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  2. May 26, 2019 President Moon celebrates Korean film's Cannes victory By Yonhap via The Korea Herald President Moon Jae-in on Sunday delivered a congratulatory message for the South Korean film "Parasite" after it won the top Cannes festival award, calling it a big gift to all South Koreans. "Parasite" won the top honor at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival on Saturday (French time), making it the first South Korean movie to take the main prize at the eminent film event. (Yonhap) "The status of hallyu culture has risen one step higher," Moon said on his Twitter and other social media accounts. Hallyu means Korean Wave in English and refers to the global popularity of Korean cultural content. "It is a very honorable event and (I) am profusely delighted with the award win, as are so many Koreans who love our movies," the president said. (Twitter) The president also thanked and expressed his pride in the director, Bong Joon-ho, saying, "Since he was 12, (he) has built on his dream step by step to become a world-renowned director." "Director Bong's movies start from our everyday environment to show the dynamism and values of everyday life. ... It is amazing how he finds stories from mundane life," Moon said, adding that he can't wait to watch the film. Referring to this year's centennial of the Korean film industry, the president said the Cannes award came as a meaningful gift for the Korean people. Prime Minister Lee Nak-yon also released a similar congratulatory Twitter message. "Director Bong Joon-ho's 'Parasite' was awarded the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival. The best honor for Korean films," Lee said on his Twitter account. "Congratulations. (I) give my thanks to movie people for their capabilities and efforts," the prime minister added. The tragicomedy, Bong's seventh feature film, was selected for the top award in the jury's unanimous decision for the film's "unique" and "unexpected" depiction of two South Korean families at opposite ends of the class spectrum. (Yonhap)
  3. I finally finished watching the subbed full episodes of Ep 1 and 2 today . I'm so behind but I can only watch the repeat on KBS World on Sunday night due to some reasons. I've watched a few clips here and there though because I was so anxious to know what happened. Anyway, I love and enjoyed the first 2 episodes so far. Everyone here knows and I'm not shy to acknowledge too that I'm watching this drama for Hyesun. Call me bias, but I totally love her portrayal of Yeonseo. Right from scene one, the way she bellowed at her poor workers for putting that pedestal and made her tripped, how her angry scream sounded in the whole mansion, how everytime she falls asleep she has nightmares, how she protected herself from bad guys, how she was angry with life and everything, how she put on a protective front hiding behind a fragile lone self, how she reacted when she lost her Mr Jo whom she was so mean to but actually loved him, that was just so Shin Hye Sun. Now I know why she wanted to take up this character even if she had to train for that darned ballet . She acted well as a blind girl that I wished she didnt regain her sight so soon. The scene where she wailed and cried while watching Mr Jo video really tore my heart. It is not just an expression... my tears brimmed and my heart sank with her. No words needed. That raw emotional outbreak that shook me. Totally. The chemistry between Hyesun and L was so evident and bursting in JUST TWO EPISODES that I had to eat my words on my reservations on L as the ML upon early casting confirmation. They are the reason why I'm enjoying the drama so much. This is the first time I'm watching L in a drama and he surprised me. The angel role is just made for him and can I say he did an even better job because he's got a great acting partner in Hyesun? I love this cute silly angel! I'm not really enjoying the ballet part though. It seems so dark and I hate the evil aunt and cousin. I've got this gut feeling that Runa is not so simple. Probably she's played a part to tample with Mr Jo's car. How Yeonseo went blind and how the chandelier fell on her. I'm suspecting Runa. There's also something behind JKW. Why is he checking on those people in Fantasia? Seems creepy that he's showed up at the car accident so soon on that quiet highway. Has he been following Mr Jo's car? We still don't know how Yeonseo's parents died. She said she cried and prayed for her dad to wait to see her for the last time while she was on the flight. Teenage Yeonseo could be performing or training overseas when her dad died. I believe there's bound to have a flashback in some part of the show on what happened to her parents. It could be a conspiracy to harm them when she's away. There must have a reason why she's so rude and mean to Mr Jo that we do not know yet. She did have support from Mr Jo who doted on her like a dad. But the way she's treating him is defence mechanism. She does not want her heart to love and care so she's being mean and bad and shutting herself off. I think now I can picture that there's going to be many flashbacks in the drama including that blind scene. I loved that ending scene. Dan's wings appeared because danger was approaching Yeonseo. He didn't know why it appeared out of the blue and was frantic but that was a sign. These two have a deep connection. Young Yeonseo saved young Dan from drowning, Dan knew Yeonseo danced leaped into the sea and he probably saved her then too. He saved her a second time when her car was falling into the waters. Now saved her from the chandelier. She said the same thing he said when they were young. I'm no good at analysing dramas like how good many of you are. But I'm gonna enjoy the ride these 2 months. I'm anticipating how the story develops and how Yeonseo will open up to Dan. During this ride, the writing may disappoint, the story may not turn out to be what we expect or like but I will be on this boat till the end because I know the acting part will never fail me. Like I say I'm watching for Hyesun's acting. In any case, at least there is her acting to save the day. Anything more is a bonus. I'm so so sorry for this super long post.
  4. I see some news about Xingfei and Linyi.they wil cooperate again to make a drama named Da Xi, make a wish.maybe air next year. And Xing fei has a new drama will be in air names 班长殿下
  5. I google this drama eng sub.and i find this website https://newasiantv.tv/watch/well-intended-love-episode-1-engsub.5216.99207.html  hope you can enjoy
  6. Haha... Are you in a major city? I read somewhere it won't come to the US until Nov 22!!! How am I supposed to avoid spoilers if I had to wait that long.
