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[Movie 2019-2020] Ashfall / Baekdusan, 백두산 - No Option For Failure

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I am planning to watch the movie again as it officially opens in Singapore movie theatres today! :blush:

And yes, I would love to read the reviews by international fans too.  I am secretly hoping that they can reach the 10 mil viewers' milestone in Korea.




I had to ask my cousin if this scene was shown during the sneak preview and indeed, it was not.


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Thank you @rubie for starting this thread. I will always watch just about anything with Lee Byung Hun and Ha Jung Woo.  So I look forward to this new project.   @Warren Lauzon, of course

Yes, this movie really deserves the recognition... be it the producers, directors, actors, etc. Plenty of hard work and dedication.   And you're right! With this movie being sold to other co

December 30, 2019   Box Office: Annual ticket sales break record with over 224 million. 'Extreme Job,' Disney movies attract viewers to movie houses   The local box office recorde

January 2, 2020


'Ashfall' leads year-end box office race

SEOUL, Jan. 2 (Yonhap) -- Action-adventure film "Ashfall" has led the South Korean box office race over the year-end holiday season, data showed Thursday.


Three homegrown movies -- "Ashfall," "Start-up" and "Forbidden Dream" -- were released in mid-December, targeting film buffs and light movie fans in the Christmas-New Year period.


Starring big-name actors Lee Byung-hun and Ha Jung-woo, "Ashfall" was the winner of the holiday battle. It has attracted 6.8 million moviegoers since its first run on Dec. 19, according to the data from the Korean Film Council (KOFIC).


Co-directed by Lee Hae-jun and Kim Byung-seo, the Hollywood-style disaster flick is about two South and North Korean military officers' efforts to prevent a possible massive eruption of Mount Paekdu on the northern tip of the Korean Peninsula.


It was one of the most anticipated films of 2019 for its production house, Dexter Studios, which is behind the smash hit series "Along With the Gods," as well as for its all-star cast and estimated 26 billion won (US$22.3 million) in production costs.


It is expected to meet the break-even point of 7.3 million admissions over the coming weekend.




Released on Dec. 18, the comedy drama "Start-up," based on the popular webtoon with the same title, sold a cumulative 2.7 million tickets as of Wednesday.


It pictures the struggle of two teens, played by Park Jung-min and Jung Hae-in, who throw aside all decorum and seek to make a new start in their own lives before their adolescence ends.


Ma Dong-seok's signature humor and slapstick comedy, along with comical chemistry with Park, helped the film retain the runner-up spot in the competition.


The historical film, "Forbidden Dream," released on Dec. 26, had a weak start, posting 1.2 million tickets sold through its seven-day theatrical run.


It tells behind-the-scene stories of the deep friendship between King Sejong of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) and engineer Jang Young-sil.


But the on-screen chemistry between veteran actors Choi Min-sik and Han Suk-kyu failed to appeal to movie fans as King Sejong has become a hackneyed subject on the South Korean cinematic scene.





Source: CINE21

INTERVIEW ㅣ BAEKDUSAN Directors Lee, Hae-jun and Kim Byung-seo
A disaster film that envisioned ideas and carried out the whole process together.



Source: Encore Films


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January 3, 2020


Reporting on Ashfall by a Hong Kong Newspaper  (a translation) 




Lee Byung Hun’s eye drops enhanced his acting


“Ashfall” has a strong cast.  They include: Lee Byung Hun, Hollywood actor who recently appeared in the Korean Drama “Mr. Sunshine”,  Ha Jung Woo of the blockbuster “Along with the Gods” series  and Ma Dong Seok of “Train to Busan”.  The two protagonists, Lee and Ha were interviewed a few days ago.  Altough they were interviewed separately,   both had tacit understanding both inside and outside of the movie and sang high praises of each other. 


In the movie, Lee Byung Hun and Ha Jung Woo tried to use abbreviations in a gag.  Lee admitted that he was not familiar with this trend.  He said:  “ Ha Jung Woo and I understood each other’s character, Ha’s talent and unique sense of humour were well known.   When we collaborated and as expected, he appeared very interesting and charismatic in front of the camera. In addition, his real-time response was also amazing.  Everytime that he was done with a shot, he would run to see the playback.  This was rather special.  As the air conditioning was on full blast on the set, one felt cold and needed to wear a jacket.  Ha usually wore a vest or a short sleeve shirt, but still sweated profusely.  He would joke and say that the sweat was part of his make up.   


