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[Drama 2018-2019] Less than Evil/ Bad Detective 나쁜 형사

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Face-off between violent investigator and ruthless psychopath

by tineybeanie


The third teaser is out for Bad Detective (aka Less Than Evil), which airs beginning next week. Shin Ha-kyun (Pied Piper) plays the titular character in this Korean adaptation of the British crime-drama series Luther. Basically, he’ll play this suavely dressed detective named Woo Tae-seok, who always exudes an undercurrent of rough grittiness with his violent ways.

The teaser shows Shin Ha-kyun rescuing a child from a crime scene. It also gives us a look at the interesting dynamic between him and Lee Seol (After the Rain), a teenage psychopath who may or may not have killed her own family. She confronts him saying, “Woo Tae-seok, I heard you were a bad detective.”

Lee Seol is not too far off in her assessment because despite being a member of the law enforcement community, he’s a morally ambiguous character. At one point, he states: “I don’t treat criminals like humans.” It’s the beginning of a strange partnership that forms between them to catch more criminals, and the teaser ends with Lee Seol claiming that she could probably kill off a whole bunch people for Shin Ha-kyun.





Press conference


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Premiere Watch:

by stroopwafel

Bad Detective


Time slot: Monday & Tuesday
Broadcaster: MBC
Genre: Crime, thriller
Episode count: 32 episodes (35 minute episodes, 18 hours 40 minutes total)

Reasons to watch: Shin Ha-kyun stars as the titular detective with Lee Seol playing his foil as a budding psychopath. Shin is a man whose moral character is best painted with shades of gray. He’s dedicated to his job, but often takes things too far in the name of justice. While attempting to reign in his dark side, he crosses paths with Lee Seol’s character. She’s someone who seems to speak to his inner evil, and they begin an uneasy friendship of sorts. Bad Detective (a.k.a. Less Than Evil) is a remake of the acclaimed BBC series Luther. I’m usually a little apprehensive when Korean dramas dip their toes into Western remakes. On one hand, when they’re good, they’re great (exhibit A: The Good Wife). On the other hand, sometimes we end up with a drama like Criminal Minds. If the actors can deliver and the writing comes through for us, Bad Detective has the potential to be outstanding.



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“Less Than Evil” Premieres At The Top Of Its Time Slot In Viewership Ratings

by E. Kang



With the premiere of two new dramas, Mondays and Tuesdays have a new lineup of contenders vying for viewership!

A remake of the BBC series “Luther,” MBC’s “Less than Evil” brought in ratings of 7.1 percent and 8.3 percent during its December 3 broadcast, with a peak at 10.1 percent according to Nielsen Korea. Off to a strong start, it claimed the highest ratings in its time slot despite the first two episodes being deemed unsuitable for viewing by minors.




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November 29, 2018


‘Less Than Evil’: A Korean adaptation of ‘Luther’ with a twist


By Yim Hyun-su The Korea Herald


If John Luther is a bear, Woo Tae-seok is a wolf, actor Shin Ha-kyun says    


Viewers will soon find out if Shin Ha-kyun has what it takes to pull off a success like the popular British series “Luther” as he plays Idris Elba’s role in the upcoming Korean adaptation, “Less Than Evil.”


In the upcoming nighttime MBC series, Shin plays the hardworking and stylish detective Woo Tae-seok, who is not afraid to overstep the bounds of the law if it means catching criminals.


Woo’s motto is, “Do whatever it takes to catch the criminals.” This often gets him in trouble and earns him the nickname “walking time bomb.”




While the Korean series borrowed elements of the original series, the leading characters will be quite different, according to Shin.


“Luther in ‘Luther’ and Woo Tae-seok in ‘Less Than Evil’ couldn’t be more different. Luther in the original series is quite serious and could be likened to a bear if he were an animal,” Shin said at a press conference, adding that his own character would be a wolf.


The actor also said, “The genre itself is interesting, and the drama will work further into the characters’ emotions. The character I play is tough and strong, but sensitive as well.”


Shin says the way the story unfolds will be quite different than the original series, giving fans of the BBC series a reason to watch the Korean adaptation.


Director Kim Dae-jin echoed these sentiments, saying his show has taken on a life of its own and some viewers might even think it’s “too different.”


“After watching, I felt the original series was influenced by ‘Batman,’” he said. The original production team agreed, he added.


Kim also said he was allowed a great deal of creative freedom as a director and could tweak the original series.


