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[Movie 2019-2020] Ashfall / Baekdusan, 백두산 - No Option For Failure

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Thank you @rubie for starting this thread. I will always watch just about anything with Lee Byung Hun and Ha Jung Woo.  So I look forward to this new project.   @Warren Lauzon, of course

Yes, this movie really deserves the recognition... be it the producers, directors, actors, etc. Plenty of hard work and dedication.   And you're right! With this movie being sold to other co

December 30, 2019   Box Office: Annual ticket sales break record with over 224 million. 'Extreme Job,' Disney movies attract viewers to movie houses   The local box office recorde

Another day another thousand or two..


2020.01.18 ASHFALL at #4 Korean Box Office with 8.16 million admission av-4239.gif


Source: KoBiz



The Sound Effect Master


ASHFALL - End Credit - Everything in Sound


Published on•January 14, 2020 by HanCinema



Ashfall 2020 Korean Movie Trailer Reaction - International Review



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Just the gist right now, there'll be complete English updates later.


January 17, 2020


56th Daejong (Grand Bell) Awards on February 25: Parasite and Baekdusan Nominations 


Source: Sports Donga ++




Best Actor Nominees:


Seol Kyung-gu (Birthday)

Song Kang-ho (Parasite)

Lee Byung-hun (Baekdusan)

Jung Woo-sung (Innocent Witness)

Han Suk-kyu (Forbidden Dream)


Also nominations in non-acting categories:


Visual Effect


Source: CINE21


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Just 1 day before the big shake-up at the Korean B.O. as new movies will be released on Wednesday (1/22). Expecting a change in the top ten list. 




2020.01.20 ASHFALL at #4 Korean Box Office with 8.21 million admission 


Source: KoBiz



January 21, 2020


KOREAN BOX OFFICE: ‘Secret Zoo’ top at box office, ‘Dolittle’ No. 3

BY LEE SUN-MIN INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily

Webtoon-turned-movie “Secret Zoo” topped the box office over the weekend with 467,583 tickets sold. The total is over 810,000 tickets since its release Wednesday.


The movie is about zoo workers who are wearing masks and outfits to look like animals in order to help save a zoo that’s on the verge of going out of business for a lack of animals.


Workers dress as a polar bear, a lion, a giraffe, a gorilla and a sloth, and had to keep their mouth shut so as to maintain the illusion.


They get into trouble when they forget they are acting, break character and act like humans.


The movie achieved sales of 4.1 billion won ($3.5 million) over the weekend to continue its run as the No. 1 movie since its release. The question is whether the movie will maintain its top position even over the Lunar New Year holiday.


The second most popular of the weekend was “Bad Boys for Life.” It attracted 231,056 visitors on Saturday and Sunday and achieved over 402,000 accumulated ticket sales since its release on Wednesday.


The Hollywood film with Will Smith achieved over 2.2 billion won in sales over the weekend and accumulated sales of 3.7 million won. It is the third in a series and will be followed by a fourth.


Next is “Dolittle,” with Robert Downey Jr. playing a character who can communicate with animals. The movie is about him taking an adventure to find a mysterious island.


It attracted 220,726 people to the large screen over the weekend with accumulated sales of over 1,454,000 tickets.

“Ashfall,” released on Dec. 19, remained strong and was the fourth popular movie for the weekend, followed by




Hollywood’s “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.”


Historical film “Forbidden Dream,” which is about King Sejong (1397-1450) and scientist Jang Yeong-sil of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910), was ranked No. 6 in box office draw over the weekend.


Art film “Portrait of a Lady on Fire,” which is from France, action movie “Midway” and animated “Frozen 2,” both from the United States, and Korean drama “Start-Up” are some other movies that made it into the top 10 list over the weekend.


Meanwhile, in the U.S. box office, “Bad Boys for Life” took the No. 1 spot, defeating “Dolittle,” which was in second place.



Source: HanCinema.net


Korean Box Office - Admissions for the Weekend 2020.01.17 - 2020.01.19 



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  • Guest changed the title to [Movie 2019-2020] Ashfall / Baekdusan, 백두산 - No Option For Failure

movie1.gif Fan-Review: lsg_1387


January 21, 2020


Box Office Warms Up for Lunar New Year


by Pierce Conran KoBiz

In the weekend before the Lunar New Year holiday, a pair of new titles launched that will hope to keep the turnstiles spinning throughout the holidays, even as new competition prepares to launch. Admissions were down slightly, with 1.49 million viewers recorded over the weekend, while local films claimed a thin majority with a 50% share of sales.


Director SON Jae-gon’s latest film, the high-concept comedy SECRET ZOO, debuted in first place with 574,000 entries (USD 4.29 million) over the weekend and a total of 813,000 sales (USD 5.94 million) recorded since its Wednesday bow. The critical reception has been warm but it’s unclear if the film has connected with audiences yet and whether it will be able to survive the incoming wave of holiday titles expected in the coming days.