Transformed emotions


With respect to leaving a deep impression with his audience for his emotional eye performance, he said: “ I used eye drops to help me to do something good.  It is important to turn the basic story into my inner emotions.  I am just human, I am not able to make the movie at 100%.  However, I still struggle to portray the character as close as possible, Whether they are eyes or facial expressions, I tried my best to be natural in my acting.   I told myself that changing my looks for the character is insufficient,  I have to get into the soul of my character.”   At the same time, he praised Jeon Do Yeon for her surprised guest 

appearance as his wife in the movie.  He said the two of them have collaborated a couple of time before and the shooting was very smooth. 


Ha Jung Woo and Ma Dong Seok failed to meet in a scene


Ha Jung Woo said he participated as producer in this movie and personally invited Lee Byung Hun and Ma Dong Seok to join the cast.  He sang high praises for Lee Byung Hun whom he found so very kind.  “He did not have airs of a big movie star.  We became even closer because we acted together in this movie.  His personality is elegant and very human.  When he shoots, he threw himself in 100%.  Every take is full of energy like a 20 and 30 year old.  He is as perfect as a devil. Even when he is joking,  he is full of enthusiasm.  I want to change his name to [the devil.]


Little difference in acting skills


Ma Dong Seok was invited to perform in this movie but bascially they did not have a scene together.   Ha Jung Woo said bluntly they did meet even once on the set and consequently cannot face off each other in acting. 


As for Suzy acting as his pregnant wife, he smiled and said he felt that was new and original.   Suzy gave him the feeling of being forthright and generous.  He said;  “On the surface, our age gap is very large, however, at the scene of the shooting, there is little difference in our acting skills.  Furthemore, she has been been a singer from a very young age, I felt she was quite mature. 


During one  movie promotion, he gave the nick name of Buzz Lightyear (from Toy Story ) to Lee Byung Hun. He said Lee smiled a lot like Buzz Lightyear.  In addition, his energy and enthusiasm were similar to Buzz Lightyear.



Source:  Apple Daily via@idyidyhoho at Tweeter 

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        hny2.gif  C ON G R A T U L A T I O N S   

                  A S H F A L L    7   M I L L I O N   

                          A D M I S S I O N  hny2.gif


No Stopping Baekdusan penguin-dance.gifIt's over 7 million in unstoppable hits!


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Just watched this earlier yesterday, and it was sort of eh for me (shrug)


What I have noticed this past year is the increase of korean movies in our local cinemas whereas before it was unheard of. So that in itself is commendable. However, out of the 3 korean movies that have been gettin' the most buzz was obviously Train to Busan, which for me still stands as the best out of the 3. The other 2 bein' this & Parasite. I wasn't as impressed by Parasite either.

     I have noted the many similarities between Train to Busan Ashfall. Both have pregnant women & Ma Dong Suk LoL. Both deal with single irresponsible dads tryin' to reconnect with their daughters amidst the backdrop of a impending disaster. Also both movies required a huge sacrifice from a character..

     Aside from the K-Drama Crash Landing Into You, Ashfall involves North Korea as well.. Overall it's an ok movie with laughs here & there but yea it just didn't do it for me.   

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2020.01.03 ASHFALL at # 1 Korean Box Office with 7.0 million audience admission dancing_by_allsmileys-d794ov2.gif

Source: KoBiz



January 4, 2020


“Ashfall” Hits 7 Million Moviegoers, Continuing Impressive Run

Source: Soompi by R. Jun


“Ashfall” Hits 7 Million Moviegoers, Continuing Impressive Run


“Ashfall” is still powering on! As of its 16th day in box office, the film has officially surpassed 7 million moviegoers.


“Ashfall,” starring Ha Jung Woo, Lee Byung Hun, Jeon Hye Jin, Suzy, and Ma Dong Seok, is a disaster film about a group of people struggling to prevent the catastrophic eruption of a volcano on Mount Baekdu that threatens the survival of both North and South Korea.


According to the Korean Film Council on January 4, “Ashfall” garnered 118,681 moviegoers on January 3, for an overall total of 7,033,315 moviegoers since its premiere on December 19.