  7. I google this drama eng sub.and i find this website https://newasiantv.tv/watch/well-intended-love-episode-1-engsub.5216.99207.html hope you can enjoy
  8. She could have cared for her father genuinely at one point while it looks like nothing yet for the other two men. Not sure what exactly is YJ’s rank in KPG, I just have a hunch that her role is to end the war peacefully. According to the preview texts, Miki’s adoptive father would pass away probably by poison. And she knows who YJ is. It also revealing Heroic Corps executing an explosion at Governor General Office (GGO), but KWB can’t get out of the scene. The wounded are being taken to the hospital, and YJ is surprised to learn that one of the wounded is … that can’t be KWB, is it? Matsuura might not know who KWB is. In contrast, Fukuda met him already so … nevertheless, it sounds like from the preview that KWB didn’t tell YJ about his plan at GGO. Therefore, it’s possible one of the wounded person she sees at the hospital is KWB, but then that would get out of hands exponentially fast if it’s the case. How would they escape from the big mess which created? It’s interesting to find out whose exactly is the person that YJ surprised when she sees. It appears so. KWB might know her true ID as Bluebird in next week.
  9. Dae Joo did also say he's doing all of that to protect wifey, Do Min Ik!! I do like that he's finally becoming comfortable w DJ even when he cant see his face, like telling him abt his date LOL. I'm sure its his secretary Eun Wang Lee and the President who's making him behave weirdly too
  10. +2 Not yet, but will tonight. Edit: I did, seems good. I like it. The O.S.T. is amazing. I already love it.
  11. i haven't been on here because my computer is being crappy... and now im just updating my iphone 8 :)

  12. Next week!!! TVN cinematic universe hahahaha There will be a problematic men x the great escape crossover! Waah cant wait. I love that my fave oppas are appearing in variety shows now. Hihi.
  13. Hyolyn’s agency has announced that it will be taking legal action against the person who accused her of being a school bully in the past. On May 26, an anonymous netizen (hereafter referred to as “A”) uploaded a post on the online community Nate Pann claiming to be the victim of school violence perpetrated by Hyolyn. “A” […] The post Hyolyn’s Agency To Take Legal Action In Response To Allegations Of School Bullying; Someone Claiming To Be Original Poster Responds appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  14. What excites me about this episode is that KJK did not know that LKS sent coffee/food truck to JSM. But he knows that SJH sends it to Hong Jonghyun and Junho, whom he doesn’t follow on IG. Keeping tabs on her, eh?
  15. Today
  16. Currently, I am dreaming about visiting as many countries as it's possible. I started traveling not so long ago and have been to 10 countries for now but I hope to explore 3 more this autumn.
  17. Ryan and Deokmi, relationship allow the other partner to have a personal space at the proper time. Being in love doesn't mean to be clingy all the time. Ryan Gold is a rare standard of a man, but I want to give credits to Deok Mi character too. DeokMi is a positive person and her ability to love even from afar it's what makes lonely Ryan fell for her. Another relationship goal. We only got two episodes left... HerPrivateLife is finishing way too soon When you realize HPL comes to an end next week
  18. When you don't see the back of the wig KJK low-key look like his late 2000s hairstyle again with those bangs. Somin adjusting KJKs shirt like that was cute as balls
  19. It was so powerful and haunting, i felt like she tapped in something personal and deeply ingrained in her. But ike you said it doesn't fit her age, experience or what we know of her life. But it could also be that her exceptional ability to visualize emotions that she never felt and to convey them to an audience with all the nuances is just hitting its full capacity at this stage of her career. I love your theory of unfinished business/energy coming from SF because Eun Soo died indeed without a word. She died off screen and didn't get to leave a note or to have final words, since she died while being unconscious. She was literally stripped of her voice, so her screams here look like the fair return of her spirit, coming back claim her anger. Damn, you're SO RIGHT about her blindness and her cane! I so miss it! Seriously! How often does it happen that a female character is compelling, badass, mean and disabled? And it lasted only one episode? What a a waste of good writing! Sorry for cutting your post, but you mentioned different subjects and it could have been confusing to just embold the part. Thanks for sharing those good reviews and positive appreciation! i've already met and had painful discussion with trolls who are looking for every way to bash her. He recent success seem to have attarcted them like blood attract mosquitoes. I refuse to bring here/in this heaven those fights but i realize i will have to find a way to put up/ignore them, because they are a waste of time and it happens really more and more...
  20. He ended up on the right side of the bed because he wants to hug her back!!! Oops! Can’t believe I said that! @Kasmic the fan art of deok mi and Ryan is so cute. Thank you for sharing!
  21. marketing campaign lol. It's half off for subscription to tencent video. The word is it's slated for June 3rd to air on Zhejiang TV, so I think that should be set? Even though the official weibo is still stuck on a birthday message.
  22. Just in love with this whole moment, , seriously they changed roles. Somin is supposed to be the youngest and Jong Kook the wrestler. Can't help but just laugh hard seeing this moment, and I love how Jong Kook reacted really fast. Somin adjusting his shirt, now that is a killer and I just can't help but re-watch this and keep grinning. I guess we won't be Kookmin deficient this week either. An add on what I noticed during this episode is when they were looking for the stickers, you see Somin happily running after Jong Kook to give him the youngest daughter sticker. When Jong Kook finds the fortune teller sticker he playfully runs away with it dodging Somin. I am not so sure, maybe the fortune teller costume seemed too hideous to JK and he didn't want it, but he seemed to really want to keep the sticker Somin gave him because other members kept mentioning that the fortune teller costume was better hmmm... And the comment he gives at the end saying "Somina it is fun to see you as a wrestler" LOL I don't know but I feel that JK's compliments are really increasing so much lately.
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