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[Drama 2019] Search: WWW, 검색어를 입력하세요: WWW


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Still catching up and...

WOW ep 11,
  SCARLETT you are one busy Queen in this episode.... Fanzoning yourself, Enemy-zoning your childhoodfriend & then bff zoning Tammy all in one swoop/episode!



Congratz Miss "Smart-in-love", I foresee you'll regret this stabbing yourself in the back very soon.. My poor Scarlett x JiHwan ship feeeeeeeels!!



She does indeed keep calling her cute AWWWW :wub:....My ship! My ship is SAILIIING!!!!! <3 <3

Also leave it to Scarlett to be able to differentiate between her different cute modes awwww she crushing so hard on Tammy or what!!? :wub:





The purse carrying seals the deal ok!! :tounge_xd:


Scarlett defending the now-new-bff after she DUMPED her now ex-bff the-rude-richard-simmons for being so mean to her now-new-bff.  Happy ending for now in this friendship love triangle (from my POV as Scarlett/Tammy shipper anyway) YAY!!


...So indeed, when you have S, who needs the boring drone-zone please-just-drop-dead-or-go-away-from-my-screen zombie Morgan. #TEAMScarlett for Tammy all the way!! :heart: 

She even not only drags her away holding her hand like a romantic male lead LOL but even carries her purse for her....so thoughtful this girl!  :bawling::love:

....Still I care about the MAIN pairing as much as the fish in their (metaphorical) fishtanks (that they kept talking about) would care about being out from the water unable breathe in the air....:sweatingbullets:


 So with these thoughts, 

I need a new SPINOFF drama with Scarlett x Ji Hwan as main leads ASAP , where theyre in a living arrangement together with Tammy, forming a totally-not-awkawrd-at-all situation  :tounge_xd: of 2 lovers with a clingy bff-wannabe-her-lover-too who behaves more like a jealous clingy romantic girlfriend on the side  ok ok ok CAN WE HAVE THIS!????..... NOWW!!

....The drama can end with Scarlett ending up with BOTH, and them arrnaging a permanent unconvetional polyamourous relationship trio commitment ok ok!!!
My two ships !! My fangirl :heart: so craving this spinoff!!! B)

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“Search: WWW” Co-Stars Lee Da Hee And Im Soo Jung Enjoy Adorable Reunion

Aug 19, 2019
by S. Park



Lee Da Hee and Im Soo Jung reunited for a meal!

On August 19, the two “Search: WWW” co-stars shared photos from their reunion.

Lee Da Hee wrote, “Finally met up with black munchkin. I feel as if you’re getting younger.” She added hashtags, “Met through ‘Search: WWW,'” “‘Search: WWW’ fangirl,” “I waited for a while,” “Tami Cha Hyun,” and “Reunion.”

Along with a few more photos, Lee Da Hee said, “Cha Puppy and lovely munchkin” and hashtags, “Tom and Charry” (combination of her character’s name and Jerry), “I missed you,” “Met through ‘Search: WWW,'” and “Fulfilled my wish.”

more https://www.soompi.com/article/1346652wpp/search-www-co-stars-lee-da-hee-and-im-soo-jung-enjoy-adorable-reunion


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Lee Da Hee Talks About Similarities To Her “Search: WWW” Character + Why She Chose To Host “Queendom”

by U. Kim

Lee Da Hee spoke about her recent projects in an interview with Grazia!

On August 20, fashion magazine Grazia revealed their pictorial and interview with the actress. In the photos, Lee Da Hee walks the beautiful streets of Amsterdam, Netherlands, giving off a different vibe from her character Cha Hyun (Scarlet) in “Search: WWW.”

She shared her love for the character, saying, “I’ve always wanted to play a bright role. I had been hoping to show the cheerful energy inside of me, and Cha Hyun was exactly that kind of character. I tried to find the similarities between Cha Hyun and myself and act in the most natural way possible. Cha Hyun and I are almost 100 percent in sync.”



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“Search: WWW” Stars Lee Da Hee, Im Soo Jung, And Jeon Hye Jin Reunite And Cheer On Jang Ki Yong’s New Movie

Sep 5, 2019
by M. Dang

Lee Da Hee, Im Soo Jung, and Jeon Hye Jin proved the “Search: WWW” bond is still going strong!

On September 5, Lee Da Hee posted a series of photos on her Instagram showing her latest gathering with her “Search: WWW” co-stars after reuniting with Im Soo Jung last month. In one caption, she wrote, “The full group of Ta Mi, Ka Kyung, and Cha Hyun. Jang Bro! I hope your movie hits it big!!” and the second caption reads, “They are so cute and lovely.”


According to the hashtags of the posts, the actresses met up after the screening of fellow “Search: WWW” co-star Jang Ki Yong‘s upcoming film “Bad Guys: The Movie.” The affectionate photos displaying the close relationship between the cast members warmed the hearts of the drama’s fans.






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from Im Soo Jung’s instagram post. The gangs are back together for a reunion minus Ji Seung Hyun. They got together to support JKY at his movie screening for Bad Guys: Reign Of Chaos. Looks like they had a good time. Miss this cast so much.



Credits: soojunglim_

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The business aspect of this drama was the most enjoyable part for me along with the Barro task force team. I wish it showed more of this. The characters were individually interesting particularly Tami in her work role as well as Scarlett. I really enjoyed the growth in their relationship even when they were at odds. 


As to the romance, I think this is the first time in a long time that I actually preferred the second and third romances. Unicon’s CEO and her husband/ex-husband really galvanized my interest even when I started out not liking her after the crap she pulled on BTM. Nevertheless, I found her interactions with her husband began to interest my heart and I became vested in their story. The same with Scarlett on her romance with the actor. :lol: They were cute.


The main couple, however, lost my interest after a few episodes. The off and on drama between them just further cemented my indifference. I guess I just feel that if they didn’t want the same things they should spare us and move on. I’m glad for those who were invested in their relationship that things turned out as they liked but it really didn’t matter to me either way. I like both of the actors though. 


Overall, it was an enjoyable drama in the workplace. I really liked the debates about internet privacy, freedom of speech, censorship, search manipulation or fabrication, etc. These topics are very relevant to our day. 

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