The film is moving through the milestones faster than the 2014 hit film “Ode to My Father,” which also premiered at the end of the year and and went on to hit a total of over 14 million moviegoers.


Congratulations to the cast and crew of “Ashfall”!


Source (1)  // CJ Entertainment


Honey Chemie Synergy Blast 
A movie that the whole family can watch and talk with!
Do the Baekdusan with your family in 2020 :)

Audience Feedback Clip


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@Latte_Anyday, welcome and thanks very much sharing your thoughts with us here. It's good to have various comments at the thread from those who have watched the movie. Blockbuster movies like ASHFALL (in this sense, big in budget and overall backdrop, production & expectation) are more difficult to be perfect and please everyone. Particularly the disaster-themed plots that had to be literally larger-than-life yet believable. 


It took me awhile to finally watch Train to Busan (because of the good response) but didn't have the urge to finish it, perhaps because of the zombies.. not a fan, unfortunately. :unsure: Although not sure when I'll actually watch it hopefully the same doesn't & won't happen with Ashfall because of the built-up expectation. :sweatingbullets: However. I have the same feeling after watching Parasite (saw your comment at the  movie thread) and quite agree with it. But mainly for me, despite of the uncommon peculiar story, it's just hard to root for anyone in the movie. But that is just me.. and I'm glad that it's actually very well-liked & raved by a lot of critics and public alike. The ensemble of cast is especially talented and Dir. BJH is amazing. Maybe not Parasite (for me) but The Host was especially chilling that I still remember till today.


Anyway, it's good to read everyone's take on Ashfall.. quite a few movie critics doesn't feel for the movie as well but it's ok. ^_^


January 2, 2020


Movie reviews: Ashfall

Lydia Gan SlJonathan Roberts The New Paper


This action blockbuster might be about a disaster, but thankfully it does not play out as one on the big screen.


Ashfall imagines what the Korean peninsula would be like after its tallest volcano straddling the China-North Korea border erupts, leaving the only course of action to be counteracting further deadlier eruptions - by stealing missiles held by North Korea.


Though overtly politically charged, viewers might be more drawn to the subplot and wonder whether the bomb diffuser-turned-mission captain (Ha Jung-woo) will return in time to reunite with his pregnant wife (Bae Suzy).


He is likeable and portrays the family man in a way that makes the film seem more real when set amid the apocalyptic scenes.


The antics of a North Korean elite officer and prisoner (Lee Byung-hun) also keep us entertained. Ashfall does not keep viewers guessing and delivers a message that love can indeed save the day.


SCORE: 3/5


Source: CJ Entertainment


Tiki-taka scene was ad lib!?! 
All-time cameo appearances that surprised everyone
Behind the scenes of BAEKDUSAN

Shooting TMI Explosion


Only those who have seen it can understand
@ How many can you recognize?


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January 3, 2020


"Ashfall" Passes the Seven Million Viewer Mark

By William Schwartz on HanCinema.net


According to figures released by the Korean Film Council, "Ashfall" has passed the seven million viewer mark. The news comes as the disaster movie is set to win its third straight week at the South Korean box office in the face of relatively weak competition and a lack of compelling new releases.


It's unclear whether "Ashfall" has enough momentum to get to eight million viewers, as the movie has sustained relatively little enthusiasm compared to last year's major performers.


In second place the historical drama "Forbidden Dream" is obtaining about half as many admissions as "Ashfall" and long since passed the million viewer mark following a fairly weak opening weekend. While "Forbidden Dream" has been far more popular than "Ashfall" in terms of user ratings and online comments, its science driven storyline has been a difficult sell for mainstream audiences.


"Start-Up" is emerging as a sleeper hit in third place, with admissions a bit below those of "Forbidden Dream". The Ma Dong-seok headlined youth comedy will almost certainly break three million admissions this weekend, having already recuperated all of its production costs earlier in the week.


Source: Encore Films


Admissions for Ashfall has hit 7,000,000 in Korea! hny2.gif Congratulations! 



