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  1. @agenth, I think that a lot of people don’t find this drama enjoyable and feel that this drama is boring because the two main leads are portraying realistic characters that real people can relate to. I, myself relate to PJW’s character because I experienced something a bit similar not exactly like PJW but a bit similar. So I feel his pain. I think that other people may prefer more fantasy, dream like kind of characters where everything is perfect and romantic. The concept of this drama and the interview scenes are not people’s cup of tea so they easily drop it but they’re missing the whole mes
  2. @Mizzy really? 17 episodes? That’s awesome. It’s good that it’s getting extended because I feel like the main story still needs more development since now they the truth is revealed about YSA’s true identity. It’s getting better and better. Ep 8 was emotional and ep 9 was just so shocking yet it did left me teary eyed in some scenes. PJW’s anger and hurt towards LEO after finding out her true identity. He has the right to be angry after what he has gone through. He spent one year searching for her. Even contacting Rara and Bin multiple times about YSA’s whereabouts. He’s hurt, heart
  3. I personally don’t hate her character but I find her character to be more complicated and mysterious. Like she’s still hiding a lot from her friends. I’m more intrigue with her real self. Like who is Lee Eun Oh? Who is she really? We got to see her as Yoon Seon Ah through these flashback scenes but I feel like the the writer haven’t dwell on LEO’s character yet. In ep 3 she mentioned that she ended up in Yangyang because she hated herself. So what was LEO like before? What made her hated herself to escape Seoul and ended up in Yangyang? There’s so many questions. So I hope the writer gives us
  4. Ep 8 was just a heart breaking episode. Both JCW and KJW perfect such an emotional scene yet still building that chemistry between their two characters. I’m feeling more and more bad and sad for PJW. He’s frustrated, angry, sad, etc. but no one understands him. Not even Kyung Joon. Instead they laugh at him. It’s true of what PJW said. Those two months was real and true for him and if LEO didn’t feel anything from the beginning, she shouldn’t have done what she did back in Yangyang. Her actions lead him on and made him believed that she did feel it too and that she did love him back.
  5. I love today’s episode. Those two months they spent together was meaningful and special for both of them at least to PJW. Though, I still feel so sad and so bad for him because he’s still clueless about what she did. The scene of him at the police station was heartbreaking. I wish LEO’s two reasons was more. I was looking for more reasons behind her two reasons. The two reasons she mentioned feel too weak like it doesn’t really back up her actions. This episode made me feel angry towards her though. If she’s so quick to throw away the surf board and the ring that she supposedly threw
  6. I wouldn’t be surprised if PJW and Sun Young know each other. I mean there’s gotta be a connection somehow since it was revealed that Eun Oh and Kang Geon lives together with Rin Yi. Which explains why I saw a picture of the three of them together on Instagram. They’re best friends. I still feel a bit bad for PJW. I totally understand his anger and frustration. He’s still left with confusion to why LEO suddenly ghosted him and from the message that she left him, he didn’t know why she did that after their time together so he didn’t understand if he did something wrong or not.
  7. If anyone have a better resource or search skills, I’m looking for these two songs from the drama.. or hopefully it’ll be part of the OST. I’m still trying to search for the song that was played when they had their one night stand. It’s in English and these bands have been around for so long so you’ll think it’ll be easy to find it but nope. BeetleJuice- Kiss Me Kiss Me Yurisangja- What Do You Think I love ep 4. It was full of sweetness yet I feel sad at the same time because LEO/YSA is not fully in it. I can start to see both side of their feelings though. PJW is
  8. I liked that they showed Lee Eun Oh’s back story. Why she ended up in Yangyang. Yes, she hated her life in Seoul and needed to escape to freely do things she wanted to do that she couldn’t do. I’m thinking maybe she needed to escape the reality and live freely under a false identity.. maybe to just spend quality time alone for herself, maybe to re-energize herself again before returning to reality, maybe she wasn’t expecting much from her trip... and.. then bam.. Park Jae Won just happened to appear and maybe it just changes her plans. It seemed like she wasn’t looking for anything serious wit
  9. I think the fact that both build a strong chemistry in the drama also helped despite the time frame being so short everything was perfect. As I said before, many may find the interview scenes annoying but I think it’s unique and it makes the drama even more special.
  10. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJO1UeUphck/?igshid=n85w4ou7redi By any chance, does anyone know the song that played in this scene? This scene is so cute
  11. D A M N!! That kiss and bed scene was hot. Making everyone hard to breath. Definitely on a whole ‘nother level. Lee Eun Oh is definitely mysterious indeed. When PJW suggested that they should meet up in Seoul, she just looked at him and smiled and when he said he loved her, she responded back with another smile. I’m looking forward to her displaying her true self. On the other hand, I feel bad for PJW. If I was him, I would feel the same. He felt something and thought she did too.. he was made/upset that she suddenly disappeared. He felt tricked.
  12. I’m enjoying his drama Lovestruck In The City. It’s refreshing and unique. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode. Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won’s chemistry is on fire.
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