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  1. :((((((((... it seems everyone has figured out how good and beneficial the barley tea KGE is advertising bc my local HMart (korean mart) has been out of it for weeks now. It’s literally the only endorsement product from either KGE/LMH that I can incorporate in diet Atleast people are showing their love for her by supporting her endorsement <3
  2. @gutterland huhuhuhuhuhuh I just went through a rollercoaster of flashbacks. Thank you for the recap <3
  3. I started watching this really short web drama on VLIVE thinking that it might be my quick escape from TKEM but guess what?!?!?!? The web drama's filming location was the hospital from TKEM!!!! I will forever be going back to the TKEM but I'm not even complaining about it...
  4. As our uncle Lee Lim said: “Most things that seem like coincidences are actually meant to be”. Even the universe is telling us to rid of our doubts, everything will fall into place :)
  5. Ugh I really hate the time difference between where I am and S.Korea bc he is always posting around 8 am my local time and that's when my class starts, so my friend had to yell at me during class to let me know he posted :(((( But these are my thoughts about his recent post, he is priming us for their monthly lovestagram (5th - 8th of the month). I think he is posting closer to the date bc it would be more suspicious, even though it already is, if he and Ggone were to post on the 5th after not posting for weeks. At least he can still give us the "it's just a coincidence" excuse, b
  6. I also think it’s a throwback pic bc remember just last week she got a perm??? And Veniel’s IG post had Ggone with non-permed hair, so I think this is just a ‘damage control/we are your friends and your alibi’ post :)))))
  7. Hello chingus!! So this is why I was asking for those monitoring images bc I wanted to make a fall/TKEM/MinEUn themed homescreen :)))))))) I still have to change my FB, IG, TWT, Snapchat, Messenger, and YouTube app logo but idk what to change it with... Let me know if you guys know any TKEM/MinEun related content that matches those apps so I can change the logo and pls tell me if I should change any of the current app logos I have right now. **excuse the low quality screenshot, I can't figure out how to directly upload an image from my phone so I had to do some magic**
  8. Does anyone here have a google drive of all TKEM MinEun bts stills? Or can someone help me find the picture where LMH and KGE are monitoring the ep 6 kiss scene together??? Or any of the images where MinEun are monitoring a scene together...
  9. So a trend I’ve noticed between our couple is they alternate who will post for the week. Last week, we were blessed with KGE’s marie claire posts and this week started off with pyeha double posting :)))) They only ever post simultaneously on the 5th of each month (excluding the salon/grocery shenanigan), which many have theorized to be a special day for them. If this trend continues, we will see LMH quiet down next week while KGE will, hopefully, bless us with more content next week. And 2 weeks from today we should hope for posts from the both of them Also, Chuseok is coming up,
  10. It’s her way of saying “yep, you are all correct, that was me wearing that bucket hat with the dress” Oh how I wish Pyeha pls post something...
  11. Your comment reminded me of the SBS television program: Same Bed, Different Dreams 2 - You Are My Destiny where celebrity couples are featured, even giving a glimpse of their wedding huhuhuhuh. Though I'm not sure if the show is still ongoing, imagine if MinEun were to be featured on that show, it will be game over for all shippers. In the show the couples just talk about the history of their relationship, everyday life, and their marriage. Imagine if all our theories about the bts, presscon, and lovestagram are answered by MinEun themselves through that show...
  12. Chinggus keep on a lookout for KGE’s update tomorrow/later!!! She said it herself she will post the rest of the shoot tomorrow ahhhhhh!!! Someone has also said that maybe an announcement is made in the interview portion of the magazine... my delulu mind wants to agree with that. The headline for the magazine is ‘fall in love’ hmmmmmmmm Fall as in the season or her actually falling in love and how Maximus is involved in her love story OK GOING BACK TO the hole for delulu shippers I hope our captain is triggered enough to also post tomorrow. If he does post, we will throw a party an
  13. Ok bc I miss TKEM and LeeEul, and I don't have the time to do a rewatch, I'm watching @/01thebetween gifs on twitter. Something I noticed with this one is how she also pats his back or wraps her arm behind him after she does her cute baby wave?!?!?!?! Ummm am I seeing things??? Does anyone else see that?!?!?! And the way he keeps his hold of her arm gives me so much kilig.
  14. Ok not totally MinEun related but I've been having problems with my IG not sending notifications... I've been missing out on MinEun IG postings and need to have a friend tell me if either of them posts :((((( My notifs are on, IG notifs are on for both of them, all IG notifs settings seem right, and my do not disturb is turned off. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Like it's really annoying to realize that they both posted an hour later, I honestly get most of my joy during this pandemic from seeing a notif from either of them, but ever since my IG stopped working properly, I've been in
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