The long-in-the-making Hollywood sequel Bad Boys for Life kicked off its run in second place with 290,000 viewers (USD 2.33 million) counted over the weekend, and 403,000 spectators  (USD 3.15 million) in total over its first five days. This pales in comparison to its massive debut in America, and is also a drop compared to the local performance of Bad Boys II, which recorded 1.45 million admissions over its run, an impressive total for 2003.


Sliding to third place in week two after a 62% drop was Dolittle as it added 271,000 sales (USD 1.99 million), raising its total in the Korean market to 1.45 million admissions (USD 10.52 million).


Fourth place was claimed by the local hit ASHFALL (2019), which slowed 63% to 97,000 sales (USD 738,000) as it continued to wind down its run, which has now reached an impressive 8.2 million admissions (USD 59.75 million).


After its disappointing start, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker crashed 82% in its sophomore weekend. It filled 48,000 seats (USD 386,000) over the weekend, giving it a meagre total of 485,000 entries (USD 389,000 million) to date.


With the Lunar New Year holiday hitting this coming Saturday, most of the local releases timed for the holidays are being launched on Wednesday. Showbox’s period political drama The Man Standing Next is poised to claim the top spot, while action-comedy HITMAN: AGENT JUN and crime comedy MR. ZOO: THE MISSING VIP will also be looking to drum up sales.


Source: taweerut5


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After the holidays release at the end of 2019, ASHFALL have given the very best and going all out for the moviegoers. Things are about to change at the Korean Box Office for the Lunar New Year 2020. Obviously the Top Ten numbers will change accordingly.


Thank you for an awesomely exciting adventure, it's truly been a blast. Keep fighting till the end! runforhills.gif


2020.01.21 ASHFALL at #4 Korean Box Office with 8.22 million admission av-4239.gif


Source: KoBiz



Source: @AkrimNisba


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Alas, all good things do not last forever. no2.gif With the inclusion of 4 new movies released yesterday, three of which went straight to the top 3 spots of the Korean Box Office. Finally ASHFALL is saying bye bye to the top 10.. however, it's still being screened at number 11. 


The movie might still be available in very limited screenings over the weekend but it's obviously winding up and going out in style, no less. It's been such a great ride sharing the updates and tidbits of the movie here. 


Fans who have seen or going to watch the movie later, please share your thoughts here. Movie threads are not favored much but it'll be here as long it's closed down by the Mods . 


Bravo for an impressive run ASHFALL! An 8.2 million well deserved! kaoani_whiteball_01.gif






January 22, 2020


Lee Byung Hun and Ha Jung Woo's Baekdusan launches VOD service today


Source: News Pim (Google-gist)




Lee Byung Hun-Ha Jung Woo's blockbuster disaster movie has started its VOD service.


According to the distribution company CJ Entertainment on the 22nd, BAEKDUSAN will start IPTV (KT Olleh TV, SK Btv, LG U + TV), Digital Cable TV (Home Choice), TVING, Naver N Store, Gom TV, Google Play, ONE STORE plus home theaters through various platforms such as Kakao Page.

BAEKDUSAN (ASHFALL) depicts the people who must stop the last explosion of Mount Baekdu. It was produced by Dexter Studio that also produced the series 'With God' boosting a cast team of representative actors such as Lee Byung Hun, Ha Jung Woo, Ma Dong Seok and Jeon Hye Jin appeared. The directing were helmed by Lee Hae Joon and Kim Byung Seo. 


The movie, which was released on the 19th of December 2019, has attracted 822,7381 people (an integrated computer network for movie theater admission rights).

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Still running..with 8.23 million admission on the 37th day. runforhills.gif


From 11th spot, ASHFALL back in the top ten.. you'd never know what's going to happen.  dontknow.gif


Source: KoBiz




oops.gif We're almost done.. please don't put us on the target list anymore. .. :sweatingbullets: or not..




Source: Major Group


Your crazy plan will never succeed!

#Ashfall #นรกล้างเมือง Screening today at Major Cineplex.

Check rounds and buy tickets. 



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January 24, 2020


ASHFALL is still in the race, still at number 10 the Korean Box Office with 8,234,810. While not much difference from yesterday's tally, it is still being screened and watch by more than 3K moviegoers daily. So, keep on fighting! All the way!


January 25, 2020


January Movie Star Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed


Source: Soompi by J. Lim



January Movie Star Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

The Korean Business Research Institute has revealed the brand reputation rankings for film actors for the month of January!


The rankings were determined through an analysis of the consumer participation, media coverage, interaction, and community awareness indexes of 50 popular movie stars, using big data collected from December 27 to January 24.


