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[Drama 2018-2019] Less than Evil/ Bad Detective 나쁜 형사

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Bad Detective supporting cast lineup completed.




Hong Eun Hee, Ryu Tae Ho, Cha Sun Woo, Bae Da Bin, Yoon Hee Suk, Kim Na Yun, Bae Yulam ,Yang Jiwon, Bae Yoon Kyung join the MBC drama 'Bad Detective'.




Korean Remake Of BBC’s “Luther” Announces Full Cast


by nature1010

The Korean remake of BBC’s “Luther” has confirmed the rest of its cast.

The cast of “Bad Detective” (literal translation) consists of Shin Ha Kyun, Lee Seol, Park Ho San, Kim Geon Woo, Hong Eun Hee, Ryu Tae Ho, B1A4’s Baro, Bae Da Bin, Yoon Hee Suk, Kim Na Yoon, Bae Yoo Ram, Yang Ki Won, Jo Yi Hyun, and Bae Yoon Kyung.

Shin Ha Kyun was previously confirmed to play psychopathic, genius detective Woo Tae Suk. He will be working with rookie actress Lee Seol, who was cast as the female lead Eun Sun Jae, who secretly assists him in capturing criminals. The actress made her debut with web drama “Two Women Season 2” in 2016, and appeared in Kim Dong Ryul’s “Reply” music video alongside Hyun Bin.

Kim Geon Woo will be taking on the role of Jang Hyung Min, the serial killer who pretends to be a prosecutor and Woo Tae Suk’s greatest enemy. He is smart, has a great personality as well as stellar background, and uses his occupation to lead a double life. He and Woo Tae Suk will engage in an intense, exciting psychological games. The actor previously impressed viewers with his scene-stealing role in “Fight My Way.”

Hong Eun Hee will be playing lawyer Kim Hae Joon, Woo Tae Suk’s wife. This will be the actress’s first drama comeback in two years. Veteran actor Ryu Tae Ho’s character is the indecisive and timid head detective Choi Jung Woo, who can’t decide anything by himself. He will be working with Park Ho San’s character, Jun Choon Man, who bullies Woo Tae Suk to no end.

read more https://www.soompi.com/article/1226917wpp/korean-remake-bbcs-luther-announces-full-cast
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First script reading






October 5 2018

First script reading for MBC drama series “Bad Detective”


First script reading for MBC drama series “Bad Detective” (literal title) took place early September, 2018 at MBC Broadcasting Station in Sangam, South Korea. At the first script reading, main cast members including Shin Ha-Kyun, Lee Seol, Park Ho-San, Baro (former member of ‘B1A4’) and Kim Gun-Woo attended. Director Kim Dae-Jin stated at the first first script reading “I feel confident after seeing the actors, actresses and staff gathered here. I hope no one gets hurt during filming of the drama.” The drama series is a remake of BBC One TV series “”Luther.”

“Bad Detective” first airs November 26, 2018 in South Korea.


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Cast Of “Luther” Remake Gathers For First Script Reading

by L. Kim



The cast of the Korean remake of “Luther” met up for the first script reading.

The cast of “Bad Detective” (literal translation) consists of Shin Ha Kyun, Lee Seol, Park Ho San, Kim Geon Woo, Hong Eun Hee, Ryu Tae Ho, B1A4’s Baro, Bae Da Bin, Yoon Hee Suk, Kim Na Yoon, Bae Yoo Ram, Yang Ki Won, Jo Yi Hyun, and Bae Yoon Kyung.

The drama will star Shin Ha Kyun as the tough and unscrupulous detective Woo Tae Seok, a character based on Idris Elba’s John Luther from the original British series. One day, he crosses paths with a female psychopath (Lee Seol), but he is unable to arrest her due to a lack of evidence. Eventually, she helps him solve other cases.

In early September, the cast attended the first script reading at the Sangam MBC building. Producing director (PD) Kim Dae Jin showed his appreciation to the cast and crew, saying, “Seeing the actors and staff present in one spot makes me feel sturdy and confident. I hope everyone will not get hurt and be healthy while filming ‘Bad Detective’.” Writers Heo Joon Woo and Kang Yi Hun stated, “While writing ‘The Bad Detective,’ we had thought of many images, and now we’re thrilled to see them in front of our eyes at this script reading scene. We will do our best to write something that makes all the actors here shine.”


With the start of the full-scale script reading process, the actors showed their roles in an instant, immersive way, and completely implemented characters to raise expectations for the drama. Shin Ha-kyun, who plays the lead actor, completely became the bed detective Woo Tae Seok. He instantly showed his concentration in the drama and analysis of his unique character.

more https://www.soompi.com/article/1240947wpp/cast-luther-remake-gathers-first-script-reading

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Luther adaptation Bad Detective holds first script reading

by tipsymocha


I feel like adaptations tend to be a bit of a hit-or-miss, but I’m hoping that the success of Life on Mars is a positive indication for this next British-to-Korean adaptation. MBC has just released some photos from the first script read for Bad Detective, a re-imagining of BBC’s Luther, and the cast looks like a good mix of veterans and fresh faces that will be interesting to look out for. Shin Ha-kyun (What a Man Wants, Pied Piper) will be joined by Park Ho-san (The Guest), Cha Sun-woo (Manhole), rookie film actress Lee Seol (Two Rooms), and fellow newcomer Kim Gun-woo (Live).

The original BBC series followed the titular detective Luther, who’s a bit of a lone wolf and very driven on whatever case he’s on. The only problem is that he’s so driven that sometimes he can blur the line between what’s ethically appropriate and not. The story really begins with an encounter with a female serial killer who becomes obsessed with him after watching him try and fail to get her put behind bars. I found this relationship between the psychopath genius and detective fascinating, if not also disturbing, so I’m interested to see whether Shin Ha-kyun and Lee Seol can produce that same intensity Idris Elba and Ruth Wilson did. I’m particularly looking forward to Lee Seol, who reportedly beat out 300 other actresses for the part.


more http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/10/luther-adaptation-bad-detective-holds-first-script-reading/

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Newbie actress Cho Yi Hyun joins MBC drama "Bad Detective".



Cho Yi Hyun said, "I am so excited to be in the new film 'Bad Detective' following 'Bad Papa' which is currently appearing. I was very pleased when I heard the news of the casting of 'bad criminal', and it was especially glad that I could meet with Shin Ha-gyun, especially. I said, "I will do my best to do my best in the role as a witness to the disappearance." .

After being selected as an actor training student of JYP Entertainment in 2016, he has been receiving steady training. She has appeared in the music video of 2PM Wooyoung 's music video and KBS 2TV drama' Witch 's Court' of Urban Kappa Choe Hyun - ah 's,' 2PM Wooyoung ', and now plays' Kim Se - jung' in MBC drama 'Bad Papa' .(Google translate) 





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Shooting Bad Detective



Baro in Bad detective :D



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