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  1. okay so i just finished watching ep 10...i'm so curious and confused! So yukiko's husband is the murderer of Miho's brother right? but then who murdered Yukiko then? is it her husband?? is he just acting like he's grieving about her death?? so is it Team Leader Do who is Yukiko's real murderer?? omg...i hope not..coz i'm still rooting for Kang Center and Team leader Do to be together at the end eventhough they have alot of tension right now. I also have a very bad feeling that it's actually Team Leader Do who killed Miho, and his father just took the blame for it...its really sad they made him into a real psychopath! huhu
  2. wait so i’m confused! So Miho’s brother is Wire Shun, but he’s not the real mastermind? coz at the end it looked like he committed suicide or they made it look like that...but he was probably killed by the real mastermind which i have a feeling is Kang Center’s doctor from rehab!!! hmmmm.. and omg...they’re really making it seem like Team Leader Do is a psychopath!!! nooooooo!!!!! (that means him and Kang Center can’t have a happy ever after at the end, bcoz living with a psycopath is dangerous! he could snap any moment once triggered!!! )
  3. there’s two things i’m waiting to see in this thread...the episodes and the KISS. i wonder if the writer ever plans on the main lead having atleast 1 kiss scene towards the end? even just an accidental smooch will be fine who’s with me here? lol
  4. i love him in voice! he looks good with Lee Ha Na too i hope they date in real life kekeke
  5. ^ Lee jin wook is soooo handsome tho sorry off topic hahah
  6. btw, i know this is not a love story but im still rooting for Lee ha na and Lee jin wook to have some sort of cute little “loveline” during this series...just subtle ones to lighten the mood a little bit (also to feed my shipper heart..i ship them ALOT. I actually hope they end up together in real life! looks like they are both single coz i’m looking around for articles about them online and it seems Jinwook’s last relationship was with Gong Hyo Jin right? unless they are both secretly dating someone...)
  7. Silent lurker here Gotta log in so i can comment and just let you guys know there are people out there like me who is silently reading and checking ur posts so please keep them coming hehe it makes me feel like im not alone watching this series. I’m so excited for Voice 3! i’ve been waiting for this since last year! i’ve watched the whole series since Voice 1 and i’ve loved every single episode of this show. Korean dramas really make great action/suspence/crime dramas! I’ve watched Tunnel and Signal too and they are both bomb! i hope they make more dramas like this! hehe its not heavily romcoms which i like. Coz some kdrama romcoms can be a bit boring for me, i like something with more action and will get me mentally stimulated with the twist and turns of the storyline. i can’t wait to watch this with eng sub, does anyone know a good website to watch this series? thanks in advance.
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