In first place was Kwon Sang Woo with a total brand reputation index of 6,005,824. High-ranking phrases in the actor’s keyword analysis included “Hitman: Agent Jun,” “Son Tae Young,” and “Jung Joon Ho,” while his highest-ranking related terms included “Comical,” “Fun,” and “Promise.”


In second place was Ahn Jae Hong with 5,706,571 and in third was Han Suk Kyu with a brand reputation index of 5,089,631.


Check out the top 30 for January below!


1. Kwon Sang Woo
2. Ahn Jae Hong
3. Han Suk Kyu
4. Lee Byung Hun
5. Kang Sora
6. Gong Yoo
7. Ha Jung Woo
8. Jung Joon Ho
9. Jung Hae In
10. Park Young Gyu
11. Hwang Woo Seul Hye
12. Lee Hee Joon
13. Lee Sung Min
14. Song Kang Ho
15. Jeon Yeo Bin
16. Jo Yeo Jeong
17. Ma Dong Seok
18. Kim Seo Hyung
19. Lee Yi Kyung
20. Kim Nam Gil
21. Lee Jung Eun
22. Moon So Ri
23. Han Ji Min
24. Jang Hye Jin
25. Honey Lee
26. Jo Jung Suk
27. Park Seo Joon
28. Kim Hee Won
29. Park Bo Young
30. Lee Sun Gyun

Source (1) // Twitter (1) (2)


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On 1/18/2020 at 10:06 AM, Realyn Tan said:

Been looking everywhere to watch this online with eng sub but can’t seem to find it. Does anyone know where i can watch it please? :(

Unfortunately, subs won't be out until couple of months later. Also, it depends on who is subbing it because the subs are horrible sometimes:(. I wish they would release it in the cinema because it's better that way. 

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Still here ^_^ from Christmas and now celebrating the Lunar New Year.. hny2.gif


2020.01.25 ASHFALL at # 9 Korean Box Office with 8.23 million admission fight.gif


Source: KoBiz




Source: BillyRocks_13

Rising child actress #KimSiAh on acting in movie #ASHFALL n wth veteran actors like Lee Byung hun, Han Ji-min n Ha Jung-woo. She played LBH &JDY's daughter Soon-ok in ashfall.

Her next movie "Closet" is set to release in February.

Good luck Soon-ok.






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January 26, 2020


Korean Box Office for the Weekend 2020.01.24 ~ 2020.01.26


Source: HanCinema.net




Source: @VIVA_Intl

It's man versus nature. Do we wait until it covers the whole world? 

Catch the biggest disaster blockbuster film that dominated the South Korean cinemas. #Ashfall opens February 5 in Philippine cinemas.







Warning: Spoil.er


Me before watching Ashfall Vs. Me after finishing it. :tears:





Makes sense. He's the former Mr.Sunshine :P





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movie1.gif ASHFALL at the Korean Box Office 


Source: KoBiz


2020.01.30    # 24    8,248,318


2020.01.31    # 18     8,249,156


Source: leedavid1234


Another gd korea film
I love those twists in the movie!
Lee byung hun and ha jung woo are quite gd in the movie :)


A belated post, just found this today..  better late than never.. ^_^



Published on December 4, 2019 by KBS News


A number of movies are to hit Korean cinemas in time for the holiday season. One of them is "Ashfall," which is to open on December 19.  The premiere of the movie is slated for the day before. The production crew of "Ashfall" also unveiled the main poster for the movie ahead of its opening. The poster shows five cast members, including actors Lee Byung-heon and Ha Jung-woo. "Ashfall," a story of people who try desperately to stop a volcanic eruption, cost 26 billion won to produce. Now that the official date of its release has been announced, film industry insiders expect other new movies to hit theaters in succession.



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Source: VIVA International Pictures @VIVA_Intl


Lives are at stake in their race against nature. 

2 days to go! Be sure to catch the much talked about and highly-anticipated Korean disaster movie of the year, ASHFALL! Opens February 5 in cinemas near you.





January 29, 2020


Korean Volcano Disaster Film “Ashfall” To Screen In PH Cinemas

BY DAN GAMBE  KStreetManila

Korean disaster movie “Ashfall” (Korean title: 백두산 “Baekdusan,” lit. Mount Paektu) will be screened in Philippine cinemas starting February 5.



“Ashfall” was first released in South Korea in December 2019 and stars Lee Byunghun, Ha Jungwoo, Ma Dongseok, Bae Suzy, and Jeon Hyejin. It is about a fictional eruption of Mount Paektu, a volcano that has been stagnant since 1903. Its eruption caused earthquakes across the peninsula, endangering both North and South Korea.


The screening comes a few weeks after the eruption of Taal Volcano which caused extensive damage in property and displacing thousands in Batangas.

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