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  1. @dillycat @rabbit_casa Are you able to email me Ye Hua’s epilogue as well? Or anyone here that has the epilogue, please do send me an email of the copy elizabeth_lor@hotmail.com
  2. I am two years late. I finished this drama already just last month. I was so obsessed with it and finished within two weeks. I loved loved loved it. The story between Bai Qian and Ye Hua was so beautiful. One of the most beautiful love story I have ever watched. The OST was beautiful too. I’ve been listening to all the songs/instrumentals non stop. I read somewhere that there’s also other book series after TMOPB. The Pillow Book follows after Peach Blossom and the third book is with Lian Song and Cheng Yu’s love story. I read that the 4th book is about Mo Yuan and his ex fiancé? I forgot her name. Can someone confirmed. Also, I read in other forums that Bai Qian was pregnant with a girl in The Pillow Book. Is that true?
  3. Young Na Moo and Nak Won recently reunited. Nam Da Reum posted this picture on his Instagram four days ago. Hopefully we get to see the adult Na Moo and Nak Won have a reunion as well. Credits: namdareum_mom
  4. So happy to see the Search: WWW cast together and supporting JKY’s movie. I’m glad they’re having a good time. I miss them so much.
  5. from Im Soo Jung’s instagram post. The gangs are back together for a reunion minus Ji Seung Hyun. They got together to support JKY at his movie screening for Bad Guys: Reign Of Chaos. Looks like they had a good time. Miss this cast so much. Credits: soojunglim_
  6. https://www.soompi.com/article/1350501wpp/search-www-stars-lee-da-hee-im-soo-jung-and-jeon-hye-jin-reunite-and-cheer-on-jang-ki-yongs-new-movie Our lovely Search: WWW ladies reunited to support JKY’s Bad Guys: The Movie at the movie screening. So sweet of them. I miss this drama so much. Does anyone still rewatch it? Credits: soompi, dahee0315, soojunglim_
  7. Their friendship is going strong. I miss them so much. Still can’t get over this drama so once in a while I’ll rewatch some of my favorite scenes. Credits: soojunglim_
  8. Filming in Switzerland. I wonder what this scene will be about? Maybe he’ll show his cute side from his character description? Looking forward to more BTS pics. Credits: leamiyalove and actorbinbin2509
  9. Sandara went to go support JKY. Also, his hair is getting longer. I love it when he flips his hair to the side like that. Credits: daraxxi
  10. @yuzu16 I was just saying it as a joke since it’s all over social media and people are still talking about the drama as it just ended. I already read the news that there’s no plans for season 2... but who really knows. Whether there’s plans for a season 2 or not, I’m sure whatever role he chooses for his come back drama, he’ll do just great.
  11. Maybe season 2 will be his drama come back and they are just keeping things on a hush hush for now. And maybe IU and YJG will be the ones that will make a cameo in season 2.
  12. JKY sent a food truck to Noh Jeong Ui on the set of her drama, The Great Show. He is so sweet. Credits: jeongeuiyam
  13. Thanks @randomlee for sharing the info and pictures. The scenery looks breathtaking. I can’t wait to see more pictures and then hopefully the first teaser.
  14. I wasn’t sure if this has been shared yet but I am loving KGE and Henry’s version of I’ll Never Love Again by Lady Gaga. Does anyone know where I can find or watch the full version? Credits: imminy
  15. I love his laugh in the beginning. She’s so lucky to be on a date with JKY. Hopefully a kind soul with do an English subtitle for this video. He’s so adorable.
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