Source: faris @farisbaharin


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I hope ya get to watch Train to Busan in its entirety someday, it's really not that bad (zombies) they just serve as a catalyst to the main plot. That is in face of tragedy, the human spirit triumphs. I could go on & on 'bout the movie but I won't spoil your fun. I forgot to mention another Korean movie, that also featured a disaster. Exit starring Jo Jung Suk & Yoon Ah was fun & awesome! I'd highly recommend you watch it if ya haven't already. 

     Parasite wasn't necessarily bad.. it was just familiar I guess? Like I think K-Dramas have actually done a better job tackling this subject. I do like how Parasite touched mostly on capitalism & how materialism sort of blinds what truly matters~ Ashfall just seemed all over the place to me. I'd much enjoyed Lee Byung Hun's performance in his previous movie Master.    

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January 5, 2020


An interview with Lee Byung Hun ( a translation) 


R:  Reporter    LBH:  Lee Byung Hun 



Lee Byung Hun put a lot of thought into playing a North Korean


R:  What do you think after watching the movie?


LBH:  More than half of this movie is presented in front of the audience with CG (Computer Graphics ).   When I go to the movies as an audience, like all other audiences, I feel great and find the movie with a lot of feeling.  I remembered on the day of the preview screening, there were 16 screenings at the same time, and everyone who watched the movie later said it was very interesting.  Seeing their visual expressions and hearing what they say, they genunely thought so.   I am very excited about this reaction.


R:  When you received the script, which is the part that you found  most interesting? 


LBH:  The political part, to be precise, the scene where Lee Joon Pyeong (Lee Byung Hun), Jo In Chang (Ha Jung Woo), the US military and the Chinese dignitaries met. When you looked at it, it seemed naive, but it showed the complex relationship. I discussed a lot with the director on this.  Although this part can be more in-depth and the dialogue can be handled better, we all hoped we should not go too deep because after all,  this is an entertainment movie and there is no need to convey such a detailed message. Only the key points need to be shown.  We want to keep the elements of an entertaining commercial movie which feels like a disaster movie.


R: Is the completed CG satisfactory?

LBH:  I heard that the CG work was only completed two days before the media priority show.  But the director often said that he wished he had more time to deal with CG. When the release date was set, many people immediately dealt with post-production, and worked very hard for months to achieve this result.




Lee Byung Hun has no shortage of action scenes in the movie. 


R: I heard that this is a large-scale disastrous movie with even North Koreans appearing in the scene, an archetype disaster story.


LBH: Among commercial films, disaster entertainment movies seem to have no alternative to Hollywood's formula. I think we should greatly reduce the number of predictable plots.   Even though we all know that this movie is mainly about the display of  amazing visual effects, I also want to show the interesting, humorous and touching parts. Of course, there are also regrets. The confrontation between the North and the South is very important; it feels like sleeping with the enemy.  As the North and the South slowly move closer, a Southern soldier and a North Korean spy, all these things can only be experienced by the actors.  Collaborating with Ha Jung Woo was a lot of fun. 



Lee Byung Hun admits trying to get into the character's soul during filming. 


R:  Lee Byung Hun’s has left a deep impression with his audience for his emotional eye performance, how do you feel? 


LBH:  I used eye drops to help me to do something good.  It is important to turn the basic story into my inner emotions.  I am just human, I am not able to make the movie at 100%.  However, I still struggle to portray the character as close as possible, Whether they are eyes or facial expressions, I tried my best to be natural in my acting.   I told myself that changing my looks for the character is insufficient,  I have to get into the soul of my character.”


R. Jeon Do Yeon made a surprised appearance in the movie and played your wife. You two cooperated very well. How do you feel? 


LBH: Although it was a difficult scene to shoot, but we shot very well.  We have collaborated in the past and established a certain tacit understanding. There is no need to re-engine the wheel,  we have worked together before, so the process went very smoothly.   






Lee Byung Hun and Ha Jung Woo both had tacit understanding both inside and outside of the movie. 




R: There is a scene, you and Ha Jung Woo were  engaged in a gag scene with acronyms.  In reality, do you like this trend? How do you find working with him? 


LBH:  (shaking his head) I am not familiar with this trend.  Ha Jung Woo and I understood each other’s character, Ha’s talent and unique sense of humour were well known.   When we collaborated and as expected, he appeared very interesting and charismatic in front of the camera. In addition, his real-time response was also amazing.  Everytime that he was done with a shot, he would run to see the playback.  This was rather special.  As the air conditioning was on full blast on the set, one felt cold and needed to wear a jacket.  Ha usually wore a vest or a short sleeve shirt, but still sweated profusely.  He would joke and say that the sweat was part of his make up.   