The first two episodes have already been given an adult rating -- the first time in nearly nine years that MBC has given an adult rating, he said, hinting at the graphic violence to come throughout the airing of the show.


For instance, Woo Tae-seok does not lend a helping hand but sits back and watches when a criminal’s life is in danger, adding to the show’s sinister and dark atmosphere.


The Monday-Tuesday series will air at 10 p.m. starting Dec. 3.


By Yim Hyun-su (hyunsu@heraldcorp.com)

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 Brilliant action thriller drama. My favorite genre. I forgot this was MBC not OCN but.....Watching episode 1 now.  I'm excited. So good to see SHK back. Plus I'm looking forward to watching the female lead. Here we go. Thoughts when I'm done.

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watching it for shin ha kyun, it looks pretty good! :thumbsup:


@mrsj3n you should try watching this :) 


Holy, the ending though:grin:

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 Damn terrific thriller of a Premier. Love it. Terrified in good suspenseful way. The background sound is important and it's gives that suspense to what's coming next. The "torture" scene is gruesome awesome in way that I covered  my eyes. If a viewer does that, it means the drama  invokes emotions of some kind. In my case, anticipated fear of what's about to happen with the scene.


TS is lonely married to his wife married to his job violent in self righteous.. justifiable (though not by the book) way of dealing with criminals. I hissed when his wife said to quit his job. I get that she's "worried" ( though sneer at that, I think it's his attitude that also ruins her image, somehow). To asked her husband to quit his job because it displeases her to hear bad press, the time away from doing things with her. TS work as cop and in pursuit of killers, criminals and psycho killer who has been raping and abducting women. He's seeking to know and to exposed this inhumane monster who kills (for a thrill? or a reason?). It's  been 13 years and he's haunted by school girl YW disappearance.  I'm confused if she's dead or she's alive. But she must have suffered the same fate of torture as the others in the hands of JHM. Now  the ending was he lost his grip and fell. Blood gushing from his head. Is he dead? (Of course I haven't ep 2..yet).


Baro's character YW, I admit I got annoyed with goody two shoes by the by the book attitude. I know it the right thing to do but something, you need to think in situations where you will not put the situation in jeopardy. As in the case of the little boy who witness JHM abducting the mother. I mean, asking the little boy to be a witness. I'm glad TS put him in his place and told him exactly why that can't be possible.


And now.. first time watching new come Lee Seol.   She's young. 25 years old in real life. I'm liking her.  As the resourceful smart and cunning too, she will expose everything. Whether it's TW way or procedures in homicide cases. But she did help give info to TW how his computer got hacked so I've feeling, every help is not without something in return.  She's a journalist after all.


@larus From what I've seen n episode 1,  I like that Lee Seol doesn't have that meek saintly sweet look ( maybe it's due to the character). I'm looking forward to seeing her more. 


It's good to see we have new actress.  Along with Lee Loo Young, Shin Hye Sun, Another new one that hopefully we can see more. She's got  another lead role with 2019 Jung Kyung ho drama When the Devil Calls You Name



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Forsaking my sleep, managed to watch the 1st episode.


Have not watch the English version, and maybe after this drama.. I will!


@sushilicious WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME???????




This is AWESOME!!!

Thank you for the recommendation!!!


I'm liking what I see and I want more!


I like the male lead playing as WTS.


A "bad" and mature detective who is extreme in his ways to catch the baddies.

Can't say I approve his methods but sometimes it gets the job done. B)


And that ending.....



That is freaking satisfying!




Because sometimes.... justice is blind. 


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Hello everyone!!! Ive just watched the 1st ep and I'm hoooooked! and that last scene made me smile (he deserved it) even tho I wish he would've gone through what his victims suffered but....:(

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18 minutes ago, sushilicious said:

@mrsj3n may i say...Detective Ko is in this too. The feels..

Yeah.. hence is he a villian????

I can't... I can't accept!!

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Omg omg omg omg omg omg omg...




Episode 2 is still rocking it!!!!!

But I have some issues with the main character.


TS looks so fine and manly and such a fashionable detective that is so unbelievable!


However he needs anger management and laying hands on a female....is a no no for me.

No matter how frustrating, that last scene.

I'm disturbed.


And his marriage. 

I wish he can just let the wife go.

Forcefully maintaining a broken marriage is the most painful thing.


And Lee Seol as Eun Sun Jae.


Is she or is she not?



That tension in her house.

It sizzlesssssssssssssssssss

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Honestly, not sure if this is my kind of drama. Haha.

Thanks for the invite and I will check at least one episode out. Hehe...

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