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  1. @ElectricHearts I saw that picture of CA2 filming too. All great actors in one frame. I am getting more and more excited. I can’t wait for the first teaser to come out.
  2. Thanks @agenth. I saw a few clips on Instagram shared by fans from his fan meeting and he sang a little bit part of the song. Aww.. I’m sad his version will not be included. Fans have been demanding for KakaoTV to release JCW’s version. I love his voice and his version too.
  3. @Mizzy during the credit scene at the end of ep 16, he was at the bar drinking and called RY only to find out a male voice answered the call, then in ep 17, during the pizza scene with PJW and LEO, he asked if PJW wants to go drinking with him. He’s becoming like PJW in the beginning. Though the drama ended, I’m so happy it’s still trending. Let’s go LITC!!
  4. I liked how they wrapped up the drama for ep 17 and I agreed with everyone that this episode was just a bonus and maybe a build up for season 2. I’m thinking it will probably continue with RY and KJ’s story as they still didn’t resolve their issues or it could continue with Dong Shik and the actress or maybe it’ll be a whole new cast. Did you guys notice that after the break up with RY and KJ, KJ is acting like PJW in the beginning? He’s starting to rely on alcohol and he’s completely miserable. Also, he didn’t seem interested in the interviews anymore. PJW and LEO’s story
  5. Sorry to cut your post short but I also agreed on this part. I wished that in ep 15 when she confessed and came clean, I was hoping that she’ll sincerely and I meant sincerely apologized to PJW for her actions. I know she did but I feel the apology wasn’t really enough. I wished the writer would of done better on that part. PJW was very patient, sincere, and he understood her and supported her decision so he took what came out of her as his closure. That was all that matters. I honestly feel that JCW and KJW did an excellent job on their characters. It was a challenge portraying or s
  6. These are scenes that are missing from the drama. Maybe it was suppose to be included when it was announced that it was going to be a short drama of only 12 episodes but then maybe it got deleted as the drama kept extending the episodes and maybe the storyline may have changed a bit. That’s just what I’m thinking. I wonder if we’ll see these scenes in ep 17? During the BTS, I think PJW was trying to show YSA how to pose like a model or something. From JCW’s YouTube channel. Was this suppose to be their actual Wedding? The top picture is a scene
  7. I love that Min Ho’s guest appearance suddenly became a bigger role. You don’t see that often in dramas. It’s usually just a short cameo for only an episode or two but he’s pretty much part of the main cast. Looks like ep 17 PJW and LEO are wearing their wedding rings again
  8. You can definitely tell that it was awkward for PJW and LEO working together but thrilling and exciting at the same time. They never leave their eyes off each other. They miss each other and are longing for each other. I’m happy of how things ended with PJW and LEO. Finally, LEO being honest to herself and admitting that she’s not perfect and she has flaws. That’s the first step... road to healing/self love. And then here’s PJW, whether it be the old LEO, the YSA that he loved, the new LEO.. they’re all the same person and it is enough. LEO didn’t need to be someone to prove her wort
  9. @cherkell you’re right. She is wearing the locket necklace. We can all rest assure and that there will be a happy ending for both. I wonder if the outfits that they’re wearing will show in the last two episodes once LEO starts working with PJW.
  10. Today’s episode was like a closure for PJW and LEO. It was heartbreaking, emotional, and you can feel PJW’s devastation. The conversation between the two felt so real. The emotions and honesty in their voice tone. It’s clear that LEO loves him but in order for her to accept herself first, she has to focus on herself before she can accept PJW in her heart and love him the way she wants to love him. It’s true about what she says, neither of them will be happy if they get back together right away. Both of them want different things atm. I mean PJW wants to be with her but she can’t be with him y
  11. I won’t judge these previews too much or they can sometimes mislead you. I’m thinking after finding out the whole truth from ep 14 and after their intense kiss, he’s still shook why she never told him the truth from the beginning about how she felt and hid from him all this time.. so maybe he wants revenge because he suffered for a year. It’s cute how he said “I like Lee Eun Oh”. Seems like he’s fallen for LEO this time.
  12. @Mizzy yes, that whole scene was so funny. I also repeated that scene so many times too. His random apologies, pointing the finger at her for trying to seduce him, both slapping each other’s car and yes when he carried her so he can get the ring was so so cute. I love that whole bickering scene and then BAM! They went from bickering to passionately kissing was just amazing. They both nailed that scene perfectly.
  13. Every episode just keeps getting better and better. While watching their argument in the parking area, it was so funny. I couldn’t stop laughing. The ex-wife part though. Lol. While they were arguing, I’m trying to think who seduce who first. I think PJW made the move first by grabbing her hand in ep 1 but thinking about it, LEO made all the kissing moves first. In ep 2, when his finger touched her lip and he pulled back but she kissed his finger which turned into a spark. He also stopped himself when they were about to have sex but she wanted more which led to the one night stand they had. I
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