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  2. are they gonna put some titanic scene in HPL lol? ya know the one where Leonardo Dicaprio painted the naked pic of Kate Winslet and then they slept together?? if so im gonna watch it hahaha. btw i saw HPL rating dropped from 3.5 % to 3 % in seoul area and remains 2.7 % nationally.. i think it was bcoz of the new shin hye sun’s KBS drama.. the pilot ep of that drama was really good..... oh well i think PMY dont really care about the rating as long as she’s happy.. and i dont think the low rating is gonna affect her career coz now she’s really famous..
  3. I just watched the first episode because you know, I had to wait for it to come out with subs lol and OH MY WORD, she's a rude and arrogant chaebol, and she's perfect at it. LOL In terms of dancing, well I must say the director did a pretty good job at playing with the angles. I know SHS did some of the dancing except probably for the complicated ones but you really can't tell. Okay, maybe I'm being biased. HA! But, I'm really looking forward to the next episodes. Totally shipping the leads! Their chemistry is Daebak!
  4. Welcome new shipper! I'm sorry I am late in greeting you! But welcome! I hope you are enjoying all the spazz in between all of the pages my dear! There have been so much little trinkets to enjoy along the way. I too should begin reading from the beginning, because two years is a long time and we forget little moments along the way. Anyhow, enjoy! Here is a picture collage that I love very much. Two years later and I will say, NamJi are definitely worth the wait. https://www.instagram.com/p/BxLEBRQJa_C/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  5. I doubt Will be there' bed scene'. 2 eps left, the conflict is still going. I think the ending Will be there' wedding scene or engagement scene
  6. Hhaa. I'm fine with it if you don't want to watch. because this drama is heavy. Hahaha 694
  7. ooh love that hair updo...and love her skirt....they are just lovely! @Ondine I’m sure you aren’t the only one and yes hoping for no hallmark-card painting...but why a pencil though...oh she probably getting him to start with his left hand like she did.. thank you lovely chingus for sharing — live-recappers, gif-makers, clip-sharers, theory/interpretation/twitter-posters! you are all so lovely like our OTP!
  8. You are definitely not the only one!!! That was the first scene that came to my mind when I saw the stills. I am sure it wont bcos you remember part of his intro in ep 2 where he is painting without a brush? It looked genuinely artistic.
  9. You know what I don’t understand? I keep watching all the clips from TVN on Youtube, and I literally keep replaying all those videos cuz I can’t get enough of this couple. YET, there are people who still watch those videos, decide to dislike them, and even make an effort to press the Thumb down button. Who does that kind of stuff!??? Really!!?? Anyway, thinking what I should do every Wed and Thurs after next week. I’m so obsessed I can’t move on! What have they done to me!? I’m probably gonna rewatch everything til each video gets a million view on Youtube LOL
  10. I just saw the next stills...yeah.. we saw it coming. lol! i think she offered him to paint her... then he will be able to paint again..then a romantic scene...then a bed scene.. lol!
  11. @niniwu97 KUDOS for your post pages and pages ago.... you got this right.... Editor mama helped and she did know of Lee Sol and she was the one who gave info to DM who found a book wrtten about Lee Sol and the picture of Lee Sol. Thank you. Am guessing: Si An stated that it was his grandfather who got rid of all nine paintings. Lee Sol was a young woman and a single mother. Since single moms were looked down on especially as marriage partners, it maybe possible that a relative of Lee Sol wanted to get rid of Yeon Jae without the mother knowing, so Lee Sol would have a better chance of marrying. According to Editor Nam, in college days, she heard of Lee Sol an upcoming new artist whose paintings were being shown and critiqued favorably and Editor Nam remembered those paintings. However, Lee Sol a single mother with a young son, was disfavored by the society she lived in and may have had no support financially either. So, a relative who wanted Lee Sol to marry well could have placed Yeon Jae in an orphanage without his mother knowing. Lee Sol said that she did not want to be Lee Sol because that woman could not protect those paintings that represented, Yeon Jae blowing bubbles while she was painting. Whatever the reason for putting YJ in the orphanage, by her statement "I could not protect" and her obvious sorrow, I am assuming here that she did not know that her son was put up for adoption at an orphanage. She stopped painting because she was unable to protect the painting then and it is fluky that YJ who is now Ryan stopped painting when he saw those paintings. He was diagnosed and thought that he had Stendhal Syndrome but through his dreams realized that it was not Stendhal but deeper personal connection and trauma of abandonment connected to that particular painting. Maybe mother and son can heal the other and both will start to paint again. She should be proud of both sons who are successful artists in the art field they chose.
  12. Moon Geun Young right.. similar name haha.. I think it will be interesting to see. Good premise, and seems visually matchy couple for me. @stargazer187 been wanting to ask u, are u IU - Lee Jun Ki shipper? Haha... cos their ship name i think stargazer... Anyway hallo for u 692.
  13. Morning... From Marie Claire Korea site. You can find Wookie's pics and interview here Link: http://www.marieclairekorea.com/2019/05/celebrity/돌아온-지창욱/ Can't wait for the interview full translation
  14. I saw there too. At least they are being honest on how the storyline goes. When there's some part which I can't understand, I read there and somehow understanding the storyline. Let's just see how the last three episodes will go.
  15. wow DM looks hella sexy in new stills. Ryan's v neck is too sexy as well. can we expect the "it" scene tonight?
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