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  2. Yeah thank you! I am happy to do this as it is helping me to heal. Hahaha
  3. Based on Soompi Context @Lawyerh Trainee (Don’t worry...will grow one lol) @sushilicious....Hm....Er.....Legend? Lyra would be Immortal....Immortal until cannot go beyond Immortal @triplem maybe superstar? Because you not really a big big fan? 570
  4. Put it under spoiler so it won't be too long. Unless it's not allowed by mod, to put fanfic translation here, I wouldn't mind reading it since I don't have weibo acct to search for it. Cheers
  5. You made my day!!!! I'm happy to read all your postings. Please continue if you find some time to do the translation. I really really appreciate all your efforts.
  6. Hmm im still Novice rank. Addict level is for Miss @sushilicious . Edit >> see above her post as proof lol. Yes i converted to mustache lover club. Still love him, just with lesser degree . I really cant undone that bb cream from my memories lol. And yeah third charm is such a mess. Can't take it. 570
  7. Yoon Young will die in the end, as she never wanted to be protected by Dal Mon. So next week, we will witness Mil Pong's final fall.
  8. There are currently 8 parts of this weibo fan fic. For Grassland Réunion aftermath. I just completed translation part 1 & 2. Please let me know if you guys want to Continue reading. Because I am afraid that I became a nuisance with all the long long posts. Hahaha
  9. @Lawyerh drop by to say. Watch shameless too it’s a complicated romance. Whereby one falls for another with hidden agenda I finished this movie one straight upon starting Edit : Okay. I may have paused and gif parts of it before I continue . 568
  10. *** HB went to Taipei for Taiwan fan meeting ************************************************************************ Hyun Bin Incheon International Airport 19 April 2019
  11. GrassLand Reunion PART 2: Someone Else’s Son ? PS: Please read Part 1 in previous page first. Credit to Weibo Writer (Her link below) https://media.weibo.cn/article?id=2309404363671626246576 “Minmin, I know you are still angry, I will not mind anything you said. I will keep you accompany till you forgive me and understand what you truly want” Minmin Laughed coldly, “ZWJ, Dream on. My heart for you is dead. Do you understand? It is dead. Please do not pester me anymore. It will only make me hate you even more.” She walked off after saying her piece. Wuji followed her from a distance. He knows that this takes time. If he force her to forgive him, it will only make things worst. Minmin is hurt badly by him, he need to give her time to heal. He is willing to wait, even if it takes a lifetime, he is willing to wait for her to come back to him. He followed her to where she stayed. But the sky is soon going to get dark. He need to find a place to stay too. After Searching for some time, he found a family and cried asking for them to take him in, He told them that he has no family and has no pennies. He is willing to do some chores for them as long as they provide him a shelter and some meals. He hated himself for lying and deceiving others. But he need to find a place that is nearer to Minmin, so that he can seize every opportunity to patch back with her. He has no other choice. When Minmin is back to her Mongol Tent, she saw that her son is soundly asleep. Her heart is at peace. 2 years ago, she brought her father’s coffin back to Mongol. Along the way, she felt tired and fatigued, so tired that she can’t even felt her own presence anymore. A Kind old Granny save her as she fainted in front of her Mongol Tent. Granny pitied her as she look frail, pale and weak. Seeing her with a Coffin, she knows that Minmin is a pitiful soul. So she saved her and took her in. It was at this time. She discovered that she was 2 months pregnant. When she knew that she is pregnant with Wuji’s child. She feel vexed and happy at the same time. She is happy because the child is Wuji’s flesh and blood. Having this child to accompany her from now on, it feels like Wuji is always by her side. Her life is filled with Hope now. She is vexed and upset because she know that this child will not have the chance to experience father’s love and care. She is worried for his feeling, when he grow up, knowing that he has no father unlike other kids. She is also worried that others will criticize him for having no father. She told Granny that she and the Child’s father has broken up. Granny advised her to deliver the child, saying that this child is a gift from the Heaven. God knows that she is lonely, so he send this child to accompany her on behalf of his father. Granny is a kind lady. Her husband and son are doing business in China, and will only come back once every few months. She is happy to have Minmin’s accompaniment. However, Minmin is not happy. She feel that she is still lacking of something. Day after day, her tummy has grown bigger. She can feel every movement of the Little inside her. She started to imagine and visualize how he will look like. Will he look like her more? Or will he look like Wuji? Is he a boy or a girl? Granny predicted the baby to be a Girl based on her experience. Minmin smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter whether he is a boy or a girl. I will love him/her no matter what” Sometimes, she thought to herself. If Wuji knows she is pregnant with their Child, what would his reaction be? But whenever she thought of this, she feel that her heart is in pain. She gave him a choice to give up the position of Ming Sect Leader to be with her. He refused. From then onwards, they will have nothing more to do with each other. Chance is given but he did not cherish. The best ending will be to forget each other. There are some gossip mongers around where she stay, gossiping about her being unchaste and getting herself impregnated. They say that she is shameless, a richard simmons who like to seduce men. Minmin did not care. She did not do anything against her conscience so she just laughed it off and was not afraid of what others said about her. She buried