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  2. It’s painful at first, as it sucks up your flesh into the cup. But after awhile it feels better. Then next day, blue black cup marks will be on your back 790 @cenching goosebumps gahhh
  3. @Lawyerh @Sejabin Instead of Ventosa, Indonesian got this.... Recommended for Alladin too... +2
  4. Guasha... or coining (kerokan) also can cure colds (masuk angin) Never tried that cupping before. Seems scary.. 786
  5. ARe u all bent on making this thread 800 page at the end of next week?.... i salute your dedication Not sure why, i've downloaded WWWSK again yesterday. Crazy... i know i have downloaded it last time but I dont know where I place my hard disc.
  6. @cenching never knew it was called ventosa. Cause I always calls it suction cups haha 784
  7. Hello dear... Nice to see you here after a long time!!! Hope you are doing fine! Thanks a lot for the link for his new movie trailer! Still no uploads on youtube or any other site!! Hope fully we will have more... And the trailer is definitely on the dark side of the moon... I can't even see any faces in my monitor! But I got him at once when I saw him!!! Looking so handsome in short hair!!! A perfect detective mode And there is no release date yet, only that it's slated to release in next month! Have you any leads, dear..???! I can't wait to see him! No matter he is only a support actor!! I am totally on board for this movie! It is so intense already so I really hope it hit the market on the best spot!! Fighting, Daniel!!! Can't wait to see you at the press con!!!
  8. T @Lmangla @sushilicious & @cenching i dont know why they make genie with this hair style always , he making wish to come true , can’t he plant hair for himself -2
  9. Is it just me who thinks he lost more weight? I hope he's getting some rest in between his busy schedule still handsome and dreamy as always though of course I don't know if it's already been posted but looks like another drama, The Best Era, has been added to MyDramaList. I don't recall seeing this one when I last checked.. I only remember The Last Prince and Love in a Forbidden City as his next listed projects but understand Ethan Ruan is headlining Love in a Forbidden City. Glad we are seeing more dramas though!
  10. No English term for "masuk angin".... It's translated literally "the wind/air goes inside body".... 782
  11. Extract below from E Online: Sparks Fly Between Jung Hae-In & Han Ji-Min in One Spring Night By: HANAN HADDAD Thu., 23 May. 2019 8:57 PM With his boy-next-door charms and good looks, many fans were eagerly waiting for 31-year-old Jung Hae-in to debut his new romantic drama One Spring Night and the moment has finally arrived! What has gotten fans even more excited was when it was announced that 36-year-old actress Han Ji-min was confirmed to be his romantic interest and co-star. Known for her roles in other romance dramas like Rooftop Prince, Han's elegant beauty seems like a perfect match for Jung's boyish good looks. In a press conference with Korean media outlets, the two stars talk about their experience working together, their roles and the public's expectation after the hit that was Something In The Rain. One Spring Night tells the story about a young librarian, Lee Jung-in (played by Han Ji-min) who is in a long-term relationship with her banker boyfriend Kwon Ki-seok (played by Kim Joon-han). Even though her boyfriend is perfect in every way, Lee still felt like something was missing in her life. Then she meets Yoo Ji-ho (played by Jung Hae-in) works as a pharmacist and is also a single father. The two share a connection and revaluate what love and happiness means to them. Directed by An Pan-seok who is known for his hit drama Something in the Rain, One Spring Nightgives a similar romantic vibe with lots of slice-of-life scenes that viewers can relate to. Due to the similarities in terms of cast and director, some media outlets have been comparing Something in the Rain's Son Ye-jin to Han. When asked about the following, Han answered graciously and confidently, "I really like actress Son Ye Jin. The roles Son Ye Jin and I can play are different. I want to talk about something else than getting judged on how we compare on who did better. I don't hesitate about any projects because of the pressure I may feel in that sense." Jung went on to talk about how Han helped him during filming, saying "I made a lot of mistakes but she never creates an NG. She taught me what to do in these situations. Since she's been in the business a lot longer than I have, I learn a lot from her. I'm also learning what positions are best to shoot certain scenes. I never once felt that I'm older than her during filming so I've never called her noona on set. I think I'll be able to call her that comfortably after we finish." Turns out that the feeling was mutual as even though Han is a veteran actress, she too learnt a thing or two from Jung, "He gives me a lot of tips on set. I find myself depending on him a lot. What I found while filming was that Jung Hae-In is manlier and has more leadership than I thought. I think that's why I don't feel he's younger than me." Looks like age truly is nothing but a number.
  12. 英文please haha wo bu Ming bai haha What’s ventosa btw? Haha 780
  13. Masuk angin..... Alladin might needs a Ventosa.... +2
  14. even for bollywood, it seems so wrong!!! hahahaha.... so I saw pics of the updated outfits from the movie and it all seems... so plain!!!! ... hahahha... in this article, the designer said it had south asian influence and I am thinking "seriously???? have they even seen what mughal dressing was like?" where is the intricate embroidery? the delicate colour combos? the flairs and moves of the fabric? nothing. it is just hollywood imagination but even wedding costume in bollywood is far more intricate. 776
  15. Btw I might get it wrong. But Aladdin’s ost is the “A WHOLE NEW WORLLLDDDDDDD, A NEW FANTASTIC POINT OF VIEWWWW!” Right? I kinda think that the princess looks good! Ever wonder if Aladdin ever felt cold? Just wearing this pretty much coverless vest while flying in the air haha 778
  16. @Lmangla I think Princess Jasmine is wearing what they called harem pant, inspired by salvar Turkish origin. If I am not mistaken Alladin is from Middle East??? 1001 Nights??? Also some depicted Alladin in a turban, I am not so sure if Middle eastern wears turban....I thought it's Indian?? +2
  17. for sure, Tokyo Steak is one of them.. haha there are a few outlets in seoul but not too sure which is the one they filmed at.. likely Gwangju? not too sure about the one where they usually drink the lemon soju.. but you can look up Botanik Apartment haha definitely not the one in Sydney but, you can see TJ entered the lift in the previous epi and the name of the officetel is there
  18. @MidnightRain thanks for the update! That's awesome! I have stopped rewatching the episodes on Viki because this drama put me on a crazy rollercoaster of emotions haha but I'll certainly watch again if all uncut episodes are uploaded somewhere easily accessible! Our handsome crown prince and beautiful ninth princess will always have a special spot in my drama heart.
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