted to give your best at these bucket list courses.

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Whats even more interesting is that they were there till the end.  Several have been looking at the game to identify the couple even though they do not like BB.  Too funny.  Here is the best part in that they must be comfortable in New York because they went to a wide open packed arena to watch the playoff game.  They might have gotten notice a bit and then put on their mask but again they were in a very crowded place and the game was in front of a national audience and your seated within the first three rows.  For a period of time they did not have a mask.  Bin look like he was a kid in a candy shop.  Big smile on my face for sure.  I think this means that they will be coming back to the states together more often.  Win for us if this happens.

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