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[Drama 2019] Moment of Eighteen / 18, 열여덟의 순간


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On 9/10/2019 at 6:42 AM, fragglerock said:

Okay watched episode 15 at this point I am disappointed with the teacher.  Hate to say this but he is watching it all go down and saying little.  He knows about the test and yet hasnt said anything, he also knows that HW knew nothing about it, if he aint going to speak up about it, he could at least offer support or try to tell HW he knows its not his fault.  HW has taken on the blame for everything.


While I understand it I find it frustrating in Kdrama's (not sure if this applies to real life) but if parents or child does something wrong, whole family takes the blame for it.  Grants HW has done wrong, but his whole situation is pitiful,  I get this sad feeling they are going to have a silly ending for him as they havent done him justice so far.


He was a wreck on his knee's before JW and granted he should be, but I think at this point he feels too much damage has been done,   I think he is lost and doesnt know what to do, again no guidance to help him.  He said it at the end of the episode "what should I do".


Your life is a train wreck, your family is already torn apart, your family has torn others apart, you arrogantly lash out and tear others apart in frustration, you feel guilty but cant go back in time, no amount of apologizing takes what you done away, you have lost everyone around you,   Exactly where is he suppose to go from here, there is no where left for him....

Do you watch this drama from early? The teacher always ask hwi young, do you have anything to share with me? (In clinic at school) he also dont believe about cheat test that hwi young parents do and he find former teacher in sauna shop and ask anything that he know. It is not enough? Hwi young also lowering the teacher confidence when he always said he though the teacher are only temporary teacher. After math exam teacher also when to see hwi young in class ask what his problem but hwi young got angry and said something about his teacher not went to good univercity. Sorry if you dont understand my english. Hehehe

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Enjoyed this show but the ending left too many questions unanswered.  Can Korean kids just submit a leaving school request by themselves?  so did HY get zero for all the tests?  He just left home without his parents looking for him?  I thought his brother was doing very well, winning awards?  Why did he end up in a mental institute?

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58 minutes ago, emmie said:

Enjoyed this show but the ending left too many questions unanswered.  Can Korean kids just submit a leaving school request by themselves?  so did HY get zero for all the tests?  He just left home without his parents looking for him?  I thought his brother was doing very well, winning awards?  Why did he end up in a mental institute?


wow, your thinking is really out of the box. I didn't even think about it

about hwi young brother, maybe he also received pressure from his father. hwi young mention to his father.in other episode "you want me to end up like my brother" (at first i dont understand it)


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I believe HY's older bro received the same amount of pressure.  But if the storyline was always that the older bro had suffered a mental breakdown, shouldn't the parents let up on the pressure?  I recall in the earlier episodes, his bro apparently won some award. And the parents were celebrating.  Just don't understand why they showed the older bro situation in the end.    

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@Just_Mei dont know what kind relationship they have. but you can see via other cast instagram


1. da heen ig: you can see picture ong with pil sang, da heen and ro-mi in fuerza bruta around april/may 

2. lee ki tae ig: you can see picture ki tae, so yee, ong next ro-mi

3. ro-mi ig: she took picture alone look at her left with big smile. in her left you can see ong hand based on black watch he wear in drama.

4. ong ig/hyang gi ig: group photo they took together with bicycle. you can see ro-mi next ong in right (black and white photo)

5. new update in ro-mi ig: you can see they selfie together with PD-nim with look like blazer. (i read some comment already ship them :wacko:)

6. you can see in ro-mi and so ye management instagram also, have ro-mi, ong and so ye picture together. (ro-mi and so ye are same management)

7. every time some actor update group photo, ro-mi always next ong. 


sorry, i dont know their real name but i follow all of them instagram. 


you create soompi account just to ask me about this?^_^


we need dispatch to comfirm it. but who cares right? :D


at first i want to ship ong with hyang gi because their chemistry was great even off or on camera. you can see in bts (jtbc youtube)

after i saw all the picture(ro-mi /ong), im little bit sad :cold_sweat:  

i know i should not ship them (hyang gi and ong) and turn to hurt myself after i saw ro-mi and ong picture.:sweatingbullets:

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@glass_shoe15Wow.. exactly my thoughts..from number 1 to 7 :o

How did you know that I create account just to ask you this? Is it that obvious?:D

You're the first person that comment like that so I just can't help it.. my curiosity tho:lol:

Well I see it in making film that Ong always taking care of Hyang Gi.. actually I am not ship Ong-Hyang Gi but I have to say they are cute and adorable together and I am not ship Ong-Romi either..but I don't know everytime there's new pictures esp group pictures I just see it..the number 7 (they're always stand close together) hahaha..

Thank you so much for answering my question,:)

Let's just move on and let's Dispatch work (no..just kidding :lol:)

I do really think that ship on screen couple not good for my heart so I stop myself

Anyway thank you again for answering..and sorry for come out of topics 

Let's support all cast in their next project ,:)

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I liked this drama, but feel disappointed. A young teenager died. All this forgiveness and repentance at the end wasn't enough in my opinion. The class president kid was evil, with zero conscience. He's a sociopath and a psychopath. He, unfortunately, is probably worse than his father. Having him have a moment of conscience at the end of this drama is unrealistic....but a 'feel good' moment for the drama... I guess.


That's one thing I hate about Korean dramas. Sometimes, they feel they have to give a happy ending when the world of reality is completely different.


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You are absolutely right. When it became clear they wouldnt adress the death at all and Hwi Young would get this weird redemption arc (that was obvious very early on even though he didnt show any remorse until the last episodes) i only watched the drama with a cynical look. And combining it with this "oh well they are eighteen".. It broke the drama for me. The romance was ok but i didnt really buy into it either. In the end not a drama i'll recommend to anyone.


I had a way better experience with Everything or Nothing which is pretty rough on the edges because of its format (only 2 episodes). Which is unfortunate because it would have set up a better drama in my book.

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