Lee Byung Hun will focus on working in South Korea for the time being.





R:   When will you shoot Hollywood movies again ? 


LBH: Sometimes I miss some works because I think too much. While I am thinking about it, good projects appear in Korea. After that, it will be difficult to coordinate with my schedule.   The work for next year and the following year  is already set. But I also want to be able to stop working.  No matter whether it is for the actor or director, it takes months to complete a work, but after each completion,  I feel exhausted.  Every time I want to re-energize, to get rid of the role and character of the previous movie and and to prepare for the next work. It would certainly be ideal for me to have enough time to prepare; to replenish my energy.  But in many case, work is not like that, and that has absolutely nothing to do with will. 


Source:   https://hk.entertainment.appledaily.com/enews/realtime/article/20191231/60426235




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penguin-dance.gifBreak-even point achieved, well-done! 


2020.01.05 ASHFALL at # 1 Korean Box Office with 7.4  million audience admission stars-crazy-rabbit-emoticon.gif

Source: KoBiz



Clips: CJ Entertainment


Which is Pengsoo's Coveted Role?
Smart body and head
It's scientist Kang Bong Rae!


Agent Rhee Jun Pyung is a big Pengsoo fan!


He has Penguin Skills! penguin-dance.gif


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January 6, 2020


Korea Box Office: ‘Ashfall’ Remains on Top for Third Weekend


By SONIA KIL Variety.com

South Korean disaster film “Ashfall” remained on top of the local box office in the first weekend of 2020. The CJ Entertainment release earned $4.25 million from 565,000 admissions between Friday and Sunday, accounting for 30% of the country’s total weekend box office. The volcano disaster flick has earned $54.1 million from 7.48 million admissions after three weekends on release.


Since its Dec. 26 release, costume drama “Forbidden Dream” has remained in second place for two weekends. The Lotte Cultureworks release earned $2.54 million between Friday and Sunday for a total of $11.4 million after two weekends on release. Starring Choi Min-shik (“Lucy”) and Hand Suk-kyu (“The Royal Taylor”), the Joseon dynasty-set period drama revolves around King Sejong and an inventor who develop a 20-year relationship while advancing the field of astronomy.

With an unusual Tuesday release, American action drama “Midway” debuted in second. It earned $4.97 million from 340,000 admissions over six days between Tuesday and Sunday.


Korean drama “Start-up” slipped to fourth place from the previous weekend’s third. The Next Entertainment World release added $2 million between Friday and Sunday to extend its three-weekend total to $22.0 million. Disney’s “Frozen 2” took fifth place, earning $846,000 over the weekend. The megahit animated feature has accumulated $97 million in Korea after seven weekends on release. In sixth place, Korean animation “The Haunted House: The Sky Ghost VS Jormungandr” earned $512,000 for a total of $5.47 million after three weekends.


Korean Box Office for the Weekend 2020.01.03 ~ 2020.01.05


Source: HanCinema.net




Source: @ThaiEntUpdate


[THAI SUB] Official Trailer Release Date in Thailand : 9 Jan 2020


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January 6, 2020


S. Korean Films on Two Koreas Popular Despite Deteriorating Inter-Korean Relations


by The Korea Bizwire


A scene from "Ashfall." (image: CJ ENM)
A scene from "Ashfall." (image: CJ ENM)


SEOUL, Jan. 6 (Korea Bizwire) — As North Korea continues to raise the stakes in inter-Korean relations, a South Korean film and television series depicting sweet romance among individuals from North and South Korea are being subjected to criticism for failing to take note of the current situation.


“Ashfall,” a South Korean movie currently garnering success at the South Korean box office, is facing criticism despite choosing a commercially acceptable scenario developed since 2014.


The movie is being criticized for spotlighting the heroic acts of North Korean agents who help stop Mount Paekdu, the highest peak on the Korean Peninsula located along the North Korea-China border, from an explosion.


“Crash Landing on You,” a new TV drama depicting a romantic relationship between a rich bachelorette from South Korea and an elite military officer from North Korea is also being frowned upon by a number of viewers, despite high ratings.