her father in the Grassland, a place with beautiful scenery. This is their hometown. She knows that Her father love riding the horse, love peace, so He will definitely be happy to be buried here. After Delivering her child, the child grew up fast. He is now able to crawl, walk and even talk. She gave him a name – Zhao Nian Niu. The Child follow her Han Surname Zhao. She could not think of any nice name. So she called him Nian Niu. Wuji used to call himself Zeng Ah Niu [Cow]. So Nian Niu means Missing Ah Niu [Cow]. She was a Princess in the past. She does not know how to take care of Children. Luckily for her, Granny is very helpful. Granny always Joke and say “Why not you let Nian Niu be my Godson?” She knows that she is not a good mother. But she love him very much. These days, Wuji helped the family who took him in with chores in the day time. There isn’t much chores sometimes. He can visit Minmin frequently. And So he always did. Daily, Minmin adorn simple Mongolian wear and tied up her hair with simple hairpin. She rides her horse on the grassland with Sun shining on her face. She is just as beautiful as he first met her. Whenever he meet her, he said he wish to see her home. She reacted strongly. It seems like she has something to hide from him. But Minmin has stopped being harsh towards him although she is still cold and aloof. However, Wuji is contended as long as Minmin did not object to him staying by her side. When he went back to the home of the family who took him in, he suddenly feel suspicious on why Minmin always reject him sending her home after she is done with Sheep herding. And so when he is fetching water for the household, he tried to ask the lady owner of the household about Minmin . “Sister, I see that the lady who stayed near our house, always behave reclusively, any idea if anything happened to her household?” The lady replied with a disgusted expression, “Zeng, there is something you don’t know. This lady is very cunning and formidable. You better stay away from her and not to fall for her tricks. She is the reincarnation of Vixen.” Wuji is not happy that This Auntie talked bad and criticised about Minmin but he wanted to know more, so He kept his anger under control. “Why did you say that?” The Auntie knows that he, being new here, is not familiar with the surroundings yet. So she explained, “her name is Minmin. But I don’t know her full name. When she first came here, she brought a coffin along. How Unlucky! And ever since she came, all the men in this village like her very much. They all fight to pursue her love and want to marry her, and want to be intimate with her. But she is quite proud and conceited too. She did not give in to any of those men.” Wuji could imagine. His Minmin is such a great beauty, smart and witty, it is not a surprise that so many men wish to woo her. But based on her temper and character , how would she give in and not show them her attitude?” Thinking of this, he smiled. Auntie continued, “The most scary thing is, she delivered a child not long after she arrived at this place. Who knows how she got pregnant? Maybe she is the mistress of some Man outside and was chased out by people.” Wuji was extremely shocked and he suddenly feel physically weak upon hearing that. He think to himself, “WHAT? Minmin has a child?” Is she married to someone else? She had a child with other Man? Why didn’t she tell me?” They both promise each other to be together forever. He also promised that no matter how difficult it is, he will always come back to her. They used to love each other so much. Why did this happen? Did she forget their promise? Wuji felt as if he is dead. He teared uncontrollably. ----- TO BE CONTINUED on TRANSLATION TOMORROW ------
  12. @ktcjdrama @stroppyse you guys caught up with this week’s Dear Citizen ? Plot twist galore & Park Hoo Ja is one crazy but smart woman. Very enjoyable episodes @Lawyerh wahhh you really KNG Addict now. I’m probably the only one who’s not a fan of facial hair though ... Sorry , i laughed so hard here . But most of these celebrities do . No such thing as flawless skin I guess . SKJ is one of those actors that can be a hit & miss . Liked him in Are U Human too & Third Charm but too bad the latter became such a makjang mess 566
  13. 2019.0422 마몽드 (MamondeKorea) IG&FB 박신혜GIF #박신혜 #ParkShinHye (http://bit.ly/2IChC3Y ) https://www.instagram.com/mamondekorea/p/BwjQrWeAS-_/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=ee49dci63au3 …
  14. KIM HYUN JOONG Official Instagram & Facebook update 2019.4.24 불짬뽕라면 만들기 . https://www.instagram.com/p/BwoZhSQHJCf/ https://www.facebook.com/
  15. Oh my God. Coming 29/04 I will be watching 2 of Janice Wu dramas at the same time. Love her.
  16. Thank you for dropping by I'm so very excited dearie!!! Hope we could all camp in here on the 27th D-3 Their hugs are on another level <3 hahah chincha these two ctto
  17. This involves smoking too. But to me, it’s still not an excuse to smoke or take drugs. It depends on the will power of the particular person. 564
  18. Hi closetserialaddict, just copy the upload image & paste it here in the reply box - then Click submit reply to finish - as simple as that. You may try it. In case, it won't work, right click the image then click "view the image info" / copy the location (Your picture must end in gif or jpg or png), then open the "insert other media (you could see that below the reply box then choose "insert image from URL" paste it there then click "insert into post" or there are times that after pasting the image the picture is shown right away. I hope I made this clear for you –
  19. First things first: J-Hope has been serving looks since the very beginning of his career, and that, my friends, is a fact. While his style has definitely evolved since then, it’s clear he’s always had a thing for fashion. I mean, the rest of the members have called him the one with the most luxurious […] The post A Style Icon: BTS Member J-Hope’s Best Street Style Looks appeared first on Soompi View the full article
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