The series introduces North Korean villages bordering South Korea as part of a peaceful and prosperous countryside, which some see as a distortion of reality.


“I had to change the channel, because it seemed to depict North Korea as something too detached from reality,” said one source.


Hyun Bin from “Crash Landing on You,” Jung Woo-sung from “Steel Rain,” and Lee Byung-hun from “Ashfall,” all of whom take on the characters from North Korea, are ‘too handsome’ for the roles, some critics say.




“When inter-Korean relations are deteriorating, we need to cast handsome actors to play the roles of North Koreans in order to attract more viewers,” said one movie expert.


Actor Hyun Bin (L) and actress Son Ye-jin (R) pose at a press conference in Seoul on Dec. 9, 2019. (Yonhap)
Actor Hyun Bin (L) and actress Son Ye-jin (R) pose at a press conference in Seoul on Dec. 9, 2019. (Yonhap)


Despite the controversy, North Korea is a great source of inspiration for many content creators.


“Even if the movie is about North Korea, it all comes down to interpersonal relationships, rather than conflict and betrayal,” said one movie distributor.


“Political factors may matter when it comes to choosing the dates for screening, but that applies to all movies.”


“Crash Landing on You” does reflect to a certain extent various realities of North Korean society, such as the wide use of wiretapping and frequent blackouts.


“The audience nowadays seems to go beyond the confines of politics to enjoy a movie, focusing on the messages and entertainment factors of the piece,” said Jung Ji-wook, a film critic.


“Films about the two Koreas, however, need to be created with more delicacy due to the sensitive nature of the subject matter.”


Lina Jang (linajang@koreabizwire.com)


Source: CJ Entertainment


PENGSOO and ASHFALL cast working on a promo theme

BAEKDUSAN is like a comprehensive gift set
Better with 2 Tuna Popcorn :lol:


Speaking of popcorn
BAEKDUSAN+ Disaster / comedy / impressive food
This house is all good!
All-star Mukbang scene watermelon_slice_by_le_noodle.gif
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2020.01.06 ASHFALL at # 1 Korean Box Office with 7.5 million audience admission dance.gif

Source: KoBiz



January 7, 2020


Korean B.O: ‘Ashfall’ continues to dominate local theaters
Little competition helps the major blockbuster break even at box office


BY LEE JAE-LIM INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily


The big-budget film “Ashfall” continues to rule the local box office and was able to break even over the weekend. [CJ ENTERTAINMENT]

Dominating the local box office for the third consecutive week, “Ashfall” managed to ring in the new year by surpassing its break-even point of 7.3 million ticket sales over the weekend.


The local blockbuster was seen by 565,000 people at 1,222 screenings. The film’s distribution company, CJ Entertainment, and the directors were surely relieved to see the film surpass its break-even point, as the movie is reported to be one of their priciest yet, costing 26 billion won ($22.4 million) to make. Still, it may prove to be a challenge for the blockbuster to join the list of movies reaching the 10-million-ticket-sales milestone.


“Forbidden Dream” remained in second place, gathering a total of 343,000 moviegoers to 922 screenings. Unlike the controversial “The King’s Letters,” also about King Sejong the Great (1397-1450), the historical drama is receiving favorable reviews from moviegoers for portraying the relationship between the king and the scientist Jang Yeong-sil, played by Han Seok-kyu and Choi Min-sik.


The new film on the block, “Midway,” finished the weekend in third place and sold 306,000 admissions through 842 screenings. Created by star director Roland Emmerich - the director behind popular disaster films such as “The Day After Tomorrow” (2004) and “Independence Day” (1996) - his latest is an American war film about the happenings of the attack on Pearl Harbor and the Battle of Midway in World War II. Instead of focusing on one central character, the film describes the historical events in order from the perspectives of various officers and soldiers.


“Start-Up” slid down a spot, drawing 264,000 moviegoers to 825 screens. The local film, starring Ma Dong-seok, Park Jung-min, Jung Hae-in and Yum Jung-ah, managed to exceed its break-even point of 2.4 million admissions last week.


“Frozen 2” still managed to hold on to the top-five box-office ranking despite being in local theaters for nearly two months. The Disney film gathered 113,000 people to 644 screens.


Meanwhile, director Tom Hooper’s “Cats” flopped in the local box office, ranking 12th on its second week. The film was seen by only 9,659 people at 254 screenings.


The local box office over this weekend remained relatively sluggish due to lack of new films out in theaters, but cinemas are expecting an uptick in moviegoers this week with the premieres of “Dolittle” and “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.”


The former stars Robert Downey Jr. as the famous Doctor Dolittle, who has the ability to talk to animals. In the movie, he goes on an adventure to a mysterious island to save the animals. The latter, widely anticipated by fans of the series, is the third installment of the most recent Star Wars trilogy that started in 2015 and is the final episode of the “Skywalker saga.”

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@cherriesblue, hi and welcome to the thread. The Ashfall screening in the Philippines would likely be a bit later in the year as the case with many of the other countries that bought the rights to screen it. I tried checking the domestic cinema chains that may have acquired it but could not find anything. You might be more familiar with the local sites to check.


Anyway, once we have any info, we'll be sure to share it here. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to share anything related to Ashfall. 


Clip: CJ Entertainment


BAEKDUSAN disaster film

Real and exciting scenes were born
Before and After CG and VFX


Gold hand of CG / VFX system

Create a disaster!

Compared side by side before and after 

BAEKDUSAN Box Office sprints over 7.5 million

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January 7, 2020


Blockbuster movie, TV series spark controversy over idealization of N. Korea

SEOUL, Jan. 7 (Yonhap) -- North Korea is an overused subject in South Korean entertainment, as its decades of isolation and the historical division of the Korean Peninsula keep inspiring creative minds here with romance, friendship, family love and altruism.


A number of films and TV series like the mystery thriller "Joint Security Area" (2000), the action film "Confidential Assignment" (2017) and MBC's romance drama "The King 2 Hearts" (2012) were commercial successes on the big and small screens.


But the unpredictable fluctuations of diplomatic and military tensions in the region often affect the production and release of TV dramas and films dealing with North Korea.


Amid the recent nuclear standoff between Pyongyang and Washington and the strained inter-Korean relationship, an increasing number of people are complaining of seeing inappropriate romances or friendships between South and North Korean heroes and heroines.


The action-adventure film "Ashfall," released Dec. 18, and tvN's weekend romantic comedy "Crash Landing On You," which first aired Dec. 14, are at the center of the controversy for depicting North Korea as a normal country -- even an ideal one.


"Ashfall," which has attracted more than 7.5 million moviegoers so far, is a Hollywood-style disaster flick about two South and North Korean military officers' efforts to prevent a massive eruption of Mount Paekdu on the northern tip of the Korean Peninsula.


Some criticize "Ashfall" for glorifying the North, as the film spotlights the heroic acts of North Korean agent Joon-pyeong (Lee Byung-hun), who is superior to his South Korean counterpart, In-chang (Ha Jung-woo), in carrying out the mission.


"Crash Landing On You" is a story about an heiress of a big-name fashion business in the South who crash lands in North Korea and meets a North Korean soldier after she is blown away by a windstorm while paragliding.


Thanks to the on-screen chemistry of two of the country's hottest stars, Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin, the drama won rave reviews especially from female fans, and it received a viewership of 9.2 percent for its latest episode.


But others say they feel uncomfortable watching the peaceful North Korean village and nice people -- a far cry from the hopeless reality of the reclusive country seen on the news.


The producer of the series was cautious about the issue, saying that he did not intend to idealize the North and its people.


"North Korea exists in the real world, but in the drama, it's just a space for the characters," director Lee Jung-hyo said in a press conference last month. "For example, the two meet at the Demilitarized Zone, which is depicted as a fantasy place."


In 2020, nevertheless, a series of films featuring North Korean stories are set to hit local screens and the controversy will likely continue.


"Summit: Steel Rain," directed by Yang Woo-suk, is about the leaders of the United States and South and North Korea being abducted at a tripartite meeting. Director Ryoo Seung-wan's "Escape" is based on the true story of South and North Korean diplomats' escape from a Somali civil war in the 1990s.


"Many South Korean audiences see films as separate from real politics and (instead) focus on entertainment," culture critic Jeong Ji-wook said. "But producers and directors should be more cautious when dealing with North Korean themes."




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